The Peasant Female Doctor
The Peasant Female Doctor Chapter 79.2

Chapter 79 Part 2

Shiyi and Xiaoya agreed to meet today, so Xiaoya didn’t open their stall for a day and specially waited at home for the Shiyi family to come.

When she went to Xiaoya’s house, Shiyi sighed for a while. She had lived here for so long, and now she seems to have a special feeling for this place.

Xiaoya was also very excited to see Shiyi. She went to the market early in the morning and bought a lot of vegetables. She would treat Shiyi’s family to a big meal at noon.

Xiaoya took her little daughter to play with little fatty. Xiaoya’s daughter was one year older than little fatty, but she was about the same size as little fatty and talked about the same. The two little kids had no trouble communicating.

Xiaoya couldn’t help sighing, “This girl in my family is a year older than Tuanzi, but she’s not taller than Tuanzi, and she doesn’t even talk much better than Tuanzi. At first glance, she’s stupid. It’s estimated that her father and I are stupid, which implicated her.”

“Pfft—” Shiyi smiled, “how can you be so humble about yourself? I think Bao’er is very good. She’s obedient and clever? Do you envy my family, Tuanzi’s, naughtiness? I wish my little fatty could be a little better. He knows to talk back to me without me saying anything.”

Although little fatty was playing, his ears still heard his mother talking about his naughtiness, so he was angry. He clenched his fist and pouted at his mother seriously, “Mom, bad! Said Pang bad!”

Shiyi said to Xiaoya, “Did you see that? He is like this. If I say a word, he will show me his fist. “

Xiaoya couldn’t help but laugh. She just thought that Tuanzi from Sister Shiyi’s family was really smart.

Shiyi’s family stayed at Xiaoya’s house until the evening. The two little guys were tired of playing and fell asleep. Finally, Yang Shifeng carried Tuanzi away.

Before leaving, Xiaoya took Shiyi’s hand in tears and said, “Sister Shiyi, will you come again in the future? Will I not see you for several years?”

Shiyi shook her hand. “No, I opened a medicine shop here. I’ll come here every month in the future. Then you can see me. “

Xiaoya was really happy when she heard that Shiyi would still come to the city, and the sorrow from separation immediately dispersed.

The family of three was away for more than ten days and went home again. Xiao Shitou was the first to rush out and hold Fatty Tuanzi, “Tuanzi, you are finally back. I missed you so much. “

Tuanzi also missed his uncle. He hugged his uncle’s neck and kissed him heavily on the face, saying sweet words in his uncle’s ear, “Pang, miss you.”

Xiao Shitou laughed happily.

Grandpa Yang also hadn’t seen his great-grandson for a long time. He thought of him, very much. He held little Fatty over and kissed him again and again. Little Fathy also kissed his grandpa, which also coaxed his grandfather.

Shiyi is not surprised at her little fatty’s trick. She let him do what he wanted to do, and just followed Yang Shifeng to move the things they bought into their house one by one, and then went to the back of the medicine field and the pharmacy to check the progress of the herbs planted by the workers. 

When she left, she chose two more people in charge. She tasked someone to help Uncle Yang take care of the workers and the medicine field. All three of them were responsible people. Even if she is not here, they can manage things one by one without making any mistakes,

Shiyi was very satisfied. Each was rewarded with 1 tael of silver to motivate them to work hard in the future.

Shiyi took out 30 taels of silver and gave it to Yang Shifeng, saying, “I think we will often go to the town and the city in the future. The donkey cart that our family uses is slow, we can’t always rely on it, and our transportation is limited. Let’s buy a horse and a carriage. This will also be convenient for us.” 

Carriages are much faster than donkey carts, and they can carry more things. When she went to the city this time, she saw other people’s carriages passing their donkey cart very quickly. She deeply felt the gap between donkey carts and carriages. She will often go to the city in the future. It’s better to go by carriage, which can save at least half the time on the road.

Yang Shifeng naturally knows that carriages are fast, but horses are expensive. Buying one horse is equal to buying several donkeys, so people buy more donkey carts. That’s why horse-drawn carriages are not common, at least not many horse-drawn carriages seen in town.

Shiyi said, “Anyway, a donkey cart is not enough for our family. In the future, we will need to replenish goods in the town and the city. We also need to purchase goods for our grocery store. One donkey cart is not enough. Let’s buy another carriage for our own use, and the donkey cart will be used to deliver medicine to the town and purchase goods for the store.”

Yang Shifeng thought about it. In the future, there will be so many things that require transportation, and one donkey cart is definitely not enough, so he will eventually need to add another one. “It just so happens that I have to go to town to buy stocks for our grocery shop a day from now. I’ll just go to Yifang to see if there are any horses available for sale. If I can find a suitable one, I’ll buy it. “

After that, Shiyi went into her medicine room and began to develop new pills and ointments. Previously, she had made some common pills to deal with common diseases. However, when she went to watch her drugstore for a few days, she thought of several good pills and ointments. She wrote them down in her mind at that time, and it was time to use them now.

Shiyi plans to add a perfume bag to expel mosquitoes. Wearing it can effectively prevent mosquitoes from invading and biting. In this era, there are no chemicals to expel mosquitoes, so people are often harassed by mosquitoes, especially in summer. 

Shiyi hung medicine bags in every room of her home, so she didn’t have this trouble. When she went to the clinic, she found that many people had mosquito bites on them. Everyone was used to it, so Shiyi planned to sell this medicine bag in her pharmacy.

In addition to the medicine bag, Shiyi also found out that there are too few drugs for women in the medicine shop. In fact, women are the mainstream consumer group, not only in clothing, jewelry, and rouge gouache but also in medicine. For example, the lady in the city needs those things for her private parts, and these daily maintenance ointments are still necessary, so Shiyi plans to develop several drugs for women’s personal health to put in the medicine shop.

Shiyi developed this medicine for a month. On that day, Yang Shifeng reminded her that it had been a month since the last time she went to the town to treat patients. According to Shiyi’s plan, she would go to the shop every month to patrol and give people a visit for two days.

Just as several new drugs have been developed, Shiyi immediately packed her bags, took little fatty, and went to town with her newly bought carriage.

As soon as Shiyi arrived in the town, Laibao couldn’t wait to tell Shiyi and Yang Shifeng about the situation of the shop for this month in detail, “After three days since our opening and free diagnosis, treatment, and medicine. Not many people came back to buy medicine for several days in a row because it was no longer free. At that time, my heart was cold, and I thought that our shop would probably lose money. I didn’t know that about ten days later, someone came to buy medicine suddenly, and the business was suddenly getting better and better. When I asked what was going on, I found out that they were the people who took our pills for free when our shop opened. They said that the effect was very good, and it was not bitter at all, so even their children, who are the most difficult to coax into drinking medicine would easily take the pills and get better in two or three days. Now everyone is willing to come here to buy medicine. Doctor Wan is so busy that he has no time to eat.”

The joy in Laibao’s eyes is about to overflow. It can be seen that he is happy. Shiyi and Yang Shifeng were, of course, also happy. They had such a good business in the first month, which is a good start.

Laibao showed Shiyi the account book for this month, which clearly recorded the amount of each drug sold and the money earned, and on the back side, it recorded the daily expenses of the pharmacy this month. The accounts were clearly written in the account book.

Shiyi took a closer look. The total quantity of drugs sold was nearly 2000, which greatly exceeded her expectation, and the profit of the store also greatly exceeded her expectation.

It seems that everyone has a high acceptance of the drugs in their shop.

Shiyi was completely relieved now, and the little worry she had in her heart was also dissipated. She immediately gave several newly developed drugs to Laibao and told him and Doctor Wan the uses and methods of taking these drugs. 

Considering that many of these drugs are for the health of women, Shiyi then said to Laibao, “Later, hire a female waiter for the shop. She must be a little smart and especially used to welcoming female guests. Sometimes women’s private things are not easy to mention to men, so let the female waiter ask about their condition and give them medicine, so as to avoid the embarrassment of female guests. “

Laibao admired Shiyi’s idea very much. He nodded immediately and promised to recruit a female waiter immediately.

After talking about this matter, Shiyi added: “In the future, if there is a patient with a special condition who needs special treatment and there is no medicine in our shop that can cure it, or Dr. Wan can’t handle it, you can send me a letter and let me know, and I will prepare it separately according to the patient’s condition.”

Shiyi’s words were written in Laibao’s heart. “Okay, I understand.”

After explaining this, the three members of Shiyi’s family stayed in the shop that night. Shiyi and Doctor Wan sat down in the hospital the next day to see the patients.

People in the town now know that this shop has a very powerful female boss, and she’s also the doctor in this shop. Last time, many people went for a consultation and sought treatment with a female doctor. The female doctor is good at medicine. Now that the female doctor came again, many people came to see Shiyi, especially some women who are usually embarrassed to look for a male doctor. At this time, it seemed that the female doctor didn’t go to the shop very often, so when they heard that Shiyi came, they quickly went to the pharmacy. So Shiyi basically received female patients for two days in a row and saw a lot of gynecological diseases.

Two days later, the family of three left the town and rushed to their shop in the city.

As a result, as soon as her front foot arrived at the shop, the lady who went for treatment last time arrived, and when she saw Shiyi, she thanked her right away.


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