The Peasant Female Doctor
The Peasant Female Doctor Chapter 4

Chapter 4

“Shifeng, did you go to the mountain to hunt today?”

Yang Shifeng nodded. His second aunt had clearly seen him when he left this morning.

Song Juanhua smiled. Her gaze roamed over the house, but she didn’t find what she was looking for. So she simply asked. “Then how come I didn’t see the prey you hunted today?”

She saw him go up the mountain this morning with a bow and arrow; he must have gone hunting. so she has been looking forward to it at home. Usually, when this nephew goes hunting, he will send some prey to her family. Today, though, she waited until lunchtime and eventually felt impatient, so she had to come and ask.

Yang Shifeng pursed his lips. Who wouldn’t know what his second aunt’s words meant? He then explained: “Second aunt, when I went to the mountains today, something happened. That’s why I wasn’t able to hunt. That’s why I didn’t bring back any prey.

Song Juanhua was stunned. A strong disappointment rose up from her heart. Originally, she was excited about waiting for the meat, but the result was that they couldn’t get any at all. Suddenly, she felt uncomfortable in her heart. Usually, their family was not willing to buy meat. They rely on their nephew to go hunting in the mountains from time to time. They live much better than others. As long as they haven’t eaten meat in two days, their mouths become greedy.

She thought they would have meat to eat today, but she didn’t expect that her nephew wouldn’t bring back any meat from hunting.

Song Juanhua pulled the corner of her mouth and asked, “Shifeng, you really didn’t get it?”

The second aunt obviously does not believe the words of Yang Shifeng, and Yang Shifeng could certainly hear the meaning behind those words, but he is used to it and will not be angry about it. His second aunt is such a person. He doesn’t want to argue with her. His kindness to his second uncle’s family is for the sake of his second uncle and several children. He doesn’t care what his second aunt said.

“Second aunt, I really didn’t hunt today. I’ll go again tomorrow and I’ll definitely bring my prey back. “

After hearing this, Song Juanhua’s face became better. She also accepted the fact that there was no meat to eat today, so she waved her hand, “Then it’s fine. Eating meat tomorrow is just the same as eating today. “

After saying that, she did not rush to go. Her eyes were drawn to Shiyi’s bowl of white rice. She reached behind the two children and pulled them to the table. She smiles embarrassedly, “Shifeng, today’s second aunt thought there was meat to eat. I cooked less food. I didn’t know there was no meat to eat. Your brother and sister didn’t eat enough. I think you cooked a lot today. If you have more food, you can give your brother and sister something to eat.

The two children are used to eating Yang Shifeng’s food. In their hearts, the foreign brother Shifeng’s house is theirs and can be asked for at will. So, the two children immediately looked at the food and shouted, “Brother Shifeng, we want to eat.”

These are the youngest two children of the second uncle’s family. They are rare dragon and phoenix babies. They are only six years old this year. Yuxue is lovely. Usually, the second uncle dotes on these two children. Yang Shifeng also follows them. If they want anything delicious, he will give it to them. But today, this meal is made for the little fairy. According to the appearance of the little fairy, it seems that it’s not enough for her.

Yang Shifeng pursed his lips. He did not know how to refuse two such small children. If the two children watched him eat, he would feel sorry, but he couldn’t let the little fairy not eat enough. Therefore, after looking at the bowl of rice he left for himself, Yang Shifeng sighed in his heart and took his bowl and gave it to the two children.

Song Juanhua was satisfied when Yang Shifeng lifted the bowl of white rice in his hand and prepared to give it to the two children, but to her surprise, Yang Shifeng’s hand was stopped by a chopstick, and it was Shiyi who stopped him.

Shiyi used the chopsticks to hold down Yang Shifeng’s hand and looked at him indifferently, “Won’t you be hungry if you don’t eat?”

“Huh?” Yang Shifeng froze. His wrist was stopped by the seemingly powerless chopsticks, and he couldn’t move a bit.

Seeing that he was still dumbfounded, Shiyi frowned, “Eat your food. If you give it to others to eat, are you starving yourself? Are you stupid? “

Yang Shifeng blinked and did not know how to answer.

Seeing that the two little ones had nothing to eat, Song Juanhua was upset and couldn’t help but slap the table and say, “Who are you? This is my nephew’s house; you have no say! “

Shiyi lazily glanced at this noisy woman and did not say anything, taking back the chopsticks stuck on Yang Shifeng’s wrist while still looking at Yang Shifeng.

Yang Shifeng silently took back his bowl, and inexplicably did not dare share it with the two younger ones, or else the little fairy would be upset.

Seeing Yang Shifeng eating his meal honestly, Shiyi stopped looking at him and stuffed a mouthful of fried eggplant into her mouth to continue eating.

When did Song Juanhua ever get this kind of treatment from Yang Shifeng? The two children used to be given whatever they wanted. But now, they are not given a bowl of rice because of a woman of unknown origin. What does this mean?

But Song Juanhua still has a brain, and she knows that it’s unreasonable to get angry because of this. It’s not good for her. She simply pinched the backs of her two children and scolded: “You two little debt collectors only know how to eat all day. Even if the conditions at home are bad, you can’t eat other people’s things. What do you want? “

The two children were pinched, so they immediately wailed and cried.

Seeing the children crying, Song Juanhua also wiped her tears. She choked and said, “Shifeng, it is your second aunt who did not teach the two children well. They should not ask for your food. If not for your second uncle’s incapability of feeding the children, the second aunt wouldn’t have asked you. You know, your second uncle can only farm. He cannot earn much money for the entire year. There are also many children in our family, and the oldest still has to study. When you were small, we helped you from time to time. How could you live this life if not for your second aunt? I sometimes think about it. I want to die. “

Shiyi was amazed by Song Juanhua’s ability to cry on the spur of the moment. She never thought there would be such a person…

Yang Shifeng clenched his chopsticks. The cries went into his ears and made the food in his mouth taste like he was chewing wax. Every time he heard his second aunt crying like this, he felt suffocated in his heart.

His parents died early, and he could not stand on his own feet at that time. His second aunt did not let him live in their home; he could only live in his own home. On the other hand, his second uncle really loved him. He often saves his own food rations for him to eat; that’s why he was able to grow up. So, although he does not like his second aunt, he will send anything good to his second uncle’s home. That’s why he tolerates his second aunt and the children.

He couldn’t stand the incessant crying in his ears, so Yang Shifeng put down his chopsticks and was thinking of what he could bring out to make Aunt Yee stop crying today, but his thoughts stopped when he heard a loud popping sound; a pair of chopsticks were slammed on the table.

Shiyi frowned at the family, “Shut up!”

Such a big noise immediately scared the two little ones. They even forgot to cry, and they looked at Shiyi in disbelief.

Shiyi felt that these three people were too annoying. They weren’t obviously sad, but they were crying as if a relative had died. She wanted to eat properly, but she couldn’t.

She has never seen such a shameless way to demand food.

If this were in her previous world, she would have thrown out a knife.

Shiyi looked at Yang Shifeng and asked, “They’re too noisy. Can you let them go?”

Yang Shifeng looked at Shiyi’s half-eaten meal and knew that she was disturbed. He felt a little guilty that she had to face the nonsense of his second aunt on her first visit to their house.

Yang Shifeng stood up and said to Song Juanhua, “Second aunt, we are eating. Grandpa also needs to rest. Do not cause trouble here; take the children back. “

Song Juanhua saw that he was starting to drive people away and wiped her tears, “Shifeng, what do you mean by that? I am your second aunt. Are you trying to kick me out? I’m making a scene? You are so stunned by this woman that you don’t even recognize your second aunt. “

When it comes to quarrels, no one can compare with his second aunt. Yang Shifeng knew that talking with her was impossible, and he didn’t want to talk to her at all, let alone talk back to the elders. So, he said, patiently. “Second aunt, I am not kicking you out, but we need to eat and rest, so you should go back and take a nap too.”

Song Juanhua is never a person who quits while one is ahead. She was still staring at the rice on the table. “What nap? How can you sleep without eating enough? “

Yang Shifeng’s brow furrowed.

As soon as Shiyi saw the situation, she stood up from the bench. When no one responded, she grabbed Song Juanhua’s collar and lifted it up. The next second, she picked up the person as easily as holding a chicken in her hand. She didn’t care about Song Juanhua’s screams and struggle. She went straight to the door of the house and threw the person out with a bang.

Yang Shifeng: “…”

Shiyi finished throwing the big one, and walked back and looked at the two scared little ones, showing her teeth at them both fiercely. “Get out!”

“Oh, no! Eating people! “The two little ones were so scared that they didn’t need to be carried. The two little ones ran away and were gone in a flash.

Yang Shifeng stood on the side, dumbfounded.

Shiyi smiled. She was satisfied with the quiet air that had been restored. She went over to pat Yang Shifeng’s face. “What are you doing? Are you stupid? “Hurry up and eat.

The soft-touch on his face brought Yang Shifeng back to his senses, and she looked at Shiyi’s arm along with Shiyi’s hand. Just now, it was such a thin and white arm that grabbed her second aunt like a chicken and threw it just like a small stone.

This arm…

Yang Shifeng swallowed his saliva and said, “You have great strength…”

Shiyi just remembered that people at this time didn’t seem to have any mutations or powers like them in their world. It seemed that great strength like hers was not normal. No wonder, he was so surprised that he even stuttered.

Shiyi blinked and thought of a reason that could explain it: “Oh, I, ah, grew up with great strength. I inherited it from my family. “

In fact, Shiyi’s ability is super strength, that is, infinite strength. This is actually a chicken rib powerhouse in another world. But what she is good at is medicine. It doesn’t matter what your power is, as long as you can still live a good life. Sometimes she has to forget that she has powers. She feels that her strength is about the same as her own attributes.

“Oh, so that’s how it is.” Listening to Shiyi’s explanation, Yang Shifeng nodded. He did not ask any more questions. He just felt that it was very powerful. It just didn’t match her delicate image. However, it was good. She was so beautiful that she would inevitably be in danger. In this way, she could protect herself from harm.

After Yang Shifeng thought about it, he grinned, leaving the matter behind him, and sat down again to eat with Shiyi.



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