The True Scandal
The True Scandal Chapter 3.2

TL: snaggletooth

Tang Zhi hurried downstairs and sat at the table for an entire half an hour before Xu Sheng and Xu Keyu finally came back together.

Xu Keyu looked very bashful in front of Xu Sheng and sat down opposite Tang Zhi without saying a word.

Xu Sheng took off his suit jacket and sat down at the head seat.

In this slightly strange atmosphere, the three quietly ate for a while. Then Xu Sheng suddenly spoke, he casually asked Xu Keyu, “When are you going to pick your wedding dress?”

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Xu Keyu’s hand was in the air, he looked nervously at Tang Zhi, who was also stunned as he looked at Xu Sheng.

Xu Sheng looked at Tang Zhi, as if his patience was running out, “You still haven’t confirmed a time with Keyu?”

From Xu Sheng’s eyes, Tang Zhi could read the dissatisfaction and belittlement that came from honorable customers.

In order to make a living, Tang Zhi could only try his best to answer, “We’ll do it these few days.”

“When exactly?” Xu Sheng pursued.

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The question itself was a little sharp, but Xu Sheng’s tone was not fierce. It seemed as if he only wanted Tang Zhi to tell him the specific time. He added, “The wedding day must be confirmed earlier as well, so that invitations can be sent.”

As Tang Zhi thought about how to respond, he brought up and drank the juice. The glass was a little slippery and he didn’t hold it tightly, so the glass fell. The bottom of the glass knocked onto the table and the juice splashed out of the glass onto the back of his hand and the tabletop.

The maid hurried to wipe it. Tang Zhi apologized and then got up to wash his hands in the washroom in the middle of the corridor next to the dining room.

The light in the bathroom was bright, brighter than any house Tang Zhi has ever lived in.

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The white marble of the sink glittered. He turned on the tap, washed away the juice from the back of his hand, and looked up at the mirror.

Tang Zhi has a classical and rich-colored face.

His eyes are long and slightly upturned, his lips are red and plump, and he has a soft voice that carries natural hoarseness. More than one person has said before that the moment they first saw Tang Zhi, they could tell he wasn’t straight.

Tang Zhi thought so himself, but he didn’t understand why Xu Keyu couldn’t see it.

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He turned off the tap, dried his hands, turned, and walked outside the door. Before he could take 2 steps, he bumped into Xu Sheng who was entering.

“Sorry.” Tang Zhi apologized and took a step back to let Xu Sheng pass first.

But Xu Sheng didn’t move. He stopped Tang Zhi.

Xu Sheng’s attitude was more aloof compared to just now at the dining table. He asked Tang Zhi, “Can you be more attentive when getting along with Xu Keyu?”

Tang Zhi stared at Xu Sheng and didn’t speak.

“Especially at the wedding.” Xu Sheng continued without fluctuations in his voice, he lowered his eyes to look at Tang Zhi, “I will invite some relatives and friends, me and Xu Keyu’s mother will be there. She is very sharp and different from Xu Keyu, so I hope you can do better than today, at least on your wedding day.”

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Tang Zhi’s eyes first fell on Xu Sheng’s flat lips. Only after Xu Sheng said a few words, did he raise his face and look Xu Sheng in the eyes.

Unlike Xu Keyu, Xu Sheng has no powdery smell on him, only a very light wooden fragrance.

Tang Zhi stared into his eyes and felt that it was such a waste for Xu Sheng’s eyebrows and eyes to look so affectionate.

Xu Sheng’s patience was not as good as Tang Zhi imagined. He waited for half a minute, and before Tang Zhi answered, he asked Tang Zhi again, “Can you do it?”

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Tang Zhi looked at his slightly sunken eye socket and focused eyes, and suddenly felt the nervous contraction of his stomach.

“I’ll try my best.” Tang Zhi said.

The corners of Xu Sheng’s mouth twitched slightly, he evaluated Tang Zhi without any emotions in his eyes, “It seems difficult for you to say ‘Fine’ directly.”

“But since you have accepted this job, I hope you can put on professional work ethics.” He added condescendingly.

Tang Zhi’s temper wasn’t actually very good.

Usually, when he faces customers at work, he has to bow down for five bushels of rice and control himself tolerably.

However, after experiencing Xu Keyu’s close destruction and yet to see the lawyer, in the face of Xu Sheng, an employer whose eyes are higher than the top, Tang Zhi’s reason seems to easily disappear out of thin air, just like last night. He just wants to annoy Xu Sheng and make Xu Sheng lose his dignified attitude.

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So Tang Zhi smiled at Xu Sheng, “Fine, but you need to increase the money.”

“Because I don’t like women, I can’t pretend without trying.” He stared at Xu Sheng.

Xu Sheng frowned almost undetectably.

Tang Zhi smiled as he brought himself a little closer to him and whispered, “I like men, especially types like President Xu. What about President Xu?”

Seeing Xu Sheng’s eyes turn, Tang Zhi felt much more comfortable.

However, after a few seconds, Tang Zhi knew that Xu Sheng wasn’t successfully angered by him.

Xu Sheng just lowered his head slightly, looked at Tang Zhi who was close at hand for a moment. He revealed a little sincere mockery on his face, and whispered to Tang Zhi, “I don’t like the ones who likes clinging to me, and the ones that are cheap.”

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