The Peasant Female Doctor
The Peasant Female Doctor Chapter 8

Chapter 8

“Huh? Do you know how to heal? “Yang Shifeng was surprised.

“Uhm, what? If you believe me, I’ll treat your grandpa. If you don’t believe me, then forget it. “

Yang Shifeng waved his hand, “No, no. It’s not that I don’t believe you, but I didn’t expect you to know medicine. “

Shiyi shrugged her shoulders and stated the facts plainly, “I’ve been studying medicine since I was a child.”

She did learn medicine from an early age. When she was a cell, she was implanted with medical genes in order to cultivate medical machines to work for them. Only she succeeded in that batch of experimented children, and the scientists serving the government began to train her frantically until her medical level reached the top of the world.

But they forgot that while they trained her, they also gave her the ability to escape from their control. But freedom was the most important thing for her. In the end, all the people in that batch died, and all government departments hunted her for a long time. 

Yang Shifeng was surprised by Shiyi’s words. Has she studied medicine since childhood? Shouldn’t it be in her teenage years? Maybe she can really cure his grandfather. Anyway, Grandpa still couldn’t be cured after seeing so many doctors. If they let Shiyi try to cure his grandpa, it would give them a little more hope.

Yang Shifeng explained to Grandpa Yang that Shiyi wanted to treat his legs. Although Grandpa Yang had had no hope for his legs for a long time, seeing that his grandson was still full of hope, he couldn’t bear to refuse him, so he agreed.

Anyway, we can still give medicine to a dead horse. [1]It’s an idiom, it means to keep trying everything in a desperate situation.

Shiyi looked at Grandpa Yang’s legs and pressed them on all parts of his legs. It was confirmed that the paralysis caused by the fall was not a big problem at first, but after so many years of delay, the meridians were seriously blocked, much more seriously than before, and could not be cured overnight. It takes time. If the situation turns out to be good, he can walk in almost two or three months.

Hearing that Shiyi was confident of curing his grandpa in two or three months, Yang Shifeng couldn’t describe how surprised he was. Shifeng looked at Shiyi very eagerly.

Grandpa Yang didn’t expect that he could be cured. He hasn’t stood up for more than ten years, and his body is getting worse and worse. Grandpa Yang thought he could only wait for his death. How could he still think about being cured? Old man Yang was too excited to speak.

“But I need two herbs so I can start treating him,” Shiyi said.

Yang Shifeng hurriedly said, “What do you want? I’ll find tens or even hundreds of them. “

Shiyi didn’t know if the herbs in this period were different from those in her own. The herbs she uses are artificially cultivated in the experimental medicine field. Maybe they don’t exist at this time, or their names are different.

After thinking about it, Shiyi gave Yang Shifeng a detailed description of the shape and efficacy of the two herbs and drew him the general appearance of the herbs on the ground with a charcoal pen. Yang Shifeng carefully wrote it down, “I’ll go up the mountain tomorrow and look for it. If I can’t find it there, I’ll go to the medicine shop in town. “

If there are no herbs, you can replace them with herbs of the same effect, as long as the effect is the same. The effect of the herbs she needed was to reduce inflammation and assist in dredging.

Yang Shifeng nodded seriously, “OK, I understand.”

In the evening, Yang Shifeng made a braised fish, and since the fish was so big, part of it could also be used for fish soup, so Shiyi got to eat two kinds of dish.

Originally, Shiyi thought that her meal at noon was already very delicious. Now she found that the meal at night was the most delicious. It turned out that the meat was much better than the vegetables. The taste of that fish was simply great.

Their life at the end of the world was really poor.

Shiyi couldn’t stop eating, one mouthful after another, and her eyes narrowed happily. Because of this, there was no usual coldness on her face. At the moment, she was a greedy kitten.

Yang Shifeng ate and looked at Shiyi from time to time with a smile on his face. He was afraid that Shiyi would be caught by a fishbone, so he picked out the bone from the fish meat and put it in Shiyi’s bowl. But he didn’t eat much himself. He only ate some cucumber, fish, and steamed eggs and didn’t touch any other dish at all.

He wants to leave it all to Shiyi.

Shiyi shook her head and became more and more certain that the man in front of her was a fool. He didn’t want to eat all the good things, so he gave them all to her instead. Really stupid.

Shiyi picked up half of the fish piled up in her bowl and put it into Yang Shifeng’s bowl. Don’t you know how to eat? Come one, eat quickly.”

Yang Shifeng looked at the fish in his bowl, and the corners of his mouth tilted slightly. A sense of pleasure hit all over his body. Shifeng picked up the chopstick, put the fish he picked with his chopstick into his mouth, and began to chew it, as if he was eating a delicacy, “Hmm. Delicious.”

Really stupid…..

After dinner, Yang Shifeng didn’t rest but went to the kitchen to knead noodles and explained to Shiyi, “I’m going to go hunting in the mountains tomorrow and won’t come back until the evening.” I can’t make food for you and Grandpa. I’ll steam some steamed buns for you and Grandpa and cook delicious food for you when I come back in the evening, OK? “

Yang Shifeng was afraid that Shiyi wouldn’t want to eat steamed buns. In fact, for farmers, eating steamed buns can make them happy already. It’s rare to eat white flour steamed buns. They can only eat them once a month. Yang Shifeng also eats brown rice porridge most of the time in order to save money for his grandfather’s medical treatment. Today, it’s white rice, and white flour steamed bun because he didn’t want to hurt Shiyi. He always felt that Shiyi should eat well.

However, the white rice and flour at home were far too little, so they were almost gone after two meals. It seems that he has to hunt more prey tomorrow, sell them in the town, and then buy some rice noodles back.

Thinking about it, Yang Shifeng took out his family’s coarse grain flour and made two coarse-grain steamed buns. He will take them to the mountain to satisfy his hunger tomorrow, and the white flour steamed buns will be left for Shiyi and Grandpa to eat.

Although Shiyi hasn’t fought before, when it comes to hunting, she has fought mutant animals countless times. The hunting here is much simpler than the previous battle in her time. She can also follow him to hunt some prey and come back. So she said, “I’ll go with you.”

Yang Shifeng shook his head immediately after hearing what Shiyi said.” No, no, hunting is a very dangerous and tiring job. You will have to run continuously for a day, so it’s better to be comfortable at home. You should stay at home. “

Shiyi looked at him with wide eyes and stressed the fact, “You know, I’m stronger than you, right?”

Yang Shifeng knew that Shiyi was stronger than him, but he just felt that Shiyi should live comfortably. He should do the rough work, such as hunting. Why should a girl suffer from this hardship? So, he advised, “Shiyi, although you have great strength, there are many thorns and mosquitoes in the deep mountains and forests. It’s hard to go there. You will be in too much pain. You should stay at home, OK? “

Shiyi didn’t speak and looked at him stubbornly.

Yang Shifeng had a little headache. He scratched his head and suddenly thought of a way, “Shiyi, as long as you don’t go, I’ll make you delicious food. How about it? “

Delicious food? Shiyi’s eyes turned.

Yang Shifeng smiled and said seductively, “Shall I make dumplings for you?”

“Dumplings?” Shiyi thought of the aunt she had met. The aunt said she wanted to make dumplings. Are dumplings delicious?

Seeing Shiyi’s interest, Yang Shifeng said, “Dumplings are delicious, especially fragrant, and better than rice. Do you want to eat them?”

Better than rice? How delicious must it be? Shiyi was immediately moved, “When will you make the dumplings?”

Yang Shifeng: “When I come back from hunting and trade it for money in town, I’ll wrap it for you right away, OK?”

Eating is still very important. Shiyi immediately compromised in order to eat, “that’s fine with me. I won’t go this time.” I’ll go next time.

Yang Shifeng breathed a sigh of relief. He seemed to have found out how to deal with her; he only had to use delicious food. He didn’t need to say anything else. After all, his cooking skills were still very good. 

At this time, the steamed buns were also steamed. The hot white flour steamed buns were very cute, soft, and fluffy. Shiyi stared at the steamed bun. Yang Shifeng took out a steamed bun from the steamer and handed it over to Shiyi, “You give it a try first, and the rest will be eaten tomorrow.”

Shiyi was actually full, but she was still willing to eat it after looking at the steamed bun. She couldn’t stand the temptation of delicious food, so she took it and bit down. It’s soft, elastic, sweet, and full of lingering taste.


Shiyi thought that Yang Shifeng was very powerful and he could make anything delicious. In Shiyi’s opinion, even if he is not so strong and has no powers, he is much more powerful than those people with powers. If she has a partner who can cook in her previous world, even if he can’t help with anything, she will be willing to keep him and take him wherever she goes.

But here, he kept her for the time being.

The next day, when Shiyi woke up, Yang Shifeng was already away from home. The steamed bun was warmed up in the kitchen. After Shiyi washed, she opened the lid of the pot, took out a steamed bun from the steamer, and filled the bowl with porridge and steamed bun. This is what Yang Shifeng said.

But before eating, Shiyi suddenly remembered that she was not the only one at home; there was also an old man present in the house.

Living at someone else’s house and eating alone seems not very good. Shiyi thought about it and ran to the east side of the house. She saw that Old Man Yang was lying on the bed, and there were empty bowls beside the bed. In addition to the empty bowls, several steamed buns were in there. It seems that Yang Shifeng has taken care of everything that the old man needs.

Shiyi then ate her own meal at ease.

After eating, Shiyi became bored, so she went out of the house. She wanted to go to the river yesterday. If she could catch fish, she could eat fish again.

Shiyi cut a long branch by the river, stood by the river, and stared at the movement in the water. She poked it directly with a long stick as long as a fish swam by.

“Young lady, what are you looking at?” A male voice came through.

Shiyi doesn’t have to turn around to know that this is the man who was frightened by Yang Shifeng outside the fence yesterday. This man was so annoying that Shiyi didn’t bother to pay attention to him and kept staring at the water.

After being ignored by Shiyi, Song Dawei was not annoyed. He smiled and went close to Shiyi, “Young lady, do you want to catch fish?”

“This is Yang Shifeng. How can he let a delicate young lady do this kind of work? Besides, the fish is fishy and hard to eat. How can she eat this? Why shouldn’t you eat some chicken, duck, and goose? “

“But Yang Shifeng’s family was so poor that they couldn’t even uncover the pot. How can he afford to eat meat? “Young lady, you shouldn’t live such a hard life.”

After saying a lot to Shiyi, Song Dawei licked his lips and turned his eyes away from Shiyi’s curvy figure. His eyes were full of obsession. Dawei kept up with his efforts and said, “Young lady, I know you had no place to go before you went to Yang Shifeng. Why don’t you come over to my house? My house is good and comfortable to live in. You don’t have to worry about food or drink. My father is the village head. He will take care of you. So, what do you think? “


1 It’s an idiom, it means to keep trying everything in a desperate situation.


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