The Peasant Female Doctor
The Peasant Female Doctor Chapter 82.1

Chapter 82 Part 1

After Shiyi returned to the village, she hired someone to send Fan Yu fifteen sets of skin care creams. Soon, Fan Yu came with the news, saying that the ladies were very satisfied with the product, and many people wanted to buy more sets to give as a present. She simply told them to go to Shiyi’s shop and let them buy it by themselves.

After that, the sales volume of skin care sets in the shop was higher than that in January, and it was rising steadily. Shiyi’s shop had to be replenished twice a month, and with the addition of the skincare products in Shiyi’s shop, she was able to earn a lot of money.

However, after a period of time, Fan Yu told Shiyi about the dissatisfaction of those ladies.

“Those ladies now use the ointment developed by you. The effect is very good. They like it themselves, but they also complain to me in private. They say that there are many noisy people in your medicine shop. They are all ordinary people, many of whom have colds and coughs. They don’t want to enter your shop, and they can only send servant girls every time. “

“Ah?” Shiyi didn’t expect this. If Fan Yu hadn’t brought this issue up, she wouldn’t be able to be aware of it.

“In fact, it’s that they believe in their noble status and disdain to be in the same room with those ordinary people. They feel that they have lost face and identity, so they don’t want to go in, so they have to let the servant girls go in and buy it. However, every time you have any new ointment, they can’t try it. They can only wait for the servant girls to buy it back and try again, so they are a little dissatisfied. No, they know that I can get your newly developed thing first, so they all like to ask me to try it. They really annoy me.”

Shiyi looked at her apologetically, “I didn’t consider this.”

Fan Yu patted Shiyi’s hand and said: “I’m telling you, although I know you don’t think anyone is superior in your heart, most people have differences between high and low in their hearts. People who hold their own status don’t like to be grouped with civilians. If you want to do a good job in business, you must think about ways to solve this problem. After all, you still have to rely on these ladies to make money, don’t you? If you want to make money from others, you have to make them happy first?”

Shiyi nodded, “Sister Yu, you’re right. This matter needs to be solved. I didn’t know there was this problem before. But now that I’m aware of it, it must be solved. I’ll think of a way. ” 

Shiyi also felt that she should pay attention to this issue. She still expects to collect wool from these ladies in the future. If they were not satisfied, it would affect her business.

Fan Yu replied: “You see, it doesn’t need to be too troublesome. You can take those beauty shops as a reference, they entertain ordinary people on the first floor, while the second floor is specially used to entertain the wives of rich people. The atmosphere on the second floor is elegant, and the waiters are smart and attentive. Those ladies will naturally be satisfied. Once they are satisfied, won’t they buy large or small packages? Who cares how much it costs?”

Shiyi laughed and gave Fan Yu a thumbs up. “Sister Yu, if you do business, you will definitely be good at it.”

Fan Yu shook her head complacently, “That’s not true! If I’m in business, what else can I do for you? “

Shiyi was surprised by her shameless face and pinched her thick skin. “Let me see how thick your face is to be so brazen.”

“Let go, you are shameless!”

Seeing that the two old mothers pinched each other as they spoke, Tuanzi on the side rolled his eyes. He quietly followed Xiao Ruoyu, who held his little hand. “They are without any manners. Don’t learn. ” It’s too rude. My sister can’t follow their example, otherwise, she won’t be able to get married.

For Xiao Ruoyu, whatever her brother says, she will nod immediately to show that she will be obedient.

Fat Brother Tuanzi was satisfied, and he handed the red bean cake he had bitten half to his little sister. The little sister happily took a bite of it, and her happy eyes narrowed.

The two old mothers on the other side didn’t know at all that they were labeled as rude by the two children. After pinching for a while, they continued to talk about the main subject, Shiyi said, “In that case, I can use the second floor, redecorate it, and use it as a place to entertain these ladies, and then specially recruit a few smart waitresses to entertain them, and set aside a place to give the ladies free experience of beauty and skin care services, so as to ensure that they leave the shop with a radiant face, and they will definitely return out of satisfaction.” 

The second floor was originally used to store goods. Now it’s better to decorate it well and use it as a beauty salon. I believe they can earn more money.

Fan Yu clapped her hands and agreed: “This is good, this is good. If your second floor is decorated, I will come to you every day to do beauty and skin care. I’m willing to go there rather than do it at home by myself. I’ll bring someone to you, by the way, and I’m sure you can earn more. “

“OK, then this glorious task is up to you. I’ll send you a big red envelope after the new year.”

“You can remember it for me. If the red envelope is not big, I won’t let you off. “


Shiyi immediately began to draw the decoration layout of the second floor when she returned home. After the design was completed, she found a reliable decorator to decorate the second floor. Shiyi didn’t save money, so she ran according to the theme of high-end atmosphere and class, trying to create the most satisfying effect for those ladies with status and money.

This decoration was not completed until the spring festival. Shiyi planned to officially open the second floor after the new year. When the new year came, she closed the doors of the two shops and let the people working there take annual leave. Just before the annual leave, she gave everyone a red envelope of sufficient weight, which made everyone happy.

The same thing happened in her pharmacy. Shiyi paid everyone the last month’s salary, and then each person received a red envelope containing 50 Wen. For those who performed particularly well, each person also received an extra 20 Wen.

This amount surprised everyone. With this money, everyone can have a good new year. Before leaving, the workers came to Shiyi to express their gratitude.

Grandpa Yang looked at these people’s gratitude and felt very honored. He patted Shiyi’s head, “Girl, thanks to you, the people in this Mountain village are saved.”

Shiyi pulled Grandpa Yang’s big hand and said with a smile, “Grandpa, isn’t this too exaggerated? Am I so powerful?”

“That’s not true. If you hadn’t run a medicine field, built a pharmacy, let these people work, and given them such a high salary, how could they live a good life now? If it weren’t for you, our Mountain village would not have been able to recover in two years. In previous years, after conscription, everyone had to starve for two or three years before their life got better. “

Shiyi became shy because of Grandpa Yang’s words. Was she really that great? In fact, the most important thing for her is to earn money for herself, but she is not so great.

Seeing that Shiyi didn’t realize the importance of what she did, Grandpa Yang shook his head, amused. “You! You spend all day at home studying medicinal herbs. You don’t go out, and you don’t understand the changes here. You don’t know how this village changed a lot. Many families have two or three people working in their family, and you don’t know how good their life is at home. They can eat white rice every day, and their clothes are not as patched as before. Everyone has gained weight. “

“Really? Have they really changed so much? ” Shiyi really doesn’t know.

Grandpa Yang was quite proud, “Yes, you didn’t have to worry that there were no children who would attend the school. Now, if you go there to have a look, you can see that with the number of children enrolled, they can’t fit in in the classroom, so they need to use the third classroom, and the teachers were too busy. “

“Really? That’s great. Children have to go to school. ” Shiyi really didn’t know about it. She was busy with the shop these days and didn’t care about the school next door. However, it’s a great thing that there are more and more children enrolled in school!

Yang Shifeng touched Shiyi’s head. “What Grandpa said is true. You don’t know this. Don’t you know how many times I have bought new year’s goods in town? During this period, I have replenished the goods four times. Our shop earned 5 taels of silver in the month before the New Year! “

“That much? The villagers are so willing to buy this year? I remember last year; our shop didn’t sell much. “

“It’s because they didn’t have spare money last year. Of course, if they get better this year and have spare money, they will be willing to spend more. “

Shiyi realized at this time that it was really just a medicine field that saved the people here. However, it’s a good thing to make people here live a good life.

In fact, the people who helped her work earned money, and she also earned a lot of money by relying on them. Although the shop has only been open for half a year, the net profit earned in this half a year has reached 3000 taels, which is far beyond her estimate. The originally dry wallet bulged again, giving her weight in her purse.


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