The Peasant Female Doctor
The Peasant Female Doctor Chapter 81.1

Chapter 81 Part 1

Little Fatty had a great time playing with her new little sister, and on their way home, he put his arms around his mother’s neck and said proudly, “Sister loves Pang!” [1]Pang means fat or fatty.

Shiyi rolled her eyes and gave Little Fatty a sarcastic laugh.

Narcissism cannot be cured.

Yang Shifeng curiously asked what was going on. Shiyi pinched Little Fatty’s face in her arms and said, “It’s nothing. The little girl of Sister Yu’s family held Fatty’s hand to play with him today, and then Fatty thought that the little daughter of someone’s family liked him. Look how narcissistic he is. I guess that little girl had never seen such a fat child of her age, so she just went closer to have a good look. As a result, your son is too narcissistic. “

“Haha…” Yang Shifeng laughed.

Little Fatty probably knew that her mother was refuting his remarks again, so he raised his small hand angrily, and imitated Shiyi’s usual way of scaring him: “Bad, hit!” If you speak ill of Pangpang, I’ll hit you!

Shiyi glanced sideways at him, raised a fist in front of him, shook it hard, and immediately made a “squeaky” sound. “Do you still want to hit me? Believe it or not, I’ll stab you to death with one finger? Did you know where you inherited your strength from? Hehe!”

Little Fatty was a very powerful person even when he was a kid, but looking at his mother’s fist that is bigger than his own, Little Fatty slowly put down his hand and pouted. He pouted, shaking his chubby legs in anger, “I don’t want my mother, I want my father!”

Shiyi handed him to his father and patted his little ass, “Go, go, I don’t want to hold you. Don’t ask me to hold you in the future.”

Little Fatty hugged his father’s neck and buried his face tightly, ignoring his mother.

Pangpang is angry!

Yang Shifeng playfully patted his son on the back and touched Shiyi’s face, “Well, don’t be angry with your son.”

Shiyi pouted and decided to refuse to hold the narcissistic Little Fatty for three days, and make him anxious to death!

Yang Shifeng knew that Shiyi was not unhappy at all, but just teasing her son, so he talked about business with her, “Then why did Madam Fan Yu want to be your sister in such a short time? Is there any purpose behind it?”

Shiyi shook her head. “I also had doubts at the beginning, but at present, Sister Yu seems to be really sincere and didn’t ask me anything. Instead, she wants to help me with our pharmacy. I guess my temperament is similar to hers. “

“That’s the best. I’m very happy that you can have another close friend in your boudoir. ” Shiyi’s character is different from ordinary women. Naturally, only a few women can get along with her, and the women in the village are not as good as her. In fact, he hopes that Shiyi will have one or two friends to tell about the boudoir between women. Now, if it does happen, he would only feel joy for her.

Shiyi also felt that Sister Yu was very much in line with her temperament. Instead of being like the women of this era, she was quite straightforward and unrestrained. She was very similar to her character, which made her get along with her very easily and comfortably. This kind of comfort was different from the comfort she felt from Yang Shifeng. This connection was the comfort between friends. If so, she hopes that they can really become best friends and let her taste what it feels like to have a best friend.

“Sister Yu knew that they made several new medicines that were good for women’s health to the shop, and bought many at once. She said that the purpose was to give it to the ladies from noble families that she was familiar with. This will be an opportunity for the pharmacy. If those ladies also came to buy our things, our shop would have a firm foothold and would have no trouble making money in the future. “

“Then we really have to thank Sister Yu.”

“I know. This time I’m going to prepare a skin care ointment suitable for Sister Yu’s skin. After applying it, it can make her skin white, tender, moist, radiant, and slow down aging. It’s good for a woman, in this way, I can thank her.”

Yang Shifeng thought of the kind of ointment Shiyi often forced him to apply, and asked, “Is it the ointment you usually use?”

How can Shiyi not know what he’s thinking? She hooked her hand with hers and said with a smile, “It’s the same as what I used with you, but the ingredients are different. The ointment I made for you is especially suitable for men. While I have a mixed skin type, and Sister Yu has a dry skin type, the ointment that should be made must be different. I’ll prepare one, especially for her alone. “

Yang Shifeng touched his face. I have to admit that Shiyi’s ointment is really effective. The texture of his face has improved much. His skin used to be a little rough, but now it feels much smoother. Although it’s useless for a man to have better skin, if only Shiyi hadn’t coaxed him to apply it every night, he would be embarrassed to use it.

Shiyi returned home, began to pick up Chinese herbal medicines, and began to make moisturizing cream for her sister Yu. When she finished, she had an idea and came up with a good plan. 

She planned to make several kinds of ointments that are specially used for women’s beauty, including those that can treat women’s facial allergies, acne, blackheads, etc., those that can supplement facial moisture, and those that can improve beauty. 

These ointments are all made of natural traditional Chinese medicine plants. They are effective and do not irritate the skin. A woman can get results immediately after using it. She will be able to understand it as soon as she uses it. So, Shiyi doesn’t have to worry about not having a returning customer at all.

Shiyi buried herself in research about the ointments for a month, and finally developed several kinds of ointments she wanted. Then he told the people in the pharmacy to speed up the time to make them. 

After the ointments were made, Shiyi sent them to the pharmacy to sell.  Shiyi went to the city again with a set of skin care ointments specially prepared for Sister Yu after all of the things in her hands were properly put into their rightful places.

Sister Yu is also very fond of Shiyi, and she sends letters to Shiyi from thousands of miles away. The two exchanged letters constantly. She knew that Shiyi arrived today, so she came to the shop early in the morning and waited for her, and even brought Xiao Ruoyu with her.

Seeing that Shiyi finally came, Fan Yu couldn’t wait to welcome her, “You’re here! If you don’t come back here again, my little daughter will continue to wait here anxiously! “

“Huh?” Shiyi looked at Xiao Ruoyu in Sister Yu’s arms. Shiyi couldn’t understand what she meant at first, but when she saw the little girl’s dark eyes looking straight at her Little Fatty and trying to rush at her little Fathy, she finally understood. Well, this little girl was really eager to see her Little Fatty.

Shiyi didn’t even know that her Little Fatty was so popular with girls. Will he become a heartthrob in the future? I hope he doesn’t. This guy is already narcissistic enough, and if he is chased by girls, he will have to ascend to heaven! However, seeing how eager Xiao Ruoyu was, Shiyi still said: “Sister Yu, let’s go to the backyard to chat, Let the two children have a good time. Don’t go back at night, just have a meal here and then go.”

“That’s good, then I won’t be polite. You don’t know this, but I really can’t talk with those ladies properly. They only talk about false and malicious words. I can’t find anyone to talk to and relax with. That’s why I waited for you here every day.”

“Okay, then let’s have a good chat.” 


1 Pang means fat or fatty.


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