The Peasant Female Doctor
The Peasant Female Doctor Chapter 3

Chapter 3

Yang Shifeng found out that the little fairy couldn’t even recognize these vegetables, and he secretly guessed in his heart that she should have been a young lady who hadn’t eaten the common foods of mortals.

After the initial faintness, he certainly knew that there were no fairies in this world, and this woman who looked like a fairy was indeed human. Except that, in his heart, he silently felt that she was a little fairy.

Yang Shifeng introduced Shiyi while picking vegetables, “This is potato, this is pepper, this is eggplant…”

After introducing all the dishes in the garden to Shiyi, the basket was filled with a lot of vegetables, potatoes, eggplants, and tomatoes. Since Shiyi is here today, he wants her to eat better. Unfortunately, there is no meat at home and no prey today, so he cannot cook meat for the little fairy.

Yang Shifeng pursed his lips and thought in his mind that he would go to the mountains again tomorrow, just to hunt a rabbit, so that he could make braised rabbit meat.

Yang Shifeng took Shiyi to the kitchen and brought a bench for Shiyi to sit on while he started cooking.

First, he opened the cupboard and scooped a bowl of brown rice from the bag containing it, but when he poured it into the pot, his hand suddenly stopped moving.

Looking back at Shiyi, who was sitting quietly as she was watching him, Yang Shifeng pursed his lips and poured the brown rice back in, and instead, he scooped a bowl of fine rice out of the bag containing fine rice.

This was the first time the fairy came to his house, and he should have cooked something delicious, and he shouldn’t have eaten the brown rice.

After panning the rice, Yang Shifeng lit the stove and used the large pot on the right to cook the rice. After that, he washed and cut the vegetables, added oil to the pot on the left and started to fry the vegetables.

This was the first time Shiyi had seen how a real fry was cooked. She watched Shifeng with great interest. Shiyi watched his movements without blinking, and from time to time, she would ask some questions, and even if the questions were very silly, Yang Shifeng would answer her patiently and seriously.

Shiyi thought that Yang Shifeng was quite good. Shiyi felt good about him because of his really good cooking skills. Vegetables with crystal white rice. It’s a real treat! Shiyi didn’t doubt the delicacy of the original food in the book, because it’s really more than 100 times better than the nutrient solution. No, they can’t be compared.

Why should humans give up food and only eat nutrients in their last days? Don’t you think it’s a pity to give up such delicious food?

In fact, what Shiyi doesn’t know is that not all meals are so delicious, but what she eats for the first time is the food cooked by Yang Shifeng. His cooking is really very good. It’s no exaggeration to say that the best cook in Baiyun Village is Yang Shifeng, and Shiyi is lucky.

And it is because of Yang Shifeng’s good cooking that Shiyi’s mouth was raised. She originally wanted to leave here, but surprisingly, she gave birth to the feeling of reluctance. Of course, this is an afterthought.

At this moment, Shiyi gave Yang Shifeng a rare thumbs up and sincerely complimented him, “You cooked really well!”

Yang Shifeng blushed as he was complimented, and the corners of his mouth involuntarily grinned. He was happier now than when he was earning money, and the joy in his heart was indescribable.

“Then… then you can eat more if it’s good.”

Shiyi nodded and saw that he was putting food in a bowl, but he didn’t eat it. She asked curiously, “What are you doing?”

Yang Shifeng pointed to the east wing and said, “I’m serving rice to my grandfather. He’s in the house.”

Shiyi didn’t think there was anyone else in the house. She had always thought Yang Shifeng was the only one in the house.

However, she would not ask more questions and went back to eating her own meal with her head down.

In the main room, a thin old man was lying quietly on the bed. The worn-out quilt was covering his body, except for his weak breathing. You could hardly see any vitality in him. Only when Yang Shifeng came into the room did he open his eyes. He showed a smile and said, “Shi Feng, why are you back so early today?”

Yang Shifeng put the rice bowl to the side, went forward to pick up the old man’s body and leaned on the bed, then explained today’s events: “Grandpa, today I saved a girl when I was hunting. She had nowhere else to go, so I brought her back, so I didn’t get to catch any prey today.”

The old man was stunned. His originally calm face suddenly had some light. A hand grabbed Yang Shifeng’s hand and said, “Shifeng, is this girl really homeless? Did she come here with you? “

Yang Shifeng nodded his head.

The old man’s eyes burst with joy, “Good, good! Maybe, just maybe…”

Yang Shifeng caught his grandfather’s meaning. His ears immediately reddened. “Grandpa, what are you thinking? You can’t talk nonsense. “

That kind of little fairy, was he worthy to think about it?

It is rare to see such a shy expression on the face of his grandson, who has always been wooden and unenlightened. Grandpa Yang smiled gratefully and said, “Silly boy, as long as you work hard, it is not impossible.” Since she has no place to go to, you should treat her well, and maybe she will be willing. You are 22 years old, and others around you are the same age as you already have 2 or 3 children. How can I close my eyes?”

Hearing his grandfather’s demoralizing words again, Yang Shifeng frowned and said, “Grandpa, don’t say such words. You have to live long and see my children grow up.”

Grandpa Yang’s eyes moistened. He sighed deeply and touched his grandson’s hand. “You silly child. Grandpa would only drag you if you lived like this. The money you earned was not enough. How can you marry a wife and have children? Which girl would be willing to marry you if such a grandpa is dragging you down? ” Grandpa Yang sometimes really wanted to die and be done with it, so as not to drag his grandson, but every time he saw his grandson would live alone, he was reluctant to let him stay alone in this world. He needs to find a good girl to accompany him at least.

In fact, Yang Shifeng is tall and handsome, resolute and calm, and has a lot of strength. In addition to the work on the field, he can also go hunting in the mountains from time to time to subsidize his family. He also goes to the wharf to carry bags to make money during the slack season. He is really a rare young boy. There are really bad people in the village who want him to be their son-in-law. However, he has a grandfather with paralysis in his lower body to take care of. This is a bottomless pit. No matter how much money you earn, you will still be poor. Even if it is not for money, there is an old man who needs to be served at home. Which girl is willing to marry Yang Shifeng?

Yang Shifeng has not yet started a family. In addition to being ignorant, this is also the reason that his family is poor.

The old man was anxious about this, but Yang Shifeng himself was not. He didn’t think of marrying a wife. It didn’t matter to him. For this way of thinking, the old man would always scold him and call him a wooden lump.

After that, he heard that his own grandson brought a girl back. The old man doesn’t have to look at other people’s girls for his grandson. As long as he found a girl, he was happy. He couldn’t wait to immediately take the girl and let Yang Shifeng marry her.

Seeing Grandpa blaming himself again, Yang Shifeng shook his head, “Grandpa, don’t think like that. Your betterment is the best for me. Don’t worry about others and don’t even think about it. I have a family, and that’s with you. “

Grandpa Yang wiped his tears and sighed silently.

Shiyi was eating in the hall, but her ears were listening to the conversation between the grandfather and grandson in the east room.

He has a grandfather, and he seems to be sick and bedridden. No wonder he wants to take the rice in to eat. However, this incident has raised her impression of him to a great level. He could take care of his sick relatives for so many years. Just for this, the man was not bad.

Shiyi hooked the corners of her mouth. She picked up the tomato scrambled eggs and delivered them into her mouth, but before she swallowed them, a female with a surprised tone on her voice suddenly sounded in her ear, “Who are you?”

Shiyi swallowed the dish, then turned her head to look at the person, only to see a slightly fat middle-aged woman staring at her in surprise, followed by two little carrot heads.

Shiyi blinked. She looked at the door of the east room and did not answer her words. Shiyi continued to eat with her head down.

Seeing Shiyi ignore her, the woman frowned slightly. She thought that this person might be cheating on them by eating and drinking. She reached out her hand to push Shiyi’s shoulder, “Who are you anyway? This is my nephew’s house. “

When Shiyi was about to be pushed down, she tilted her head to avoid it. She twisted the middle-aged woman’s wrist. Before she could teach this woman a lesson, a figure flashed out of the east room.

Second Aunt, what are you doing? Yang Shifeng exclaimed, seeing his second aunt use her hand to push Shiyi. A wave of anger rose from Yang Shifeng’s heart. He never bothered with his second aunt’s family, but for the first time, because of his second aunt’s action, he became upset.

Shiyi quietly put away his knife and continued to eat his own meal.

Song Jianhua was frightened by Yang Shifeng’s unkind tone. Her fingers unconsciously lowered. She looked at her own nephew, who has always been good-tempered. He spoke loudly to her like this, and she felt it was quite unbelievable.

But after all, she was an elder. It’s embarrassing to let her nephew yell at her just like this. Song Jinghua snapped, and she unhappily pointed her fingers at Shiyi: “Shi Feng, who is this woman? Second Aunt has never seen her before, why is she eating here?”

Yang Shifeng looked at Shiyi apologetically before answering Song Jianghua’s words. Second Aunt, this is a friend I brought back. She is my guest. Second Aunt, be more polite to her in the future. “

“Friend?” Song Jianhua skimmed her lips. How could such a beautiful girl be her poor nephew’s friend? He’s lying.

However, thinking of the purpose of her coming here, Song Juanhua swallowed the doubt in her heart. She smiled and said, “So that’s how it is. Just now, the second aunt was unaware of the situation and thought that bad people came to the house. You should forgive your second aunt. “

Yang Shifeng did not deny it, and seeing that the bowl in Shiyi’s hand was empty, he asked, “Have you eaten enough? There’s still more in the pot. I’ll get you another bowl if you’re not full. “

Shiyi really did not eat enough, and while she was polite with him, she handed her bowl to Yang Shifeng.

Yang Shifeng smiled and stood up to give Shiyi a bowl of rice.

Seeing that her nephew gave so much white rice to an outsider, Song Juanhua felt pain. If you have good food, you don’t even know how to give it to your own family. And you even gave it to the outsiders. Although she thought of this, she was still smiling. She sat down and said, “Shi Feng, did you go up the mountain to hunt today?”


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