Transmigrated as the Lord’s Darling Pet
Transmigrated as the Lord’s Darling Pet Chapter 1

Chapter 1

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“Xiao Xi, is Xiao Xi okay?”

The unfamiliar voice sounded in Yuan Xi’s ears, the next moment Yuan Xi felt he was being wrapped up in a soft blanket and his body which was cold due to being soaked in water began to slowly warm up.

“Miss Qi just said it casually so why did you take it seriously, Xiao Xi? Second young master naturally has his plans why he brought you here, you mustn’t care what Miss Qi said you two are not the same.”

As she spoke she put another extra towel on top of Yuan Xi’s head.

Yuan Xi was confused listening to the ramblings of the woman beside him, what Miss Qi? What second young master? Didn’t he beat up the boss because of an argument and then accidentally fell into the water when he was escaping?

So who are this Miss Qi and Second young master?

Since he was just out of the water Yuan Xi’ mind was still fuzzy but he knows that his current situation was not very good so he decided not to talk and continued to listened to the person beside him.

The nanny saw that Yuan Xi was well behaved and couldn’t help but soften his heart.

After Yuan Xi was received in the manor, he was always taken care by Aunt Zhang. Aunt Zhang clearly know what kind of nature Yuan Xi has and also knows the reason why second young master brought the person back, but because second young master didn’t talk to Yuan Xi clearly about the reason it caused Yuan Xi to have misunderstanding about him.

Thinking of these, Aunt Zhang looked at Yuan Xi with more amiable expression and said in an enlightened manner.

“Xiao Xi, second young master has no feelings for you in that regard. Miss Qi Yunrou is second young master’s girlfriend, second young master brought you back for another reasons.”

Yuan Xi’s brain which was still fuzzy instantly cleared up when he heard the three words Miss Qi Yunrou.

Yuan Xi was a small time actor an 18th tier, he offended the company’s top executives by refusing hidden rules and was kicked out.

In order to make money he could only do part-time jobs, unexpectedly when he ‘accidentally’ became popular the company see his network value again but because he lack reputation in the circle he only end up with small roles. One of the scripts he got was based on the novel, the original novel has high popularity although Yuan Xi doesn’t understand how the novel was popular but the heat of the novel was really high so for Yuan Xi at that time it was very a rare opportunity.

The agent’s requirement for Yuan Xi was that he must win the script, therefore he specially asked Yuan Xi to read the original novel once and the script three times.

And that novel’s female lead was Qi Yunrou, the male lead in it was called Fu Yushen. Because he was born second, he was called “Er Shao.” [1]T/N: second young master

There was also a cannon fodder called “Yuan Xi” in the novel, Yuan Xi originally intended to fight for the role “Yuan Xi” therefore he specially studied “Yuan Xi’s” character and Yuan Xi felt strange and something incomprehensible after he read the ending of “Yuan Xi”.

But no matter how strange and incomprehensible he felt, it was impossible to deny that “Yuan Xi” ended up being too miserable.

He was misunderstood by the male lead and was framed by the female lead’s miscarriage and other nasty things he had done to the female lead not to mention every time something happened to the female lead, the latter would cried to the male lead and that led to his rage. And “Yuan Xi” who was crippled and blinded was finally thrown away to live abroad on his own.

However on his way, the plane he was in crashed and finally “Yuan Xi” died without a burial place.

Yuan Xi hugged his poor self, that “Yuan Xi” has become him, then does that mean that the crippled and blind person would become him?

Thinking about it, Yuan Xi’s whole body shivered. It was already pathetic enough to cross into the strange world, what’s even more terrifying was that he knew the next pitiful ending.

Aunt Zhang rambled quite a bit more but stopped talking when she realized that Yuan Xi seemed to have blank out and was really frightened by what had just happened.

The originally blabbering mouth of Aunt Zhang stopped talking and reached out her hands instead to touched Yuan Xi’s forehead, she said in a distressed face.

“Yuan Xi go take a hot shower, aunt Zhang will boil a bowl of ginger soup for you. You just come out of water don’t catch a cold.”

The sudden warmth on his forehead brought Yuan Xi back to his senses, tightening the blanket on his body Yuan Xi showed a smile.

“Okay Aunt Zhang.”

Because he just came out from the cold water and was blown by the cold wind, Yuan Xi couldn’t help shivering. After returning to the house following Aunt Zhang he looked at her back confused as they entered the kitchen.

He just discovered that he had no idea where the original owner lived!!!

Inside the novel it was only written “Yuan Xi” lived in the main residence villa of the Fu family but did not even write which room he live in!

Fortunately Aunt Zhang his little angel soon came out of the kitchen, seeing Yuan Xi standing in the same place she immediately flooded with maternal love and took Yuan Xi upstairs.

“Xiao Xi, aunt Zhang knows you can’t accept the news for a while, but second young master really doesn’t feel that way about you. Listen to Aunt Zhang’s words and don’t continue to be stubborn, okay?”

Yuan Xi obediently followed Aunt Zhang, and after hearing the meaning of Aunt Zhang’s words the skin under the blanket immediately raised a layer of goose bumps.

“Okay Aunt Zhang, I won’t.”

Yuan Xi answered cleverly but deep inside his heart was already starting to freak out.

Does he have feelings for this Fu Yunshen in this plot already?

Has the progress reached the time to face off with the female lead? No, no, he had to hurry and find ways to defend himself. But before that, he needs to figure out exactly why he was brought to the main residence of the Fu family by Fu Yunshen and why he was treated well.

Following Aunt Zhang to Yuan Xi’s room, he waited until he was alone and then surveyed the furnishing inside the room.

The interior of the house was simply furnished, clean and tidy.

But since his hair was wet and he felt uncomfortable, Yuan Xi withdrew his gaze and walked in after finding the bathroom.

Soaking in the hot water, Yuan Xi could not help but begin to recall the novel he had read. There were not many records of “Yuan Xi” in the novel, the main content was the emotional entanglement between Fu Yunshen and Qi Yunrou.

Yuan Xi couldn’t help but sigh.

“I can’t afford to mess with them, I must hide first. No matter what the reason Fu Yunshen has in bringing me here, I have to save my own little life first.”

After taking a hot bath, his body was finally warm enough. Downstairs Aunt Zhang had already cooked ginger soup and when she saw Yuan Xi come out she brought a bowl of hot ginger soup and put it in Yuan Xi’s hand.

“Drink it while it’s hot and you won’t get cold.”

“Thank you Aunt Zhang.”

Yuan Xi took the ginger soup and said thank you.

Yuan Xi was holding the ginger soup, perhaps because he just took a hot bath his little face was red and puffy. Because Yuan Xi’s appearance itself was very well-behaved and because of the shock after drowning it makes him looked even more pitiful.

Aunt Zhang looked at Yuan Xi like this and couldn’t help but continue to say.

“Xiao Xi don’t blame Aunt Zhang for nagging, Miss Qi and you are not the same. Second Young Master has no other meaning getting you here, he took you over…”

When Aunt Zhang was about to say the reason she stopped midway and looked ay Yuan Xi then continued.

“Hey Xiao Xi ah listen to Aunt Zhang’s words of advice, you do not need to pleased second young master. What Miss Qi said at that time was just to annoy you, swimming is not something that can be rushed not to mention second young master will not come back even if you learn how to, then what was the purpose of you learning it?”

Yuan Xi held the ginger soup and it was only at this time that he recalled it.

The plot right now should be where he was stimulated by Qi Yunrou, knowing that Fu Yunshen was going to take Qi Yunrou to the seaside for a trip Yuan Xi was jealous, but because of the different environment he had been exposed to since childhood Yuan Xi do not know how to swim but in order to gamble he went into the water without any coach and almost drowned.

This incident was considered as a small turning point, though he was almost drowned “Yuan Xi” after waking up began to change his temperament. Probably because he was stimulated from this incident, “Yuan Xi” then began to target Qin Yunrou which laid to the groundwork of his tragedy in the future.

Knowing the current point progress, Yuan Xi calculated. As long as one remains in the original character and does not go up against the female lead one should be able to avoid the previous tragedy. Moreover Yuan Xi also found a good news that was Fu Yunshen basically would not return to his home at this time.

As long as Fu Yunshen does not come back, this would be a good thing for Yuan Xi. It also brings a lot of convenience to the plan of avoiding the male lead and female lead in the future.

After Yuan Xi decided, he held the bowl and nodded very amicably.

“Got it Aunt Zhang I won’t do it in the future.”

Looking at Yuan Xi’s eyes as if he once again regained his innocence, Aunt Zhang’s heart was filled with relief.

“Good, good. Aunt Zhang knows that you are a good child and she also knows that this time it was the second young master who did something wrong. But Xiao Xi ah many thing are not like what we see the reason why you were received in Fu Residence—it is not convenient for me to say it directly but what I can tell you it that this matter is not what you think.”

Yuan Xi looked up at Aunt Zhang in disbelief, and in his mind he became more and more certain that there was definitely very important reason why he was received in the Fu residence, so important that the female lead could not even know.

Yuan Xi looked at the bowl of ginger soup and became more and more sure in his heart that he had made the right choice.

He must run away and stay away from the male and female lead. However before that he must asked for mental damage fee first otherwise wasn’t it a big loss on his part?



1 T/N: second young master


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