The Sweet Stepmother and her Cute Cubs (70s)
The Sweet Stepmother and her Cute Cubs (70s) Chapter 63

Chapter 63

In Director Liu’s office, several tall and short radish heads were arranged in two rows, standing at the corners of the walls on both sides.

When Su Xiaoxiao knocked on the door and came in, she saw her two big cubs standing dejectedly by the side.

As Fantuan heard the sound of the door opening, he looked in that direction. When he saw Su Xiaoxiao, it was like seeing a savior. He shouted, “Mom!” with a pouting mouth and cried, “Waah!”

Just a moment ago, Fantuan got into a fight with some older kids from the third and fourth grades. Even though he got kicked a few times, he didn’t cry. Instead, he held onto one of the kid’s legs and gave him a few punches. But now, when he saw his family, he burst into tears. After all, he’s only five years old.

Zhuzi didn’t cry, but he also looked at Su Xiaoxiao with red eyes.

Fantuan and Zhuzi both have several footprints on their new clothes. Seeing the two little ones being bullied like this, Su Xiaoxiao couldn’t help but be distraught. After putting down Xiao Doubao, she gently rubbed the heads of the two kids and squatted down to check if they were hurt.

“Fantuan, don’t cry. Zhuzi, don’t worry. Does anywhere hurt?”

The cubs had to shake their heads, and their clothes looked dirty, but they didn’t suffer any serious injuries.

Su Xiaoxiao suppressed his anger and asked Director Liu. “What exactly happened here?”

Xiao Doubao walked over with his short legs to hug his brother.

Fantuan and Zhuzi rubbed their younger brother’s head and pursed their lips without speaking.

There are also a few children next to Su Xiaoxiao, all of whom are first-grade students. When she saw the Dashu, Su Xiaoxiao was stunned. ‘Which side was he standing on? He won’t take the opportunity to attack Fantuan and Zhuzi, will he?’

“Have you guys been injured? “Su Xiaoxiao asked.

The children also shook their heads.

Director Liu also has a headache. With so many children, there are always a few disobedient bear children in each class. Even Teacher Su’s child, who has only been attending classes for two days, has already been bullied. It makes him feel ashamed and disheartened.

“Teacher Su, these seniors saw that Fantuan’s shuttlecock was nice and wanted to borrow it to play. Fantuan didn’t want to lend it, so a conflict broke out and they started fighting. Now we will wait for the other students’ parents to arrive before we give them guidance and criticism.”

Fantuan disagrees with Director Liu’s statement: “They are not borrowing it, they are robbing it. If I don’t agree, they will come to rob me.”

The clothes of Xiao Houzi, Dashu, and several other children were also dirty. When they heard Fantuan say this, they all nodded. Xiao Houzi pointed at the senior student across from them and said, “We were having a good time, and when these seniors saw Fantuan’s beautiful shuttlecock, they insisted on grabbing it from us. They even started hitting Fantuan, and we helped. Teacher Su, we didn’t fight on purpose.”

Su Xiaoxiao nodded and asked the senior students, “Do you have anything else to say?”

The older children were not much better off, and there were also many dirty little footprints.

Children who were over ten years old may say that they were grown up, but how can they be more mature than five- or six-year-old children? They bullied the young by relying on their age and height. If they are not properly educated now, what kind of behavior will they show in the future?

One of the tallest troublemakers grumbled: “They can’t even let us play for a while; they’re so stingy. We’re just playing around, what’s the big deal if we end up fighting with you?”

Fantuan immediately refuted him and said, “With so many classmates in our class waiting to play, how can we let you cut the line? Can you hit me just because I didn’t give it to you? If I ask you for something and you don’t give it to me, can I hit you?”

The bear child snorted and said: “Can you even beat me?”

Standing up beside Fantuan, Zhuzi, who had been quiet, spoke up, “Hitting Fantuan means hitting me too. Count me in.”

Xiao Houzi also stood up and said, “Count me in.”

Several other little radish heads also stood up and said. “We are one. Count us in too.”

Even Dashu stood up silently, refusing to accept defeat, as he gazed at the tall senior students across from him.
Fantuan took a step forward to look at him and said: “We persuade through reason, not through fighting. But if you insist on fighting us, we are not afraid!”

Xiao Doubao didn’t understand what was going on, but he still followed suit and took a step forward, looking at the big brother in front of him with his head held high like his brother’s.

Bear child: “Then let’s fight! Who’s afraid of who?”

Su Xiaoxiao massaged her forehead. She can’t help but feel proud, this basically restores the truth of the entire matter.

Su Xiaoxiao was about to speak when the door was pushed open. Cheng Lifang walked in, glanced at Su Xiaoxiao, and walked toward her son, “What’s going on? Who hit you?”

“Mom, they robbed us and even hit us. ” Dashu pointed to the senior student in front of them.

Cheng Lifang walked over to the other side and pointed at the students, and started to scold them. “What’s the matter with you? Which class are you from? Each one of you is taller and older than the students from the first grade, and you still want to bully them?  
Are you not ashamed of yourself? Have you called your parents? I would like to see what kind of parents would raise a troublemaker like you! “

Director Liu: “Comrade Cheng, calm down a bit. We have already sent someone to invite the parents. Fortunately, the children have not suffered any injuries. When the parents arrive, ask them to apologize to the children.”

Cheng Lifang pulled her son over and raised his clothes to show Director Liu: “If your son was bullied like this, could you stay calm? Apologies won’t do, we want compensation! These are brand new clothes I just bought for my son, and they’re all torn now.” 

The tall bear child was not convinced and said: “They tore my clothes too! They should compensate me as well!”

Cheng Lifang sneered, “What’s the matter? Can’t accept it? Shall we go to the police station and report it to the police officers? Do you think you’re justified in stealing? Haven’t you heard of ‘the one who makes the first move is the guilty one’? Did you initiate the fight? Did you? People like you who don’t know how to behave might end up getting beaten to death one day and not even know how they died.”

The tall bear child pursed his lips without speaking.

Cheng Lifang turned to Su Xiaoxiao and said, “Don’t you usually have sharp teeth and a sharp mouth that doesn’t forgive people? The children have been bullied like this, and what? You are pretending to be mute now? When their parents arrive, we should scold them and demand compensation. This is ridiculous.”

Su Xiaoxiao: “…”  They are not familiar with each other? What’s wrong with this woman? Wasn’t she just complaining a moment ago? Now that she has finished venting, what else can I say?
However, Su Xiaoxiao felt that Cheng Lifang was quite suitable for dealing with the bear children. While her words may have been rough, they carried some truth. Su Xiaoxiao couldn’t bring herself to scold others like that, however, upon hearing her scoldings, she also felt quite relieved.

However, Cheng Lifang’s behavior was too biased. She refuses to acknowledge her own child’s mistake, yet she is quick to exaggerate and escalate when it comes to other children’s mistakes.

The parents of the bear child and some of the parents of Fantuan classmates also arrived, including Lao Hu. Seeing Su Xiaoxiao, they were stunned and said, “What happened, Teacher Su?”

Su Xiaoxiao lifted her chin in the direction of the mischievous children, neither arrogant nor humble: “Several senior students robbed things from our first-grade students. Not only do they rob things, but they also resort to violence. Their attitude was very bad, and they didn’t show any remorse. I suggest that they should stay in the detention center for a few days until they truly repent, and only then should they be released.”

Su Xiaoxiao’s words were clearly intended for the parents of the bear children to hear. If it’s not spoken seriously, it will not be taken seriously.

The parents of the bear child panicked and cursed, and spanked their child’s buttocks.

“Yes, they even dare to tear apart my son’s new clothes and justify their actions. I’ve dealt with countless troublesome children, and since you’re incapable of teaching them, let the police educate them instead while they’re still young. It’s better to prevent them from harming society when they grow up.”

Bear children can’t become bear children in just a day. Incidents of bullying among children were not at all uncommon, but since they are all children. With a simple apology, this matter will pass and they will eventually grow up crooked.

‘Why did this incident become so serious?’

‘It seems like the other child didn’t suffer any significant injuries, right?’
Bear Child’s Parent A: “Sorry, I’m sorry. We will definitely give them a good education when we go back, and we won’t give you any more trouble.”

Other parents of the bear children: “Yes, yes, we will educate them ourselves, and this time, we will make sure that they won’t do it again.”

Su Xiaoxiao said in a low voice.  “So, you’re saying this isn’t the first time? Well, it’s time to apologize and compensate the people who deserve apologies and compensation. Everyone should go back and each of you will write a reflective self-critique of no less than five hundred words. Tomorrow morning, hand them over to me. If any of you dare to repeat such behavior again, I will publicly display these self-critiques on the bulletin board and ensure you receive education from the police until you no longer commit such actions.”

The parents of the bear children slapped their son’s head and said, “Yes, yes, apologize immediately!”


Fantuan’s shuttlecock was trampled on, and the parents of the bear child agreed to compensate him. Fantuan remained magnanimous and didn’t bother to argue with them. He had nothing to do with these people, and his clothes were not torn. They accepted the apology and let it go.

The father of Xiao Houzi is actually Lao Hu. Xiao Houzi‘s shoes were trampled on, and the parents of the bear child are also willing to compensate.

He chuckled and whispered to Su Xiaoxiao: “These brats have always been like this in the past, and such matters were usually resolved through apologies and they would move on immediately. Cheng Lifang didn’t pay much attention to it before. But now that it has affected her own son, she seems to be more proactive.”

Dashu’s clothes were only torn in the corner, and he could still wear them repaired. Cheng Lifang, the lion, spoke up and asked the parents of the bear child to pay five yuan.

Su Xiaoxiao: “It’s better to pay more, or they won’t learn a lesson.”

These bear children don’t look like they would repent easily.

Su Xiaoxiao sighed. Not all children are as obedient and kind as her own children. It may sound simple to tailor education to each child’s needs, but in practice, it’s not always easy. The task of education is both challenging and has a long way to go.

As the family was about to reach the doorstep, Han Cheng came towards them, probably having returned home and not finding the child, so he came looking for them.

He naturally took Xiao Doubao from Su Xiaoxiao’s hand and saw that the two children were dirty, and with tear stains still on Fantuan’s eyelashes, he furrowed his brow and asked, “What happened? Did they get into a fight?”

The two cubs told Han Cheng what happened at school and then walked to the door. Fantuan wiped his eyes with the back of his hand and said, “Dad, I didn’t cry because I lost the game. It was just that when I saw Mom coming in, I didn’t know what was happening, so I cried. Dad, can you ask Uncle Zhao to teach us martial arts tomorrow? Next time someone bullies us, we will defeat them with martial arts!”

Even Su Xiaoxiao said, “Anyway, it’s also morning exercise. Teach them. Fortunately, this time, the bear children didn’t go too far. Fantuan and Zhuzi are still young, and we can’t be around them 24 hours a day. It’s also good for them to learn some self-defense skills.”

As Su Xiaoxiao looked at the slender arms and legs of the children, she couldn’t help but feel worried. It is impossible for a boy to grow up without hitting or fighting. Fortunately, her cubs are obedient and do not take the initiative to cause trouble. However, it is inevitable that they will encounter trouble. Su Xiaoxiao believed that having the ability to protect herself would bring her greater peace of mind.

“Okay, I’ll talk to Zhao Xianfeng tomorrow and have the kids practice some basic skills.”

Han Cheng originally planned to wait until they were older and let Zhao Xianfeng take them to the camp to train with the soldiers. However, starting early and laying a solid foundation would indeed be beneficial.

Fortunately, Han Cheng had returned from the cafeteria with food before all this commotion started around 6 o’clock. Typically, they would have already finished their meal by then, but cooking in a large pot takes time, usually more than an hour. They were so hungry and hadn’t even had a chance to eat yet.

While the braised pork looked a bit greasy, Su Xiaoxiao didn’t want to eat it today and didn’t touch it at all. Fortunately, there was hot and sour seaweed, which she found delicious. Su Xiaoxiao ended up eating a large bowl of rice while enjoying the spicy and sour seaweed.


The next morning, both children woke up even earlier than Han Cheng, which was quite unexpected. They had actually brushed their teeth and stood outside Han Cheng’s room, waiting for him to wake up.

Fantuan shouted as soon as he saw Han Cheng, “Good morning, Dad!”

Zhuzi: “Good morning, Uncle Han.”

“Why are you up so early today?” Han Cheng thought he was seeing things. While Zhuzi could be an early riser, Fantuan, this stinky boy, had to be lifted off the ground almost every day to wake up.

Fantuan clenched his fist and gestured a few times, saying, “Every second we learn martial arts early is a second closer to defeating the bad guys, Dad. Don’t be lazy anymore. In the future, wake up earlier and wake us up too.”

Han Cheng: “He was very speechless towards this son.

“It’s fist techniques, not martial arts, and it’s not meant for fighting. You’re still young, and you learn it to strengthen your body, promote fitness, and learn self-defense. Remember, as your fists become stronger, you should be even more cautious about resorting to violence easily, understood?”

Xiao Fantuan and Xiao Zhuzi both nodded.

Fantuan pushed Han Cheng out and said, “Oh, Dad, you talk too much. Hurry up, we’re going to be late for training!”

Han Cheng: “…” I want to beat this brat’s ass every day.

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