The Peasant Female Doctor
The Peasant Female Doctor Chapter 83.2 (end)

Chapter 83 Part 2

Little Fatty has no awareness of the hardship he will face in the future at all. He heard that at the age of five, he could practice martial arts with a very powerful master, and he could also learn skills with Fu Heng and Fu Zhuo. He was so excited that he almost pierced the roof of his house and kept complaining about why he couldn’t go to martial arts school now, and why did he have to wait for another two years.

Shiyi gave Little Fatty a sarcastic laugh and then began to give Little Fatty basic exercises before learning martial arts.

Every morning, Shiyi personally took little fatty to run around the village. Little Fatty had short legs, so he ran very slowly. He would sometimes fall down, and would suddenly be left behind by Shiyi. However, Shiyi endured her heartache for her son and only let him get up by himself. She didn’t wait for him deliberately when running, which fully made Tuanzi realize what it was like to be out of reach.

Every time Shiyi ran to the finish line and finished breakfast, a panting little fatty ran to the finish line. His little face was full of sweat, but he never admitted defeat. He didn’t complain at all. He clenched his teeth and tried to catch up with Shiyi every day. His mother taught him that a manly man can do anything without eating. That is because you can bear hardships.

Little Fatty still firmly remembers what his father told him: He who eats bitterly is superior to others.

Therefore, with the continuous encouragement of her old father and mother, Fat Tuanzi just increased his speed and became faster and faster. With only six months, he was able to catch up with Shiyi’s pace. 

Then Shiyi began to level up Tuanzi’s training. She tied sandbags to Fat Tuanzi’s legs whenever he ran, and the weight of the sandbags increased little by little. Fat Tuanzi couldn’t walk at first, but later, he could run with sandbags tied to his legs, and the whole village was stunned whenever they saw him.

Although Shiyi didn’t say it, she was extremely proud of what her son did. 

Her son was really great!

Shiyi not only trained Fat Tuanzi to run, but also made a sandbag and put it in the yard. Fat Tuanzi had to punch the sandbag for an hour every day to improve his strength. When Fat Tuanzi was able to break a sandbag of 100 jin with one punch, it was finally the day when he entered the military hall of Duwei mansion.

At this time, Tuanzi was five years old, and his body reached the height of a child at the age of six or seven. His body was strong and full of strength. As soon as Master Wu saw him, he circled around him several times, and his eyes lit up. Involuntarily stretching out his hand to pinch Tuanzi’s bone, he pinched it for a long time. After doing so, his eyes looked as if he was crazy, “His bones are wonderful, and he has a natural talent for practicing martial arts!”

Fan Yu secretly gave Shiyi a look: How about it? Didn’t I tell you that, this Master Wu would be very satisfied with Tuanzi?

Shiyi quietly raised the corners of her lips.

Martial arts Master Fu was not only satisfied but simply couldn’t be satisfied by anyone besides Tuanzi anymore. The children of Duwei Mansion are not bad at practicing martial arts, but he has never seen such a good seedling. Now such a good seedling is his apprentice, so he must polish it well.

The martial arts master immediately asked, “What’s your name?”

Little Tuanzi immediately raised his head and shouted, “My name is Yang Tianle and my nickname is Tuanzi. Master, you will be my closest person in the future. You can call me Tuanzi. “

“Hey, you are not thin-skinned.” The martial arts master scolded him, but he was satisfied in his heart. Good, not too humble, not timid. He’s confident and courageous. That’s the kind of attitude that a martial arts practitioner should possess.

Master Wu asked again, “Is there anything special about you? Show me if you have. “

Fat Tuanzi didn’t have any stage fright at all, so he responded immediately. He went straight to a row of sandbags specially used for boxing practice, looked at the small ones, and stopped beside the biggest sandbag instead. Under the unbelievable sight of Master Wu, he clenched his fists and attacked quickly. only to hear the sound of something cracking. The sandbags were directly hit and broken, scattering sand all over the ground.

“Wow—” all the children around the court were shocked. They didn’t expect such a little brother to be so powerful.

Master Wu was also surprised. The sandbag was just broken by Tuanzi’s punch. This sandbag was actually used in training kids aged 10 and above for boxing. It was very strong. It had been used for a long time and had never been broken. Master Wu didn’t expect that it would be destroyed by such a little guy’s punch.

Fan Yu was also startled by Tuanzi and looked at Shiyi and Yang Shifeng incredulously, “The child you two have is going to ascend!”

Yang Shifeng chuckled, Shiyi also bowed her head and smiled. She is too embarrassed to tell Fan Yu that, in fact, Tuanzi’s strange strength was inherited from her, and she can easily knock the sandbag away with one punch.

Master Wu looked at Tuanzi as if he had seen a peerless treasure. Immediately, he ordered people to get Tuanzi’s practice clothes, and personally explained Tuanzi’s daily work and rest time. He didn’t let Tuanzi go until he had said everything that needed to be said.

Knowing that Tuanzi will learn martial arts in the Duwei mansion in the future, the happiest person was Xiao Ruoyu. The little girl was happy to circle around Tuanzi, and she would also hold her brother Tuanzi’s hand as she smiled sweetly at him. When it’s time to eat, Xiao Ruoyu also keeps trying to make good food for Brother Tuanzi, saying that Brother Tuanzi has to eat more because he worked really hard in practicing martial arts. That way, her two brothers were too sour to eat, and they thought they had to compete with Tuanzi.

However, since Tuanzi entered the martial arts hall to practice martial arts, their charming little sister begged their mother to make a set of strong clothes. Every day, their little sister ran to the martial arts hall and stood under the tree to watch them practice martial arts, which made them unable to besiege Tuanzi. The two brothers of Xiao Ruoyu could only be annoyed to death.

Fan Yu wrote this matter to Shiyi in a letter. Shiyi was happy as she lay in Yang Shifeng’s arms and smiled forward and backward. Although she could only see Tuanzi for a few days a month, Fan Yu’s letters never stopped. The big and small events that occurred every day in Tuanzi would be written in a letter to let them know that they had never missed every bit of Tuanzi’s growth.

Shiyi sincerely appreciates Fan Yu.

At this time, the only child left in the family is Xiao Shitou, but Xiao Shitou is also a young boy. He studies very well. He became a scholar at the age of only 13. At the same time, Xiao Huzi also became a scholar. The two children have created huge waves in Mountain Village.

Master Qiao found Shiyi and said that his ability was no longer enough to train them. They should go to a better academy. Therefore, although reluctant, Shiyi sent Xiao Shitou to the best Tianhu Academy in the city to study, and also funded Xiao Huzi to go with him.

After Xiao Shitou left, there was no longer a child at home. Every day was quiet and was not as lively.

The person who couldn’t bear it the most was Grandpa Yang. Looking at the empty home, he often sighs, and then stares at Shiyi’s stomach and whispers, “If only I had another one.”

Shiyi pretends not to hear it every time. It’s not something she can decide. Tuanzi is already a gift given to them by God, and nothing else can be forced. She and Yang Shifeng have a good relationship, and Yang Shifeng always invites her to do it. They have never avoided pregnancy, but they haven’t been pregnant again for so many years, which shows that they don’t have this blessing.

Yang Shifeng also accepted this fact. He is very satisfied with Tuanzi and dares not to ask for more.

Both husband and wife believed that Tuanzi would be the only child in their life.

However, life is always full of unknowns and accidents, which always catch you by surprise.

When Tuanzi was ten years old, Shiyi suddenly felt a stream of sour water coming out of her mouth after eating fish. She vomited all the food in her stomach in disgust. After that, she couldn’t eat anything.

Shiyi and Yang Shifeng both thought that something was wrong with her body. They didn’t know that Shiyi had given herself a pulse and was stunned directly. She unexpectedly felt the pulse of someone who was carrying another body in her womb. How can this be!

Yang Shifeng asked anxiously, “What’s going on with you? What’s wrong with your body? “

Shiyi stared at him in a daze, didn’t say anything, and used her other wrist to check herself again, and the result was the same. Now, she can’t refuse to believe it anymore.

In the face of Yang Shifeng’s anxious inquiry eyes, Shiyi suddenly smiled, hugged his neck, and whispered in his ear, “Brother Shifeng, God cared for us again.”

“Ah?” Yang Shifeng doesn’t understand what her words mean, but it seems that it shouldn’t be a bad thing.

Shiyi put Yang Shifeng’s big hand on her abdomen and said, “Brother Shifeng, you’re going to be a father again.”

“Ah…” Yang Shifeng was dumbfounded and completely stunned. He stared at Shiyi’s belly and became a stone statue.

A quarter of an hour later, Yang Shifeng, who had finally come to his senses, burst out laughing. He picked up Shiyi and turned around several times. The whole village could hear his excited voice, “I’m going to be a father again!!!”

——————–End of the main story———————–

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