The Peasant Female Doctor
The Peasant Female Doctor Chapter 1

Chapter 1

The surroundings were lush with greenery everywhere. The sunlight occasionally burrowed in from the gaps in the dense branches of the trees. imprinting a little silvery light on the ground, accompanied by a faint rustling sound. Every now and then, one or two animals flee through the trees and disappear in the blink of an eye.

This is the deepest part of Shiyun Mountain, where few people, except hunters, set foot.

At that moment, Yang Shifeng, who was chasing a roe deer, suddenly stopped. He stared at the front; he unconsciously clenched his right hand with a bow and arrow, and his prominent Adam’s apple rolled up and down.

Yang Shifeng felt as if he was hallucinating. Otherwise, why does the roe deer he was clearly chasing disappear and is replaced by a… little fairy?

The soft and bright long hair was like the best silk, scattered on the fairy’s shoulders. Her white and moisturized skin looks like a top-grade gel, and her exquisite facial features are beautiful everywhere. Especially those deep crystal eyes, which seemed to be able to suck people in at any time.

So beautiful ……

Yang Shifeng had never seen such a beautiful woman. Her beauty was something that he couldn’t even comprehend. Did a fairy from heaven descend to earth?

Shiyi also quietly stared at the strange male in front of her. At the moment, her mind was a bit confused. At the last moment, she was clearly in the pile of zombies. Finally, she couldn’t breakthrough. She was bitten to death by the Zombie King. Her consciousness was pulled away with her whole body strength. Shiyi could never forget the feeling of dying.

Shiyi was 100% sure that it was hopeless because they still hadn’t made an antidote for the zombie king’s poison. She will certainly die… But how come, when she opened her eyes again, she was here?

Shiyi did not move to look at the surrounding environment. The more she looked at the surroundings, the more she felt suspicious in her heart. The grass and trees were too strange. It seemed that all the plants and trees had shrunk countless times. It was like the loss of pre-epidemic plants she saw in the eschatological history book.

According to post-apocalyptic history, in the fifth year after the end of the world, the global plant variation was all aggressive. With the variation, the appearance of the plant was also very different from the original. Any big tree could grow to more than 100 meters. An ordinary leaf could be as big as a human face, and it could attack you if you don’t pay attention. Of course, this is a normal reaction for Shiyi. After all, the plants she had seen since she was born were like this. On the contrary, she is not used to the appearance of plants she sees now.

Shiyi looked down at her current appearance and found that she was still wearing the same combat uniform she was wearing before she died. The bloodstains on her black boots were still there, and the long needles and scalpel she never left were quietly strapped to her waist.

‘What the hell is going on here?’

Shiyi, as the only living person present besides her, had to once again turn her gaze to the dull-looking male in front of her and size him up without moving.

Shiyi had never seen a pair of grass-woven shoes before, and they were wrapped around a pair of rough big feet. On the big feet were black coarse cloth pants with rough cuts, and on the pants were the same rough cuts. At first, only a wrinkled cloth strip was used to tie up at the waist at will, but it unexpectedly highlighted his strong and sturdy chest, which gave an explosive force at a glance.

However, these are not the most important things. The most important thing was that the person in front of her had surprisingly long hair, longer than hers. He had a strip of cloth tied up at the back of his head to form a bun, and he was holding a weapon. Shiyi knew this weapon. It was called a bow and arrow. It is said to have been a weapon used by people to attack a long, long time ago when the earth was still in a feudal era. But this is only seen in history books. Shiyi has never seen anyone use this thing in reality. This thing is too old.

The more Shiyi looked at it, the more she felt that the current environment was too odd, and the man in front of her was also odd. Everything that was around her was something she was not familiar with.

Shiyi’s intuition made her put away the thorns on her body. She stared at Yang Shifeng with the most amiable gaze and opened her mouth to ask, “Where is this place?”

The crisp and moving but slightly bland voice made Yang Shifeng, who had been feeling like he was hallucinating, shake for a moment. Shifeng’s sanity was slightly restored, but when he was being stared at by those good-looking, seductive eyes like that, his whole body became uncomfortable again. His ears also quietly reddened. His eyes helplessly withdrew from that good-looking face, and he could only casually place it on the ground before he could answer Shiyi’s question. “Here…… This is Shiyun Mountain.”

“Shiyun Mountain?” Shiyi thought about it in her mind and determined that there was no Shiyun mountain at all (in her world). A bold and amazing doubt came out of her mind: it seems that this is not the world she originally lived in.

Shiyi’s eyes darkened, suppressing the suspicion in her heart. Looking at the red-faced male in front of her, she smiled and asked, “Then can you tell me who you are?”

Yang Shifeng raised his eyes and saw the little fairy was smiling at himself. Shifeng’s face became even hotter, and once again, he retracted his eyes, but in his heart, Shifeng cursed himself for being worthless. He didn’t even dare to look at her when he spoke. He didn’t know that he had this problem at ordinary times. However, forget it; he still didn’t look at her.

“My name is Yang Shifeng, a villager from the village of Baiyun, down the mountain. I came up the mountain to hunt, and suddenly I saw you.” Yang Shifeng stumbled as he spoke. After he finished talking, he scratched his head. He felt ashamed of himself. He couldn’t even speak well. The fairy must have thought that he was strange, right?

Shiyi did not care about Yang Shifeng’s embarrassment; she just silently pondered his words in her mind.

Baiyun Village? Hunting? In addition to the bows and arrows in the hands of the male in front of her, and the ancient attire of the ancient people in the history books, even if it is unbelievable, Shiyi had to come to a very absurd conclusion: she, it seemed, has come to the ancient times, the one in their history books …….

In order to be sure of what was in her mind, Shiyi simply asked the question that best proved the matter: “So, can you tell me what dynasty this is?”

Although this question is very strange, Yang Shifeng thought that she may really be a little fairy who does not eat the food of common mortals. It is normal for a little fairy to not know the things of the earth. So, he answered honestly: “It is now the Daren Dynasty, the 46th year of Daren.”

Daren Dynasty? Shiyi had never heard of it, nor did she know if it existed in history. In fact, she knows a little about history. She mostly stays in the laboratory to do research. She doesn’t have so much time to study ancient history that is not beneficial to reality. Except for the dynasties of Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming, and Qing, she basically doesn’t know anything about it, but the only thing she can know is that it is really ancient. There is a time gap of 18000 miles from her world.

So, after she died, she miraculously crossed over to a certain dynasty in ancient times?

Shiyi felt it was very mysterious, but after a little surprise, she was able to accept the fact that she was alone and unattached. She could survive anywhere and could live in this safe environment. On the contrary, she was happy. She was happy to have another life, happy to finally not have to face those dirty and annoying zombies, and more importantly, she could finally get rid of those people from the government who were more disgusting than zombies.

This isn’t too bad……

However, there is no base, no team, and no environment that she is familiar with. She does not know anything about this world yet, and her previous code of conduct and mode of thinking is definitely out of place here. And to survive in such an environment, the first thing she needs to figure out is the laws of survival in this world, and then wait for the opportunity to move.

The fastest way to figure out this world’s laws of survival is to go with the male in front of her, who doesn’t look too bad.

After a quick thought in her head, Shiyi moved her eyes to Yang Shifeng again. The corners of her mouth hooked up, showing him a nice smile with her white teeth showing, “Brother, can you take me in for a while? I’m homeless.

Shiyi rarely smiles, but when she does, it’s hard for anyone to say no to her.

If at that moment there are people who know Shiyi here, they will certainly go numb. They know that when this girl smiles, it is not good. But she looks too beautiful. Her beauty is too pure, too pure that it makes people’s hearts move. People who are not familiar with her will only faint at her smile and feel that she is a simple and lovely fairy. Unexpectedly, this is a little fairy with black hand poison. It’s almost the same as a demon.

At the end of the world, no one knows how many males have a desired Shiyi at first sight. They want to take her for themselves and use 18 kinds of martial arts to get Shiyi, but no one has succeeded so far. Those who wanted to take advantage of her by illegal means didn’t know how deep the grass on the grave was.

Yang Shifeng, now naturally, does not know what kind of person is in front of him. At this moment, he is Shiyi, smiling so much that his eyes are red. It is difficult to refuse her request, “Yes.”

Yang Shifeng, naturally, doesn’t know what kind of person he is. At that moment, he coveted Shiyi’s smile and his heart started to palpitate. It’s difficult for him to refuse her request. “OK.”

“Thank you,” Shiyi said thanks, and the corners of her mouth hooked up into a bigger smile. Her eyes were bland and indifferent. In her opinion, Yang Shifeng is no different from those males who can’t walk at the sight of her at the end of the world. What he cares about is her face. Males are all visual animals.

How can Yang Shifeng know what Shiyi thinks of him? This poor male, who is very old in the world, is 22 years old. When other men of his age had married and had children, and their children could make soy sauce, he was still alone. Shifeng has never been interested in women and has never had any ideas about men and women. Men of the same age even jokingly called him a wooden lump.

He was this kind of person, but when he saw the woman in front of him on this day, Shifeng finally knew what love was. It was also on this day that he unknowingly carried his whole life so thoroughly and gave it out with his heart. Even if he suffered more, he would never look back. He was so determined and willing to carry Shiyi in his hands.

It can only be said that the arrangement of fate is so magical, and the gear of fate rotates slowly from this moment on.

The door to an otherworldly love was officially opened at this point.

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