The Raccoon Got Eaten By The Dragon
The Raccoon Got Eaten By The Dragon Chapter 3.1

3rd chapter quick summary:

The raccoon can’t escape the dragon.

Escape from reality.

Ha ha! That’s me at the moment.

After Christmas, which I really wish was a dream because it was too surreal, I am in the company, a space I am used to, working and breathing to my heart’s content… or rather, I don’t want to think about anything else, so I simply do my job and forget about everything else.

♡♡♡ The raccoon can’t escape the dragon ♡♡♡

After that, Oniichan was like ”Let’s talk some more until Takeru comes”, and I thought it was going to be a verbal discussion, but it turned out to be a very physical one.

Although there was no penetration, it was a very sticky conversation, and I will never forget the subtle look of dismay and pity on the face of the charlatan in a kappogi when I left the bedroom with Oniichan holding my tired body under his arm.

Or should I say… it was right after having sex!

I was so embarrassed that my face was on fire from being seen with my face exposed like that… but it seemed that Takeru-kun wasn’t bothered by it at all.

Yeah, yeah! That’s right! I don’t have a shred of sexiness in me after all!

Then, at a rapid pace, I had the luggage storage area (although there wasn’t much luggage) hastily turned into my room, and with the help of my Chara mother[1]Takeru., I managed to organize my things that had been carried in a short time.

If it had been me alone, I don’t think I would have been able to finish it all.

Thank you, Okaa-san[2]Mom in Japanese and she is talking about Takeru.

Although she said she had brought the bare necessities, I found that I had everything I needed to get by; my Chara mother was indeed a professional at sorting things out.

And so, as soon as Oniichan went out, I asked out loud, “Do you think he thinks I am an animal or something? Don’t you usually carry a women princess style as in your arms?”

Takeru’s only reply was that it was none of his business so….he simply doesn’t care!

Well, Damn! I thought so too!

I wonder why it is that Oniichan always carries me on his shoulder or under his arm when he needs to move me around along with him.

Don’t they have sweet keywords like “carrying a princess in your arms” in gangster[3]Or yakuza movies. movies! Yeah. That’s right! Of course they do.

… Or, at least, so I think.

I pounded my computer keyboard with a single minded determination.

The narrow-eyed, sensitive Section Chief seated at his desk was looking at his subordinate (me) with satisfaction, his already thin eyes almost looking like threads.

“Chief! If you have any other task, let me know, I will gladly do it!”

“Oh! Tanuki-chan. You are very motivated today! I’m very impressed… can I ask you to do this, too?”

“Yes! It’s all right! Please if there’ something I can do to help you guys too, let me know! Today is a day I will be working overtime again!”

I throw a winning punch up in the air and drew a big grin on my face as I sat down in my chair and started tapping away at the keyboard again, spreading warm smiles to my co-workers on the island[4]Working space.

The day after tomorrow is the last day of work, but even though there are no new jobs, thankfully there are many small tasks to be done, such as dealing with paperwork and various preparations for the new year.

Please give me lots of work.

Let me work a lot of overtime, because I don’t want to go home.

I really don’t want to go to that place….

Looking at the lifeless, drooping eyes on the monitor, I let out a soul-less smile.

The regular office hours end at 5:30 p.m., and the current time is about 10:00 p.m…….Meiko Tanuki is working overtime.

There is no one else in the department, and I am probably the only one still in the company at this hour.

In order to conserve electricity, I turned on the light only at my desk and worked with a single index finger… the truth is that I have finished my work a long time ago and this is me just pretending to be on duty.

I couldn’t bring myself to leave, even though I knew it would only buy me a bit of time.

If I wanted, I could stay overnight in the break room. The chairs are a little cramped in width, but I can still manage to sleep in them.

If I could go back to my cramped apartment, I would have been happy to leave the office… I don’t like working overtime, and I don’t want to stay at the office for even a second if I can help it.

My house (apartment), which was small but cozy, is where I lived ever since I moved to Tokyo.

My home (paradise) that I can no longer enjoy.

The place that is now (forcibly) my residence is gorgeous beyond compare especially in contrast to my apartment room, and furthermore, it is provided with a gorgeous and charming man in more ways than one, just like the room itself.

In fact, Oniichan is probably one of the finest men I’ve ever seen.

Good face (Check)

Good body (Check)

From his position as the big boss, he probably has good brains and he is definitely good at sex… Tada~, Tada~, Tada~…. Ah! Let’s go back to work!

Oniichan said he would take responsibility, but if he does take it as in he marries me, what would become of me? What will I be?

Anesan[5]Older sister, in Yakuza that’s what the other subordinates call their Boss’s wife??

Really I will become the Big Miss ???

As my foggy thoughts drifted to the movie “Gokudo”[6]A yakuza movie directed by Kôsaku Yamashita in 1968., the image of a woman suddenly came to my mind.

She was a chubby woman with a raccoon face dressed in a kimono.

She was standing next to her Oniichan, whose dignity and glamour were both sky-high, and in front of them an army of black-clad scary men bowed their heads to them in unison: “Anesan!!”” Anesan!!”


That’s how they called her…

“No, no, no, no, it doesn’t suit her at all.”

Wow, I am shocked.

It really doesn’t suit her.

No, really, no…. In all honesty, that woman’s image is that of the proprietress of a raccoon hot spring deep in the mountains, not an exquisite wife of a highly skilled powerful man.

The drawing is so badly broken, mixing Japanese folktales into the Gekiga style. [7]meaning Tanuki belonged to the Japanese folktales (a weird faced woman living in the mountains) while Tatsuomi belonged to the Gekiga style which is a cinematic art style with mature themes, the … Continue reading

I shook my head to shake off my surrealistic fantasies and let out a sigh and as I continued to mess with my naturally permed and badly coiffed hair my phone suddenly rang.

The troublesome, unaltered default sound echoed through the quiet office room along with the sound of a computer being booted up.

I lowered my gaze and followed the source of the sound to glance at the phone screen that I had left on my desk; I squinted at the name on the display.

Appearing in the center of the screen with a phone symbol is Takeru-kun, Oniichan’s dumb dog, or more fittingly, my Chara-o Kaa-san.


1 Takeru.
2 Mom in Japanese and she is talking about Takeru.
3 Or yakuza movies.
4 Working space
5 Older sister, in Yakuza that’s what the other subordinates call their Boss’s wife
6 A yakuza movie directed by Kôsaku Yamashita in 1968.
7 meaning Tanuki belonged to the Japanese folktales (a weird faced woman living in the mountains) while Tatsuomi belonged to the Gekiga style which is a cinematic art style with mature themes, the protagonist is usually portrayed as this hero like persona.

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