The Sweet Stepmother and her Cute Cubs (70s)
The Sweet Stepmother and her Cute Cubs (70s) Chapter 38.1

Chapter 38.1

The funeral of Zhuzi’s Grandma was handled by the organization, and it was handled according to the standards of honorable military families, and it was handled very decently.

However, Zhuzi’s mother never showed up. The organization sent people to investigate. They found out that Grandma Zhang’s departure was an accident. 

Zhuzi seemed to have lost his soul and didn’t even ask about his mother.

When Zhuzi returned to Su Xiaoxiao’s home, he ate and worked without crying or making any noise. Su Xiaoxiao felt distressed looking at his actions.

It was slightly cool, and you could see the bright moon and a few stars in the sky, and the stars sparkled from afar. It was clear and far away.

Xiao Zhuzi, who had taken a bath, sat on the stone bench in the yard and looked at the stars in the sky for a moment.

Su Xiaoxiao was worried that there might be something wrong with the child, so while Han Cheng was taking the children to take a bath, Su Xiaoxiao went outside to find Zhuzi.

She sat down beside Zhuzi and said: “Zhuzi, would you like to talk to Auntie?”

Zhuzi looked back from the sky, then looked at Su Xiaoxiao. He smiled with difficulty and shook his head: “Aunt Su, don’t worry, I’m fine.”

Su Xiaoxiao came closer to him, pointed to the stars in the sky, and said, “See the brightest star? It’s called Sirius, the brightest star in the sky on an autumn night. It’s very bright, right? The constellation over there is called Andromeda, which can only be seen in the autumn.”

Su Xiaoxiao’s voice was very light and soft. It has the power to warm people’s hearts on a cool autumn night.

Zhuzi was successfully distracted. He pointed to the constellation Cepheus and asked, “Auntie Su, Xiao Fantuan said that you are the fairy sent by his mother to protect him and Doubao. Are you from that constellation?”

Su Xiaoxiao was surprised: This Xiao Fantuan…..

Su Xiaoxiao shook her head and said, “I’m not.” Su Xiaoxiao put her hand close to Xiao Zhuzi’s ear and said, “Let me tell you a secret. I’m not a fairy. It’s Fantuan’s own fantasy. I married Fantuan’s father by chance and became a member of this family. Just like Xiao Zhuzi, you also became a member of our family by chance.”

Xiao Zhuzi stared at Su Xiaoxiao.
Su Xiaoxiao looked into the child’s eyes and said: “Fantuan should also have told you that our family is united and friendly, and everyone is equal. So, Xiao Zhuzi, I welcome you on behalf of our family. Aunt Su hopes that you can be as happy as Fantuan and Xiao Doubao every day in the future, and then study hard and make progress every day. I will tell you another secret, which is that knowledge can change destiny. Xiao Zhuzi, you just need to study hard and grow up well. Whatever happened in the past, let it pass. “

Xiao Zhuzi cried.

He laid his head on Su Xiaoxiao’s shoulder and cried, ‘Grandma left. He has no home, but he has a new home now. Xiao Fantuan and Aunt Su said that their family welcomed him.

Xiao Zhuzi felt that Xiao Fantuan was right. Aunt Su was the fairy who flew down from the Andromeda galaxy to protect them.

Xiao Fantuan and Xiao Doubao were sitting in the bucket, playing with water. Xiao Doubao’s hands could not touch the water. Han Cheng lifted the little guy’s hands and washed them up. Suddenly, they heard Xiao Zhuzi crying in the yard. All of them were shocked that Xiao Fantuan jumped up and splashed Han Cheng with water.

Han Cheng pressed the little guy back: “Don’t move, your mom is comforting Xiao Zhuzi. He cried, so he will be fine tomorrow.”

Xiao Fantuan rolled his big eyes and said, “Dad, how do you know that Xiao Zhuzi will be fine tomorrow?”

Han Cheng replied: “Because he is the son of a hero and he is as strong as a hero, you can’t bully Xiao Zhuzi in the future, do you understand?”

Xiao Fantuan seemed to understand; he lay on the side of the bucket with puffed cheeks, blinking: “Xiao Zhuzi is my brother, I won’t bully him!”

Han Cheng didn’t eat this set, and threw the towel that had been used to wipe off Xiao Doubao onto Fantuan’s head: “Okay, get up, dry off the water, and put on clothes.”

Xiao Fantuan reluctantly got up from the bucket and murmured, “Mom is the best. If she helps me take a bath, she will help me dress.” After murmuring, he did not forget to flap a few times and make the water spread everywhere.

Han Cheng wanted to hit his ass.

When sleeping, Xiao Doubao slept between Zhuzi and Fantuan as usual. He had fallen asleep and struggled to get up again. Xiao Zhuzi worried that he would touch Doubao’s hands, and gently held him up and sat down: “Xiao Doubao, what’s wrong with you?”

Xiao Doubao’s big black and white eyes slightly bent up, looked at him, and he cried: “Bro…”

Xiao Fantuan heard the noise, got up from the bed, grabbed Xiao Doubao, and asked, “Xiao Doubao, what did you just say? Did you talk? Did you call me?”

Xiao Doubao puffed his cheeks, blinked his big eyes, and looked at Xiao Fantuan, then laid down from the uninjured side with his head tilted, closed his eyes, and ignored his brother.

Xiao Fantuan looked excited and shook Xiao Zhuzi’s arm: “Xiao Zhuzi, did Xiao Doubao just call me? He called me brother, right?”

Xiao Zhuzi stopped talking and looked at Fantuan. Finally, he told the truth: “It looks like he called me…”

Xiao Fantuan disagreed, hugged Xiao Doubao, and kissed his face: “No, Xiao Doubao called me!”

Xiao Doubao got away from him in anger: “Noisy…”

Su Xiaoxiao came in after taking a bath and saw the three cubs still making noise. She reached out and patted Fantuan’s buttocks and said, “It’s late. Go to bed now.”

Xiao Fantuan reported to Su Xiaoxiao first: “Mom, Xiao Doubao started talking. He just called me brother and said I was noisy!”

Since Xiao Doubao called Su Xiaoxiao “mother”, he has never spoken again. Even when Han Cheng teased him, he didn’t say anything. It is a very happy event that he was willing to speak the word “brother” now.

Su Xiaoxiao patted Fantuan’s little butt again: “You are too noisy. Go to bed now. Zhuzi needs to go to school tomorrow.”

The three cubs fell asleep in Su Xiaoxiao’s warm and healing fairy tale storytelling.

That night, Xiao Zhuzi also slept very soundly. He dreamed of his kind grandmother. His grandmother smiled and said to him that she had become the brightest star in the sky. 

Whenever Zhuzi thought of his grandmother, he looked up at the stars in the sky. She would always be there with him. His grandmother also told him to listen to Su Xiaoxiao, study well, and grow up well.
Han Cheng raised a lantern and fought at night to catch up with the report. He has been busy with Grandma Zhuzi’s work these days, which has slowed down a lot of progress on his work. [1]Raised a lantern and fought at night; he worked late into the night.

Su Xiaoxiao knocked at the door and opened the door. He hugged Han Cheng from behind and caressed his neck.

Han Cheng pulled her over with his backhand, hugged her on his lap, and just like Su Xiaoxiao did, he caressed her neck: “Are the children asleep?”

Su Xiaoxiao nestled in his arms and nodded: “They are all asleep.”

“Zhuzi may not be the child of the Zhang family,” Han Cheng said suddenly.

Su Xiaoxiao raised his head and looked at him in surprise: “What do you mean?”

Han Cheng told Su Xiaoxiao what Grandma Zhuzi said before she died and finally said, “Zhuzi’s father is a fair and honest person. Even if it can be hidden from Grandma Zhuzi, it can’t be hidden from the organization. It should be true that Zhuzi’s mother can’t have children. She hasn’t had any children for several years after she married.”

Su Xiaoxiao remembered the gossip of those big moms, saying that the man hated Zhuzi’s mother and didn’t touch her at all. In retrospect, it might also be that Zhuzi’s mother could not give birth at all.

“Is Zhuzi an adopted child?” Su Xiaoxiao asked.

Han Cheng remembered what Zhao Xianfeng said to Zhuzi after his grandmother’s funeral. He asked him meaningfully: “Han Cheng, who do you think Zhuzi looks like?”

Zhuzi used to be very tanned, and he didn’t pay much attention to hygiene, and his clothes were also shabby. People didn’t pay much attention to him. 

After arriving at Han Cheng’s house, they raised him together with Fantuan and Doubao for a few days. After growing some meat, put on clean clothes. It is not difficult to see that he is a very remarkable child. His facial features are deeper than those of ordinary people, and the most remarkable feature is the tall nose with a little pointy.

When he was young, the bridge of his nose would not so prominent. After the age of six, it was much more obvious.

Zhuzi looks neither like his father nor his mother, so when Zhao Xianfeng asked this question, he also has the same answer.

At least Han Cheng first thought of who it was.

For such a big matter, Zhuzi’s father can’t hide it from the outside world. The only answer to this was that it was arranged by the organization so that Zhuzi would become the child of the Zhang family.

Zhuzi’s father and Zhuzi’s mother did not have children for several years after their marriage. Zhuzi’s father should know Zhuzi’s true identity and have accepted this arrangement willingly. Even recognizing Zhuzi as his own son may be his proposal.

In these years, it is fatal for a woman to be unable to have children. To stop the crowd’s gossip about how Zhuzi’s mother can’t have children. As long as she pretends to be pregnant for a few months, Zhuzi will become their child. She may have recognized Zhuzi for this reason.

As for what Zhuzi’s father told Zhuzi’s mother, that’s unknown, or Zhuzi’s mother believed from the beginning that Zhuzi was his child with another woman, after all, she couldn’t give birth to children.

Han Cheng has seen the pensions issued by the organization, which were richer than ordinary soldiers of the same level and may also mean special care, but he didn’t expect that most of them went into Zhuzi’s mother’s pocket in the end.

Zhuzi lived well, and the organization will not pay too much attention to it. In addition, Grandma Zhang has never reported this matter to the organization, so it took several years for the organization to find out about Zhuzi’s situation.

If it hadn’t been for Grandma Zhuzi’s last words, Zhao Xianfeng would not have associated Zhuzi with the man they know at all, and Han Cheng would not have thought of it either.

However, Zhuzi’s life experience needs to be kept secret for the time being, and it is not 100% certain. He and Zhao Xianfeng were only speculating. Not many people should know it yet, this is for the best. He should not disclose too much to Su Xiaoxiao now.

Han Cheng rubbed her head and said, “It’s very confidential. You can only know this much for now. We just need to remember that Zhuzi is a martyr’s orphan and a hero’s descendant.”

When Su Xiaoxiao heard Han Cheng, say that it may be the organization’s arrangement and that it can also be associated with something, she didn’t ask further. In this sensitive period, there are too many innocent people involved. Even the grandparents of Fantuan and Doubao, Han Cheng dared not contact them too much, let alone other people with more sensitive identities.

Su Xiaoxiao sighed: “Grandma Zhuzi values blood ties so much. If she knew, she would be very sad.”

Han Cheng shook his head: “Zhuzi will always be Zhang Zhuzi of the old Zhang family, and will not have any other identity, but the matter that Grandma Zhuzi asked me and Zhao Xianfeng to help find Zhuzi’s mother will have to be put on hold.”

In short, this matter has come to a temporary dead-end here.

Han Cheng clasped Su Xiaoxiao’s hand tightly and looked at her with deep eyes for a moment: “President Yao told me today that the political trial has come down, and I will be allowed to leave next Monday. We will go to get evidence and buy a red quilt cover to decorate our wedding room.”

Su Xiaoxiao almost forgot about this matter. She came down from Han Cheng’s leg, her shallow pear vortex raised, and clasped her fist at Han Cheng: “I will congratulate Comrade Han Cheng first; soon enough, you will be able to embrace the beauty.”

Han Cheng laughed and said, “I have already embraced it.”



1 Raised a lantern and fought at night; he worked late into the night.


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