The True Scandal
The True Scandal Chapter 3.1

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The car drove into the depths of the Xu manor’s garden and stopped at the door of a western-style four-story foreign house built near the lake.

Tang Zhi looked out the window. The outer wall of the foreign-style house was pure white. The facade was square-shaped and upright, and there were no prominent balconies. It smoothly integrated with the cloudy sky and lake water, which made people feel inexplicably oppressed.

The era of the foreign-style house seems to be older than the other Chinese buildings in the manor, the design styles are also quite different.

It took about five minutes to drive from the Chinese-style buildings to the foreign-style house. It stood alone by the lake, imitating the tombstone of the lake.

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The driver opened the door for Tang Zhi, “Mr. Tang, we’re here.”

Tang Zhi saw the door of the foreign-style house open for him, he hesitated for two seconds and then got out of the car.

He’s walking into this strangely shaped house for the first time, his throat itched with anxiety.

The porch, living room, and stairs within the reach of his eyes are covered with white marble floor tiles, but the furniture is all black. Since it’s the end of the summer, there is currently no fire in the glass fireplace. The house is filled with the fragrance he once smelled near Xu Keyu.

Tang Zhi felt unwell. Every perceptive skin on his body curled up and wanted to wrinkle.

The gray-haired housekeeper stood at the door and told him expressionlessly, “Miss is still changing.”

Tang Zhi sat in the living room for a while and drank half a glass of soda water before Xu Keyu came downstairs.

As if she was like a flying butterfly, she held Tang Zhi’s neck gently from behind, and whispered happily, “Tang Zhi!”

The powdery scent and the light perfume were mixed with the aromatherapeutic scent into a warm cloud, which wrapped around Tang Zhi.

Tang Zhi lowered his eyes and looked at the arms around his chest.

He found that although he accepted the fact that he had to marry Xu Keyu more calmly than he thought, he still couldn’t make up his mind to hold her hands.

“Miss.” The housekeeper suddenly called Xu Keyu.

The arms around Tang Zhi tightened. Tang Zhi raised his head. The old housekeeper looked at Tang Zhi and Xu Keyu like both a monitor and a support worker. He announced straightly, “The young master will come home for dinner in the evening.”

Xu Keyu slowly released Tang Zhi and stood straight.

Tang Zhi looked back at her and noticed that her expression became a little timid, she said to the housekeeper, “Okay.”

“The young master also mentioned that after you see Mr. Tang, please invite Mr. Tang to the guest room to rest first.” He respectfully but unyieldingly told Xu Keyu.

Xu Keyu looked at Tang Zhi and nodded reluctantly.

She is a slender, thin girl with slender Danfeng[1]long and narrow, thin but not small, with smooth and slightly upturned eye tails eyes. She has a few freckles on her cheeks and wore a pink one-piece dress.

Compared with when Tang Zhiyi met her in his first year of high school, Xu Keyu’s appearance did not seem to have changed much. However, her personality changed. She’s no longer as introverted but has become paranoid and moody.

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At that time, Tang Zhi was still a good student on a scholarship. He and Xu Keyu were deskmates but Xu Keyu spoke very few words. The two hadn’t even exchanged a few words all year round.

A mean fatty who made fun of Xu Keyu’s freckles sat behind them. Tang Zhi couldn’t bear to see it, so he scolded him back on behalf of Xu Keyu.

The fatty bullied the weak but feared the strong, he was afraid to fight Tang Zhi. After being put up by Tang Zhi several times, he stopped provoking Xu Keyu.

Xu Keyu wrote a thank-you note to Tang Zhi before. After reading it, Tang Zhi stuffed it into the desk drawer and told her you’re welcome, he didn’t take it with him when he graduated.

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When he was harassed by her to the point of preparing to change jobs, Tang Zhi spent a few seconds remembering the former Xu Keyu.

He didn’t exactly understand Xu Keyu, and he didn’t know her motive behind making him the object of her love delusions.

After half a month, seeing Xu Keyu again, Tang Zhi found it difficult to really hate her, even though he couldn’t love her.

Tang Zhi put down his cup and followed the housekeeper upstairs.

On the stairs hung photos of Xu Keyu, Xu Sheng, and a woman in gorgeous clothes.

The picture frames are white, there were less of Xu Keyu and more of Xu Sheng. The woman mostly appeared in group photos, who is probably their mother.

Walking up to the second floor, Tang Zhi didn’t see a picture of their father.

For Tang Zhi, the guest room that he will stay in for two months is very big.

The room was pasted with beige wallpaper, covered with dark green carpet, and the bedding was pure white. There was a single sofa and table placed beside the wall, as well as a small walk-in wardrobe.

The floor-to-ceiling window of the room faces the lake. Tang Zhi pulled open the curtain and looked out.

The iron-gray lake is like a huge jade heavily embedded in the deep forest.

Dark color tones and low rain clouds gave Tang Zhi an ominous feeling.

According to Jiang Yan, Tang Zhi will be staying here for at least two months, accompanying Xu Keyu to do all the things she wants and needs to do. His task is considered done only after they get married.

Tang Zhi sat on the sofa and quietly thought about what Jiang Yan said about lawyers, but he didn’t dare to expect too much.

Since he has nothing, having an opportunity to try is still better than not having a chance.

At noon, the housekeeper invited Tang Zhi downstairs for dinner and said that the miss had gone out and would be back in the afternoon.

The housekeeper didn’t tell Tang Zhi where Xu Keyu had gone, and Tang Zhi didn’t ask.

During lunch, the housekeeper and two maids stood at the table, they stared at him without blinking. Tang Zhi felt a little unable to swallow his food. After a few bites, he put down the tableware and went back to his room.

Maybe because he got up too early. He was a little sleepy. He took a nap in his room, then turned on the TV and watched the midday interview replays on cable TV of Waterfront Port.

The topic of the interview is the three-year countdown to the last term of the Chief Executive of the Waterfront Port’s Special Administrative Region and the future of the financial magnates of said region.

The host talked with the guests and predicted whether the financial magnates’ complicated affairs in the business empire of the region will be shaken by the arrival of the new governor.

Such topics had nothing to do with Tang Zhi. As he was turning drowsy from listening, there was a knock on the door

A maid said anxiously outside, “Mr. Tang, the young master will be back soon. Please go downstairs for dinner.”


1 long and narrow, thin but not small, with smooth and slightly upturned eye tails

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