The Peasant Female Doctor
The Peasant Female Doctor Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Yang Shifeng’s forehead was slightly sweating. He used the bow and arrow in his hand to open the way in front of him. He waved aside all the grass and trees that might trip Shiyi so that the Shiyi who was behind him could pass smoothly.

“You take it easy; my home is a little far. So, we have to walk a little longer. If you’re tired, we’ll rest for a while. ” Yang Shifeng was a little afraid that the delicate Shiyi could not walk down such a mountain road. He was afraid that she would fall or become impatient while walking. Usually, he only needs half an hour to go home from here, but at the moment, he was with a delicate woman. He needs to slow down as he walks. It will now take more than an hour. An average person really can not walk down the mountain, let alone a weak woman.

In fact, Yang Shifeng doesn’t know that such a road is not a problem for Shiyi at all. She can go deep into the forest. Sometimes she has to fight while walking. Compared with the past, it’s really a small thing. There is no danger. How can she feel tired from walking? Instead, Shiyi thought he was walking slowly. I’m fine. I can go. We can go faster.

Yang Shifeng thought she was embarrassed to slow him down, so he repeatedly proposed to sit down to rest for a while, but Shiyi refused. Yang Shifeng scratched his head. His eyes peeked at Shiyi’s thin arms and legs. He really didn’t believe that such a delicate girl had good physical strength.

It feels quite surprising.

Almost an hour later, they finally returned to Baiyun Village at the foot of the mountain.

Baiyun Village is located in a mountain recess, surrounded by mountains on all sides. At first glance, the houses in the village were densely packed. Of course, these were not just the houses from the Baiyun Village; the houses were connected to many villages. There are more than ten villages in the population. The residence was surrounded by mountains. The villagers have lived here for generations, and the population is quite considerable.

When Yang Shifeng entered the village with Shiyi, it was time to cook lunch, and all the families rushed back from the fields to cook.

When they saw Shiyi behind Yang Shifeng, everyone’s eyes went straight to them.

Goodness! This is a fairy from heaven, right?

Although Shiyi was dressed in black, it still didn’t affect the people’s perception of her as a fairy. However, Shiyi has long been able to turn a blind eye to other people’s eyes and go her own way. Yang Shifeng is a little blocked in his heart. He wants to take her home immediately and doesn’t want to let everyone look at Shiyi like a monkey.

However, how can the villagers not ask anything? Of course, it’s impossible. Everyone forgot to cook and gathered around curiously. They didn’t dare talk to Shiyi, so they all went towards Yang Shifeng.

“Shifeng, why are you being followed by a girl behind you? Who is this person? “

“Shifeng, what is your relationship with this girl?”

“Shifeng, which village was this girl from? How come I have never seen her before? Is it possible that she came from the town? “

Yang Shifeng’s headache was caused by the various inquiries, and he did not know how to answer the villagers’ words, because he himself did not know who Shiyi was, and it was not good for him to ask Shiyi, for fear of upsetting Shiyi.

Yang Shifeng can only choose to be silent and protect Shiyi behind him. However, there are too many people around him. He can’t escape for a while.

He can’t help but be annoyed at himself for not having a brain. I should have brought her back when there was no one in the village! So that she wouldn’t have been surrounded by people like this, she was probably not happy in her heart, right? ’

Yang Shifeng peeked behind Shiyi, but unexpectedly, he did not see her unhappiness in her face. Instead, her eyes glimmered with a little bit of interest in the clothing of those people who surrounded her. Shiyi has never seen anything like this before, and where else could she see such a lively scene in the last few days? The people from the end of the world were indifferent, except for their most loved ones. They instinctively wouldn’t let their guard down for each other. Unfamiliar people won’t talk to each other. Just like this scene, a crowd of people gathering and talking was unlikely to happen in the last few days.

Shiyi’s opinion: the people are dressed and behaving very differently from the last few days, which is quite interesting in Shiyi’s opinion.

The villagers’ questions were not answered by Yang Shifeng, and Shiyi was thinking fast in her head: she might have to live in Yang Shifeng’s house for a while, and it would be better to have a proper identity to facilitate her life here and then understand the rules of this world, so the identity problem has to be solved. She could not tell everyone her real identity, so she had to make one up.

Shiyi’s mind suddenly flashed back to an ancient book that she had seen in the base library. This book is about an ancient love story of a hero saving a beautiful woman. The lady’s family was killed by mountain bandits in the mountains, and she was left alone. When she was forced to have no way out, the master male happened to go hunting on the mountain and saved the young lady. Then he took the young lady back to the mountain village at the foot of the mountain and lived in the mountain village from then on. Later, the young lady and the young man promised each other to be together and live a happy mountain life from then on.

Although the story is vain, the character plot is quite suitable for her now. It can be borrowed.

Therefore, Shiyi adjusted his expression, showed a sad expression on his face, and said, “My family is not here, but I met mountain bandits when I went out to visit my relatives. My parents and relatives were killed by mountain bandits. I was left here alone. Later, I was saved by my benefactor on the mountain. That’s why I followed him here. ” The benefactor in her mouth is Yang Shifeng.

“Oh, so that’s how it is. How pitiful.” After listening, everyone showed sympathy. Some people even loudly scolded the mountain bandits for their inhumanity. Yang Shifeng was the only one who looked silly at Shiyi. Did she look like her family was killed by a thief on the mountain? She was still laughing just now. She should be lying, right?

Shiyi looked at Yang Shifeng’s stunned look. She winked at him secretly, signaling him not to break the drama.

Yang Shifeng silently lowered his head and let Shiyi fool around.

In this way, after Shiyi finished fooling around, Yang Shifeng finally took her to break through the siege and successfully returned home.

Yang Shifeng’s home is a thatched hut with mud walls, a thick thatch roof, walls made of bamboo and thorns, and a dilapidated gate that makes an old creaking sound when it is opened.

Even if Shiyi didn’t know the world, she could tell that the male’s home was poor by comparing it with other homes in the village.

However, she is not the kind of person who cares about conditions. It does not matter where she lives, as long as she can sleep in peace, it is very good.

Yang Shifeng was a bit embarrassed. He felt that this beauty who was sitting in such a shabby house was quite out of place. He seems to have wronged her.

Yang Shifeng scratched his head and went to get the most stable bench in the house, replacing the broken bench with a broken leg tied with a rope under Shiyi’s bottom. Then she took out the only bowl in the house that was not chipped and poured a bowl of water for Shiyi to drink. He was smiling embarrassedly and said, “I’m sorry, my house is broken.” You have to make do with it. “

Shiyi blinked. For the first time, she carefully looked at the man. Ignoring the slightly darker skin tone, his features are quite good-looking, with sword eyebrows, starry eyes, a high nose, and deep lines. He is a handsome man with a bit of an abnormal brain circuit. Now, she begged him to take her in, but how come this person also apologized to her? If it’s in her world, shouldn’t he take the opportunity to ask for something as a condition for taking her in?

This person / Why do I feel he had a little strange brain?

In Shiyi’s world, where have you seen such an honest and simple man as Yang Shifeng? In the last world, being honest and simple was equal to being stupid, and being stupid was equal to death. Therefore, she has never seen honest and simple people. Even if some people are honest and simple, their character was shredded, and they were not stupid. Therefore, Shiyi feels that Yang Shifeng is strange.

Shiyi hid her mind, took the bowl handed to her by Yang Shifeng and drank it. A bowl of water went down. She licked her lips. The water was very good to drink, sweet and delicious. There was no purifier taste, it was very natural.

The source of water has been polluted in recent days, so most of the water there can’t be drunk. Drinking water has to be treated by multi-channel procedures of purifiers, which has a chemical smell. However, in this way, the price of a glass of water can also be sold for three crystal cores, so everyone was not willing to drink it recklessly. As for those people with water as power has their limit in producing water in a day and they are all for their own people to drink. Otherwise, they can also be sold at a high price, and ordinary people generally can’t afford them. Even if they drink it, they have to spend a lot of crystal nuclei to buy it, so water is really precious.

However, because Shiyi’s first-hand medical skills are superb, there is no shortage of water, but she can’t drink such good, natural water.

At that moment, Shiyi felt that coming to this world was really good.

Yang Shifeng couldn’t help but laugh at Shiyi’s appearance of eating delicious food after drinking water. He thought that the little fairy looked very cute now. Inexplicably, she had a little less sense of distance and was not as formal. He reached out and took the bowl, saying, “Are you thirsty? I’ll take another bowl for you. “

Shiyi naturally nodded.

After drinking three bowls of water in a row, Shiyi was ready to stop drinking.

Seeing Shiyi stopped drinking, Yang Shifeng scratched his head and said with a smile, “Take a break. You’re hungry, right? I’m going to cook now; we’ll eat in a while. “

Eat? These two words successfully made Shiyi freeze. Her mind suddenly recalled the pictures of people eating before the end of the world. It was something she had seen in the base library. Rice, fried vegetables, noodles, dumplings, desserts, and all kinds of delicious food.

Shiyi could not help but gulp, her eyes shining brightly as she looked at Yang Shifeng.

At the end of the world, the land is polluted, and people are gradually unable to cultivate it. Even if the land can produce food by scientific methods, it takes time, effort, and money. With the passage of time, people have developed nutrient solutions, a liquid that can maintain people’s daily calories after drinking. People gradually gave up the original food, so children like Shiyi, who was born in the last days, don’t know what food is at all. They have only seen it in books and heard the old man say that it is said to be very, very delicious. It’s the joys of being a human.

So, can I eat something very delicious here?

Shiyi stood up and followed behind Yang Shifeng. She said, with a smile, “I want to go with you to cook, okay?” In fact, she wanted to see what the rice was and how it was made.

Yang Shifeng originally wanted to say that since the kitchen fumes are very hot, it is not good for her to go in, but the little fairy smiled like this as if she was very curious, so he could only nod.

Yang Shifeng took a basket and first took Shiyi to pick vegetables from his own garden.

The garden was divided into pieces, each with different vegetables, and there was a walkway between every two plots.

Shiyi is more interested in the vegetables planted in each field, which are colorful and different in length. When she thinks that delicious food is made from these vegetables, Shiyi thinks that these vegetables are very good-looking.

The author has something to say.

In fact, the female protagonist also has an attribute; he is a foodie, and the good craftsmanship of the male lead is also an important means to chase her.


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