The Sweet Stepmother and her Cute Cubs (70s)
The Sweet Stepmother and her Cute Cubs (70s) Chapter 31.1

Chapter 31.1

As usual, before the children went to sleep at night, Su Xiaoxiao told them bedtime stories.

The three children slept in a row, and Su Xiaoxiao sat at the end of the bed, telling the children the story of “Little Horse Crosses the River.”

The more Fantuan listened, the more he felt that he was the little pony sent out by his mother’s horse to deliver wheat: “Mom, is this the reason why you started to send me on a mission? Unfortunately, we don’t have a river here; otherwise, I also want to try to determine whether the river is as shallow as Uncle Buffalo said or as deep as the little squirrel said. How about going to Grandma Zhang’s lotus pond and trying it when there is water?”

For the first time, Su Xiaoxiao thought of spanking the little baby’s butt. How did he come up with such a conclusion after listening for quite a while?

“Fantuan, this is just a story. It means that when you encounter something, you can’t just listen to what others say. You need to have your own ideas and mobilize your own brain. Try it for yourself to find out the truth, but it must be done with the assurance that it won’t be dangerous for you. It’s not all about measuring the depth of the river, as the saying goes, do not look down on mountains or the waters. We should be in awe of rivers, lakes, and seas. You must not go into the water without authorization, do you understand?”

Fantuan still disagreed: “Then why can Xiao Zhuzi go to the stream to catch the snails? Isn’t the stream, water?”

Su Xiaoxiao:”……”

Can she say in front of other children that Xiao Zhuzi had no food to eat for his family, so he had no choice but to go to the stream to catch snails? 

Xiao Zhuzi’s calm voice rang out in the dark: “Fantuan, I catch snails because there is no food at home, and the stream is very shallow. It is only as shallow as my calf, and there is no danger.”

Xiao Zhuzi used to hate the river snails very much. His Grandma would put some salt on the snail and let it boil in the water. With salt as the only seasoning, it would be fishy and hard. It was not delicious at all, which made him hate river snails. He didn’t know until today that river snails could still be this delicious.

He was also very grateful to these river snails. If Grandma hadn’t found Aunt Su to exchange for these river snails, he might never have met such a good family in his entire life. He might never meet his first friend, Fantuan, nor would he have the chance to sleep in this house and listen to the stories of the gentle Aunt Su.

“Then Zhuzi, I will go catch the stone snail with you in the future, and then we will ask my mother to cook it for us. Is that okay with you, Mom?”

Su Xiaoxiao hasn’t moved on to their last topic yet, how did this become about food again?

“Not now. Wait until you grow up.” Su Xiaoxiao said the little boy is only five years old. She can’t trust him to play by the stream.

“How long should it be for me to grow up? Can I grow up tomorrow?” Fantuan asked again.

In these past few days, this child was no longer easy to cheat. The bedtime story is no longer a bedtime story, but a bedtime discussion meeting: “Go to bed now, you still have to run with your father in the morning. Wait until your Dad says that Fantuan has grown up.”

“All right.” Xiao Fantuan closed his eyes. He was still obedient.

When Su Xiaoxiao came out of the children’s room and saw that the light in Han Cheng’s room was still on.

Su Xiaoxiao tiptoed over and saw Han Cheng still working at his desk under the light. Probably writing a report or something.

It is said that; hardworking men are the most attractive. Su Xiaoxiao held the door frame open, poked her small head in, and looked at Han Cheng, then retracted to avoid disturbing his work.

Just as Su Xiaoxiao moved back, a man’s deep voice came over: “Is there anything wrong? Come in and let’s discuss it.”

Su Xiaoxiao leaned back with her head tilted. She smiled and shook her head: “It’s fine, good night.”

Han Cheng smiled and said, “Good night.” 

Han Cheng thought: It’s time to urge the officers to approve their marriage quickly.

Su Xiaoxiao has been sleeping with the children for the past few days, and for some reason, she felt somewhat uncomfortable sleeping in the guest room alone tonight, however, she rarely had a calm and silent moment to ponder.

It is only about four years before the college entrance examination resumes. Although the original owner’s foundation is very solid, she was busy every day. If she does not review the past and learn the new, it is easy to forget all the knowledge she learned if she spends all of her time doing these works. It’s not easy for her to find time to study. Besides, she has to go to work. Starting tomorrow, she must make a study plan. Consolidate it every day. After accumulating knowledge for four years, it should not be difficult for her to maintain the level of education the original owner had, and she can at least enter a good university.

If possible, Su Xiaoxiao still wants to go to the capital, or return to her original city life. Anyway, it is more convenient to live in a big city, and they will have more opportunities there. If she had the chance, she planned to bring her Su Family to the capital in the future. From Su Xiaoxiao’s point of view, Dabao and Xiaobao will definitely go to college in the future. But before that, she must get a firm foothold in a city before she can bring them into the capital.

Su Xiaoxiao realized that she had completely regarded them as family members, so she, who was a salted fish, actually thought about the problem from the perspective of the original owner.

As for Han Cheng

The reason why Su Xiaoxiao feels unreal is probably that she was forced to come here step by step. She likes Han Cheng, who is practical, intelligent, hardworking, capable, and knows how to sympathize with her. She thinks this partner is very suitable.

Suitability is such a rare word. It is rarer than love. In her last life, she lived in a highly civilized society. She could not find a suitable partner. So, no matter where she went in the future, she did not intend to separate from Han Cheng, and she could not bear to part with the children. When the time came, she thought, would she take the children to move there, or would she go to school first, and let Han Cheng take care of them and let them stay here for some time?

Su Xiaoxiao thought a lot and found no answer to her questions.

The quality of her sleep this whole night was bound to be very bad.

The next day, when Han Cheng called the children up for morning exercises, Su Xiaoxiao also woke up.

Not only did he take Fantuan to do morning exercise with him today, but he also took little Zhuzi with him. 

He said that little Zhuzi’s father was a great soldier, and like his father, little Zhuzi must have a strong physique so that he can contribute to the country and society like his father in the future.

What can she say? Director Han’s ideological level has reached this height. Su Xiaoxiao can’t refute it. She’d better go and prepare breakfast for these pillars of the country. 


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