The Peasant Female Doctor Chapter 7

Chapter 7

Uncle Yang felt very shameless and could not sit still. He pulled up Song Juanhua and was going home. “It’s our fault. Let’s go home quickly. “

Unexpectedly, her man didn’t stand up for her and he even said she was wrong. Song Juanhua was so angry that she hurled Uncle Yang’s hand away, “You wimp! What are you going back for? I’ve been injured! Is this something that can just be forgotten? “

As she said this, Song Juanhua exposed her arm and the wound on her arm when she was thrown out. “Look, all this damage was done by this girl. No matter what, if you don’t give me an explanation today, no one will be good today! “

Song Juanhua sat down on the ground and refused to get up. She did her old routine of throwing and rolling. She would do this whenever she wanted something. The two men, Uncle Yang and Yang Shifeng had no way to make themselves stand up. She was used to this move for so many years, knowing that she could get what she wanted in the end if she did this.

Uncle Yang was really at a loss. He quickly stretched out his hand to pull her up. “Get up, don’t do this. Look at your appearance! “

“Go to the side, you wimp. You didn’t dare to stand up for your wife, so I’ll stand up for myself. My life is hard. Why did I marry you? If I had known, I would have twisted my hair and become an aunt [1]old unmarried woman rather than marry you and suffer this great sin. Waaah!” Song Juanhua pushed Uncle Yang aside, and started wailing.

Seeing that his wife was still crying, Uncle Yang was even more embarrassed. He didn’t know what to do. He kept saying, “Get up quickly, don’t do this.” but his wife didn’t listen to him.

Song Juanhua ignored them, scolding and crying, which made people get headaches.

Yang Shifeng looked at his second uncle’s helpless appearance. He could only shake his head secretly. His second uncle was good to him. Shifeng had no choice but to compromise and meet his second aunt’s demand. He compromised every time and was crushed by his second aunt all his life.

But he can’t always let his second aunt cry in his home. Grandpa needs to rest. Yang Shifeng was going to persuade them, but unexpectedly, the old man in the house heard it and roared out, “Yang Ershi, do you want me to be angered to death?”

Yang Ershi is the name of his second uncle.

The old man’s roar stopped Song Juanhua’s crying for a while, but only once. She proceeded to cry and made a fuss once again.

She didn’t take the old man’s words seriously at all.

When Uncle Yang was reprimanded, he used a lot of strength to pull his wife aside and say, “Stop it, father is awake.”

Song Juanhua rolled to the ground, “What am I doing wrong? I was bullied and can’t ask for justice. Your father cannot be biased, ah! “

“I… I…” Uncle Yang was sweating with anxiety.

At this time, the old man’s voice came from the room, “Shi Feng, come in and carry me out.” I’ll see if she wanted me to be angry to death before she becomes happy. “

Yang Shifeng hesitated for a moment, then went into the room. He took Grandpa Yang out and sat on the chair with his clothes.

Uncle Yang lowered his head in shame when he saw his paralyzed father. He has no face to see his father. His father is ill. He can’t afford to pay for his medical treatment. Not to mention that his nephew was taking care of his father. He is unfilial.

Looking at the cowardly appearance of his second son, who was always submissive, Grandpa Yang snorted angrily. Why did such a worthless seed appear in his Yang family? It’s simply a disgrace!

At that time, Grandpa Yang didn’t know that someone in his Yang family would always listen to his wife’s word and follow his wife’s lead more than his second son was about to appear. That person is his beloved grandson, Yang Shifeng. Later, when Grandpa Yang knew about this, he could only sigh helplessly. Fortunately, his grandson’s wife was not the same as his shrewd second daughter-in-law.

Mr. Yang patted his legs heavily. What does the second family want from our family? Why are you messing around in your nephew’s house? What a disgrace! “

Unfortunately, Song Juanhua didn’t pay attention to the old man who was about to be buried to the ground in her eyes. She didn’t pay attention to him but instead put emphasis on her words. I don’t care! I’m injured! I won’t go unless they give me an explanation! “

Grandpa Yang’s words seriously meant that he was about to be buried. She didn’t pay attention to Wen Yanli. She just stressed, “I don’t care. I’ve been hurt. I won’t go if I don’t give myself an explanation! “

Grandpa Yang was so angry that he stroked his chest and said angrily, “Why don’t you just say you want Shifeng to give you money?”

Song Juanhua stopped crying and hummed. She didn’t speak, but she acquiesced.

Old man Yang pointed at Song Juanhua and second uncle Yang, “Look at your good wife! She wants to pit your nephew against. Your nephew has been supporting me for so many years, your old man. How can you be so mean? “

Second, Uncle Yang became more and more embarrassed. He lowered his head and dared not look at his old father.

Song Juanhua did not have any scruples and said righteously, “Who made your second son incompetent and can’t even support his wife and children?” How can he afford to raise you? “

“You! you!” Grandpa Yang was so angry that his hands trembled.

Yang Shifeng quickly stroked his back and angrily scolded Song Juanhua, “Second aunt, if you anger Grandpa again, don’t blame my family for not welcoming you!”

Being scolded by a younger generation, Song Juanhua was very embarrassed. She snatched a small bench nearby and threw it out, enraged. Unexpectedly, the bench rolled all the way to Shiyi’s feet and was stopped by Shiyi’s feet.

If Shiyi wasn’t paying attention, it would have been her foot that was hit.

Shiyi swallowed the last tomato in her mouth. She lifted her eyelids and threw out the remaining tomato juice in her hand. She threw it straight at Song Juanhua’s face, and it slid down her face, leaving red juices.

Song Juanhua yelled, “You b*tch—”

However, before she finished speaking, she was pinched by Shiyi, who came on top of her at some point and didn’t know how she moved. Just listening to the sound of a click, Song Juanhua’s chin tilted, and her saliva flowed.

The room was suddenly quiet; only the sound of Song Juanhua’s whimpers was heard.

The rest stared at Shiyi in disbelief.

“It’s so noisy.” Shiyi wiped her hands and turned to Yang Shifeng. Is there anything else? Can I have another tomato? “

Yang Shifeng nodded stupidly and looked back at his second aunt with crooked eyes and a bad smile. He went to the kitchen and gave Shiyi another big, red tomato.

Shiyi got the tomatoes again and sat down to eat them with satisfaction. However, seeing Song Juanhua’s appearance, she felt it was too eye-catching, so she said to Uncle Yang, “If you don’t take her home, I’ll give her another one (lesson).”

Uncle Yang looked at the people present with complicated eyes. He sighed and pulled up Song Juanhua. He walked out without saying more.

Shiyi was satisfied when the house was finally quiet.

Yang Shifeng frowned and asked Shiyi, “Shiyi, is she okay?”

Shiyi shook her head while gnawing at the tomato. Don’t worry. It’s just a temporary dislocation. She’s okay. “

Yang Shifeng breathed a sigh of relief after hearing her words. He was really afraid that Shiyi would hurt his second aunt. If she did, then it would be bad for her. It seems that Shiyi has a sense of propriety in her heart.

Grandpa Yang stared at Shiyi for a moment, then turned his eyes to Yang Shifeng, “Shifeng, this is…”

Yang Shifeng wiped his face and said to his grandfather, “Yes, Shiyi, she has had great strength since she was a child and is different from us.”

“Oh, well.” Grandpa Yang nodded, and his mood was a little complicated. However, he thought that this little girl also helped his grandson solve the problem. Anyway, it’s good. Why does he have to care about them? He said, “Shifeng, grandpa can’t sit still. Carry Grandpa back to the room and treat the little girl well. “

Yang Shifeng nodded and went to take Grandpa Yang back to his room.

By the time he came out again, Shiyi had already eaten the tomatoes in her hand again.

Yang Shifeng: “You’re done with this one, aren’t you? We’ll have dinner soon. Now that you’re full, maybe you can’t eat later.”

Shiyi touched her stomach and nodded. She still had to make room for fish in her stomach.

Shiyi squatted next to Yang Shifeng and watched him handle the fish. She started a conversation casually, “Is your second uncle very afraid of your second aunt? Such a wife was still not cleaned up? “

Yang Shifeng smiled helplessly, “No, it’s just that when his family was poor, the second uncle finally found a second aunt. The second aunt gave birth to several children for him. If the second aunt left, no one would take care of the child. “What’s more, it’s hard for the second uncle to get rid of his wife, which is why his second aunt was so confident.

Shiyi pursed his lips and did not deny it.

Shiyi thought of Yang Shifeng’s grandfather, whom she had just seen. Because Yang Shifeng cooked for her, she rarely took the initiative to ask, “What’s the matter with your grandfather?”

Yang Shifeng: “When I was very young, Grandpa went up the mountain to cut firewood. When he encountered a heavy rainstorm, he fell off the slope. It was too late when we found him. The doctor said that they couldn’t do anything. Since then, Grandpa’s lower body has lost consciousness. “

Oh, it was paralysis. Shiyi wondered, “Can’t the doctors cure it?” Can’t a small fall result in lower body paralysis be cured?

Yang Shifeng shook his head in frustration. “I’ve seen a lot of doctors, even in the city, and Grandpa has been drinking the medicine, but there’s still no improvement.”

Shiyi blinked. The medical skills in this world are too poor. Can’t the doctors in the city cure it? However, from the history books, it seems that the ancient medical skills were very backward. When giving birth, even a woman’s life is like walking through the gate of death. It is understandable that they can’t cure paralysis.

Hey, it seems that there are still some bad things in this era.

However, paralysis is a small problem for her. Although she doesn’t have all kinds of medical machines, her traditional Chinese medicine is no worse than western medicine. Besides, her most commonly used silver needle was also on her body when she went to this world. It’s not a problem to cure Grandpa Yang Shifeng’s leg at all.

But the question is, her usual principles were never to do things that could make her lose money, and the other was to never meddle. So, should she take the initiative to help cure the man’s grandfather?

Shiyi stared at Yang Shifeng’s face and thought.

Yang Shifeng was stared at by Shiyi for a long time. His face quietly became hot. He hesitated and asked, “You—Why are you staring at me?”

Shiyi didn’t speak, and her eyes moved to the fish in Yang Shifeng’s hand.

To be honest, although she didn’t what was on this man’s mind, but he was really kind to her. Shifeng gave her a place to live and bought her clothes a wooden basin and cooked such delicious meals for her to eat. She was the one who was taking advantage of him. Although Shiyi is not a good person, she does not want to owe others. If she helps her grandfather heal his leg, then she can repay his kindness.

Shiyi patted Yang Shifeng, “I can heal your grandfather. Show me your grandpa’s legs. “

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