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When Tuanzi turned 15, the Yang family came with great news. Both Xiao Shitou and Xiaohuzi, who were only 22 years old, were on the list and were awarded official positions.  Although both of them were only assigned to a small county magistrate at the bottom, their future was still limitless based on their age. They just needed to work hard and endure for a few more years. Sooner or later, their qualifications would rise.

Not to mention the Yang family’s surprise, the residents of Mountain Village were taken aback by these two children. They are now a role model passed down by the villagers, and they want the youngsters at home to learn from them. As a result, many children were sent to school, and the classroom was nearly full, keeping Master Qiao and his eldest son busy. Shiyi was the one who was tasked with recruiting another teacher in town.

When the family reluctantly sent Xiao Shitou to take office, the annual conscription of the northwest army also began.

The Northwest Army is the largest force stationed in the northwest of the Daren Dynasty, and it is also the most powerful army of the Daren Dynasty. The northwest of the Daren Dynasty is the Qiang people, who are good at fighting.

The Qiang people frequently cause problems all year, and the northwest’s tranquility is dependent on the bravery and battling of the northwest army. As a result, the qualifications for selecting soldiers for the Northwest Army are extremely stringent, with the most fundamental condition being that they be over the age of 15.

Tuanzi was already eager to try. When he turned 15, he signed up to participate in the selection of the northwest army without depending on the power of the Duwei mansion at all.

At the age of 14, Tuanzi’s martial arts surpassed those of his master. It can be said that he was invincible in the martial arts hall of Duwei Mansion. The children of the military generals in the whole Duwei mansion weren’t his opponents at all. 

It’s clear that Tuanzi passed the selection easily. Moreover, Tuanzi’s excellent performance was also seen by the captain, and he entered the sharpest pioneer camp as soon as he entered.

The pioneer battalion is the first army that starts the battle, making it the most hazardous and vulnerable area for casualties. All things, however, have two sides. The most dangerous also means that they are the people who have made the most contributions. All soldiers desire to join the pioneer battalion because it is there that they may contribute and advance as quickly as possible.

Tuanzi has excellent martial arts and infinite power. He is proficient in all the martial arts of the 18 classes and has a deep and quick mind. He knows the art of war like the palm of his hand. He made contributions on his first mission. Later, he repeatedly made miraculous achievements and saved the general three times. 

Later, he was appreciated by the general and was promoted step by step to become his right and left hand. By the age of 18, he was already the Hussar’s general under the great general. [1]In ancient China, a Hussar general was a senior military attache.

This year, Tuanzi entered the Duwei mansion in full glory and proposed marriage to Fan Yu and her husband, intending to marry Fu Ruoyu, the youngest daughter of the Fu family.

Fan Yu was extremely satisfied with this son-in-law, not to mention he was her daughter’s sweetheart for so many years. Naturally, she would not disagree, while the rest of the Duwei mansion took a fancy to the unlimited future of Tuanzi, and no one objected. Tuanzi used his strength to marry Ruoyu.

In October of the following year, Fu Ruoyu, a young lady of Duwei Mansion, married Hussar General Yang Tianle with Shili Hongzhuang. From then on, she officially became the little wife of her brother Tuanzi. [2]Shili Hongzhuang is an ancient traditional folk custom, this kind of scene of marrying a woman. People often describe the richness of the dowry as “a thousand acres of fertile land and red … Continue reading

Tuanzi and Ruoyu didn’t live in Baiyun Village after their marriage, but in the house bought by the Yang family in the city, which is convenient for Tuanzi whenever he goes to the military camp every day and for Ruoyu, whenever she wants to return to her mother’s house.

The next year, Ruoyu gave birth to a little boy who looked exactly like Tuanzi when he was a child. When Shiyi saw it, he almost thought that time had gone back, and she had returned to when Tuanzi was still a child.

The baby inherits his father’s temperament as well as Tuanzi’s appearance from when he was younger. He is cunning and mischievous. In addition, this small child has inherited a strange power that is boundless in extent. Tuanzi’s martial arts instructor commented that he is a good seedling for martial arts training after seeing him. He loves this grandson very much.

Shiyi also likes the little guy very much. She often comes to see the little boy with Yang Shifeng. She occasionally spends several months living in the city. However, no matter how Ruoyu has persuaded them to move to the city, Shiyi has refused, because she still has her medicine fields and pharmacies in the village, and she can’t put them down. Moreover, she also uses herbs in the medicine field to teach her little daughter medical skills.

When Little Grape was five years old, she showed a particular interest in medicine. She frequently went with Shiyi into the medicine field to study the herbs. She was very cheerful and had a great love for growing herbs. She also said she wanted to learn from her mother and would watch Shiyi carefully and curiously whenever her mother was treating a patient.

Shiyi knew that her daughter would inherit her skills in the future, so, she taught her all her medical skills from then on.

Little grape is more gifted in medicine than Shiyi. When she was 15 years old, she learned all of Shiyi’s skills, and her first-hand medical skills were also superb.

Shiyi didn’t want to detain her, so she was handed over to her sister-in-law and asked her to go to the shop in the city to be the doctor of their shop for the experience. 

Then, within a year, everyone knew that there was a female miracle doctor in Shiyi’s pharmacy, and there was an endless stream of people who came to see the doctor every day, even in Beijing.

Sometimes, Tuanzi will also send the seriously injured soldiers to Grape for treatment. Usually, no matter how serious the injury was, it would heal quickly, which led everyone in the barracks to praise the general’s little sister as a living miracle doctor.

What people never expected was that the young girl of the Yang family was “abducted” by someone who was from Tuanzi’s barracks.

When Grape brought her sweetheart home to meet her parents, Shiyi’s first thought was that being a doctor these days was also risky. 

Yang Shifeng regretted that he shouldn’t have let his little daughter go to the city to become a doctor. He was so regretful that his intestines were blue. He was even more determined to break the leg of the culprit, Tuanzi, next time.

The person who was brought back by Grapes was the left and right hand of Tuanzi. He was named Ning Qing and had no father or mother. 

He had grown up with his uncle and aunt since childhood. Ning Qing was wronged and had to join the army at the age of 15. However, because he was strong and intelligent, he calmly accepted his fate and soon showed his strength. Later, he was taken in by Tuanzi as his commander and was valued by Tuanzi.

However, he was seriously injured in a war last time, and the military doctor could not treat him well, so Tuanzi had to send Ning Qing to his sister for treatment. As a result, when he saw Grape, at first sight, this smelly boy took a fancy to his sister and secretly rubbed her heart.

When he learned the news, Tuanzi beat Ning Qing half to death in the name of a duel. However, Tuanzi was satisfied with such a brother-in-law in his heart. After a fight, he agreed and wrote a letter to tell Shiyi about the man’s reliability. Shiyi wasn’t familiar with Ning Qing, so she only asked what Grape felt towards this man, and Grape said, “Mother, I like him, I like him very much.”

Shiyi and Yang Shifeng agreed, even if they were reluctant.

As a result, as soon as the marriage was settled, Grandpa Yang died. The old man’s life was up, and he wasn’t able to see his great granddaughter get married with his own eyes, so he left the world with regrets in his heart.

The family was devastated. Xiao Shitou, who was an official stationed far away from home, came back with his wife, children, and Xiao Huzi from a long distance after learning the news, and they offered their filial piety to Grandpa Yang for a month before returning to work.

For a long time, the family’s mood was heavy because of Grandpa Yang’s death. Little Grape, who was most loved by Grandpa Yang, cried for many days, and her eyes were too swollen to even see. Finally, she decided to keep her filial piety for Grandpa Yang for three years. After knowing this, Ning Qing agreed with little grape’s decision and guarded her silently.

This guarding stayed until Grape was 19 years old. That year, she finally married Ning Qing. After marriage, the couple lived behind the drugstore. Ning Qing didn’t want to contact his former relatives. They also regarded him as dead, so he took Shiyi and Yang Shifeng as his own parents and showed his filial piety to them. Shiyi and Yang Shifeng were taken care of by Ning Qing better than Tuanzi and Grape. That’s why the two old people liked Ning Qing very much.

Grape and Ning Qing married and gave birth to a little girl who looked exactly like Shiyi when she was young. Her favorite person is Shiyi. She giggles constantly when she sees Shiyi, which makes Shiyi’s heart laugh.

But no matter how much she liked the children, Shiyi and Yang didn’t go to live with them. They still lived in Baiyun Village and guarded their home, but there were only two people in the family, so a little bit of loneliness was inevitable. 

Shiyi took two gifted, good-natured, orphaned children from a mountain village as apprentices, taught them to raise medicinal herbs, and taught them the recipe for each kind of medicine. Later, the medicine field would be managed by both of them, to continue providing medicinal materials for medicine shops.

When Yang Shifeng was over 50 years old, Shiyi left everything in her hands to her two disciples, explained it to the children, and the two people completely retired. 

She and Yang Shifeng, together with their silver, drove the carriage and began to travel around the world, traveling all over the rivers and mountains, watching all the beautiful scenery in the world; tasting all the delicious food in the world, and enjoying all the happiness in the world. Only when they arrive in a new location will they send a letter to their children informing them that they have safely arrived at their destination.

The old couple just walked and played until they couldn’t play anymore. At this time, Yang Shifeng had half white hair and wrinkles on his face, while Shiyi was still as beautiful as a young girl. Yang Shifeng always stared at Shiyi’s face and sighed, afraid that Shiyi would be lonely and sad after he left. So, he told Tuanzi and Grape to treat Shiyi well after he left and make her happy.

At this time, Shiyi always looked at Yang Shifeng and smiled, with a deep meaning that Yang Shifeng couldn’t understand.

Yang Shifeng never understood what Shiyi was smiling at, but he finally understood it on the day when he finally died.

Shiyi kicked the children out, closed the door, then took off her shoes and lay quietly beside her dying husband.

She took his hand, kissed him on the forehead, moved to his lips, and kissed him.

Yang Shifeng looked at his wife, whom he had been in love with all his life, with affection and said, “Shiyi, don’t be sad when I’m gone. Be happy. Don’t think of me. I’m just going there a little bit earlier than you. You can just follow me there when you’ve had enough fun here. “

Shiyi smiled, kissed him again, and simply replied, “OK!”

Yang Shifeng finally smiled at his beloved wife and finally closed his eyes with confidence.

After completely unable to hear Yang Shifeng’s breath, Shiyi knew that the man who loved her and spoiled her all his life had finally left her. 

Tears flowed out involuntarily, and she murmured with a smile: “I’m sorry, I lied to you just now. In fact, I’ve had enough fun now. I would not be able to bear it if you weren’t here. So let’s go together. When you see me later, don’t be mad at me, okay? Didn’t you say I am the person you love the most? “

Yang Shifeng didn’t answer. 

Shiyi smiled, took out the pills that had been hidden in her pocket, stuffed them into her mouth, and then closed her eyes.

On this day, Shiyi and Yang Shifeng died together.

T/N: And we are done! I’m really crying while typing this. T__T I really love them. I love them the most. Out of all of the novels I have read and translated, this is my favorite. I just love everything about this novel. Thank you, author, for writing this. I will miss them, so from time to time, I’ll reread this. Thank you for supporting this novel and my translations. I hope you also liked this novel. Thank you and lots of love~

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1 In ancient China, a Hussar general was a senior military attache.
2 Shili Hongzhuang is an ancient traditional folk custom, this kind of scene of marrying a woman. People often describe the richness of the dowry as “a thousand acres of fertile land and red makeup for ten miles”. It is an old custom that on the day before the wedding date, except for the bedding, clothes, shoes, jewelry, bedding, and women’s red supplies, which are sent with the sedan chair, the rest of the red robes are as large as beds, as small as wire boards and spindles. It is sent to the man’s house by the porter, and is laid out by the bridesmaids, commonly known as “making the bed”.


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