The Sweet Stepmother and her Cute Cubs (70s)
The Sweet Stepmother and her Cute Cubs (70s) Chapter 32

Chapter 32

There is a bridge between the military region; on the west and another small town on the east side. 

The residents living in the alleys on both sides of the bridge have taken advantage of their geographical location. They become profiteers at home and secretly resell some things. 

In the era of material scarcity, if you don’t have the money and tickets, you can’t buy things. There were only a few bills allocated to your hands every month, and sometimes even those people who had red armbands had to come here to replenish their goods.

The aunt from Head Rongshu’s family said that she had encountered a man with the red armband in the black market. Supposedly, they are the ones who catch vendors from the black market, but she saw him wearing a hat while covering his mouth and nose, as he bought things in the black market. She couldn’t help but be speechless at what she witnessed.

In short, as long as they are not reported or they spend outrageously, they will sometimes turn a blind eye. After all, it is not easy for anyone to eat and have warm clothes these days.

Zhou Yuhua and Su Xiaoxiao came to an old wooden door and knocked several times; sometimes long and sometimes short, like a secret signal. The old wooden window on the side was pushed open with a “creak,” and a dark head came out. When the person saw Su Xiaoxiao, that person frowned, and then looked at Zhou Yuhua. That person leaned out half of his body from the window to make sure that there were two people outside. 

After confirming that they were the only people, the window creaked as the person closed the window again.

Su Xiaoxiao blinked and looked at Zhou Yuhua; clearly, she couldn’t understand what happened.

Zhou Yuhua patted Su Xiaoxiao’s hand.

Before long, the old wooden door opened, and the thin and dark-skinned middle-aged man waved at them.

Zhou Yuhua pulled Su Xiaoxiao in, and the man quickly closed the door.

The room was dark, and there were no lights. Su Xiaoxiao could not see anything.

Zhou Yuhua was familiar with the road and followed the man.

It wasn’t until he saw the light that Su Xiaoxiao realized that there was something hidden inside.

Gray-haired grandmas came in twos and threes, nimbly shuttled back and forth among the thin threads with shuttles in her hand and foot, and there was a small parting machine with a shape similar to that of a water wheel. Su Xiaoxiao was shocked and looked at Zhou Yuhua. Are these grannies weaving cloth?

Zhou Yuhua nodded.

Just then, the thin- and dark-skinned middle-aged man took out two plain clothes, one gray and the other milky white, but not so white, more like a creamy latte in the 21st century.

Without looking at it, Zhou Yuhua paid directly, and put it in her prepared sack. She pointed at Su Xiaoxiao, and the man nodded. Zhou Yuhua directly pulled Su Xiaoxiao out.

The two men didn’t say a word during the whole journey. Su Xiaoxiao followed Zhou Yuhua through the fog and was foolishly dragged home by Zhou Yuhua.

Along the way, they also specially copied the trails that few people walked on and checked from time to time to see if anyone was following behind them.

People who didn’t know about this wave of operations thought that some underground intelligence joint party had accomplished some great joint tasks.

Su Xiaoxiao didn’t realize until she arrived home that she hadn’t bought oil yet!

After entering the house, Zhou Yuhua closed the door, and even a few children were not allowed in.

At this time, Zhou Yuhua put down the sack, took out two pieces and put them on the table, and said generously, “You can choose one. It’s enough to make a quilt.”

Su Xiaoxiao: “…” 

How can a hard and thick old course cloth be comfortable to use? She just wants to buy 1 kilogram of oil!

“Sister Yuhua, take it back and use it. I won’t use it. Han Cheng was able to obtain cloth tickets by exchanging money with his colleague. It’s better for me to go to the state-owned shopping mall to buy them then.”

Zhou Yuhua said, “Don’t worry about the ugliness of this cloth. It is also good to use it as a mat in the winter. If you think it is too hard, you can polish the surface by hand. After washing it with water a few times, it will be soft. Believe me, you can only buy this today. Xiao Hei will only sell one piece of cloth a year and only sell it to acquaintances. The cloth you buy at the mall will be kept for clothes, and Han Cheng won’t have enough cloth tickets to buy things for winter.”

Zhou Yuhua had been wearing this patched dress since the first time she saw Su Xiaoxiao, and she was kind enough to help her with some cloth. This old coarse cloth might not be very good for making clothes, but it is the most suitable for making bedding.

Su Xiaoxiao also thought that when the temperature becomes colder, it is time to put on a quilt cover when the mat is replaced. The number of quilt covers at home is just right, and there is no extra bedding. In case Xiao Doubao wets the bed or something, they don’t have any bedding to replace it.

“Thank you, Sister Yuhua. I’ll take any color. I’ll give you the money first.”

Zhou Yuhua held her down and said, “Okay, okay, logically speaking, the children call me their godmother, so, keep it for the children. You haven’t gotten a job yet. Han Cheng’s salary might not be enough. By the way, the one outside is Zhuzi, right? Why is he also in your house?”

Su Xiaoxiao told Zhou Yuhua about Zhuzi’s situation and her idea of extending her hands to little Zhuzi.

Zhou Yuhua frowned and said, “You are kind, but Zhuzi’s mother is not a fuel-efficient lamp. I’m afraid you won’t be flattered when she comes to make trouble. If she comes to make trouble, you, a delicate little girl, may suffer. Well, I’ll let Old Zhao come to the scene. Let’s just say you reluctantly accepted to help the organization take over the task. If Zhuzi’s mother comes to make trouble, ask her to go to the army to find Lao Zhao and let Lao Zhao take over.” [1]Fuel-efficient lamp means that this person is not simple, shrewd, and capable, has many tricks, and is very difficult to handle; in most situations, it is a pejorative phrase, suggesting that someone … Continue reading

This is also a good way. Although Su Xiaoxiao is not afraid of Zhuzi’s mother coming to make trouble, if she dares to come again, she will hold her accountable for hurting people and escaping her crimes, but if she can save energy, then she must save it. Many things are waiting for her to do.

Su Xiaoxiao nodded: “Thank you, Sister Yuhua, but don’t you have to discuss with your family’s Zhao first?”

Zhou Yuhua: “If he can’t agree with this little thing, then he is not worthy to be the head of the regiment. Although Zhuzi’s father was not under him, he is also a member of our military region.”

Surely, it was not unreasonable for Zhao Xianfeng to call his wife a tigress. Su Xiaoxiao originally thought that Zhou Yuhua’s character was too strong and was not easy to get along with.

But, after coming into contact with her, she thought she was very good, generous, flexible, and did not stick too much to details.

Zhou Yuhua rushed to work and finally left the milky-colored cloth behind. Before leaving, she repeatedly told Su Xiaoxiao not to say anything.

“Xiao Hei is mute, and the old grannies who weave cloth are also deaf and mute, so we generally don’t ask to lower the price, we just consciously give more with a conscience. In short, you must not tell others.”

Knowing the seriousness of the matter, Su Xiaoxiao nodded and said, “Don’t worry, I won’t say anything. Go to work right away. By the way, I made several fried Chinese leek dumplings this morning. You can take two and bring two to Xiao Yu.”

Zhou Yuhua: “Oh, I have to try the fried Chinese leek dumplings you made. Xiao Yu still comes to your house every day for dinner. By the way, don’t buy vegetables on August 15. You don’t need to bring anything. I will buy them in advance. You can come here when the time comes. You have good skills. Remember to come here early to help with cooking.”

When Zhou Yuhua came out of the house, he saw little Zhuzi. She turned around and whispered: “When the time comes, as Zhuzi and his grandma come, let’s ask Grandma for help in cooking.”

“I know.” Su Xiaoxiao went into the kitchen and gave her the rest of the fried Chinese leek dumplings. “Go to work quickly.”

After Zhou Yuhua left, Han Cheng came out of the room and said, “Where did she sneak you in? Were you able to buy the oil?”

“You haven’t left yet?” Su Xiaoxiao thought he went out to work. He was a few minutes later than usual.

Su Xiaoxiao went to help him tidy up his collar: “We went to a place where we can buy coarse cloth, and I saw some poor people weaving cloth. Zhou Yuhua gave us a piece of coarse cloth and said it was for children, so, I wasn’t able to refuse her.”

Han Cheng nodded. He and Zhao Xianfeng’s family didn’t care so much about these things, and they can exchange courtesies. Next time, they can just send back some suitable things to the Zhao Family.

“You go to work first, and I’ll tell you about Zhuzi later,” Su Xiaoxiao said.
“I heard it. That’s a good way to deal with it. Let’s do it like this, and I’ll report it when the time comes.” Han Cheng said.

Su Xiaoxiao squinted at him: “Since you’ve heard it all, why did you ask me where Sister Yuhua took me?”

Han Cheng bowed down and kissed her small dimples. He raised his lips and said, “I just want to talk to you and see if you are lying to me.”

Su Xiaoxiao: “……” Han Cheng, you have learned badly!

Han Cheng walked outside and then turned back and said, “I bought some pork and some shells. It’s in the kitchen, you can refine some oil from it, and it should be enough for a few days.”

Su Xiaoxiao leaned against the door frame, and the small dimples on her cheeks could not be hidden, so she went outside to join in the fun.

What should I do if I like this man more and more?

“Mom, come here, it’s such a big shell!” Little Fantuan shouted in the kitchen.

Zhuzi has gone out to school. Fantuan and his brother are in the kitchen to see the shells bought by Han Cheng.

Su Xiaoxiao thought Han Cheng might have bought some scallops, but she never expected that she bought a big scallop, It was bigger than her palm.

Fantuan squatted there with his brother to count, and told Su Xiaoxiao after counting: “Mom, we have ten scallops! Our family can have two each!”

Su Xiaoxiao looked at Fantuan in surprise. She hadn’t taught Fantuan how to add and subtract, and yet he still knows how to multiply and divide. He also knows that for ten scallops, five of them can have two scallops. Isn’t he amazing?!

“How does Fantuan know that each of us can have two? Why not three for one?”

Fantuan looked at Su Xiaoxiao with a face of “Mom, you are so stupid” and said, “In our family, five people are standing in a row, and in front of them are another two rows of scallops, and there are no more scallops left for another row. Isn’t that two for each person?”

Su Xiaoxiao: “…” 

Well, Su Xiaoxiao decided not to ask this smart kid stupid questions in the future.
Xiao Doubao is also so smart. Isn’t she the one with the lowest IQ in the family?

Su Xiaoxiao decided to teach young Fantuan to recite the multiplication table in the afternoon and teach him to recite the three-character classic and three hundred Tang poems tomorrow. I will drive you crazy, hmmp!


1 Fuel-efficient lamp means that this person is not simple, shrewd, and capable, has many tricks, and is very difficult to handle; in most situations, it is a pejorative phrase, suggesting that someone is crafty, cunning, stubborn, difficult to deal with, and unpredictable.


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