The Peasant Female Doctor
The Peasant Female Doctor Chapter 80.2

Chapter 80 Part 2

Seeing that the two children were playing together, Fan Yu told Shiyi what favor she wanted to ask Shiyi: “Shiyi, I brought my little girl here today just to ask you to help her.”

Shiyi looked at the cute little Ruoyu and asked, “What’s wrong with Ruoyu? What’s the matter with her? “

Fan Yu sighed, and there was a little sadness between her eyebrows. “My little daughter worried me to death. You may not know but, she is mute even since she went out of my womb. When she came out of my stomach, she was quiet and didn’t cry. The midwife patted her on the buttocks, but she still didn’t cry. I was so scared that I thought something is wrong with her. As a result, the doctor said she was fine, it’s just that she doesn’t want to talk.”

“Later, when she gradually grew up. She hasn’t even cried even once. It’s all right if she didn’t cry, but the problem is, she hasn’t talked yet, and she hasn’t made a sound until now. We all know that children of her age start to call their parents. I was so scared that I thought she couldn’t speak. But when I went to see the doctor, the doctor said she was fine.”

Shiyi nodded and said, “Some children just talk late or don’t like to talk, which is related to their personality.”

“I know, I also think so. As long as she is healthy, it doesn’t matter if she doesn’t like to talk, but my daughter’s reaction is even slower than others. When she’s hurt, she doesn’t even know how to cry. After staring at the wound for a long time, she would get over it, and then she would be happy again. I suspect that she is a fool. Sometimes when her toy is robbed by other children, she won’t cry. Ruoyu would just sit there for a while with tears in her eyes. After a while, the sadness would disappear. Obviously, her two brothers are not like this. When her two brothers were young, if anyone robbed their toys, they would raise their heads in the sky and cry loudly, and I couldn’t even coax them. “

“This child is really good.” Shiyi thought that Ruoyu was too well-behaved. If she put her Little Fatty in Ruoyu’s shoes, even if it didn’t hurt him, he would deliberately howl, and then let her feel distressed, which really annoyed her! If his toys are robbed by other kids, he might have to poke the sky down. If her Fatty Tuanzi is half as good as Ruoyu, the home will certainly be much quieter.

Seeing that Shiyi was still praising her daughter, Fan Yu was helpless, “Well-behaved? You don’t know how I’m worried about death. I talked to her for a long time every day, but my daughter would just look at me with her wide eyes open and wouldn’t say a word. I don’t know whether she understood what I was saying or not. Several of my sisters-in-law privately said that my daughter is a fool with a brain problem. That really angered me to death. I’m really worried for my daughter, I’m really afraid that there is something wrong with her, but after taking her to see many doctors, they can’t find out what was wrong with her. I feel really helpless, so I went to see you. “

After listening, Shiyi pulled up the little girl’s wrist and put her fingers on it to feel her pulse carefully. The little girl looked at her with big black eyes, and she really didn’t move at all.

After she finished checking Ruoyu’s pulse, Shiyi checked Ruiyu’s whole body and found nothing wrong. Shiyi conveyed what she found out to the nervous Fan Yu: “You worry too much. Your daughter is really healthy. I didn’t find anything wrong when I checked her. Actually, she’s in good health, there’s no problem with her brain. I guess she is naturally cute and slow, so her not crying or making trouble was not because she’s a fool. Don’t worry too much. As for not being able to speak, don’t worry, her vocal cords were fine. She just doesn’t want to speak for the time being. Don’t force her, she’ll start talking when she wants to.”

Hearing Shiyi’s advice, Fan Yu breathed a sigh of relief. “I’m relieved. I was afraid that her problem was not seen because of my negligence, which would delay her treatment. Since she is fine, I will not force her, and I will wait until she wants to talk.”

“Yes, every child is different. Ruoyu has her own character. Her charming and naive temperament does not mean she is stupid. Although most children love to cry and make trouble, many children are born with a good temperament. “

“Alas, I blame my two sons, who have been noisy since birth. I became worried about my daughter because of them. My two sons were like little devils, and then suddenly I gave birth to a quiet daughter. I didn’t know that her temper is very different from her two brothers, which made me worried. Now that I think of it, I was worried blindly. ” Fan Yu said and turned to look at her little girl. When she saw the scene in front of her, her eyes widened in surprise.

Shiyi also turned around to take a look.

Shiyi and Fan Yu didn’t know when Ruoyu crawled to Little Fatty’s side. Ruoyu went closer to Little Fatty’s side, and her little hand was still holding Little Fatty’s little fat hand. However Little Fatty was playing with a sword, and moving was not easy if he was being accompanied by his little sister.

Tuanzi remembered that his strength was great and it was easy for him to hurt people, so he didn’t dare to move. Tuanzi was anxious and was just staring at this little sister who had come uninvited and wanted to hold his hand. Little Fatty muttered to Ruoyu: “Go, fight.” Go away quickly, or the sword will hit you.

However, the little sister didn’t listen. Her small mouth rose and she showed a sweet smile to Little Fatty. She looked at the fat brother in front of her and held his hand.

Fan Yu was stunned. “This girl in my family never interacts with other children. She just enjoys playing with herself, but today she took the initiative to crawl over to find someone to play with. This is really the first time. “

Shiyi didn’t expect her little Fatty to have this honor.

Fan Yu looked at the two babies, and couldn’t help but be very happy. “It seems that my family’s little girl likes your Tuanzi very much. Otherwise, she won’t smile at Tuanzi, and won’t take the initiative to hold hands with Tuanzi. It must be because Tuanzi is good-looking. Seeing her actions, my family’s daughter is really not a fool. She usually looks stupid, but it was because she hadn’t met the person she likes. “

Shiyi was embarrassed by Fan Yu’s statement.

On the other side—

Seeing that the little sister was unwilling to let go of his hand, after thinking for a while, Tuanzi handed the little wooden sword in his hand to the little sister, “Here, play.”

Xiao Ruoyu looked at the sword, looked away without interest, and continued to look at the brother without blinking.

When Tuanzi saw that his little sister didn’t like his little wooden sword. Now he understands that this little sister likes him!

Tuanzi pretended to sigh helplessly. He put his little wooden sword aside and decided to play with his sister for a while. 

He touched Xiao Ruoyu’s face with another hand that was not held by her, but before touching her face, Little Fatty remembered his mother’s advice. He looked at his mother and said, “Mom, gently.” Fat will be gentle and will not hurt my sister.

Shiyi nodded. “Then you can touch your sister slowly and gently.”

Tuanzi nodded heavily, and sure enough, he gently touched the little sister’s fat face. As a result, he found that Xiao Ruoyu’s face was so smooth to touch. He touched it a few more times, and his eyes lit up.

And Xiao Ruoyu, who was touched by Tuanzi, didn’t move. She obediently let Tuanzi touch her with a sweet smile on the corners of her mouth, which was very good-looking.

Little Fatty found this sister, really interesting. He wanted to kiss his sister very much, so he asked his mother eagerly, “Mom, kiss, kiss.” Fatty wants to kiss my sister.

Shiyi understood what Little wanted to say. Shiyi thought that his son had the potential to flirt with his sister at a young age, but the sister can’t be kissed indiscriminately, her mother is still there, fatty!

Shiyi pointed to Fan Yu. “What mother said doesn’t count. You have to ask Aunt Yu if you can kiss her daughter. “

Little Fatty understood, and immediately blinked his big eyes at Aunt Yu. However, she didn’t ask if she could kiss Xiao Ruoyu, but said, “Aunt, beautiful.”

Shiyi laughed and admired her little Fatty. “You little Fatty, did you deliberately praise your aunt’s beauty before asking for help?”

Fan Yu was also surprised by Tuanzi’s cleverness. “Why is this child so smart? If only my little girl had half of his cleverness. ” With that, she touched Tuanzi’s face and nodded heavily, “Tuanzi can kiss his sister.”

Seeing that Fan Yu nodded, Tuanzi knew that she had agreed. So, he immediately puckered up his small mouth and leaned close to the little sister in front of him. He kissed Xiao Ruoyu’s tender face with a loud smack, leaving saliva on her face.

Xiao Ruoyu blinked, a little stunned. She reached out and touched her little face. After a while, she seemed to understand what her little brother was doing and immediately smiled sweetly. Her little hand pulled little Fatty’s little hand tightly.

Fan Yu laughed and teased, “My little fool smiled so happily after being kissed. It seems that she really likes Tuanzi. She didn’t smile like this when I kissed her. Sure enough, her mother is not as good as her fat brother. “

Shiyi chuckled.

Fan Yu and Xiao Ruoyu stayed in Shiyi’s house until dark. Then she took the little girl, who was obviously reluctant to part with Tuanzi. However, the two agreed to meet once a month.

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