The Sweet Stepmother and her Cute Cubs (70s)
The Sweet Stepmother and her Cute Cubs (70s) Chapter 18

Chapter 18

The minute Han Cheng heard the voice, he looked at Su Xiaoxiao and said, “It’s Zhou Yuhua, she’s Zhao Xianfeng’s wife and Xiao Yu’s mother. She has a bold and strong temperament, but she’s not a bad person.”

Han Cheng didn’t say the latter sentence, which was: Perhaps due to the similar personalities of Zhou Yuhuan and Fantuan’s mother, they have a very good relationship with each other.

Fantuan struggled to get down. “Are Aunt Zhou and Xiao Yu’er here?”

Han Cheng held the little guy and went to the door. “I’ll carry you. Your leg is not fully healed.”

Su Xiaoxiao tidied up her clothes a little, picked up Xiao Doubao, who sat obediently on the stool, and followed Han Cheng out.

Probably because lesbians with the character “Hua” in their names are more open-minded. Zhou Yuhua looks like a very sharp northern girl with a heroic appearance. She is half a head taller than Su Xiaoxiao, who is about 1.6 meters tall. She looks very heroic in her military uniform.

It’s just that, her valiant and formidable appearance was toned down because of the bamboo basket for washing rice in one hand and Xiao Yue in her other hand. 

“Director Han, we heard from Zhao Xianfeng that you brought a mother back to Fantuan?” 

When Zhou Yuhua saw the cub in Han Cheng’s arms, she was stunned for a moment and began to scold him. “When I asked you to let me take care of Fantuan and Doubao, you didn’t listen to me! Now, look at what they’ve become. They are far too small for Xiao Yu! I can’t help but feel distressed when I look at them. Fantuan, come here, let Auntie hug you.”

Zhou Yuhua put the bamboo basket on the top of the wall, released Xiao Yu’s hand, and reached out to embrace Fantuan.

Coincidentally, Han Cheng and Zhao Xianfeng were classmates in the military school, and Zhou Yuhua and Fantuan’s mother, Yangmei, were also classmates in college, so the two families have a very good relationship. 

When Yang Mei passed away, Zhou Yuhua said that she wanted to take the two children and raise them first, and then she would give them back to Han Cheng when Han Cheng found a suitable partner.

Han Cheng disagreed. The old man in Zhao Xianfeng’s family is not in good health. They are already busy at work. Whenever the old man’s health became too poor, they would bring him to the hospital. And every time that happens, Zhou Yuhua has to take her children with her when she goes to work. How could he bother them??

However, Han Cheng also regretted it. He had to go to his mission in a hurry and wasn’t able to think about the matter carefully. 

Zhou Cuihua came to his house with a kind face. She said that she would take care of the children for him, and he believed her lies, which was a huge mistake.

No wonder Zhou Yuhua was so angry. Thinking back now, he should have put the child in Zhou Yuhua’s home and immediately found a nanny to help Zhou Yuhua take care of his two sons.

Han Cheng didn’t expect that he would be injured so badly. If he hadn’t taken a few months’ rests, he would have found out that Zhou Cuihua was not good for the children.

But in this way, he could not meet Su Xiaoxiao, and probably would accept the organization’s arrangement, either to find someone in the art troupe or Zhou Yuhua’s hospital.

Han Cheng thought that no matter how hard he searched, no one could be more suitable than Su Xiaoxiao, so it was balanced.

Fantuan was clever and had a good memory. He naturally recognized Zhou Yuhua and automatically and consciously extended his hand to her.

As soon as the baby arrived, Zhou Yuhua began to scold him again: “This body is just skin and bones, and I’m afraid when you hold his hands tightly, it will hurt him. He will be sent to our hospital tomorrow. I will find a pediatrician to check him carefully. This malnutrition will affect his brain development, and he may not be able to keep up with the kids when he goes to school.”

Han Cheng: “He has been examined at the provincial hospital, and they said he’s fine. He just needs to recuperate slowly.”

Zhou Cuihua can be regarded as Zhou Yuhua’s distant relative who was out of five clothes. For the sake of Political Commissar Tan, she reluctantly called her aunt. To be honest, she didn’t have any affection for or interaction with her. “That distant aunt of mine is just… How can she abuse a small child like this? Is she not afraid of retribution? “

Zhou Yuhua’s mouth was really powerful. When she entered the room, she kept talking nonstop. Han Cheng was wrong and could only listen.

Xiao Yu pulled Zhou Yuhua’s clothes, raised his head, and said, “Mom, you talk a lot. Put down Fantuan quickly. I want to play with him.”

Zhou Yuhua put down Fantuan, looked at his son, who was half a head taller than Fantuan and looked at the thin Fantuan. She became even more distressed. “Be careful. Give Fantuan some of your milk candy.”

Xiao Yu: “Mom, you are so wordy!” Then he took his good brother to the corner to play.

Su Xiaoxiao thought, Zhao Xianfeng, who had such a powerful wife, praised her for being powerful—isn’t that ironic?

Zhou Yuhua naturally noticed Su Xiaoxiao and remembered that her man had praised her all the time. He said that she was a female tiger and that other people’s wives were gentle and modest. Just remembering it, made Zhou Yuhua angry. She originally wanted to give Su Xiaoxiao a hard time, but when she saw the delicate female comrade, looking at her with a smile, Zhou Yuhua couldn’t help but lower her eyebrows and subconsciously tone down her voice, afraid that she might scare her for talking loudly.

Zhou Yuhua asked Han Cheng, “Is this your newly married wife?”

Han Cheng nodded and said, “My wife, Su Xiaoxiao.”

Su Xiaoxiao took two steps forward and said, “Hello, Sister Zhou, I’m Su Xiaoxiao. No wonder Zhao Xianfeng always looked proud when I mentioned you. You are indeed heroic.”

Han Cheng: “…” Can the words “female tiger” still be explained like this?

Every time Zhao Xianfeng mentioned Zhou Yuhua, she would call her a female tiger.

Zhou Yuhua said angrily, “He called me a female tiger, right?”

Su Xiaoxiao shook Xiao Doubao’s little hand and said, “How can there be such a beautiful tiger? Right, Xiao Doubao, come and call Aunt Zhou, Aunt Zhou.”

Su Xiaoxiao unconsciously taught Xiao Doubao to talk. The one-and-a-half-year-old child can’t say anything except “Uh-Uh”, which is quite worrying.

Zhou Yuhua frowned. “Is this Xiao Doubao? I want to scold that woman with the surname Zhou again. Come on, Doubao, hug Auntie.”

Xiao Doubao naturally did not recognize Zhou Yuhua. He shook his head vigorously and wrapped his arms around Su Xiaoxiao’s neck.

Su Xiaoxiao was afraid he might hurt her feelings and said. “He’s still shy with strangers. It will be fine in two days.”

Zhou Yuhua doesn’t know what to say. Su Xiaoxiao hasn’t known Xiao Doubao for a few days, has she? Who is a stranger?

“It turns out, he likes to stick with you.”

Su Xiaoxiao rubbed the little guy’s cheek and put him down. “Our little man is not clingy. Go and play with our brothers. Fantuan, you and Doubao have eaten too much milk candy today, so you can’t eat any more than that.”

Fantuan, who had just pushed a piece of toffee into his mouth, came to pick up his younger brother with puffy cheeks and said, “Mom, I promise this is the last one.”

Xiao Doubao looked at his mother, then at his brother. In the end, he still followed his brother with a flat mouth.

Zhou Yuhua’s eyes were wide open “In the past, Fantuan was not so obedient, even when Yang Mei was still here. He was a little naughty like our family’s Xiao Yu.”

Han Cheng didn’t want to join their conversation, so he took the initiative to enter the kitchen.

Su Xiaoxiao changed the topic and said, “Today, I have marinated some pig intestines and bone soup. Later, you and Xiao Yu will stay here to taste my skills.”

Zhou Yuhua then remembered the fragrance of the food that made her greedy. “It’s a pig’s large intestine? It doesn’t smell like it. I thought it was something good. Pig’s large intestine is stinky. People here don’t like it. How can you make it so delicious?”

Su Xiaoxiao: “It’s very simple. When marinating, you can add some seasonings like pepper and anise. You can taste them.”

These days, people don’t even want to add two drops of oil to what they are cooking. Su Xiaoxiao was also extravagant enough to give up these things.

Zhou Yuhua glanced at her. ” You do know how to eat…”

Su Xiaoxiao said half-jokingly, ” Before I married Han Cheng, I asked him if he would take care of the food and if I could eat meat. I told him I wouldn’t marry him if I missed a meal.”

Han Cheng, who was moving the pig’s intestines, paused. My wife is a little careless. How can she tell outsiders about this? What would the outsiders think of her?

Zhou Yuhua said something but didn’t know what to say. At last, she just said, “You are honest.”
Su Xiaoxiao: “It’s normal. When marrying a man, you must dress warmly and eat well. ” [1]嫁汉嫁汉,穿衣吃饭嘛. – This is an old, traditional way of thinking, which means that when marrying, you must find a man who is responsible, who can earn money, who can dress you warmly, … Continue reading

Zhou Yuhua became speechless.

When it was time for dinner, Zhou Yuhua really didn’t know what to say anymore!

“Han Cheng, you are married to the chef of a state-owned restaurant, right? This is superb craftsmanship. Your wife is worth marrying!” Zhou Yuhua gives Su Xiaoxiao a thumbs up.

The color of the fat sausage is attractive, and the sauce is soft and glutinous. After eating a mouthful of meat, you can’t help swallowing it with your tongue. The key is that even children can easily bite it off. Handmade noodles are paired with milk-like bone soup, and you can taste a few drops of oil she put on it and a spoonful of brine on it. It has all the color, flavor, and taste.

Not to mention, even chefs in state-owned restaurants do not necessarily have this skill.

A bowl of fat sausage noodles completely conquered Zhou Yuhua. She was already very fond of Su Xiaoxiao after some contact, which directly promoted their relationship to the rank of girlfriends.

Zhou Yuhua has completely forgotten that she came to give Su Xiaoxiao a hard time.

Han Cheng tasted Su Xiaoxiao’s braised pork once in Sujia Village. He knows that her craft is good. This time, the pig’s large intestine dish she made is also amazing. In this era when eating clear water noodles is a luxury, it is impossible to describe the soup made from bones that could match the noodles with braised pork sausage.

The ingredients this time are really good. Although there are not as many seasonings as in her previous life, the quality of ingredients this time is different. Su Xiaoxiao herself thinks it is very delicious.

The children couldn’t stop eating.

Before leaving, Su Xiaoxiao asked Zhou Yuhua to take a bowl to bring back to Zhao Xianfeng.

Su Xiaoxiao cooked a lot, and Zhou Yuhua didn’t act pretentious with her, and directly brought a lot of things with her. She also told Su Xiaoxiao, she can pick vegetables in her yard at any time.
Zhou Yuhua’s son, Xiao Yu, was also completely conquered by Su Xiaoxiao’s cooking. He refused to go home, clamoring to stay with his Uncle Han, to be brothers with Fantuan, to recognize Su Xiaoxiao as his godmother, and to continue to eat here tomorrow. 

In the end, he was dragged away by Zhou Yuhua.

Strictly speaking, Zhou Yuhua is Su Xiaoxiao’s first friend in this era. It’s always good, to be honest with others. Su Xiaoxiao believes that sincerity can be exchanged for sincerity.

It was also time to clean up again. 

It was more than nine o’clock in the evening after four people in the family had boiled water and washed. 

It was almost time for the children to go to bed.

There are four rooms in the family, including the utility room, the guest room, the wedding room of Han Cheng and Yangmei, and a room for children.

During the day, Han Cheng was asked to wash the quilt; now there is only one clean quilt. Is it possible for the whole family to squeeze into one quilt?


1 嫁汉嫁汉,穿衣吃饭嘛. – This is an old, traditional way of thinking, which means that when marrying, you must find a man who is responsible, who can earn money, who can dress you warmly, and who can carry the burden for the family. Feel free to correct me, please.


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  1. Face-con has spoken 2 months ago

    I think it is strange how she easily accepted MC. I have had a situation where the person I know divorced his wife and married another. At that time interacting with his new wife I felt really awkward. Even though I was not close with them.
    BTW example of elaon mask in the name of the comment section, got me a laugh 😅

    • Nixie has spoken 4 weeks ago

      I think it’s easier since he is widowed not divorced. Since you can still sometimes see/interact with the wife he divorced it’s more awkward. But in the story the wife died so it’s easier to accept the new wife.


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