The Sweet Stepmother and her Cute Cubs (70s)
The Sweet Stepmother and her Cute Cubs (70s) Chapter 25.2

Chapter 25.2 

After this delay, Su Xiaoxiao had to jog all the way home.

There are more channels to improve food. It is always good not to go to the market every day. She just wondered how people set her up as a greedy wife of Han Cheng.

When she returned home, Han Cheng came out of the room with his cufflinks clasped in one hand. Su Xiaoxiao was relieved to see that he had not left. The children were too small to be left behind without anyone watching them.

Su Xiaoxiao put down the things in her hand and went forward to help Han Cheng straighten his collar while telling him what had just happened.

Han Cheng slightly raised his head so it would be easier for her to sort it out. 

Listening to Su Xiaoxiao’s description, he probably knew who she was talking about: “It should be the Zhuzhi family. His father was a hero who died on the battlefield. His mother remarried, leaving only the grandparents and grandchildren in the family. The army gave them their pension every month, so their life shouldn’t be so difficult, but you can keep the things when they are delivered, and it doesn’t matter if you pay a little more.”

Su Xiaoxiao was stunned: “It turns out that they are orphans of martyrs. He was in the first grade of primary school. If Fantuan transferred classes at the beginning of the year, he would be Fantuan’s classmate?”

Fantuan is one or two years younger than them. It is reasonable to start school next September and have to go to preschool first. But at this time, it will not be so strict. It is not a big problem for him to keep up with the homework and go directly to the first grade. If Fantuan’s learning progress continues to be ahead of that of his classmates, he may be asked to skip another grade. In short, teach students according to their aptitude and do not delay them.

“Oops, I talked too much and caused a delay. It’s getting late. You should go quickly.” Su Xiaoxiao pushed the man out.

Han Cheng nodded and tilted his head slightly. 

Su Xiaoxiao understood, she smiled and stood on tiptoe to give him a goodbye kiss.

Han Cheng pursed his lips and went out of their house, feeling particularly good.
If he hadn’t met Doctor Chen at the door, he would be in a better mood.

Doctor Chen blushed, rubbed his eyes for a long time, and said, “…”

He couldn’t believe his eyes. In broad daylight, Director Han let his wife kiss him and smiled so brilliantly!

Doctor Chen was disillusioned, and Director Han’s lofty image, which was comparable to Mount Everest in his mind, was also shattered.

He never thought that he would see such a scene from Han Cheng!!

“Does Xiaoxiao still have a sister or cousin? A cousin can do, too.” Doctor Chen finally asked. He also wanted a sweet and gentle wife like Su Xiaoxiao!

“No! Let me say it again, please be mindful of the effects of your actions and words! You shouldn’t call her Xiaoxiao. Call her sister-in-law or Comrade Su!” Han Cheng resumed his usual expressionless face.

‘It is impossible for me to introduce someone to you.’ Han Cheng thought. ‘Only when I have a problem in my head can I be your brother-in-law.’

“Ah?” Dr. Chen suddenly realized and repeatedly apologized, “I’m sorry, Director Han, I don’t mean to offend you, but I just want Xiao… My sister-in-law looks too kind, like the sister next door.”

“She is older than you!” Han Cheng interrupted him.

“Ah?” Dr. Chen was shocked. “My sister-in-law looks like she’s in her early twenties.”

“This is not something that you ask casually.” Han Cheng continued.

Doctor Chen finally shut his mouth.

“By the way, there is a task of popularizing health knowledge and family planning science before the year ends. It would take you a month or two to go to the countryside. Do you have any questions?” Han Cheng asked.

Doctor Chen’s real name is Chen Aimin. He has been assigned less than a year after graduation from the Workers, Peasants, and Soldiers University. He is still a junior and still in the internship period.

Han Cheng was not so narrow-minded as to send him to the countryside to avenge his grudge. Generally, when they have a task like this, they have to send someone from the obstetrics and gynecology department to go with the public relations team. 

However, this year, the department of gynecology and obstetrics was very busy and couldn’t pull people from the department. Chen Aimin, as his name suggests, is very enthusiastic and close to people, and can easily mix with everyone. General knowledge of health and family planning is the basic skill of every doctor. Han Cheng, the director of the department, also needs to take the scheduling of manpower into account. Han Cheng will not force him if he doesn’t want to.

Dr. Chen was very happy: “I am willing to accept the test of the Party and the people, and I will complete the tasks assigned to me by the leaders!”

When the leader assigned tasks to him, didn’t that mean that the leader wanted to train and test him?

Han Cheng nodded with satisfaction: “I believe you can do well, Comrade Chen Aimin.”

Doctor Chen turned his head into a chicken pecking at rice: “I will live up to the trust of the leader! When I get back, I will memorize the information thoroughly and recite it to you. Director Han, I have to race against time to study, so I won’t wait for you, I’ll take a step first.”

Then, Han Cheng saw a figure flash past his side quickly; it soon turned into a shadow and disappeared in the lane ahead.

Han Cheng nodded with satisfaction.

However, Chen Aimin’s words did remind him that in the future, he should ask his wife to kiss him inside the house, and not in the yard to prevent other people from making them the topic of their gossip.

Back at work, Han Cheng went to the logistics department first and reported the physical condition of the two children in their family. He said that he might need to supplement his nutrition during this period and that his wife’s cooking was also good, even if he was afraid of causing disputes with neighbors.

The leader of the Logistics Department understood that it was not a corrupt act to eat well with his labor income, which reassured Han Cheng.

Consequently, when Han Cheng asked whether he could exchange his industrial tickets and daily necessities tickets for meat tickets and cloth tickets, the leaders also readily agreed.

The number of tickets issued to each person every month was not much, and people would exchange them according to their needs at ordinary times, which is very normal.

The kind-hearted aunt in the office also asked him if he needed a milk powder ticket, saying that her grandson’s wife had enough milk and that the child didn’t need to increase the amount of milk he drinks for the time being.

Han Cheng thanked her on the spot for exchanging her milk powder tickets for other tickets.

In this way, the whole military hospital knows that the children of Director Han’s family are particularly thin and need to be supplemented with nutrition.

There are no secrets in small places, and the speed of information dissemination was also fast. Everyone knows a little about the two children. All the single comrades have extra tickets that they don’t need at the moment, so, they are willing to exchange them for Han Cheng.

Han Cheng thanked them one by one and exchanged them for better tickets.

Su Xiaoxiao promised Fantuan to teach him to write yesterday. After the brothers took a nap, Su Xiaoxiao first taught Fantuan to write Arabic numbers from one to ten.

When Fantuan did his homework, Su Xiaoxiao began to peel persimmons.

Xiao Doubao came to stare at Su Xiaoxiao’s cut persimmons and then went to his brother to make trouble. Finally, he sat down to arrange the persimmons in a row, like his brother did yesterday.

Su Xiaoxiao discovered that, even though Doubao can’t speak, he was very smart in other aspects. After watching Fantuan arrange the persimmons yesterday, he could arrange one row of ten persimmons today. Nothing more, and nothing less, it’s exactly ten. 

At first, Su Xiaoxiao thought it was a coincidence, so she took one of the ten persimmons Doubao had arranged to peel.

As a result, Xiao Doubao added one.

The second time, Su Xiaoxiao quietly took two, and Xiao Doubao carefully filled in the two missing persimmons.

The third time, Su Xiaoxiao took five directly, and Xiao Doubao also took another five persimmons to fill the gap.

Su Xiaoxiao was surprised. They all said that children who speak late have great wisdom. Could it be that Xiao Doubao is a smarter child than Fantuan?

“You are a smart Xiao Doubao,” Su Xiaoxiao said, kissing his serious little face.
Xiao Doubao knows that Su Xiaoxiao was complimenting himself, and his big black and white eyes were bent into small crescent moons.

Su Xiaoxiao encouraged him: “Can Doubao make another row?”

Xiao Doubao got up and ran to pick up persimmons. There was another row behind the first row of persimmons. There were exactly ten of them, no more, no less, and they were neatly arranged.

Su Xiaoxiao gave him a thumbs up: “Our baby is great!”

Xiao Doubao raised his smiling face, and his white teeth were particularly dazzling in the sun.

Su Xiaoxiao felt that her worries were unnecessary. Han Cheng and Yang Mei are both intelligent. How can their children be stupid? Speaking a bit later is not a big problem since he had no problem with his vocal cords. Children will naturally talk when they are willing to speak. Guiding them was enough.


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