The Sweet Stepmother and her Cute Cubs (70s)
The Sweet Stepmother and her Cute Cubs (70s) Chapter 45

Chapter 45

The salt-baked chicken in the evening won unanimous praise from the whole family and quickly ranked first on Xiao Fantuan’s List of Most Delicious Dishes.

During dinner, Han Cheng saw the bruise on Xiao Zhuzi’s face, but he didn’t ask him right away. Only when he and Su Xiaoxiao were alone in the room and he was ready to sleep, did he inquire about it? “What happened to Zhuzi’s face?”

Su Xiaoxiao squinted her eyes and rested on Han Cheng’s abs, rubbing her face against them, and recounting what had happened during the day.

Han Cheng stroked Su Xiaoxiao’s smooth long hair for a moment before saying: “You have to substitute for class and take care of the work of the propaganda team. Aren’t you busy with just Xiao Doubao with you? Actually, parents are the best teachers for children, and we can teach them after class, so they won’t grow crooked. You don’t necessarily have to follow them in class.”

Su Xiaoxiao was actually very sleepy, she squinted her eyes and breathed lightly as she spoke. She laid on Han Cheng’s abdominal muscles, like a lazy cat, stretching out its fluffy paws to tickle you from time to time.

“She is not suitable for teaching and educating people. There are still many logistics jobs at the school. I’ll go and take over her class, and she can go to logistics. It’s better for her to improve and correct her attitude. In short, she’s not allowed to teach the children with her current disposition anymore. I am a little concerned about her son, such a small child has now grown a little crooked.”

Su Xiaoxiao’s voice was soft and waxy, with a bit of lethargic laziness. On such an autumn night, resting on Han Cheng’s abs, how can Han Cheng be indifferent? He couldn’t help but think about “it”

Han Cheng picked Su Xiaoxiao up and asked her to sit on his body. He hugged her and kissed her hair. “When I see Zhao Xianfeng during morning exercises tomorrow, I will mention this matter to him. The battalion commander of Li Mu is Zhao Xianfeng. Let him pay more attention to his child and wife. That child is still young, it’s not too late to correct his three views. Don’t worry about that. I mean, can you handle being busy with both sides of the work? Hmm?”

If it’s about the salary, then, there’s no problem regarding that matter. If you add up his fixed salary, together with the bonus for his contributions and research, then, it’s plenty enough. Even if she doesn’t work, their money is more than enough to support the family. His only concern is, he doesn’t want her to work too hard and tire herself. 

Su Xiaoxiao pressed her face against his chest, she was so sleepy that she couldn’t even open her eyes. She rubbed her face against Han Cheng’s chest and said, “Anyway, it’s okay now. Teaching Fantuan at home is the same as teaching the children in the class. I’ll go with the propaganda team and see if the tasks are heavy and have a little talk with them about the arrangement. It’s easy to adjust it, the most urgent thing is not to let Cheng Lifang scold the children in the class.”

“Well, my main concern is that you might tire yourself too much.” After Han Cheng finished speaking, he bowed his head and kissed her eyebrows down to her little pear vortex, and finally her lips.

Su Xiaoxiao closed her eyes and responded, “Pay attention.”

Han Cheng replied in a calm voice, “Hmm, I’ll be gentle.”

It was another night full of honey.

The next day, Han Cheng still got up at six o’clock and asked his two children to get up for morning exercises.

Today’s Xiao Fantuan is no longer the same as yesterday’s Xiao Fantuan. He doesn’t even need to be picked up by his father today. He automatically and consciously climbed down from the bed as soon as Han Cheng called him. 

Fantuan chatted with Xiao Zhuzi for a long time last night, and Xiao Zhuzi told him everything that happened in school yesterday and what happened to him in the past.

Xiao Fantuan clenched his fist and was filled with indignation. He and Xiao Zhuzi agreed to quickly grow up and strive to grow as tall as his father so that no one can bully them in the future.

So today, as soon as Xiao Fantuan was called out by his father, he got up and ran very actively. As he ran, he asked Han Cheng, “Dad, do you know any martial arts that can beat the bad guys down with one punch?”

Han Cheng looked down and stared at the little chick, who was not yet up to his thigh height. 

Han Cheng was curious what was his reason, was he thinking of helping the weak and the strong at such a young age? Is his awareness that high?

“What bad person are you going to beat?” Han Cheng patiently asked him.

Xiao Fantuan clenched his fists and said: “I’m going to beat down the villains who bully us like Tieniu, Tiedan, and Dashu!”

Han Cheng: “…” It’s because he overestimated his son. Beating up someone as soon as he learned to fight, and saying it so justly.

“First, you should lay down your foundation, and then I will teach you a set of boxing techniques. When you grow older, you can go to the camp to participate in your Uncle Zhao’s training. By then, many bad guys will not be your opponents.”

Xiao Fantuan’s big eyes sparkled and he said, “Dad if you and Uncle Zhao fought, who would be more powerful?”

Han Cheng glanced at the chatterbox and said, “Your uncle Zhao and I won’t fight.”

Zhao Xianfeng caught up and just heard the conversation between the father and son: “Hey, since our Xiao Fantuan asked this question, then I have to spar with your father and learn from each other.” 

Zhao Xianfeng raised his eyebrows at Han Cheng and said, “How about a spar?”

Han Cheng ignored him and said, “It’s boring.”

The three cubs charged forward again and began a race.

Han Cheng took the opportunity to tell Zhao Xianfeng about Cheng Lifang.

Zhao Xianfeng was somewhat surprised, but his focus was: “Your family’s Xiaoxiao is going to teach in the primary school?”

Han Cheng shook his head and said, “She only plans to take a few classes a week and negotiate with the organization to not give her a salary. “

“Why not take it?” Zhao Xianfeng said, “Since she took on this job and worked for it, she needs to take the labor remuneration she deserves. I will beat Li Mu, so don’t worry about it.”

Han Cheng thought for a moment, and said, “She is still thinking of going to college. She hasn’t given up studying all these years. Her cultural knowledge is very solid, and she has only been teaching Fantuan hand in hand for so many days, and if you ask Fantuan to take the exam with first-year students like this, he won’t lose to anyone.”.

When the college entrance examination resumes, she will immediately take part in it and go to college. Neither the teacher nor her work on the propaganda team is what she wants. She has a good heart, but she just couldn’t stand Cheng Lifang’s misleading children, which is why she came up with such a solution. Cheng Lifang doesn’t have to go, just her attitude and methods of teaching children must be corrected.”

It’s because she was worried that his salary would not be enough to support his family, so she thought about working on the propaganda team to subsidize their family.

Speaking of Su Xiaoxiao, Han Cheng’s eyes also softened, remembering that in the morning she was in his arms and that his person was as soft as her heart, making him unable to let her go.

Zhao Xianfeng was even more surprised: “After all these years, she’s still thinking of going to college?”

Han Cheng didn’t speak, and he vaguely felt that this situation would not last for too long now, but no one was sure when they would resume the college entrance exam. However, Su Xiaoxiao was very determined, and he feared that the greater her hopes, the greater her disappointment.

Zhao Xianfeng thought of another question: “Then when she goes to college, what will you and the children do?”

Han Cheng’s gaze was firm, and he said, “Wherever she wants to go in the future, I and the children will go with her.”

Zhao Xianfeng almost tripped over himself and said, “It turns out, you are still planning to leave here?”

Han Cheng glanced at him for a while and then retracted his gaze and looked at the crazy child running ahead: “The longer I stay in this position, the more I feel insignificant. If I really have the opportunity in the future, I would also like to go to school to further my studies and change my major. I plan to enroll in research and development studies. I can save one person at a time on the operating table, but if I develop medicine or more advanced treatment plans, I can save thousands of people, and in the future, this country will become more peaceful, with fewer and fewer times of going to the battlefield, or better yet, no more battlefield to go to anymore. I will no longer limit myself to here. “

Zhao Xianfeng remained silent for a long time and finally patted his brother on the shoulder without saying anything.

From the first time he knew Han Cheng, he knew he was the best one. The decisions he made may not be the best ones, but they must be the most appropriate ones. Just as he insisted on becoming a military doctor, he insisted on accompanying the army to the battlefield every time, saving countless officers and soldiers’ lives. Everyone mentioned Han Cheng’s name with respect in their hearts.

“When Xiaoxiao goes to take over the class, you must tell me, I’ll let Xiao Yu go to school, too. She has taught your child so well, and I hope she can also help us teach the troublemaker in our family. Even the dogs at home were troubled Zhao Xianfeng said.

Han Cheng glanced at him and said, “My son, Fantuan, was able to keep up with the progress of the school before going to primary school. Did your family, Xiao Yu, learn the multiplication table? Can he add, subtract, multiply, and divide? Did he learn Pinyin? Can he recite Tang poetry? Did he learn how to write? Nothing. What kind of mess did you let him make?”

Zhao Xianfeng: “…” Does five-year-old Fantuan already know so many things?

He couldn’t compete with Han Cheng in school, and even his son can’t compete with him now! No, he has to discuss with Zhou Yuhua how to teach Xiao Yu when he goes back!


Su Xiaoxiao could only steam a bowl of egg custard for each child because there was enough oil at home, and she also made pumpkin pie.

She steamed and crushed the pumpkin, and added flour gradually as she mixed the ingredients. After the dough was mixed, she kneaded it into cakes slightly larger than her palm. After steaming in the pot, she brushed the oil on both sides and fried until slightly burnt, and the fragrant pumpkin cake was ready.

The pumpkin is very sweet, and Su Xiaoxiao doesn’t even have to put sugar in it to make it particularly sweet, soft, and glutinous.

She gave the children egg soup, so, they didn’t drink milk, but Fantuan actually drank a bowl of cereal congee, and three pumpkin cakes!

It’s not that Su Xiaoxiao is not willing to give food, it’s because she is really worried if Fantuan’s body can take this much food: “Fantuan, can you eat this much?”

Xiao Doubao only took a few mouthfuls of pumpkin pie after eating the egg custard, and Zhuzi only ate one pumpkin pie after eating the egg custard. Fantuan’s appetite didn’t just catch up with her, he overtook her and caught up with Han Cheng.

Fantuan touched his bulging belly and shook his head, “No, I need to eat more so that I can quickly grow up and learn martial arts to fight villains!”

Su Xiaoxiao: “…” It seems that we have to tell this silly little boy a story about 
spoil things through excessive enthusiasm. 

Even Han Cheng couldn’t stand it anymore: “Starting at noon, control his food intake. He can’t eat like this.”

Fantuan blinked and said, “Dad, is your salary not enough to support me anymore? I only ate a little more.” Fantuan gave the “small” hand gesture.

Han Cheng took his son and said, “Yes, we can’t afford to support you anymore if you keep eating like this.”

Su Xiaoxiao was speechless and said, “Did you teach your son that? Fantuan, the nutrients that the human body needs every day are fixed, and no amount of food you eat at your age can absorb that much. Not only can you not grow up early, but it can also affect your development, causing the stomach to collapse. You will not be able to eat anything in the future, so just eat what is enough for you. Don’t eat just for the sake of eating. Do you understand?”

Fantuan thought for a moment and nodded, “Okay, to tell the truth. Actually, when I ate the second pumpkin pie, I was already very full, and the third one was hard to eat. Mom, I was wrong, I won’t eat like this next time!”

Su Xiaoxiao can’t help but laugh and cry. ‘Baby, even if you eat one less pumpkin pie, what you ate was still a lot. Forget it, some children have a bigger appetite, it’s fine as long as they don’t eat too much.

After breakfast, Su Xiaoxiao arranged learning tasks for the two children and began preparing lessons by herself with Xiao Zhuzi’s textbook.

Cheng Lifang mainly teaches Zhuzi Chinese, but the first grade Chinese is still very simple, with at most two classes per day, sometimes one. This class can only have eight classes a week. Su Xiaoxiao plans to compress it to one class per day, which is just the right number of hours.

Cheng Lifang probably teaches more than just Xiao Zhuzi’s class, and Su Xiaoxiao can’t take care of the other classes for now. 

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