The Raccoon Got Eaten By The Dragon
The Raccoon Got Eaten By The Dragon Chapter 2.4

Within seconds, he had found the right spot, and although he stopped his own hips, he rocked mine up and down, left and right. Oh, no, it felt so good to have his big shaft hitting different places again. Even if I thought I shouldn’t, every time it hits a good spot, I squeeze it tighter and tighter.

I’m afraid of Oniichan cock that kept increasing in volume each time.

“It feels good… it’s really delicious being inside of you, Tanuki-chan. It’s warm and soft, but sometimes it squeezes me so hard it hurts… do you want my seed that badly?”

No, no, no! No, no, no, not your seeds! !!!!

“No…Not…Don’t…No…Don’t…Oh, oh, oh, hmm… oh…I beg you, I beg you.”

“Ha ha, begging? Cute… what should I do? Call my name, little raccoon and I’ll think about not coming inside of you. That way maybe I will think about it.”

“Nngh, mmm, ah, wai..t…”

The backs of my knees got lifted up and my body was folded over. Oniichan’s glossy face was so close that our lips almost touched as our hot breath brushed against each other.

“~~~! ~~~ Ah, ah…Fu…Ah…”

Our faces were getting closer but my womb and his cock were much closer inside my pussy. I almost scream as his cock pounded against my uterus in small, steady movements. It felt terrifyingly good, and I could feel physiological tears starting to well up.

“You haven’t forgotten what I have told you this morning, have you[1]he told her his name.? I’ll let it out inside of you if you don’t call my name soon, okay? Hurry Tanuki-chan, it feels so good; I’m almost at my limit.”

No, no, no, don’t let it out. What’s his name? Oniichan’s name!

“Tat-tat-tat, Tatsuomi, Tatsuomi-sama, nun…”

My lips were blocked with a gulp.

His tongue went straight into my mouth and caught mine stirring me wildly into a mess.

The movement of his hips pushing up against my pussy was getting faster and faster, and his handsome face, which was too close and blurred, was strained as if in pain… Wait a minute, wait a minute! Wait! Oniichan[2]He looked like he was about to come.?!

At that moment his lips drew into a sly smile as he finished kissing me passionately.


Oniichan, ugh, you are a liar… !!!! 

“You said you wouldn’t… You said you weren’t going to let it out inside.”

“Mm-hm. Sorry. But I said I’d think about it, didn’t I? I thought it was cute that Tanuki-chan was calling my name, so I let it out after all.”

Oniichan sat on the sofa and held me from behind while I cried bitterly and then apologized to me in a very light tone of voice.

He doesn’t feel bad at all. There’s no heart in his apology at all.

I’ve never heard such a heartless apology… Oh no, I forgot, I did hear the same kind of apology from Fushimi[3]Her ex-boyfriend. yesterday. His ‘sorry’ wasn’t very heartfelt either.

“Look, stop crying. I scraped it out right away, didn’t I?”

Oniichan, who was wiping my hair with the bath towel as if he was wiping a pet’s hair, spread the towel out and then covered my face with it and gently wiped it too.

Indeed… as soon as it was over, I was taken to the bath and scraped out with Oniichan’s fingers, which he relentlessly plunged into my pussy. But I won’t forget that after he cleaned me up, he stuck his dick in me once more because it was nice and loosened up, and then served it to me!

…No, it didn’t happen, I want to forget it. I want to forget that I’ve been served three times in total… three times… how much is that going to be?

I’m really scared of being treated gently like this. If only he would kill me with a quick shot, then I’d be like, ‘YES!!!!’

“Oniichan… how much do I have to pay you…”


I slip out of Oniichan’s loose arms and slide my buttocks down the sofa to face him in our matching bathrobes.

“I’m responsible for eating your offsprings, but, you know, you came inside three times, right! So how much do I have to pay? Preferably, preferably in installments! I’ll pay you! I won’t run away! So, so please spare me the sex life, please save me from prostitution.”

Please! I got down on my knees with all sincerity. I think it’s a perfect prostration that I wouldn’t be ashamed to show anywhere. Ugh, ugh… the silence is scary.

There was a brief, but still rather long, silence leading up to the proclamation of the death sentence when suddenly I heard a small laugh… hmmm? A laugh?

When I looked up in horror at the source of laughter that was getting louder and louder, I saw Oniichan holding his mouth and stomach, his shoulders shaking.


“Oh, that’s funny. You really are a funny little raccoon. Am I so money hungry that I would sell my baby seeds though Tanuki-chan?”

“Yeah, but, but, because, you talked about taking responsibility.”

“I said I’ll take responsibility, but you were not interested, so I was just being a little mean to you.”


1 he told her his name.
2 He looked like he was about to come.
3 Her ex-boyfriend.

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