The Raccoon Got Eaten By The Dragon
The Raccoon Got Eaten By The Dragon Chapter 2.3

The handsome Oniichan smiles at me and blocks my lips with his.

His tongue enters my mouth and licks it skillfully as my head starts to feel light-headed.

I was so scared before, but now I feel excited….

Although I was so scared just a moment ago, I was easily swept away by the pleasure, I’m a real bitch. 

“Nnnn, nnnn, nnnn…”

“My little raccoon, does it feel good?’ You already got a debauched look on your face.”

With a small smile on his face, the handsome Oniichan opens up the embroideries of my bathrobe and puts his hand in.

His big palms were rubbing my skin while he devoured my face, I really had no choice but to lean back and surrender to him.

As I was feeling his caresses, he inserted a finger into my pussy.

“Oh… mmm…”

“It’s nice and soft because we just did it yesterday. It’s a bit wet… you can feel it easily since you’re naked, don’t you think?”

“Nnnn, it’s because your hands are so… nice.”

“I’m honored by your praise.”

I couldn’t be as eager and greedy for sex as I was last night, and Oniichan caresses are kind of gentle and polite… No, he did a lot of kneading and pounding last night!

It’s a miracle that I was able to accept such a deadly weapon without having something inside or around that area damaged!

Honest to god, I thought for sure the hole would be ripped.

The sound of my downstairs water[1]Vaginal discharge., which used to have a whistling sound… has now a gurgling like sound.

My hips jumped like a fish in the water every time my G-spot and clitoris, which had been rubbed a lot last night, were stimulated, and I was constantly dripping the sloppy water from the place where Oniichan was sticking his fingers in.

“Ha, an, oh, Oniichan… more…”

It felt good, but something was definitely missing so I moved my buttocks around.

Ugh~, but it’s so frustrating…

I want more and more…I want that stimulation, like when lightning strikes.

“Okay. I’ll feed you a lot, little raccoon.”

As soon as his fingers slips out, a hot, hard, round object was placed against my pussy hole, which was now moving in small, flapping movements.

Ah, that’s it! I want that hot thing… The moment Oniichan’s cock was about to enter my pussy, my melting rationality suddenly froze.

“Oh, no, wait!”

I screamed as I caught hold of Oniichan’s hand, which was firmly gripping my waist in an attempt to insert his thing immediately.

Oh, oh noooooo! I was being swept away!

I really was being completely carried away!

 I was about to make another mistake.

“Oniichan, the condom! You forgot the condom.”

“The condom?”

He smiled faintly at me as I shook my head, afraid he would lose his temper. An office worker like me could not afford to take any more of his high-valued seed.

Besides, if I have any more additional debts, I’ll go bald from stress! I will not only be a raccoon, I will be a bald raccoon.

“I’ll take it out now!”

I tried to move myself in order to reach the bed-head drawer where he had taken the condoms out last night, but I couldn’t move because he was holding me firmly by the waist.

Oh, that? Is that Oniichan? He is pulling me closer and closer to his body. Oh, Oniichan?

The tip of the smiling Oniichan’s dick hits my pussy again. Wait, Oniichan?

“Oh Oniichan! Maa…Oh………….aaaaah!”

He is really skilled, he definitely knows how to insert his huge cock.

Thanks to all the trouble he went through last night, he quickly and languidly put his massive head inside of me with no much effort.

Reflexively, my vagina tightened up and clamped down on his cock.

I could hear the sound of him sexily gasping for air.

“Tanuki-chan, if you tighten this much, I will come right away.”

“Nnnn~, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no!”

No more cumming inside me, absolutely not!

As I let out a huffing breath and consciously relaxed my pussy, Oniichan’s cock, without a moment’s pause, jerked through my vaginal wall and went deep inside me.

Then the long, slow, wet strokes began. The slower he moved, the more I felt the shape of his cock inside me.

“Oh, God, no, uh, no, no, no, no, no…”

“What’s wrong? Doesn’t it feel good to do it bareback? Come on Tanuki-chan, I’ll rock your world!”


1 Vaginal discharge.
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    Thank you for the translating this (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤


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