The Peasant Female Doctor Chapter 5

Chapter 5

Yang Shifeng washed the dishes and chopsticks after lunch. When Shifeng didn’t see Shiyi in the hall, he went to the courtyard to look for her. He saw Shiyi squatting in front of the chicken cage, holding her cheeks in her hands and staring at the chickens in the cage.

Yang Shifeng was a little amused at how interested Shiyi looked as she stared at the chickens. He thought that this little fairy was really cute, and she was a little different from the way she just threw people out.

He was about to ask her to go inside to let her take a nap, but out of the corner of his eye, he suddenly saw a few heads outside the fence of his house, a few sneaky men lying outside the courtyard wall, one or two of them staring at Shiyi fiercely, with an explicit meaningful glance.

Yang Shifeng immediately shouted angrily, “What are you doing?”

The men outside the wall were not afraid of Yang Shifeng’s angry shouting and did not take him seriously. Instead, they grinned provocatively at Yang Shifeng, and the leader of the men asked Yang Shifeng, “Yang Shifeng, what is the name of the girl you brought back? Is she going to live in your house? “

The man who asked the question was named Song Dawei. He was about the same age as Yang Shifeng, but he was idle all day. He liked to flirt with the pretty widow in the village. Everyone didn’t like him. Although they hated him, they couldn’t do anything about him. Who made him the only son of the village head’s family? The village head and his wife loved him very much. This also led to the man’s fearlessness in Baiyun Village.

Yesterday, he went to town to drink wine. As he was finishing his drink, he heard from his good brothers that Yang Shifeng, who had returned from the mountains, had brought back a particularly lovely little girl. She’s as good-looking as a fairy. Song Dawei originally did not believe it, but when he ran back to take a glimpse, his soul was lost.

Beautiful. Too beautiful. He couldn’t measure how much she was more beautiful than Wang Meizi, who was the most beautiful girl in eight villages. It’s simply that one was heaven and the other was earth. Seeing this in front of him, he realized how foolish he had tried to marry Wang Meizi.

Wang Meizi is nothing, this is the beauty (Shiyi).

Song Dawei swallowed his saliva and secretly decided in his heart that he must marry this beauty back home and let her warm his nest every day.

Yang Shifeng’s face sank after he noticed the lustful look in Song Dawei’s eyes. Seeing that the village head took good care of him, he didn’t do it directly. Instead, he warned: “Don’t stay outside my wall. Go quickly, or don’t blame me for being impolite! “

But this group of idle dilettantes was not afraid of Yang Shifeng. Instead, they all laughed at Shifeng’s words. A sharp-tongued man behind Song Dawei said shamelessly: “We did not enter your home; we were just standing outside.” Why do you care? Besides, we are looking at the beauty and not you. What’s your relationship with her? Why do you want to meddle? “

The others laughed again.

Yang Shifeng clenched his fist and stared grimly at a few people for a few moments before turning around and going inside.

“Haha, this kid was pissed off at us. Coward. ” A few people outside the fence were pleased to see Yang Shifeng go.

Shiyi saw that Yang Shifeng was really pissed off, and finally moved her gaze from the chick to the few people outside the fence wall, but did not say anything, but watched with interest with her cheeks leaning on her hand.

The rogues saw that Shiyi finally looked at them. They got excited, sorted out their clothes, and showed a smile that they thought was the best. They almost smiled like flowers.

Song Dawei thinks he is charming, and all women will bow to his charm. He threw a glance at Shiyi and gave Shiyi a salute like a scholar in town. “Young lady, I am here to salute. My name is Song. Song Dawei. I still don’t know what this young lady’s name is. “

This literary style made several people behind Song Dawei laugh and squeeze their eyebrows to watch the excitement.

Shiyi did not laugh, but in her heart, she felt that this man not only looked lecherous but his words and actions were even more disgusting.

Song Dawei didn’t see that Shiyi was staring at him and hit him. Instead, he was secretly proud. His heart was about to melt. He felt that he was about to fly. He smiled like a fool, “Young lady, you haven’t told me your name?”

Shiyi pulled the corners of her mouth up and casually pointed her fingers at her chin. “Do you want to know my name?”

Song Dawei nodded his head vigorously, “Want, want, want.”

“Fine. So.. ” Shiyi mused. At some point, three silver needles had appeared on her fingers, and she was about to throw them away when there was a sudden buzzing sound in her ears, and an arrow flew towards the few people outside the fence, aiming exactly at Song Dawei’s face.


Seeing an arrow fired straight towards himself, Song Dawei was scared shitless and wanted to run, but was too scared to move. He could only close his eyes and scream fiercely.

Shiyi’s mouth was hooked. Shiyi put away the silver needle in his hand and looked at it excitedly.

But Shiyi was a little disappointed. The arrow only grazed Song Dawei’s ear and shot off a strand of his hair, and Song Dawei’s face was fine.

Shiyi’s lips tightened. She looked at Yang Shifeng. The arrow didn’t miss. He initially didn’t plan to shoot the man’s face. It was just to scare him.

It seems that Yang Shifeng didn’t want to really hurt people. Shiyi thought it was a little boring. She turned her head and continued to look at the chickens in the chicken cage.

However, the rascals outside the fence were not as calm as Shiyi. They are almost frightened by Yang Shifeng. They almost shot him just now. It’s not a fake.

It was also the first time that they found that Yang Shifeng, who had always been honest and kind, had no temper. People would get angry and come for real.

The rascals looked at each other and dared not stay here to joke anymore.

However, Song Dawei was very ashamed and angry. His father was the village head. His family was kind to Yang Shifeng’s family. In the past, whenever Yang Shifeng saw him, he never dared to speak. Now he dared to shoot him with an arrow. He was simply ungrateful.

“Yang Shifeng, you dare to fight with me? It’s a pity that my father takes care of you and wants to marry you. I think you don’t know good or bad. I have to go back and talk to my father. Don’t think of my sister again! “

Song Dawei wanted to threaten Yang Shifeng with this. He wanted to see him look pale with fear, but he was disappointed. Yang Shifeng’s expression didn’t change at all, but he was so cold that he spit out a word, “Get out!” Then he put on his bow and arrow again and aimed at him.

“Good! Yang Shifeng, you wait and see! ” Several people on the side turned and ran away, their faces red.

Run, Yang Shifeng’s archery skills are not a cover. Otherwise, how could he hunt so well?

Seeing people finally leave, Yang Shifeng silently put down his bow and arrows. His eyes looked at Shiyi, who was squatting on the ground. He pursed his lips, hesitantly walked towards her, followed by squatting in front of the chicken cage.

Shiyi turned her head to look at him. She thought that this man was quite interesting. He obviously looked like an honest and simple person. His angry appearance a while ago was just a bluff.

“You …… You should not talk to those people. They are not good people and have no good ideas. Don’t tell them your name casually. ” Yang Shifeng earnestly instructed, “He did not want the little fairy to be harassed by those people.”

Shiyi raised an eyebrow and smiled. She suddenly wanted to tease him, “Hey, have I not told you my name yet? I can’t tell you casually. “

“Uh ……. I …….” Yang Shifeng paused, stammering, and did not know what to say. He did not know what the little fairy’s name was until now… In fact, he would love to know her name.

Seeing his look of embarrassment, Shiyi couldn’t help but laugh out loud. This person is also too stupid. Everything was written on his face. If he is in his last days, he might be bullied to death.

Seeing that the man’s face was going to be red again from her laugh, Shiyi had the rare conscience to stop teasing him and said to him, “Remember. My name is Shiyi. “

“Shiyi?” Yang Shifeng repeated.

Shiyi knew without asking that this person had misunderstood her name and explained, “It’s the number ELEVEN, which means 11th.” Because she was the 11th test subject and the only child in that batch of hundreds of test subjects who managed to have a very high medical gene, she had no parents, and so she was called Shiyi.

“Shiyi……” Yang Shifeng murmured, chewing on the name in his mouth, and slowly bringing up the corners of his mouth because he thought the name was very nice and seemed to suit her.

What is this man doing? Would he smile with just a name? Shiyi shook her head incomprehensibly, stood up, and stretched. And the combat uniform, which is already close-fitting, is more tightly wrapped around the curvaceous figure because of this action.

Yang Shifeng raised his eyes to see. His face burned hot. He felt it was burning. He hurriedly looked away and didn’t dare look again.

Her clothes are so strange.

Isn’t she dressed? It seems that she didn’t bring anything. She really didn’t have clothes she could change into and toiletries. He had to buy them for her. Fortunately, she still had some money in her hand, which should be enough.

She has no clothes to change, ah? It seems like she didn’t bring anything with her; she really doesn’t have clothes to change into and toiletries. He has to go and get her some. Fortunately, there is still some money in hand, it should be enough.

Yang Shifeng took Shiyi to the room he had just tidied up for her. The sheets and quilts were the best in the house. They were clean, and the windows were open for ventilation.

“You will live in this room from now on. Things are a bit simple, tell me what is missing and I will buy it for you.”

Shiyi looked at it and thought it was good. She had no requirements as long as she had something to sleep on. It just so happened that she was also sleepy at the moment and couldn’t help but yawn, so she took off her shoes and lay down on the bed to sleep, “I’ll take a nap.”

Yang Shifeng saw her sleeping like this and scratched his head. Shifeng gently went over and spread the quilt on her body before going out and closing the door from the outside.

Yang Shifeng first fed medicine to his grandfather, then took the money and went directly to Aunt Zhong’s house, which was usually the person who was very good to him in the village. He bought a set of clothes for young women from her. It happened that there was a little girl in Aunt Zhong’s house. Aunt Zhong’s family loved her very much and often bought clothes for her. There were really new clothes that had not been worn, which happened to have been given to Yang Shifeng.

Yang Shifeng also bought a clean towel and aromatic pancreas from Danyang Zhong, which are for Shiyi.

From Zhong Daniang’s house, Yang Shifeng touched the few coins in his hand, turned around, and went to the village’s carpenter’s house. He spent 10 yuan to buy Shiyi a large wooden tub for bathing.

When Shiyi woke up from a night of full sleep, what she saw was a pile of things prepared for her.

Honestly, Shiyi really didn’t understand Yang Shifeng. Obviously, she’s a stranger or a stranger of unknown origin. Why is he so good to her? He gave her food and drink without saying anything. He even bought her so many things, and everything was better than what he used. Can anyone be so stupid?

Although there were many men who were attentive to Shiyi in the last few days, giving Shiyi all kinds of things, it was all based on the desire to get her body or medical skills. The purpose was clear. Once Shiyi refused, those people would put away their “good” attitude and would not invest in people who could not bring benefits to themselves.

Originally, Shiyi felt that Yang Shifeng was also like this, but after a long time, the man didn’t ask for anything, and he didn’t know she had medical skills. So, what does he want from her?

Shiyi simply said, straightforwardly, “I have nothing on me, no money, and I will not give myself to you. I have nothing to offer you in return for your kindness.”

Yang Shifeng was caught off guard by Shiyi’s bluntness and immediately blushed and waved his hands, “No, no, I don’t want anything in return. Don’t worry, I’m not that kind of person. “

TN: I’m really sorry for the late update. I will try to update more often! Thank you for reading 

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