The Peasant Female Doctor
The Peasant Female Doctor Chapter 81.2

Chapter 81 Part 2

The two went inside the room and put their children on the bed again. As soon as they put the kids down, Little Fatty didn’t move while the little girl crawled very fast. All of a sudden, she arrived at Little Fatty’s side, grabbed Little Fatty’s arm, and didn’t let go of it as she smiled like a blooming flower.

Fan Yu sighed, “This daughter in my family is slow in doing everything. I’ve never seen her crawl so fast! You don’t know that she even remembers your Tuanzi from this past month and that when I brought her here, her small eyes kept looking out so that I had to go out early. I wondered how such a small child could remember something that happened a long time ago. “

Shiyi was also a little surprised. She didn’t expect such a little girl to remember her fat Tuanzi so well. Is her fat Tuanzi so charming?

“Forget it, the two children like to play. Let them play, Sister Yu, I brought you something good. Look here.” 

Shiyi took out the skin care ointment she brought to Sister Yu, “These are my own skincare ointments, which are made of herbs. They are going to be sold in the shop soon. I brought this set for you. “

Fan Yu looked at this set of small bottles in surprise. “Why are there so many? What are they used for? If I use this, will my skin be as good as yours? Even if they are half as good as your skin, I will be satisfied. “

What Fan Yu admires most is Shiyi’s skin. Although her appearance is also good, she can’t compare with Shiyi’s peerless beauty. However, Shiyi’s appearance can only be envied, not forced, and she can only envy Shiyi’s skin. If her skin could be as good as Shiyi’s skin, she would be happy.

Shiyi picked up the green bottle and said, “This is for moisturizing and cleanser. Every time you use it to wash your face, your skin will be moist and bright. Your skin is dry. Use this moisturizer to make your skin hydrated.”

“You’re right, my skin is dry, so I have to apply the cream every hour. Let me see how it feels. ” Fan Yu opened the bottle cap and smeared a little on the back of her hand with her finger. She immediately felt a clear and cool feeling spreading on the back of her hand. Moreover, her skin seemed to be full of water at once, which made it tender and moisturized a lot. When she compared her two hands, the difference was clear at a glance.

“Oh, Shiyi, why is your ointment so powerful? My skin was hydrated all at once. Look at the contrast between my two hands! “

Shiyi could see that Fan Yu was genuinely happy. She pressed Fan Yu’s hands, and then picked up a small white bottle, saying, “Don’t look at this first. There are other things. This is a good thing. Look, this is specially prepared by me. If you have red bumps and acne on your face, applying this will have a miraculous effect, and it will soon disappear, making your skin smooth.”

“Ah! this?” Fan Yu was so happy to death. She picked up the ointment, opened it, and wiped it on a pimple on her face. “I happened to have a few pimples on my face recently. The cream I bought didn’t work, but now I’m saved. “

After Fan Yu finished looking at the cream that is used to remove pimples, she couldn’t wait to pick up the remaining bottles and check them one by one. Everything made her happy, “Shiyi, thank you. These things are too useful for me. By the way, you said you wanted to sell them in your shop, right? Well, I’ll buy some sets from you first, and I’ll give them to the ladies who have a good relationship with me. They will definitely like it, and they will definitely ask me where I bought it. You don’t have to worry if they do not do well. The only worry you will face is not having enough stocks with you. Women are interested in beauty products. No matter what, they will always be willing to spend their money on them.

Shiyi didn’t show her false politeness and immediately thanked her, “Sister Yu, thank you. I will cover all your skin care creams in the future. “

Fan Yu clapped her hands. “That’s good. I won’t be polite to you. If you have something good in the future, you can ask me to give it a try first.”

“That’s for sure.”

“How about the pricing of your skin care products? My suggestion is that the price should not be too low. You know, those ladies value their faces very much. The more expensive the items they buy, the better they feel. When the price is low, they feel that they can’t raise their faces with it. So, just raise it higher, keep it that way, and sell it well, and you can safely shave their skin. “

Shiyi chuckled, but she also felt that Sister Yu was right. The drugs in her drugstore were all medium-priced and affordable to ordinary people. The money she earned was limited, and she was not willing to let the common people who were not able to afford their medicine just because she wanted to earn more money. The store always had to make money. This money could be earned from this skincare product, and those rich ladies could be slaughtered severely.

So Shiyi asked, “I don’t know what price you ladies can accept. Please help me set a price. “

Fan Yu thought for a moment and said, “Your skincare products are really good. It’s much better than what we usually buy from the rouge shop. I think the price of your  products should be 15 taels.”

“What? 15 taels?!” Shiyi was startled. She originally thought it would be good enough to sell a set of skin care products for 2 or 3 taels. After all, the cost of this set of skin care products is only 50 wen. Wouldn’t she be too greedy if she sold it for 15 taels?

Seeing Shiyi’s surprise, Fan Yu smiled and said, “Hey, how can this be greedy? Do you know that as long as things are good, even if they cost a hundred taels, none of them will blink, not to mention these measly fifteen taels? I think 15 taels for this good product is very generous, so listen to me. This price is sure to be appropriate. “

Shiyi decided to believe her and nodded, “Okay, let’s just use this price. I guess I have to trouble Sister Yu for helping me in recommending my skincare products to other people. “

“Oh, how can this be a bother to me? Don’t be polite to me. I’ve also benefited from it. My beauty will depend on you in the future.”

The two old mothers chatted happily here, and they forgot about their babies. 

When they realized that they still had babies, they turned around and looked, but they were startled. They saw Little Fatty holding Xiao Ruoyu in his arms, while Xiao Ruoyu was wrapping her hands around Little Fatty’s neck, and the two heads were really close to each other.

But this doesn’t surprise the two old women. What surprised them is that Xiao Ruoyu was about to kiss Little Fatty!

Shiyi’s first reaction was, God, my fat son seduced another person’s daughter!

Fan Yu’s first reaction was, God, my daughter was too young to take advantage of someone else’s handsome son!

Shiyi and Fan Yu looked at each other, and the two old women felt guilty for each other.

Shiyi acted first, pointed to Little Fatty, and asked, “Fatty, what are you doing?”

Little Fatty patted Xiao Ruoyu’s head as if to comfort her, and then answered his mother’s words, “I teach, Sister.” Fatty will teach his sister to kiss.

Shiyi covered her face in shame, and she knew it was her bad son who led someone else’s daughter.

“Sister Yu, it’s my little Fatty who taught Ruoyu to kiss. I’m sorry.”

Fan Yu smiled and waved her hand, “What’s the matter? I’m still happy. You don’t know. This little fool of my family hasn’t kissed me. I kissed her many times to teach her, but she didn’t learn it. I didn’t know that Tuanzi could teach her how to kiss as soon as he taught her. Now she’s finally smart. “

Shiyi can’t laugh or cry. Well, this mother’s heart is also very big.

Fan Yu turned to Little Fatty with great interest and said, “Tuanzi, can you teach my sister to speak? My sister hasn’t spoken yet.”

Fat Tuanzi blinked, looked at his little sister who was in his arms, and felt that it is impossible for her little sister to not be able to speak, so he nodded, “OK!”

Fat Tuanzi touched Xiao Ruoyu’s face, and in front of the two old mothers, he kissed Xiao Ruoyu and then said to his obedient little sister, “Sister, learn.”

Little Ruoyu blinked.

The fat brother taught, “Ge-Ge. Gege.”

Shiyi was about to laugh on the side. He’s even trying to teach the little girl to call her brother as her first sentence, and there was something wrong with it. What the hell is Ge Ge? [1]“Brother” with a Taiwanese accent is generally pronounced like this by cute and squeamish girls and children

Fan Yu didn’t care, waiting excitedly to see if her little girl could learn.

Xiao Ruoyu blinked her big eyes and looked at her fat brother for a while. After her fat brother taught her again, she really opened her mouth, “Ge Ge Ge -“

Fan Yu was instantly surprised. He picked up her little fool and kissed her fiercely. “My little darling, you are finally willing to talk. My mother is so happy. “

Shiyi also picked up his little Fatty and gave him a loving kiss, “Little Fathy, good job.”

Little Fatty proudly raised his chin and was extremely complacent.

T/N: Seriously. These kids found their partner at the age of one and me…. Okay nevermind. T^T.


1 “Brother” with a Taiwanese accent is generally pronounced like this by cute and squeamish girls and children


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