The Sweet Stepmother and her Cute Cubs (70s)
The Sweet Stepmother and her Cute Cubs (70s) Chapter 59.1

Chapter 59.1

Xu Damu’s father did not choose the wrong name for him, he is indeed very much like a wood. How can he offend two people with one sentence? 

Su Xiaoxiao had a vague sense that Xu Damu’s lack of skill in writing or drawing wasn’t the issue; rather, it seemed that nobody was willing to work with him. Dealing with such a boss requires a considerable level of emotional intelligence.

No matter how you respond to this, it’s all wrong. Su Xiaoxiao simply smiled and said, “Xiao Doubao, are you hungry? Come on, say goodbye to Aunt Jiang Xue. Let’s go pick up our brothers and go home for dinner.”

Xiao Doubao obediently waved his small hand.

Jiang Xue also adjusted quickly. She had already heard countless similar gossips and idle chatter over the years, much worse than this.

Su Xiaoxiao tried to give her new leader a way out, but Jiang Xue wouldn’t have it. She said, “Captain Xu, it’s one thing for those old ladies under the banyan tree to spread such rumors, but everyone with clear eyes knows it’s just gossip. As a leader, when you say things like that, I can only see it as being straightforward. If you don’t consider my feelings, that’s one thing, but how do you think Comrade Su would feel?” [1]The phrase “under the banyan tree” is often used metaphorically to refer to a gathering place or a setting where people engage in idle conversations or gossip.

Xu Damu reflected on his words and realized that he might have said something inappropriate. He immediately apologized and said, “I didn’t mean that, I’m just… I am…..”

Xu Damu was speechless, feeling helpless. He scratched his head. ‘No explanation seemed right.’

Is this a straightforward man meeting a straightforward woman? Just when the atmosphere had become so awkward that you could almost hear a pin drop, Su Xiaoxiao stepped in to save the situation. “If I were to take offense at every little joke, I’d be constantly offended. When I first married Han Cheng, Zhao Xianfeng always talked about how excellent Han Cheng was and how many girls had their eyes on him. He said I had struck gold. I got used to it. Captain Xu, let’s not believe or spread rumors. Jiang Comrade has known Han Cheng much longer than I have. If there were any intentions, I wouldn’t be here, right?”

As Su Xiaoxiao spoke, she raised her hand to check her watch and said, “Alright, alright, I really can’t stay and chat for a long time. Our family’s Xiao Doubao is hungry, aren’t you?”

Xiao Doubao nodded and glanced discontentedly at the two adults opposite him with his clear black and white eyes. He said, “Hungry, food~~~”
Xu Damu raised his hand and patted his own mouth a few times, and said: “Comrade Su is correct. I apologize, Comrade Jiang Xue. I truly didn’t intend it. I will refrain from mentioning it again in the future, and I will ensure our team members do the same. Comrade Su, allow me to accompany you back home first.”

Su Xiaoxiao glanced at her too-frank captain and thought to herself, ‘Are you afraid that Comrade Jiang won’t know that your entire team members are talking about her behind his back? I’m truly amazed.”

After Su Xiaoxiao and Xu Damu left, Jiang Xue leaned against the stairs for a while, gazing at the blue sky and white clouds outside. Yes, she knew Han Cheng even before Yang Mei, let alone Su Xiaoxiao. If there really was something between her and Han Cheng, it wouldn’t have taken until today to address it. Some people just can’t see things clearly. Do they still treat Han Cheng as the helpless orphan he used to be?

Jiang Xue felt that it might be time for her to leave this place. She could act first before asking for permission, and once she received the transfer order, she would go back. Anyway, she mentally prepared herself for the possibility that her so-called family wouldn’t accept her and that she would have to live in the dormitory.

Captain Xu, may have finally gained some understanding of his communication skills. He didn’t dare to speak much on the way. He dropped her off at the gate of the primary school and said, “I’ll stop by your house tomorrow at noon to pick up your draft design.” Without even saying goodbye, he immediately accelerated and drove away.

Su Xiaoxiao really couldn’t laugh or cry.

Su Xiaoxiao had not yet withdrawn her gaze when Xiao Doubao shook her hand and kept shouting “Brother.”

Su Xiaoxiao withdrew her gaze and looked ahead. A large group of children with small radish-like heads poured out from the school gate, including her children, Fantuan and Zhuzi. In this era, there were no school uniforms yet. Each family had the freedom to showcase their own sewing talents, allowing children to wear whatever their parents provided. As a result, there were a wide variety of clothing styles. Clearly, Li Yufeng’s tailoring skills made her two children stand out among this group of radish heads.

A clever little boy with a tiger-like head asked Fantuan, “Fantuan, can you lend me your shuttlecock for a moment? I’ll have my grandfather make one for me at home. I’ll return it back to you this afternoon.”

Fantuan generously handed over the shuttlecock made of chicken feathers to him. “This one was made by my grandma and my dad together. My Uncle Zhao said its balance was well calculated and it’s really good. Your dad might not be able to make one like this, but you can take it home and have a look. Just remember to bring it back to me in the afternoon, okay?”
The little boy was overjoyed and took it over with both hands. “Okay, I’ll definitely give it back to you this afternoon. Fantuan, Zhuzi see you this afternoon

Xiao Doubao has never been separated from his brother for such a long time since he grew up. Seeing that Fantuan was taking a while to come over, he started to get a little anxious. He waved his hands and jumped up high, shouting, “Brother!”

Fantuan and Zhuzi looked in his direction, their eyes lit up at the same time, and they quickly ran over with a “thud, thud” sound.

Fantuan, who hadn’t been apart from his younger brother for such a long time either, hugged Xiao Doubao tightly and showered him with affectionate kisses. “Mom, Xiao Doubao, did you come here specifically to pick us up?”

Su Xiaoxiao didn’t want to dampen the children’s excitement, so she told a white lie, “Yes, my little kids, let’s go home for lunch.”

Zhuzi was also very happy and squatted down in front of Xiao Doubao, and said, “Come on, Xiao Doubao, brother will carry you.” For so long since he started going to school, it’s actually the first time someone has come to pick him up after class.

Su Xiaoxiao carried Zhuzi’s backpack and placed Xiao Doubao on Zhuzi’s back.

Xiao Fantuan handed his backpack to Su Xiaoxiao and excitedly led the way, bouncing and hopping ahead. When they reached the intersection, he saw a tall and sturdy figure from a distance and shouted:  “Dad!”

Like a little cannonball, Xiao Fantuan ran over and hugged his father’s thigh, lifting his head and asking, “Daddy, did you get off work early? Are you here to pick us up after school too?”

Han Cheng bent down to pick up the little guy and weighed him up, and felt that the little guy seemed to have gained some weight. “Yes, how was your first day at school? Did you adjust well?”

Xiao Fantuan beamed with joy and told his father about everything that happened at school, how much his classmates liked his mother’s lectures, and how much they liked the shuttlecocks Han Cheng made.

Su Xiaoxiao, taking care of Xiao Zhuzi and Xiao Doubao, didn’t dare to walk too quickly. From a distance, she saw Han Cheng smiling as he waved his hand.

Thank you, everyone, and I hope you all had a great day~ (✿◡‿◡)


1 The phrase “under the banyan tree” is often used metaphorically to refer to a gathering place or a setting where people engage in idle conversations or gossip.


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  1. CHECK OUT ATEEZ has spoken 7 months ago

    I swear I feel bad for Jiang Xue. the people around her is gossiping about her life. I hope she and xiaoxiao became a good friend. afterall she didnt do anything wrong in the novel. it just the people around them her.

  2. BBIBBI has spoken 10 months ago

    Well thank god she’s finally giving up on Han Cheng. Just like Su Xiaoxiao said if there really was something between them or if Han Cheng had any inkling of feelings towards her they would have been together a long time ago. He wouldn’t have married his first wife and had 2 kids. Then end up marrying Su Xiaoxiao after the death of his first wife.


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