Transmigrated as the Lord’s Darling Pet
Transmigrated as the Lord’s Darling Pet Chapter 2

Chapter 2

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After the drowning incident, Yuan Xi’s whole being became very well-behaved and there was a relatively big difference from the previous “Yuan Xi’s” character to present. However Aunt Zhang did not feel that there was anything wrong about it and just attributed Yuan Xi’s changes to the fact that he understood things after the drowning.

After staying in the main residence of the Fu residence for a few days Yuan Xi really did not find Fu Yunshen come home so his originally hanging heart was put at ease.

However he don’t know if he was hallucinating but every night Yuan Xi seems to be hearing some coughs and men’s voice but when he inquired Aunt Zhang during the day he was prevaricated again.

But after confirming that the person was not Fu Yunshen Yuan Xi did not care. Yuan Xi thought that as long as the man was not Fu Yunshen everything else was okay.

As days went through Yuan Xi also figured out some information of the original body.

“Yuan Xi” originally had a job but resigned after being received to the main residence of the Fu . Fu Yunshen also did not arrange work for the original body and since he didn’t need to worry about eating and drinking the initial anxiety of the original body disappeared and the kind of treatment he was getting became norm to him.

In knowing this, Yuan Xi hated iron for not becoming steel [1]T/N: * to feel resentful towards sb for failing to meet expectations and impatient to see improvement. It was so easy to be corrode by sugar coated shells that he didn’t want to admit that the person he was in now has the same name as he’s.

But on the second thought, Yuan Xi was relieved.

It’s good not to have job, he didn’t need to worry making mistakes and thought he was being different person by his co-workers.

Yuan Xi took deep breath, since he was now “Yuan Xi” he must not continue to become a leech of the Fu family. Although he wanted to collect mental fee damage, he wouldn’t asked in the Fu family. After all this matter about damage was caused by Fu Yunshen and Qi Yunrou so these should be asked to the two of them.

In addition to that, he need to prepare a small savings so when he leave the Fu family he won’t be penniless and a poor man.

“Aunt Zhang I’m going out today so you don’t have to cook my meal at noon.”

Yuan Xi hugged a pillow with him with other hand and hold an apple with the other, after a few nibbles she decided to go out to earn money.

He went upstairs and changed into a solid-colored sweater, light-colored jeans and tie his hair messily in the mirror. Looking at the delicate face Yuan Xi couldn’t help but pout.

“Why am I still baby-faced after crossing over the book, so tender looking. Won’t I be treated as a child laborer when I look for a job?”

A pair of large eyes, although his nose was small he was still pretty over all. Cherry small mouth that when he smiles two small dimples would show, his hair was light chestnut and was very soft making him looked like a clever child.

He reached out and poke on his own little cheeks then find a small backpack and carried it downstairs.

After looking for five different jobs Yuan Xi finally gave up looking for a long-term job. The reason and justification for the rejection were as Yuan Xi’s own speculation. Although Yuan Xi was an adult and in his twenties his tender-faced appearance still made the bosses feel like they were employing a child.

Thinking of the days when he used to have no source of income after being kicked out and could only go out for part time jobs in order to earn money to fill his stomach. At that time the reason why he was rejected was also because of his face, in the end he could only find some part-time jobs that don’t show his face and other short time term jobs.

Thinking of this, Yuan Xi’s eyes suddenly lit up.

Since he couldn’t find long term jobs it would be the same to continue looking for a previous part time job and get paid the same day.

After thinking about it, Yuan Xi rushed off in the direction of the amusement park.

In his previous life, Yuan Xi also found a job in an amusement park wearing a bulky doll suit and standing at the entrance of the amusement park distributing balloons and flyers to the children.

This time the part time job was very easy to pass and Yuan Xi took the bear’s doll suit, changed into it and started working.

This part time job was paid on the same day and charged by hour.

After having a job, Yuan Xi was relieved. As he was wearing the doll clothes and looked at the children around him, everything seems to be back before when he wasn’t “Yuan Xi” when he wasn’t beaten by his boss, drowned—before he came to this unfamiliar place.

The day’s work was exhausting but felt relief the moment he got the money.

Since he did not need to spend money on his accommodations and meals in the morning and evening he could have a lot more money. After getting his salary in the evening Yuan Xi ran to the automatic deposit bank and deposited 200 yuan and leave 100 yuan our from his 300 yuan wage.

Perhaps because he got Grandpa Mao [2]T/N: refers to a hundred yuan, because the face on printed on was named Chairman Mao Yuan Xi’s whole person was very excited and the smile on his face did not dissipate when he returned to the Fu residence.

It was already dark when Yuan Xi returned home, the worried Aunt Zhang only relaxed after seeing Yuan Xi unharmed.

“Xiao Xi why are you so late, the food is getting cold. Wait for me to heat it up for you.”

Yuan Xi nodded sheepishly, he forgot to tell Aunt Zhang that he would be home late. But when he thought about grandpa mao inside his card, his mood got better again.

After seeing Yuan Xi pick up his chopsticks Aunt Zhang then sat next to him and looked at Yuan Xi’s somewhat messy hair.

“Xiao Xi what did you do outside today? Why did you come back so late, can you tell Aunt Zhang about it?”

Yuan Xi took a sip before he lifted his head and looked at Aunt Zhang seriously with his bright eyes,

“Aunt Zhang I went out to look for a job today! From tomorrow onwards there is no need to leave me food at noon and I will come back later in the evening so you can sleep first when you are tired Aunt Zhang. I can heat up my own food.”

Looking at Yuan Xi’s excited face Aunt Zhang could only open her mouth and could not say anything. She instead lovingly smiled seeing Yuan Xi now was doing fine.

She reached out and patted Yuan Xi on the shoulder before Aunt Zhang got up.

“Just eat slowly and put the dishes and chopsticks in the sink. Someone will clean up tomorrow, when you’re full go and rest for your work tomorrow. It won’t be easy as before.”

Yuan Xi smiled and nodded, his big eyes narrowed into crescents.

“En, thank you Aunt Zhang.”

After eating Yuan Xi cleaned up the dishes and put them inside the sink, he then stood in front of the refrigerator and took a look at the drinks inside. Finally he took a cup of milk and prepare to go upstairs.


After Yuan Xi turned around he didn’t notice that there was someone behind him. The man stood behind him quietly and lifelessly with a pair of sharp eyes that made Yuan Xi a little uncomfortable.

“You..who are you? Why are you here?”

Yuan Xi couldn’t help but shrink his neck after seeing the person in front of him clearly.

The man looked very handsome which all women would surely like. But the man’s face was a little pale and his lips were light pink, it seemed that he was ill.

The man did not speak and just stared at Yuan Xi.

Just when Yuan Xi thought that the other party was mute the man suddenly coughed a few times. And he was coughing like his internal organ would be coughed out also, and he also seemed to have difficulty in breathing.

Yuan Xi raised his hand to pat the man’s back, he kept patting and saw a pair for eyebrows frowning tightly.

“What’s the matter with you? Are you in poor health? I’ll cook you some bing tang xueli, it’s good for cough.”

Yuan Xi said while helping the person sit on the sofa.

He also give the milk to the man and said.

“Ah, if you are thirsty you can drink this first. I’ll boil you some rock sugar, by the way have you eaten? Do you want me to cook noodles for you?”

In front of him was a true male god with his golden age but unfortunately was in poor health, however as what he remember the novel never mentioned someone like him.

No matter what the other person’s identity was, for the sake of his good looks and since helping each other was a good deed….not to mention they were also housemates.

That’s right, housemates. Living under the same roof so they were housemates!

The man has not spoken from beginning to end, after sitting on the sofa he held the can milk heated by Yuan Xi and looked at the little person who was constantly turning around and around like a spinning top.

Yuan Xi was afraid that the man would cough again so he immediately start preparing the bing tang xueli, there was hint of pity on his tone as he muttered.

“Such handsome male god how can he be in bad health, the face value is definitely not worse than the male lead!”

The Fu’s kitchen had all the ingredients he needed and almost everything they need could be found.

The man sat on the sofa and watched Yuan Xi’s movements unable to resist narrowing his eyes.

Yuan Xi’s movement were very skilled as if he had done it many times. The information he got before it was not recorded that Yuan Xi could cook and was skilled at that not to mention he never saw Yuan Xi go to the kitchen for so long before.

The most important thing was that Yuan Xi in front of him and the previous “Yuan Xi”, this same person have a complete different temperament. His eyes now were not deceptive, Yuan Xi in front of him was innocent while the eyes of Yuan Xi before were filled with inferiority complex and calculative after being polluted by the society.

The bing tang xueli was very easy to prepare and did not take long for Yuan Xi come back with the casserole.

He poured bing tang xueili in a bowl.

“Wait for a while before drinking it otherwise it will burn your mouth, I don’t think you have eaten yet I will go down and cook some noodles for you to eat.”

The man did not speak and just silently watched Yuan Xi’s movement, the bing tang xueli in front of him gradually cold down and the man’s fingers could not help but move and put down the milk in his hand and picked up the bing tang xueli and took a sip.

The next second the man tightened his brow.

Tsk, that’s sweet. It’s really only for kids.

Yuan Xi who was making noodles in the kitchen couldn’t help but sneeze completely unaware that the person he kindly giving food treated him like a child.

The Author has something to say:

Fu Yunzhou: This is sweet tastes is only for children to like.

Yuan Xi: Don’t you like sweets?

Fu Yunzhou stared at Yuan Xi’s mouth: no


TL has something to say: TL here, sorry guys the update is slow.. I’m sorting my life and stocking chapters, please bear with me (>y<)… as soon as I sort out everything and stock enough chapters, I will announce the schedule.



1 T/N: * to feel resentful towards sb for failing to meet expectations and impatient to see improvement
2 T/N: refers to a hundred yuan, because the face on printed on was named Chairman Mao


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