The Raccoon Got Eaten By The Dragon
The Raccoon Got Eaten By The Dragon Chapter 2.5

So you’re saying that the handsome Oniichan was only joking when he said I should take responsibility? Ah~, that’s good! My tears suddenly retracted and the world brightened up immediately.

I have to tell him that I’m not being modest and that I really don’t want him to take responsibility for me either!

 And I have to make a beautiful memory of this wonderful meeting and get out of this flat safely!

Mum! My dear mother! Meiko, this New Year’s Day is coming home! I have to call her when I get back to my place and tell her I’m looking forward to her Ozoni! No, I’ll call her the moment I leave this flat!

“Tanuki-chan, you’re smiling all of a sudden… were you that worried about having to pay?”

Leaning towards me, Oniichan’s hand reaches out and strokes my cheeks, which are relaxed in a smiley and carefree way.

I was worried, I was sure I was going to be sold into the sex industry. Oniichan’s attitude in the morning was no joke! I don’t care if he’s just a manly man, but as a man with a magnificent dragon on his back, he should think about the influence of his words on a little girl who is just a company employee.

“Yes!! Oh, no, but, you see, Oniichan. You know as for being responsible for…”

“Responsibility… you’ll let me take it, won’t you?”


I felt Oniichan’s eyes glaze over as he interrupted me. I received his gaze and froze as if I had turned to stone.

“There’s no way you’re going to humiliate me by refusing to accept the responsibility that I, here, am willing to take on…is there?”

“Well, you know ~… hahaha. If something happens, of course I’ll have Oniichan take responsibility!”

Ugh, uuuu~ oh no!! Damn, stupid Meiko, stupid and a coward, so unenthusiastic!

But I can’t refuse! I can’t imagine what would happen if I humiliate him, I can’t say it~!

With a shrug and a stroke on my cheek, I dropped my gaze dejectedly to the rug with a dry laugh, hoping that the once again scary Oniichan had left the sofa.

Ugh, I feel like the tears I’ve been holding back are about to spill out…

“I’m worried that you might be having my baby, so I think Tanuki should move in here for now. …… Takeru? Pack up all the lady’s stuff and bring it all here… ah, I’ll leave it to you to sort things out.”

When I looked up in a panic, Oniichan had already cut the call on the phone in his hand. The luggage…, could it be from my place? What do you mean, eh, eh, eh?

“Oh, my place…”

“Hm? Oh, don’t worry; Takeru’s bringing your stuff now. He’s good at housework in general, so he’ll tidy up nicely.”

The image of a blonde-haired charlatan in a kappogi cleaning up the house comes to my mind.

Wow, Mom! … I mean…!!

“No, no! Well, you know the location of my apartment.”

…How does he know? Oniichan answered my question with a chilling smile.

“You know, Tanuki-chan told the taxi driver yesterday. Well… if you do some digging, you’ll soon figure it out. By the way, are you going back to your parents’ house in Aichi for the New Year’s holiday? It seems you haven’t been back for a few years since you started working, maybe I should take the time to visit them and say hello too.”

Hee, huh! I’ m being investigated somehow! How far did they go in just one day? How far did you investigate me, Oniichan?

The image of my family being entangled by a coiled dragon comes to mind… there are only good-natured raccoon people in my house. Our family is going to be totally annihilated. 

“Hey! I’ll spend the New Year’s Eve and New Year’s day here! I’m not going back to my parents’ house!!!” I raised one hand and declared.

Oniichan narrowed his eyes and laughed quietly, “Well then, let’s spend as much time together as possible.”  

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    Love this story; eagerly awaiting next chapters. Thank you!

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