The Peasant Female Doctor Chapter 6

Chapter 6 

Shiyi frowned and looked at him inquiringly. She realized that he was serious and really didn’t want anything from her.

Then why? Shiyi didn’t understand very much and finally gave up exploring this problem. No matter whether he had a purpose or not, he wouldn’t get it from her. Anyway, she would leave after a while. Now her main agenda is to master the survival laws of this world and to learn more about this world.

Shiyi decided to go out for a walk.

Yang Shifeng doesn’t feel at ease with Shiyi going out alone. Although she is strong, inevitably, there will be times when she will suffer loss.

“I’ll go with you. I can also introduce you to everyone and you can also ask me anything that you don’t understand.”

Shiyi thought about it. She does have a lot she doesn’t understand. It’s good for him to follow.

The two of them went out together. Yang Shifeng asked Shiyi where she wanted to go. Shiyi looked around and saw a golden object in the distance. She didn’t know why it attracted her attention. She pointed and asked, “What’s that?”

“That’s rice. It’s almost ripe and will be harvested soon.”

“Rice?” Shiyi became interested and went over to take a look.

Yang Shifeng took Shiyi to his family’s rice field, where a rice plant stands quietly in the field.

Shiyi looked closely and said, “Is this the rice that can produce rice?” The rice we ate at noon? ” She saw it in the book, but it was the first time she saw real rice.

Yang Shifeng smiled and nodded. “Yes, the rice we ate at noon was made from this rice.” As he said those words, he bent down to hold up the rice. He pointed to the grain wrapped in rice husk and she carefully explained it to Shiyi: “The grains wrapped inside this are the rice grains you see. When the rice is mature, you can harvest it, let the grains fall off the straw, and then remove the rice husk outside, leaving the rice grains. “

‘So this is how rice is made’ Shiyi nodded, thinking that ancient times were really good. There was such delicious rice.

Seeing Shiyi was so interested, Yang Shifeng said, “Our village will soon harvest the rice. If you are interested, you can come over to see how it is collected, and then you can also see how the rice is made.”

Yang Shifeng couldn’t tell why he always wanted to show Shiyi what she was interested in and attract Shiyi’s attention. It seems that if she felt how good it was here, she would like it here and be willing to stay here.

Yang Shifeng pursed his lips and hid the strange color in his eyes.

Shiyi didn’t notice the change in Yang Shifeng’s face and studied the rice for a while before letting Yang Shifeng take her somewhere else.

Yang Shifeng took Shiyi to the village’s big river, where many children were swimming and catching fish. Shiyi’s eyes were sharp, and she saw a fish flashing in the river.

The river water in the last few days couldn’t be drank. Naturally, you weren’t able to raise creatures that live in the water. Ordinary fish and shrimp died out in the first few years of the last days. The remaining creatures were mutated species, and their attack power is amazing. They can’t be eaten, the appearance was not at all like ordinary fishes and shrimps, so Shiyi has not really seen a real fish.

Shiyi curiously pointed at the fish that had just swum past in the river and asked, “Was that a fish just now?”

Yang Shifeng nodded, “Yes, there are more fish in the river at this time of year. Many children will go down to catch fish when they have nothing to do, and if they are lucky enough to catch a fish, they can let the adults at home make a meal of fish.” But the average child couldn’t catch it. Even if they did, the fish would be very fishy, not good at all. He has a way of making the fish delicious, but usually, he is too busy to go down to the river to catch fish.

Shiyi heard the word “eat” and her eyes lit up. She knew the word “meat.” It is said to be delicious. The fish should also be delicious.

Shiyi licked her lips and wanted to go down and catch one, as well as taste what the fish tasted like.

Shiyi rolled up her sleeves and planned to go into the water. She was pulled by the quick-eyed Yang Shifeng. Now he found that the little fairy seems to have a hobby, that is, eating. As long as there is delicious food, her eyes would brighten, and she would actively look for it.

Yang Shifeng doesn’t know that there is a very appropriate word to describe people like Shiyi, who is a foodie.

“Don’t move, I’ll go down and catch it for you. It’ll be ready in a minute, okay?” He can do things like catch fish.

Shiyi blinked, thought about it, and then nodded. Shiyi obediently stayed on the shore. It didn’t matter whether you caught it or not, as long as you had something to eat at the end.

Yang Shifeng quickly went under the water and stared at the water surface. After a while, a fish suddenly swam past him. Yang Shifeng leaned forward neatly and quickly went towards the fish. He closed his hands and brought it up. The next second, there was a big fish in his hand.

“Shiyi, look, I caught it. This fish is so fat.” Yang Shifeng held up the fish for Shiyi to see.

The fish was indeed not small and was still alive in Yang Shifeng’s hand. The thought of having delicious meat made Shiyi smile along with him.

Two people look at each other and smile. At this moment, Yang Shifeng’s heart began to thump. He can no longer look away.

After catching the fish, Shiyi also stopped looking around and followed Yang Shifeng back, and met a middle-aged woman halfway.

“Shifeng, did you catch fish?” The middle-aged woman talked to Yang Shifeng, but her eyes stared at Shiyi curiously and teasingly.

“Yes, Aunt Wang, I just got lucky and caught a fish for dinner.” Yang Shifeng replied without satisfying Aunt Wang’s curiosity to introduce Shiyi.

To keep Aunt Wang from pursuing Shiyi, he took the initiative to exchange pleasantries, “Aunt Wang, why did you cut so many leeks?”

Aunt Wang looked at the leeks in her hand and said with a smile, “Hey, it’s because my Xiao Shitou wants to eat dumplings, so he can’t stand it, so I had to cut more leeks to make him a dumpling. With this child, a dumpling can cost a lot of white flour.”

Yang Shifeng smiled and nodded, “Children are always greedy. Your family is well off. It’s okay to eat dumplings once in a while.”

Auntie Wang was comforted by Yang Shifeng’s words. Her family had four sons, each of whom was a strong worker. The conditions of their family in the village were indeed one of the best, and eating a dumpling would not be a problem for them.

Yang Shifeng was well aware of the curiosity of these aunts. In order not to be questioned about Shiyi, while Aunt Wang was happy, he quickly said, “Auntie, my grandfather is still at home. I’ve been out for a long time. I have to go back quickly, so I won’t talk to you. “

After saying this, Yang Shifeng took Shiyi and flew away, leaving Aunt Wang behind him unable to react.

Shiyi tilted her head to look at the person beside her, “What are you walking so fast?”

Yang Shifeng smiled embarrassingly and explained. “The aunts in the village were not bad, but they were more curious. They want to know what happened in any family and ask thoroughly. If we didn’t leave quickly, she must have chased you around to ask questions. “

No wonder he walked so fast. Shiyi doesn’t want to be chased by others just to be asked tons of questions. She can’t stay here if this place makes her upset. At that point, she’ll still have a headache. Therefore, it’s better to go.

When they got home, Yang Shifeng immediately put the fish in a basin, took the basin to the well in the yard, put it down, and prepared to clean it up. He said to Shiyi, “Tonight, I’ll make you braised fish, steam an egg, and cut a cucumber, OK?”

Shiyi has seen Yang Shifeng’s good skills; whatever he cooks, it will be delicious, so she simply nodded, “Yes.”

Yang Shifeng smiled. He was holding scissors to cut open the fish belly. He saw his second uncle coming in from outside the gate, followed by his second aunt, with an unfriendly expression on her face.

Yang Shifeng’s movement paused. He understood the reason why the second uncle came. He put down the scissors in his hand silently.

“Second Uncle, why are you here?” Yang Shifeng stood up and greeted but did not greet Song Juanhua (2nd Aunt).

The Second Uncle smiled at his nephew and nodded, “I just came back from town.”

When Uncle Yang didn’t live in the field, he would go to the town to carry bags. He could earn 20 wen a day. However, the work was very hard. Uncle Yang was less than 40 years old, but he looked as old as 50 years old.

Yang Shifeng welcomed the second uncle into the hall and moved a stool for him and Song Juanhua to sit down.

“Shifeng, how has grandpa been these last two days?” Second Uncle Yang was the first to ask.

Yang Shifeng nodded his head, “Not bad. He even ate a bowl of rice at noon today.”

“Is that so? That’s good. I’ll go take a look. ” Hearing that his old man had a good appetite, Second Uncle Yang was very happy and wanted to go to the room to take a look.

“Cough, cough!” Song Juanhua coughed hard twice, and her hand quickly twisted on Second Uncle Yang’s arm.

Uncle Yang got up and looked at his wife. He understood the meaning in her eyes, and his face looked unnatural.

His wife cried to him as soon as he came home, saying that his nephew had bullied her and her children with outsiders and thrown them out. Both children were frightened and cried. He had to ask him to seek justice. If he didn’t come, she would scold and beat him. He had no choice but to bring her to his nephew.

But he did not believe that his nephew would bully his wife. If we talk about bullying, it would be more likely if his wife bullied his nephew. As for the injuries to his wife, he didn’t know how it happened. It might be from fighting others.

“Ahem, Shi Feng.” Second Uncle coughed. His eyes looked at Shiyi, who was sitting calmly and gnawing on the tomatoes Yang Shifeng picked. Second Uncle asked: “This girl is? “

Yang Shifeng looked at Shiyi and smiled, “Second uncle, this is the girl I accidentally saved on the mountain today.” Her name is Shiyi. Now, she is homeless, so she is temporarily staying with me. Yang Shifeng explained to his second uncle, according to Shiyi’s own words.

Uncle Yang did not doubt him, “Oh,” and asked for more details, being pinched by Song Juanhua.

Song Juanhua launched a fire at Uncle Yang, “What are you asking? I was bullied by this woman! If you are a man, please seek justice for me! “

Uncle Yang was used to being scolded, so he was not angry at all. He was just surprised as he looked at Shiyi. He didn’t believe that such a weak and delicate girl could bully her tall wife. “This… This must be a misunderstanding, right? “

Song Juanhua was very angry and twisted Uncle Yang’s hands. What a misunderstanding! You as*hole, she threw me and the child out! Your nephew also watched us being bullied and did not say anything. If you are not at home, we are like orphans and widows that are being bullied. “

“This… Shi Feng, is what your second aunt said true?” Uncle Yang looked inquisitively at Yang Shifeng and wanted to know what was going on.

Yang Shifeng pursed his lips and said honestly, “Second uncle, second aunt wanted the two children to eat my meal. Shiyi did not allow it, and then there was a conflict.”

Second uncle Yang was very embarrassed when he heard his nephew’s words. After so many years of being married to his wife, he knew her character. His wife could definitely do it.

The author has something to say.

In the early stages, the female lead will not understand many things, and her character is not very good. This is because her living environment was too bad, but she will be affected step by step by the male lead, and she will become cute. The female lead in my pen has always been a cute sister, because I like cute girls, hee hee.

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