The Sweet Stepmother and her Cute Cubs (70s)
The Sweet Stepmother and her Cute Cubs (70s) Chapter 34.2

Chapter 34.2 

The intelligence agent, Little Fantuan, gave the milk candy to Little Zhuzi when he left the door.

“This is the reward that my mother gives us when I do a task. My mother will reward me every time I do a task.” This little clever ghost indirectly explained why Su Xiaoxiao just asked him to enter the room.

Little Zhuzi didn’t suspect him and shook his head: “Eat it; don’t give it to me; I have eaten enough food from your house.”

Little Fantuan directly peeled the milk candy paper and stuffed it into little Zhuzi’s mouth. Little Zhuzi missed it, and the candy nearly fell to the ground. He quickly caught the candy with his hand and reluctantly stuffed it into his mouth.

“Little Zhuzi, is it fun to go to school?” Fantuan walked backward and asked as he walked.

Little Zhuzi’s eyes darkened. The white rabbit milk candy seemed not so sweet anymore. He shook his head and said, “It’s not fun. I don’t want to go to school.”

“My brother and I were bullied at the old witch’s house, so I didn’t want to stay at the old witch’s house. Fortunately, my father and mother saved us. Were you bullied at school?” Fantuan asked.

Little Zhuzi was silent for a moment, and finally shook his head: “No.”

‘It seems that I can’t ask for information with this move’ thought Little Fantuan.

“My mother is my stepmother; do you know this?” Fantuan suddenly asked. The white rabbit milk candy was a little sticky, and Fantuan’s words are a little vague.

But little Zhuzi had no problem understanding it. He stared at Fantuan with disbelief and shook his head.

“How can that be possible? Aunt Su is so good to you and Doubao.” Little Zhuzi wants to say that she is better than his mother, his mother is not good to him at all.

“You’ve never seen such a good stepmother, have you?” Little Fantuan jumped and squatted down by the roadside to pick a small wild chrysanthemum, and he prepared to take it home to give to his mother later. “I’ve never seen one before.”

“I have never seen such a good stepmother.” Little Zhuzi was honest and envied little Fantuan for a moment.
Fantuan picked a few more flowers and said, “My mother is such a nice person. She is very kind. If she cares about your business, she will take care of it to the end. Do you know the reason why she pulled me into the room?”

Little Zhuzi continued to shake his head.

Fantuan looked distressed and said, “She said that she saw footprints on your schoolbag and thought you might have been bullied, so she asked me to be a little intelligence agent and ask who bullied you. I can’t let you know, but you won’t tell me the truth. I won’t be able to explain this to my mother when I go back, and I can’t be called a good kid in front of her. What do you think I should do?”

Little Zhuzi was shocked. His heart was warm, and his eyes were warm. It never crossed Zhuzi’s mind that such things, which his grandma couldn’t find out, were easily found out by Aunt Su.

“Mom also said that she needs to know what happened before she can find a way to help you, but if you don’t say anything, she can’t help you.” Little Fantuan knows how hard it feels to be bullied, so he is also trying to help little Zhuzi.

“I didn’t tell my father when I was bullied by Tieniu and Tiedan at the old witch’s house. Father didn’t know that his baby was bullied. He was very sad and distressed when he finally knew about it. So was my mother. For the first time, I saw my father cry when he saw the injuries on my brother and me. At that time, he told me that some things can’t be solved by children and need to be solved by adults. Something can’t be hidden from adults, so as a young Zhuzi, you must tell adults when you are bullied, so they can find ways to help you. You must trust my parents. “

Su Xiaoxiao described him as a clever little child, however, he is not just a clever little Fantuan.” He is far more mature than his peers, and in front of Su Xiaoxiao and Han Cheng, he acts like a naive and ignorant kid.

At the age of four, he can protect his brother under the watchful eyes of Zhou Cuihua. For a year, he fought with the old witch’s family. Although he received injuries, this is the best result of his efforts to minimize the injury, otherwise, the consequences would have been much more serious.

Smart and wise children can easily identify whether someone is good or bad. Little Fantuan’s acceptance of Su Xiaoxiao has a little process to recognize that she is a fairy sent by his mother to protect him and his brother. Therefore, he was burdened when accepting Su Xiaoxiao’s kindness, and in return, he treated her well and became an obedient child to his Mom and Dad.

After hearing what little Fantuan said, little Zhuzi couldn’t help crying. Since childhood, no one had ever said such words to him, and no one could help him. Fantuan was younger than him but more mature than him.
“It’s him! His parents don’t want dirty and smelly little beggars like him! Bleh bleh~” Several children who are slightly taller than Zhuzi passed by, making faces at little Zhuzi and laughing at him.

Little Fantuan recognized one of them, it turns out that it was Dashu, who had stolen persimmons from their house that day and was hit in the head by him.

Little Fantuan was very angry. He habitually picked up a little stone from the ground and held it in his hand. He remembered his father’s words and could not take the initiative. If he did it casually, others would think he was a bad child and would blame his parents for not teaching children well, so Fantuan didn’t take the initiative to hit them this time.

Dashu saw little Fantuan and immediately shouted, “Run! That bad boy is going to hit someone with a stone again! He hit my head with a stone!”

Another big boy said disdainfully, “We are too many to run. If he wants to hit us, we will beat them! Pick up the stone!”

When little Zhuzi saw this, he wiped the wet tears from his face, picked up a big stone, and dragged it with his hand. He walked quietly in front of Fantuan and protected Fantuan behind him. Zhuzi raised his head and said, “Come on! Who dares to do it? Anyway, I have no father or mother. I will kill you one by one!”

You can bully him, but you can’t bully little Fantuan!

After little Zhuzi finished speaking, he threw the big stone onto the side of the wood with all his strength.

The residual root was a bit rotten, and it was smashed by little Zhuzi with all of his strength. It immediately split up and scattered everywhere.

Little Zhuzi squatted down and quickly picked up another bigger stone to throw at them.

Several bear children were stunned and retreated one after another. Little Zhuzi had been bullied by them for so long and had never resisted. They stepped on his schoolbag, and he didn’t say a word. How could he suddenly be so fierce?

Yes, those with bare feet are not afraid of those who wear shoes. Little Zhuzi has no father or mother. He is so strong that he can even break a tree. They can’t find his parents to pay for injuring them. The stone in their hands is not as big as that in Zhuzi’s hands!

After weighing the pros and cons, several bear children scattered like a mob and ran away while shouting.

Fantuan, who was standing behind little Zhuzi, was shocked. He looked at the small stones in his hand, the big stones in Zhuzi’s hand, and the group of chicks that were scared and trying to flee. Fantuan seriously suspected that his mother was wrong. ‘Mom misunderstood. Such a fierce little Zhuzi, no one should be able to bully him, right?’

Little Zhuzi threw away the stone in his hand and looked back at little Fantuan: “It’s all right. They are gone. Let’s pick up the peppers quickly. Aunt Su is waiting for us to cook.”

Fantuan threw away the little stone in his hand and followed Zhuzi.

“Xiao Zhuzi, I believe no one would dare bully you now, but why don’t you want to go to school? Even my mother is reading and teaching us to read every day. Xiao Doubao is writing. Mom probably doesn’t like children who don’t like to read.”

Looking at the broad road in front of him, little Zhuzi felt an indescribable feeling and felt like there was still a path that he walked through. If he were a little older, he would know that it was a sudden enlightenment.

Little Zhuzi shook his head and smiled. Instead of answering Fantuan’s question, he said: “Thank you, Xiao F Fantuan, and your whole family. In the future, I will let you know if something happens to me.

But for this kind of small matter, I won’t bother you, for the time being, little Zhuzi thought. He will never let others bully him again, let alone let others bully his good friend, little Fantuan.

I will also study hard and be the good child that Aunt Su likes.



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