The Sweet Stepmother and her Cute Cubs (70s)
The Sweet Stepmother and her Cute Cubs (70s) Chapter 23.2

Chapter 23.2

On the morning of the next day, Han Cheng and Su Xiaoxiao almost got up at the same time to go shopping early. They both woke up early.

Su Xiaoxiao bent her eyes, and her smile was as warm as the sun just rising from the sea level. “Good morning, Comrade Han Cheng.”

“Good morning.” Han Cheng thought to himself; How can there be such a female comrade who smiles all the time? Having a bad mood was rare when it came to her.

Han Cheng set the fire. 

Su Xiaoxiao was going to make a simple egg pancake. The process was very simple; you mixed the flour, eggs, and shrimp skin, then cooked it in the pan. The shrimp skin was sent by Zhou Yuhua. Unfortunately, there were no scallions, and there was not enough oil; otherwise, it could have tasted better. 

Even with the limited ingredients, the combination of flour, eggs, and shrimp skin is already very delicious.

This reminded Su Xiaoxiao about her family in Sujia Village again. Their lives in the village were much harder than hers here. She was not even sure whether her mother had listened to her advice about not saving too much money, and eating meat several times a week.

Su Xiaoxioa mentioned it again in the letter, but she doesn’t know whether her mother would listen to her or not.

However, there is one thing that Su Xiaoxiao couldn’t understand. Her eldest brother and sister-in-law are well-paid workers who qualify for food and meat stamps. Although they don’t earn a lot, it’s enough for them to buy some meat and vegetables for the family every week. Unexpectedly, they can only buy meat when they come back from vacation every month. 

According to her mother, her eldest brother would give the family a little money every month. Though the amount of the money given by them was still unknown to Su Xiaoxiao.

Perhaps it was also because of her eldest brother and second brother’s separation. 
When they separated, the eldest brother moved out and the second brother still stayed with their parents.

How can there be no conflicts when you have a big family? Even Su Xiaoxiao herself will be relatively partial to Xiaobao.

Su Xiaoxiao, who had been a salted fish for nearly 30 years in her previous life, wanted to help her parents and relatives by reforming and opening up the policy. She knew her mother’s character, if she took Han Cheng’s money and gave it to her mother, she would certainly reject it.

“It’s going to be overcooked.”

The man’s voice brought Su Xiaoxiao back to reality. She was distracted for a while and forgot that she was still cooking. She quickly turned over the omelet.

“Han Cheng, if I go to work, what kind of easy job can I do to take care of my two young children and earn money at the same time?” 

Su Xiaoxiao knows herself. She was still that salted fish in her previous life. She had never worked a tiring job in her two lives. When thinking about getting a job, she always thought that it should be an easy job.

Han Cheng took a clean bowl and put it aside. He looked at her and asked, “Is the money at home not enough?”

She didn’t seem to buy anything, except better food. Her clothes were even bought from the Sujia Village, which didn’t cost much.

“Or is there something that you want to buy?” Han Cheng asked again.

Su Xiaoxiao shook her head, “Fantuan is a very smart kid. I taught him how to count yesterday, and he learned it in no time. Today, I went to buy some books and pencils to teach him to write. I will enlighten him first to supplement the lacking knowledge he’s supposed to learn in preschool. When everything’s settled, I will transfer him to the first grade. Then I can go to work, it’ll be too hard for you to raise a family alone. Help me pay attention to clerical work. Having shifts is also good, or a workplace where I am allowed to bring Doubao with me, anyway, Doubao is an obedient kid.

Fantuan was too smart. Sending him to preschool and having him spend a year there for enlightenment will be a waste of time. If the teacher’s words are too simple, he may not be able to sit still, or even be naughty. Then the teacher may think that he is not obedient. 

He’s way smarter. Teach him something and he will remember it, and if the teacher repeats the same topic for the other students, he will be distracted and won’t listen to it anymore. This common blunder slowed the development of many bright children.
Su Xiaoxiao plans to enlighten Fantuan by herself and cultivate his learning interests and habits first; then, what follows will be easier.

It would be great if Fantuan was a few years older, maybe she could take the college entrance examination with him and go to the same university. Those, however, were fleeting thoughts. Fantuan is still a child, a ten-year-old at that. She is not in favor of depriving children of their childhood, even if he is smart.

There are nurseries in the army, but Doubao was too small to speak. Su Xiaoxiao wants to raise him herself for her peace of mind.

Su Xiaoxiao’s plan is very considerate. Even if Yangmei is still there, she may not be as thorough as Su Xiaoxiao when it comes to the children’s life plans.

Han Cheng doesn’t know what to say anymore. Just like her, he patted her on the head with a big hand: “The public relations team will like to meet you. They are very short of talents, especially young talents who have both imagination, calligraphy, and painting skills.”

Su Xiaoxiao has already baked the last egg pancake and put it on the plate before saying, ” The public relations team? Is it the same as the Art Troupe? Or is that just one of the departments belonging to the Art Troupe? Do I need to perform in the countryside and make a speech on the stage to promote?”

She doesn’t want to go to the countryside to perform. Su Xiaoxiao was a homestay girl in her previous life. Although she doesn’t have any social phobias, she would still refuse to go to the countryside to make a speech and perform. First, she didn’t like the job, and second, she couldn’t take care of her family.

Han Cheng thought for a moment and explained briefly: “They are all part of the logistics propaganda work. The division of labor is different. Professional song and dance skits are the work of the Art troupe. The propaganda team is responsible for making speeches in the countryside, and there are also civilian positions. Do you see that the army has many brochures and blackboard newspapers? Civilian personnel is responsible for designing brochures and blackboard newspapers. They will be replaced only when new propaganda tasks are assigned.”

Han Cheng saw Su Xiaoxiao’s letter from home last night and thought that it would be a shame for such a talented person to stay at home and take care of the children. However, he was worried that she would be too tired after doing so much work. If Su Xiaoxiao did not take the initiative to ask for work, Han Cheng would not mention it.

Su Xiaoxiao nodded with bent eyes. “That’s okay. If possible, I’ll apply for this position. It would be good if I could work flexibly and take Doubao to work. When he is older, I can teach him to write and draw. But you have to say to them that I can’t stay at work eight hours a day. My focus is still on our small family. I have to take care of you and the children. You are busy at work, and we must have one person to focus on our family affairs. We have two naturally intelligent babies, we must nurture them well.”

Han Cheng thought that Su Xiaoxiao was probably the most reassuring wife in the world. How fortunate is he? The best revolutionary partner can only be like this, and no one can top her.

Egg pancakes continued to win the praise of the three men in the family, but Su Xiaoxiao still thought that egg pancakes without scallions were soulless. She thinks that nothing can be planted in the vegetable garden at home, but she must plant scallions and garlic, and of course, you can’t miss pepper.

After breakfast, Han Cheng asked Su Xiaoxiao what to buy today.

The two of them thought of going to the market, so they decided to go together at an earlier time. Remembering what happened yesterday made Su Xiaoxiao’s head hurt.

“Take the children with you. The white radish brought by Xiao Yu’s mother hasn’t been eaten yet. Let’s buy a fish and braise it.”

Su Xiaoxiao wants to buy some meat, but it seems that no one has eaten as frequently as this. So she asked Han Cheng, “Han Cheng, is it okay for our family to buy a big fish and meat? Will someone report that our lifestyle was too extravagant?” 

Su Xiaoxiao has seen these problems in period dramas and novels. She is not sure about the definition of corruption in this era.

Han Cheng shook his head: “It’s not that serious. We didn’t steal or rob anyone’s money. It was my salary and bonus that were used. As long as we don’t waste food, there’s no problem.”

Su Xiaoxiao felt relieved and said, “We will divide into two groups later, I will buy Fantuan’s stationery and some small things. And you will buy fish and meat, and you will buy the meat you like. We will eat fish at noon and meat at night.”

Fantuan disagreed, saying, “Mom, why don’t you ask my opinion? I like sweet and sour pork chops!”

Su Xiaoxiao pinched the smart kid’s face and said, “Dad is the head of the family. Let’s take turns buying what we like. For today, let’s choose what Dad likes. Tomorrow, let’s buy what Fantuan likes, and the day after tomorrow, it’s Doubao’s turn. Is that okay with you?”

Fantuan nodded: “Mm-hmm. I agree. What Doubao will choose is up to me. I can buy what I like for two days!”
Su Xiaoxiao laughed: This baby…

He turned around and ran to Han Cheng to discuss with him: “Dad, can we make a deal? We’ll buy what I like today, and you can choose what you like to eat tomorrow. I miss sweet and sour pork ribs so much!”

Han Cheng: “…. No.” I only ordered a meat coupon for one month, and didn’t we eat it yesterday? It’s not good to eat too much today, or else people would notice it. Generally, buying fish and meat that don’t require meat tickets doesn’t attract so much attention.

Even if Han Cheng agreed or didn’t agree, Fantuan was not angry at all. Anyway, having meat to eat already made him happy.

Han Cheng held the Doubao, while Su Xiaoxiao led Fantuan, and the family of four came to the vegetable market in a mighty way.

Today was still the same as the previous days, the market was still crowded. 

The couple went shopping separately.

Su Xiaoxiao first took Fantuan to the supply and marketing bureau to buy the stationery he needs for his study. She let Fantuan choose by himself.

The little guy was so happy.  He wanted pencils, erasers, notebooks, pencil cases…everything.

The employee recognized Su Xiaoxiao and asked her, “Isn’t your child not old enough to go to school? Aren’t you buying these things so soon?”

Su Xiaoxiao patted Fantuan’s head and said, “He is small, but he will be six years old after the New Year.”

Fantuan nodded: “I am six years old!”

Staff: “That’s hard to tell.”

A lark-like voice sounded from the side: “Are you Fantuan?”

Su Xiaoxiao and Fantuan turned around at the same time and saw a beautiful female comrade with a tall figure, fashionable clothes, and lipstick.

Fantuan’s eyes tingled, “Aunt Xue?”

Jiang Xue didn’t expect that it was Fantuan. If he didn’t have a similar voice, she would hardly recognize him.
Jiang Xue pulled him closer and looked at him: “Why are you here alone? Where is your father?”

“My father bought meat. I’m not alone. I came with my Mom.” Fantuan replied crisply.

Jiang Xue’s expression changed slightly: “Mom?”

Cheng Lifang, who appeared out of nowhere, held her son, who was hit in the head by Fantuan last night and then said, “You just came back from the show and didn’t know. I was just going to tell you that Han Cheng has remarried and married a rural girl.”

Cheng Lifang’s voice fell, and Jiang Xue’s face became as white as her name at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Su Xiaoxiao blinks. Cheng Lifang is everywhere. It seems that Comrade Zhao Xianfeng didn’t lie to her. Comrade Han Cheng is a hot potato, but there are too many female comrades in this military region who like Han Cheng.



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