The True Scandal
The True Scandal Chapter 2

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At six o’clock the next morning, Tang Zhi took his packed luggage and got in the car that was punctually waiting downstairs. This is because Xu Keyu made a wish to her brother: She wanted to see Tang Zhi as soon as she woke up.

The car drove smoothly onto the highway. Tang Zhi sat in the back seat and looked at the gray sky outside the window as he passively avoided what would happen after arriving at Xu Sheng’s house in another two hours.

After all, Tang Zhi did not want to see Xu Keyu at all.

The last time he saw Xu Keyu, it was a month ago.

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At that time, in order to avoid her, he applied to switch to a different branch of his company and changed both his residence and phone number. He thought he could live a stable life for a while, but unexpectedly, she found him in less than a week.

On the way home from his night shift, she blocked Tang Zhi’s way and said in a soft voice, “I finally found you.”

Xu Keyu was wearing a woven tweed skirt and pulled on Tang Zhi’s sleeve with her pampered hand.

“We can go home.” She said, “There will no longer be anyone who opposes us.”

Irritability and powerlessness flooded Tang Zhi, he looked down at Xu Keyu and said helplessly, “If you’re fucking sick, go to the hospital for treatment. Can you let me go?”

However, Xu Keyu turned a deaf ear and continued to tightly pull at his clothes, she only cared about herself, “Do you know, my brother agreed to it, he will help us.”

She pulled Tang Zhi and looked across the street.

Tang Zhi followed her eyes and saw a black limousine parked at the corner with two bodyguards standing next to it.

Tang Zhi’s heart sank, he used some strength and pulled his hand out of hers and said, “What’s the use if your brother agreed? Have you asked me whether I agree or not?”

Xu Keyu stared at him for a few seconds and suddenly gestured to the bodyguards across the street, as if asking them to help.

Tang Zhi immediately retreated two steps vigilantly, then turned around and ran.

He ran extremely fast, he turned a corner and went inside an alley, then climbed over a low iron door and hid in a convenience store. He stayed in the convenience store for a while, after making sure that no one followed him, he came out and detoured back to his newly rented house from a small road.

It was also that night, as he stood under the flickering voice-controlled light, he took out the key to open the door and suddenly made up his mind to leave Waterfront Port.

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——Of course, the resistance was futile. After leaving for not even a few weeks, Tang Zhi came back willingly.

After all, Xu Keyu was born into a wealthy family and had a powerful brother, even her tears were more expensive than Tang Zhi.

But it doesn’t matter. It didn’t matter whether he had to be a man or a dog, as long as it was valuable, Tang Zhi could accept it. If he can really get his mother out of prison, even if Xu Sheng asked him to marry Xu Keyu on his knees, Tang Zhi would immediately fall on his knees.

The sky got increasingly brighter as a little solar halo appeared behind the light iron-gray clouds. Tang Zhi withdrew his eyes and stared at the back of the black leather passenger seat, zoning out.

“Mr. Tang.” The driver suddenly let out and surprised Tang Zhi.

“Assistant Jiang is telling you to look at your mobile phone.” The driver said.

Tang Zhi was stunned for a bit, made an “oh” sound, then picked up his mobile phone that was on silent mode. On the screen, he saw three missed calls from Jiang Yan and an unread text message.

He first opened the text message. Jiang Yan sent him: Miss has woken up and is throwing a tantrum. She wants to talk to you on the phone. Please call back as soon as you see this text message.

Tang Zhi stared at his mobile phone screen and didn’t press callback. Suddenly, a call came in from an unknown number.

“Mr. Tang, please answer the phone.” Said the driver in front.

Tang Zhi glanced at him, then quietly answered the call.

Xu Keyu’s thin and gentle voice came from the receiver: “Hello?”

“Tang Zhi?” She sounded overjoyed, she asked gently at the other end, “Is that you?”

Tang Zhi didn’t know how to communicate with Xu Keyu. He made a “mn” sound and became silent again.

“What’s the matter with you?” Xu Keyu said, “Why don’t you sound happy? We’re getting married!”

Listening to her excited voice, Tang Zhi tightened his grip on the phone. He said, “No, I’m very happy.”

“Mr. Tang?” The driver looked ahead as he drove but stretched his right hand behind. He was holding a Bluetooth earpiece in his two fingers, “Please wear it and answer the call.”

Tang Zhi received it without saying a word and put it on. Jiang Yan’s voice came out of the earpiece.

“Mr. Tang, can you coax her?” Jiang Yan sounded very helpless, “Just say some sweet words.”

Tang Zhi has no love experience and doesn’t like women. He doesn’t even know what coaxing is. After thinking about it again and again, he said to Xu Keyu, “Babe, I’m almost at Waterfront, I’m getting off the highway soon.”

“Really?” Xu Keyu cheered happily, “I’ll change my clothes right away. What color do you want me to wear?”

Tang Zhizhu paused. He hesitated and said, “What color…”

“Is pink okay?” Jiang Yan seemed to be asking for someone’s opinion. After he got the other’s approval, he told Tang Zhi, “Okay, pink.”

Tang Zhi immediately said, “Then pink.”

“Okay… I miss you so much.” Xu Keyu enthusiastically confessed to Tang Zhi, “How about you?”

Tang Zhi was silent again.

His reasoning knew that he should immediately say “I miss you too”, but his emotions didn’t want to say it.

Xu Keyu waited quietly for Tang Zhi to speak. The gentle breathing sound was transmitted to Tang Zhi’s ear through radio waves. It was just breathing, yet it seemed to have an air of happiness.

Just when Tang Zhi’s lips parted and was ready to answer, someone suddenly spoke to him from the earpiece.

“Tang Zhi,” It was Xu Sheng, “Say you miss her too. If you can, add some emotions to it.”

Xu Sheng’s tone was very cold and his pitch was low. There is a mild arrogance in his commands, which made things difficult for Tang Zhi, his new special employee.

Tang Zhi didn’t speak immediately. He was brewing the emotions in his heart.

Because he didn’t really miss anyone, he imagined that the person on the other end of the phone was his mother. He hasn’t seen his mother for weeks.

He thought: Mom, I miss you so much.

Then he said to Xu Keyu, “I miss you too.”

After hanging up, Xu Sheng complimented Tang Zhi, “Not bad.”

“Thank you for calming her down.” Xu Sheng’s tone did not fluctuate, which made Tang Zhi feel that his gratitude was not very sincere.

“No problem, President Xu,” Tang Zhi politely replied to him and reminded him, “This is my duty. After all, President Xu still has a lot to help me with.”

Xu Sheng didn’t reply after that. The person on the other end of the phone switched to Jiang Yan.

Jiang Yan explained a few things that Tang Zhi should pay special attention to after moving into the Xu house, and Tang Zhi recorded them one by one.

Next, Jiang Yan told Tang Zhi that there might be loopholes in the ruling of his mother’s case that could be made use of. A lawyer would follow him up with the more specific terms after he moved into Xu Sheng’s house.

Before hanging up, Tang Zhi told Jiang Yan, “Pass on my thanks to President Xu for me.”

Jiang Yan passed it on, and then Tang Zhi heard the light and distant “No need” from the receiver.

The car got off the highway, after slowing down at the toll gate and passing through the gate. They were getting closer and closer to Xu Keyu.

The time hung heavy on Tang Zhi’s hand and he became more and more nervous. He suddenly recalled Xu Sheng’s overly indifferent tone when he talked about Xu Keyu, as well as Xu Sheng’s handsome and arrogant face.

After Xu Sheng left last night, Tang Zhi looked up a lot of unsourced Xu family secrets on the internet, but he hardly found Xu Sheng’s name.

Only one or two news reports mentioned that a certain project was launched in a certain country, and Xu Sheng, the vice president of Xu Group Real Estate, attended the signing ceremony.

Xu Keyu is strange, but Xu Sheng is even more strange. Tang Zhi thought that they are like the most dissimilar siblings on earth.

Xu Keyu lives in her own world and only knows how to repeat “My brother will help us” over and over again while Xu Sheng is an astute collaboration partner, even requesting for Tang Zhi to speak with emotions.

In contrast, Xu Sheng’s standards are extremely high.

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