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This time, the child inside Shiyi’s womb is a girl.

Since Yang Shifeng knew this news, he would stare at Shiyi’s stomach every day and giggle. 

Sometimes Shiyi couldn’t help but want to beat him up, but she still couldn’t stop the silly father’s love for his little daughter. Yang Shifeng kept smiling until Shiyi succeeded in giving birth to the little daughter of the Yang family.

However, the silly father didn’t get better but evolved and completely incarnated into a daughter slave. Whenever he looked at the beautiful little face of their little daughter, Yang Shifeng acted like a fool. 

Of course, this was said by Shiyi, and Tuanzi, who rarely supports his mother’s words, also agreed with her. He felt that when his father saw his sister, he was as happy as Maitreya Buddha enshrined in the temple, and not as happy when he saw me return home. 

For this reason, Tuanzi, who is already a little man, was secretly jealous in his heart.

However, Tuanzi also likes his little sister very much. The little sister is as beautiful as a flower. Every time she sees him, she smiles and holds his hand, calling him Brother. The first sentence the sister will say is “brother,” which simply melts Tuanzi’s heart. 

From time to time, Tuanzi secretly rides his master’s horse back to the village to see his sister, making his master angry at him and beating him to death often.

However, Tuanzi was not afraid of his master. When his master wanted to beat him, he would use his skills to fly over the eaves and walls, avoiding his master’s pursuit all the way. He was often chased by his master, who was out of breath and threatened to expel him from the school, but he failed every time.

Among all the martial arts skills Tuanzi had learned, qinggong was the best and the earliest one he had learned. His qinggong has surpassed his master’s since he was 12 years old. His master can’t catch up with him at all. Only himself can catch up with him, making his master love and hate him.

In fact, Tuanzi’s master didn’t beat him because he secretly rode his horse. The main reason was that this guy didn’t learn well at a young age and kidnapped other people’s little daughters; every time he came home, this guy always had a delicate little girl sitting in front of him. The little girl was the little daughter of Fan Yu’s family, Xiao Ruoyu.

Ruoyu loved to stick to Tuanzi from childhood. This habit has not changed with the growth of age. She still likes to follow Tuanzi. Every time she hears that Tuanzi is going to ride the horse to come home to see his family, she will change her neat clothes and wait at the corner door early. As soon as Tuanzi comes out, she will raise her head and smile at the boy riding on the horse, and call out, “Brother, take Ruoyu.”. The voice was so sweet that Tuanzi couldn’t refuse it at all. He had to pull her on his horse and wrap his arms around her, making her lean on his chest, and then take her back to Baiyun Village.

The little girl’s trick was proven and tested to work, and such a handsome and unruly young boy had no choice but to agree with her. He felt that the little girl in his arms was simply more difficult to deal with than his quirky little sister, and there was no other way but to spoil her.

Whenever she sees that her brother, Tuanzi, couldn’t do anything to refuse her, Ruoyu will secretly show a smile, and then obediently nestle in brother Tuanzi’s arms, with her little face buried in his chest, not caring at all about the bumps on the road, and the corners of her mouth have been rising in delight. 

When they arrive at the Yang family, the little girl will distribute the gifts she brought to everyone in the family, and all of the gifts she gave were made by her with love.

Every time Shiyi looks at the sweet smile on the delicate little girl’s face, she will wonder in her heart, how can such a cute little girl fall in love with her own Tuanzi? 

Although Ruoyu was naive and young, they were all women. How could Shiyi not see the little girl’s love for Tuanzi in her eyes? Her kind of love was not like familial love, like an innocent adoration of your brother, but a love that a woman had for a man. This little girl lost her heart to Tuanzi at a young age.

Some people won’t know what love is all their lives, but some people know who they want at the beginning of their lives, just like Xiao Ruoyu.

Shiyi saw all this in her eyes and said nothing, but she will also be sad in her heart, because she can see through Xiao Ruoyu, but can’t see through her own Tuanzi’s heart.

Although Tuanzi looks cheeky and unrestrained on the surface, like a carefree little teenager, in fact, he has deep thoughts inside, and his scheming is not ordinary. If he doesn’t want to let anyone know anything, he will never let that person have the opportunity to know it, including Shiyi, who is his mother.

Shiyi can’t see through Tuanzi’s thoughts about Ruoyu, but Ruoyu is Fan Yu’s daughter. In her opinion, she is just like her own daughter. She will never allow Tuanzi to hurt Ruoyu’s heart. 

If Tuanzi was unable to love her, he couldn’t give Xiao Ruotu false hope. Therefore, Shiyi had an in-depth conversation between mother and son with him on Tuanzi’s thirteenth birthday.

The 13-year-old boy is taller than Shiyi, but he still sits in a chair like he was a child. Although Shiyi never praised him for his handsomeness. Instead, she made it his duty to attack him, and the attack came casually: “Put your legs down, what a fool you look like! You are ugly and don’t pay attention to your temperament. “

Tuanzi clicked his tongue twice, pointing to his face, saying, “My mother, if I’m ugly, aren’t you also ugly? Look at my face. Which part of my face doesn’t look like yours? My facial features are all from you. If you’re ugly, then I’m ugly.”

Shiyi looked at Tuanzi’s facial features, which were eight points similar to her own, and opened her eyes to lie, “What part of your face looks like mine? If you looked like me, wouldn’t you be a boy and a girl? Do you think you’re a woman? “

Although Tuanzi’s facial features are like Shiyi’s, they are completely different from Shiyi’s when combined. Instead of being feminine, Tuanzi is full of masculinity and very handsome. That’s why Shiyi dared to say that.

Tuanzi just likes to say more to Shiyi, but he never chokes. Generally, he automatically concedes defeat after two or three rounds, he squabbles with his mother just for entertainment. At the moment, he also quickly concedes defeat, “Okay, I don’t look like you, so am I ugly? Then, my beautiful mother, what do you want to say to your ugly son? “

Shiyi straightened her face and went straight to the topic: “You are 13 years old today, and you are a big child. Strictly speaking, you are a man. Mother will talk about your emotional problems. Don’t joke around with me, just tell me directly, what do you think of Ruoyu?”

“Ruoyu…” Tuanzi looked through the window. Over there, she saw the girl who was playing on the swing with his little sister in the yard, and his eyes deepened.

Shiyi looked straight at Tuanzi: “You are a smart man. Don’t tell your mother that you don’t know how Ruoyu feels about you. Someone else’s daughter comes home with you again and again, and they come home to celebrate your birthday every year. She doesn’t treat you as her brother. I don’t think you have ever rejected Ruoyu, but you have never made Ruoyu feel special. I’m telling you, you are allowed to not like Ruoyu, but don’t give her false hope. Ruoyu is now old enough to be able to get married. You have to make it clear to her, you have to say what you feel about her, and don’t delay her marriage. “

Tuanzi sat on the chair and listened to his mother quietly. When his mother finished speaking, he smiled. But he didn’t answer his mother’s words. Instead, he stretched out his legs and asked his mother, “Mom, what do you think of the shoes on my feet?”

Shiyi couldn’t understand what he was doing, but she glanced at Tuanzi’s shoes and said frankly, “it’s very nice.”

“Is my dress handsome today?”

“Pretty handsome.”

Tuanzi smiled again and took the purse hanging around his waist and showed it to his mother, “How about my purse?”

Shiyi stopped answering and stared at the delicate purse in Tuanzi’s hand. She laughed and scolded, “You stinky boy!”

She has never been a needlework girl. Tuanzi’s shoes and purse clothes are all ready-made clothes bought directly from the cloth shop. The shoes and clothes Tuanzi is wearing are obviously not bought by her, and the purse hanging around his waist was not bought by her, because the workmanship she buys is not so exquisite. Then, it can be guessed where this purse and shoes came from.

After knowing that his mother understood, Tuanzi smiled and sighed, “Mother, these are all made for me by Ruoyu.”

Shiyi looked at him.

“Mom, can I wear this kind of thing casually? If I don’t feel anything for Ruoyu, can I do such a stupid thing? “

Shiyi now completely understood that her smelly boy was also interested in Ruoyu. It’s not like Ruoyu was shaving her head and carrying the burden of having one-sided love, it was her son who hid deeply, and even she, his mother, couldn’t read his mind.

“You stinky boy, since you like XIiao Ruoyu, why have you never shown it? Ruoyu doesn’t know what you feel, right?”

Tuanzi looked at the little girl who was pushing the swing with a smile again. His eyebrows and eyes showed tenderness that he had never even shown to the outside, “Mom, Ruoyu was too young before, I don’t know whether she likes me as his brother or loves me as a man. Naturally, I can’t express my feelings indiscriminately to avoid damaging her reputation. I can only treat her like a sister first, but now that Ruoyu grew up and told me her true intentions, I can now finally show it.”

It turns out that he has his reasons, and Shiyi is satisfied with Tuanzi’s actions. This smelly boy is doing things properly.

Shiyi asked, “Now that you know her feelings, what are you going to do next? Do you understand? “Let me tell you, although Ruoyu likes you, you can’t bully her.

“Mom, I know. I won’t mess around. I’m going to explain my intentions to Aunt Yu first and beg Aunt Yu not to look at other people’s sons casually for Ruoyu. Then when I get old enough to enter the northwest, I will go to the military camp to work hard, and I will come back and ask Aunt Yu for Ruoyu’s hands.”

Seeing that he knew what to do, Shiyi was relieved and waved her hand: “Okay, you can handle it yourself, Mother won’t be wordy, and you can go.”

Tuanzi leaned out of the chair and touched Shiyi’s head before leaving. “My beautiful mother, don’t worry about me. All you and Dad should do was be proud of me.”

Shiyi rolled her eyes and said, “Get out of here! You narcissistic brat!”

“Hahaha…” Tuanzi laughed and jumped into the yard from the open window. He went to the swing under the tree and pinched the little bun on his little sister’s head. “Grapes, come down quickly and let Brother play for a while.”

The little girl turned her big black eyes on her brother and said with a milky voice, “But I haven’t played well yet. If I let you play, I won’t be so happy. Do you want to compensate me, brother?”

Tuanzi pinched his little sister’s clever face, “Come on, ghost girl, don’t you just want to play in the city? Brother agrees!”

“Oh yeah!” Little Grape immediately jumped down from the swing, and invited her brother to sit on the swing, “Brother, I’ll push you on the swing!”

Tuanzi chuckled, “Well, push the swing for brother.”

As a result, the little girl became too tired to move after pushing the swing twice and muttered in an aggrieved voice. “Brother is too heavy to be pushed by Grapes.”

“You are so useless that your meat has grown in vain. Eat less rice in the future. You look so fat.” Little grape is also a big stomach king. She is as plump as Tuanzi when she was a child. Tuanzi often teases her about this.

“Brother is a big villain!” After she heard her brother call her fat, Little Grape stamped her feet and ran to her father for comfort.

Tuanzi laughed.

Ruoyu, who was smiling quietly on the side, saw that no one pushed the swing for Tuanzi, so, she rolled her sleeve, “Brother, I’ll push the swing for you. I’m strong.”

“Good! Push well and you’ll get a reward.” Tuanzi is not polite.

Xiao Ruoyu’s eyes brightened. She instantly felt that she is full of strength. 

Xiao Ruoyu breathed in with force, strengthened her arms, and pushed the man with all of her strength.

Tuanzi was pushed out, but Ruoyu’s strength was limited. Tuanzi’s bones were heavy, and the strength of the push was not strong. 

After a few times, Tuanzi knew that the girl behind him had no strength, so he jumped in the air and landed safely on the ground, praising: “Well, it was a good push.”

Ruoyu’s eyes became even brighter, like a kitten waiting for a reward.

Tuanzi’s heart is scratched.

Tuanzi took out the hairpin, he carved himself from his arms, “Okay, let me put it on for you.”

Ruoyu saw at a glance that it was carved by Tuanzi himself. She immediately took it and inserted the hairpin into her bun and touched it again and again, “Brother, does it look good?”

Tuanzi pinched her face and nodded, “It looks good.”

Ruoyu’s eyes narrowed with happiness.

Seeing that the silly girl kept touching the hairpin, Tuanzi pointed to the swing and said, “Stop touching it. Sit there, I’ll push the swing for you.”

Ruoyu obediently stopped touching the hairpin, and immediately sat on the swing. She didn’t forget to look back at Tuanzi behind her, “Brother, push slowly, otherwise Ruoyu will be afraid.”

“Well, I’ll take my time and I won’t let you fall.”

Tuanzi controlled his power and gently pushed the girl. Fine black hair was fluttering in the air, accompanied by crisp laughter, filling the whole place.

This girl is his— mine alone.


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