The Raccoon Got Eaten By The Dragon
The Raccoon Got Eaten By The Dragon Chapter 2.2

“Iyaaaaahhhh… !!!”

“Oh, hey! What’s going on? What the fuck? Was that a Kachikomi[1]It’s slang for raid attack.?”

I screamed with my head in my hands as the Charai mother rushed into the living room.

I don’t know what a Kachikomi is, but I turned blue and clung to Mummy and begged her to help me.

I literally had no choice but to beg her. My Charai mother was the only one who can save me from this place right now.

“Mommy, please take me home right now.”

“Who’s your mother? Hey, hey! Let go of me!”

“Please, I beg you! I’m truly sorry. Please let me go home.”

“Huh? What are you talking about? My big bro told you to wait, didn’t he? There’s no fucking way I can let you go home.”

“Do something about that! I’ll forget about your brother, I’ll forget about it once and for all, as if it has never happened! So…so please forgive me~!”

I put my arms around my mother’s thin waist as begged her…

Frustratingly, she is definitely thinner than me…

But that’s not important right now as I keep begging her to let me go.

On the other hand, the Charai mother was desperately trying to get me off her, pushing my shoulders relentlessly and forcefully.

Uh-uh… ha, I’m not letting go.

I’m going to show you the full extent of my stupidity in the highest heat~.

“Don’t be unreasonable! If I let you go, you’ll get me killed! I don’t know what it is he sees in you, but he seems to like you a lot.”


Huh? Oh! Are they going to kill me?

If even you, his favorite doggy-like mother, can get killed, won’t I be killed much sooner?

“Ugh, ugh[2]Most likely sounds of heavy breathing., please don’t kill me. Well, I still want to live.”

“Don’t kill me? What the hell are you saying?! You… you’re no longer drunk, why can’t you understand me? Are you really Japanese?”

“Tanuki Meiko, a 26 years old Japanese girl.”

“Hey, come on! Let go of me! Don’t you dare take off my pants!”

“…Tanuki-chan, what are you doing?”

The struggle that was going between me and my Charai mother was brought to a halt by the sound of a very low, seductive voice.

“What! are you doing it?”

My Charai mother who was desperately holding down her jeans that were about to come off, and me, with my bathrobe in disarray, and desperately clutched around my thighs, were being coldly stared at from the living room entrance by the scary Oniichan.

He still looked the same as when he left in the morning but he seemed kind of pissed off. Although his lips were slightly smiling, he is definitely angry about something.

The air became heavier and heavier as he came closer and closer. I gently removed my hand from my mother’s thigh and sat down on the spot.

“Takeru…I told you to feed the woman, but did I tell you to serve yourself as the food?”

“Oh, brother, you’ve got it all wrong. I made sure she ate the food I prepared for her, but then she suddenly clung to me. I was just resisting.”

While hurriedly shouting the ‘I’m sorry, I’m sorry’, the Charai mother was defending herself to her big bro.

It’s true that I was the one who clung to her, but that way of putting it is a bit misleading…

“… huh!”

See! Look, look, the Oniichan’s voice has lowered one octave!

The scary Oniichan stood in front of me, and as he quickly dropped to his knees, he firmly caught my chin in his large hand.

“You want to eat dick again?”

“No, no… not at all.”

I was trying to explain myself to him… but it was difficult to do so.

As soon as I opened my mouth to try to somehow appease my Oniichan, the finger that had been capturing my jaw was plunged into my mouth.

“That’s a shame I had to rush back all the way here just for you, little Raccoon.”

“Ho, ho yes, the…[3]She is talking somewhat incoherently because of the finger inside her mouth..”

Water[4]Drool. was trickling from the edges of my mouth as his fingers played with my shrinking tongue… or rather, Water[5]Tears. was oozing from my eyes as well. I couldn’t escape… and he seems to have misunderstood me. And I’m so scared.

“I’ll give you one more treat before we continue where we left off in the morning.”

“Huhi? Eh? What?”

My body suddenly floated in the air. Oh, no, he’s carrying me like a princess!

Before I could even think about it, I was carried on my Oniichan’s shoulders like a load of rice.

“Takeru. Go home and remain on standby.”

“Roger that!”

I try to turn around but Oniichan catches me and brings mommy into my line of vision.

My Charai mother looked at me as if she was looking at some poor animal and made a cross in front of her chest.

Hmm…but our family is Buddhist!!

With a thud, I was thrown like a piece of luggage and I fell back into bed.

It was a relief that the sturdy bed was not painful as it had great springs… but I feel like that’s the only thing that saved me.

Unlike last night, the still very handsome Oniichan took off his clothes one after another in rapid succession.

Is it safe to throw such expensive-looking clothes on the floor so carelessly? They’ll get wrinkled!

Since I am now a raccoon on the chopping board and I can’t do anything about my predicament, I choose to think about things that don’t really matter.

There was a creaking sound of the bed before I was caught in the cage of his muscular body.

“Hello again Tanuki-chan.”

“No, no, please wait… well, about the talk we had this morning…”

“We’ll talk about it after I feed Little Raccoon.”


1 It’s slang for raid attack.
2 Most likely sounds of heavy breathing.
3 She is talking somewhat incoherently because of the finger inside her mouth.
4 Drool.
5 Tears.

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