The Sweet Stepmother and her Cute Cubs (70s)
The Sweet Stepmother and her Cute Cubs (70s) Chapter 11

Chapter 11 

In her previous life, Su Xiaoxiao was born in a first-tier city in the 1990s.

With her good family background, naturally, her classmates and friends also had the same status as her.

Many students from rural places who attended college were people she met when she first started college. The gap between urban residents and those living in rural areas, however, was not as wide in the 21st century. In several other regions of the nation, rural communities’ quality of life was even better than that of cities.

As a result, her impression of children from the countryside is based primarily on a short video posted on a social media platform.

She would get depressed whenever she watched videos of left-behind children.  So, she chooses to watch adorable, chubby white cubs. She has watched hundreds of videos of a particular young little cub who delights in devouring food every day and still can’t get enough of it. [1]“Left-behind” children are rural children whose parents work as migrant workers in distant urban areas but cannot afford to keep their families with them.

The most real impression she had was of the children from the Sujia Village. In the village, not eating meat for several months is considered normal. They were satisfied with eating foods that made them full, such as coarse grains such as potatoes, sweet potatoes, and cassava. 

The children ran out to bask in the sun every day, which made their skin tan. Although there are no pinkish-white cute chubby cubs, they are still cute and smart, for example,  Dabao and Xiaobao.

Han Cheng’s son is wearing clothes that are covered with patches and dirt. as if they had just rolled around in the garbage.

Han Cheng held the withered cabbage in his arms. 

No, the cabbage was not even white, the cub’s face was full of snot, and no one knows what that stain was or where it came from. His face was covered in dirt and stains, and aside from that, you can see how thin the child is with just one glance.

Even the other kid who was walking with Han Cheng was not any better. When walking, his right leg looked crippled. His eyes were fully on guard against the world, which is not the eyes that a five-year-old should have.

These two may have been mistaken for beggars who had just been rescued from the dump site by those who didn’t know  what actually happened. They were not the tiny cubs she had imagined!

At least, she thought, the babies in the city couldn’t be worse than Xiaobao.

Su Xiaoxiao wants to cry for no reason. Anyway, she hasn’t received the certificate yet. Is it too late to go back to her words?

Su Xiaoxiao, however, was overcome with sadness as she observed the two cubs.Both cubs looked like Han Cheng, and their facial features were not bad at all, but she did not know how they had come to be in this condition.

It’s no wonder that Zhao Xianfeng was filled with righteous indignation when he talked about Han Cheng’s wife. With such a well-bred cub, who doesn’t feel uncomfortable and who doesn’t want to hit someone?

Zhao Xianfeng scolded Sheng Niang, and his eyes would burst into flames:

“Han Cheng, are these Fantuan and Doubao?!” Zhao Xianfeng looked incredulous.

‘Damn it! Han Cheng’s two sons are beautiful and lovely. Who in the army compound doesn’t want to steal them from Han Cheng? They were fine when I left last year. Why did they turn into lifeless kids in just one year?’

Han Cheng, with a handsome face as cold as ice, naturally won’t answer his questions. He couldn’t blame Zhao Xianfeng, even though he, their father, could hardly recognize their sons.

If it were not against the law to kill, he would have cut the poisonous woman into pieces.

“Han Cheng, you can’t leave without clearing things up!” Zhou Cuihua caught up with them and pulled Han Cheng’s clothes.

Fantuan subconsciously shrank into Han Cheng’s arms.

Su Xiaoxiao sighed and came to take the cub in Han Cheng’s arms away. 

The baby might not look good right now, but his foundation is not bad. He can always sprout when raised slowly, but dirty is still dirty. It’s not very hot today, but she can smell the bad smell coming from the little cub. 

His one-year-old son couldn’t speak yet, so he let Su Xiaoxiao carry Doubao. Doubao’s eyes were big black eyes that were blank and empty. He looked at Su Xiaoxiao blankly, then lowered his eyes. His long eyelashes trembled slightly, and his two small claws, which are black even at the nail seams, were nervously locked together.

Su Xiaoxiao was heartbroken and couldn’t care less about the dirt coming from the baby. 

She pressed Doubao’s little head on her shoulder and caressed his back: “I am your new mother, so don’t be afraid, baby.”

Poor little boy, I hope you won’t develop autism.

Fantuan suddenly broke free from Han Cheng’s hand and kicked Su Xiaoxiao, crying and yelling at her: “Bad woman! Put down, my brother! You can’t sell my brother! Huhu, Dad, don’t sell my brother, sob ugh waa!!!”

Han Cheng hadn’t had time to introduce Su Xiaoxiao to Fantuan, who was already able to understand things. 

He hurriedly bent over to restrain his eldest son, who suddenly broke out and picked him up: “Fantuan, calm down! Her name is Su Xiaoxiao. She is the new mother that your father found for you. She is very good, not a bad woman.”

Fantuan cried more bitterly, “Sob, Dad, I don’t want a new mother, I want to go home. Sob, sob…”

Han Cheng is a proud man. On the battlefield, when the enemy broke three of his ribs, he didn’t snort, and he didn’t shed a single tear, and that man, who was standing in the sky with blood all over his body on the battlefield, was red-eyed at that moment.

“It will be alright. A man must not shed tears. Dad will take you and your brother home now.”

Su Xiaoxiao heard a cry. What is this all about?

However, Zhou Cuihua still tugged Han Cheng’s clothes: “You can’t go. You can’t go without giving me the alimony!”

Damn, how dare you manage Han Cheng’s alimony after raising a good child in this ugly state?

Zhao Xianfeng is not a kind person, and Han Cheng’s identity as a teacher puts Han Cheng on the moral high ground, and he can’t do anything with this poisonous woman.

Zhao Xianfeng stepped forward and pushed the person away, gritting his teeth and saying, “You fucking haunted Han Cheng to send his child here, and you have to take most of Han Cheng’s salary every month to raise his son like this? How dare you care about his money and still ask for alimony? Who the hell are you? Have you raised him for a day? Are you still a fucking human?”

If Zhou Cuihua were a man, Zhao Xianfeng would have swung his fist at this poisonous woman!

No wonder Han Cheng was so anxious to marry a wife and take his sons away.

Zhou Cuihua said righteously, “What’s wrong with the child? He’s fine! Anyway, I don’t care. You insisted on taking the child away, and the alimony can’t be lessened!”

Zhao Xianfeng: “Are you sick? Did you give birth to Han Cheng? Han Cheng only stayed with you for several days, and you dare to make a mountain out of a molehill?  Don’t you have a son? If you’re crazy about money, why don’t you ask your son to give it to you?”

Zhao Xianfeng knows how she treated Han Cheng.

Zhou Cuihua said with a straight face, “I don’t care. He was taught by my husband. He lived in our house and became his godfather. My son is indeed obligated to support me! However, human kindness shouldn’t be forgotten! I helped him take care of his children. It’s understandable if I refused to help him, but I accepted his children! So, my demands are reasonable!”

Zhao Xianfeng is about to die of anger at this unreasonable shrew. Damn it! Maybe the word “reason” doesn’t exist in that shrew’s vocabulary!

“Han Cheng, let’s go to the hospital for an examination first and then go to the police station. We must file a case against this woman for abusing children. Doubao’s injuries are enough to keep her in prison for several years!”

Su Xiaoxiao has never been so angry in her two lives.

She touched Doubao’s hand just now, his bone looks likes it’s broken.

When Su Xiaoxiao lifted Doubao’s clothes, she found bruises of varying degrees on his body. 

Now she is trembling with anger!

Han Cheng looked at the blue and purple bruises on his younger son’s back. He pursed his lips.

With a cold face, he stretched out his hand to lift his older son’s clothes.

Fantuan snorted: “Daddy, it hurts.”

Fantuan’s body had the same blue and purple bruises on it.

The old and new bruises were overlapping each other. These bruises shocked everyone.

Han Cheng’s eyes were red. 

Han Cheng clenched his teeth and wanted to pull out Zhao Xianfeng’s gun and shoot the shrew’s head. 

He turned around and held Zhou Cuihua’s collar. Han Cheng shouted: “Zhou Cuihua, don’t think I’m really afraid of you. Who the hell gave you the confidence to dare hurt my son?”


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1 “Left-behind” children are rural children whose parents work as migrant workers in distant urban areas but cannot afford to keep their families with them.


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