Transmigrated as the Lord’s Darling Pet
Transmigrated as the Lord’s Darling Pet Chapter 3

Chapter 3

After Yuan Xi finished cooking noodles for the man, holding the milk he stuffed to the man in his hand he turned and went upstairs dumbly.

As he repeatedly kept hearing the man’s magnetic voice.

“Drink more milk and grow taller.”

Sprawled on the bed, Yuan Xi couldn’t help but hug the covers and roll around.

Oops, that guy’s voice was too good and he’s too handsome! A male god! A proper male god!

Early the next morning, Yuan Xi looked at Aunt Zhang who was busy cooking downstairs and looked around. He didn’t see the man he saw last night and think that it was quite strange. He opened his mouth and wanted to ask Aunt Zhang but after thinking about it he closed his mouth again.

Last time, Aunt Zhang concealed the existence of that person if he continued to ask today he should still not get a clear answer.

After eating dutifully, Yuan Xi put on his small school bag and went out to continue his work.

It was hard to find a part-time job and Yuan Xi had agreed with the other party to go every day because it was billed by hour so if he go an hour earlier he could get an extra hour’s fee.

The weather was now in autumn, wearing a thick doll suit on this kind of weather was not hot at all but doll clothes were very heavy after all. And a thin person like Yuan Xin wearing this clothes would look like a baby bear with big head and small body looking clumsy but cute.

At noon, Yuan Xi ate the lunch box he bought and sat in the corner with the baby bear’s head beside him.

Yuan Xi look very well behaved, and now that he was wearing a big baby bear costume while holding a boxed lunch in both hands the whole person looked pitifully cute with just a glance that cause passers-by the desire to protect and love him.

Chen Yang wore a sunglasses coupled with sunflower shirt and a white over coat while holding a cup of milk tea, that was not suitable for his age.

The eyes behind the sunglasses kept on turning and when he saw Yuan Xi’s figure eating in the corner Chen Yang’s eyes lit up instantly. He trotted to Yuan Xi with the milk tea in his hand and kept on looking up and down at the man in front of him.

While looking at him he was also constantly nodding as he praise the man in front of him inwardly. He was indeed super cute which was in line with the aesthetics of today’s people, it was also a type lacking in the entertainment industry.

Thinking about the white-eyed wolf that he personally brought up, Chen Yang could not help but hold his breath for a while. Although he still has a lot of trump card in his hand but he was still bitten by such a thing and his heart could not take it smoothly.

The more he thinks about it the more unhappy Chen Yang was so he decided to scout personally and take a break at the same time so that he could find a good boy who has never been in the entertainment industry. Chen Chang couldn’t help but start itching to start a new wave in the entertainment industry.

And when he sat next to Yuan Xi, the latter couldn’t help but raise his guard when he saw him.

Yuan Xi chose a place that was already very remote, seeing him wearing sunglasses with a flower pink shirt in a broad day light make Yuan Xi incapable of making complaints about his aesthetics.

After the man sat down, Yuan Xi hasten his eating speed and quickly pulled two bites before he buckled the lid and hold his headgear ready to leave.

“Eh eh eh, little brother don’t go. Brother here, has a job a hundred times better than your current one, do you want to go with brother ah?”

After Chen Yang appreciated the little boy he saw for the first time, he notices that the little boy was already full and ready to leave, and his eyes regarded him as a pervert.

Chen Yang could not help but touch his face, thinking that even if he was not so handsome but he could still be considered as handsome so why was he looking at him like he was a pervert?

Yuan Xi thought the man was probably a psychopath and after hearing his words he was even more certain of his thought.

This person in front of him was not only a psychopath but also a fool or perhaps a pyramiding scammer right?

“Brother, the psychiatric hospital is in the west side, you turn left after leaving the amusement park, take a taxi to ensure your destination. If you are looking for a police station it’s even easier go to the gatekeeper of our amusement park and borrow the phone directly. The car will pick you up and drop you off and it won’t cost you anything.”

Yuan Xi said seriously, and so was his expression it didn’t look like he was joking at all.

Chen Yang couldn’t help but twitch the corner of his mouth, and his eyes looked at Yuan Xi like a monster.

Although he was not a star but he also still considered a well-known agent, okay? It’s the first time he’s been treated like a psychopath and a fool!

“No, little brother. I am an agent of Starlight Entertainment, my name is Chen Yang I think your appearance, little brother fits our recruitment criteria so are you interested in being a star huh? The money you earn is more than your current job oh.”

Yuan Xi raised her eyes and glanced at Chen Yang then silently turned around.

He doesn’t want to be a star or something, in his last life he was cheated to be a star and as a result we was force to do some disgusting activities in the company. If the company didn’t calculate his worth how could he hit people and cross over this small cannon fodder!

Now this man still want to trick him into becoming a star? Dream on!

Yuan Xi turned around with a cold face treating Chen Yang as if he did not exist.

Chen Yang: “….”

Did he not make himself clear enough? Why did the little boy did not react, no, not right! What kind of reaction was this turning and going on his way, did he take him as a liar?

Chen Yang stood up from the top of the steps and walked around Yuan Xi with the milk tea in his hand and kept talking about the benefits of being a star.

“Little brother, I’m a real agent. Being a star is really so much better than this job you have now, the weather is okay now but if it’s summer you’ll be very hot. And you are here as a part-timer so how much a day can you get? I can guarantee that if you become a star, a day’s salary is definitely higher than now!”

Yuan Xi clutched his headgear, did not look in front and Chen Yang’s words were all taken by him as if he could not hear him at all.

If he did not have any prior experiece Yuan Xi might have been really convinced. But because of the previous scam the current Yuan Xi was much firmed.

It’s enough to be cheated once, he was determined not to be cheated the second time.

Although Yuan Xi chose to ignore the man, Chen Yang has been following him yapping on and on like an annoying monster.

So Yuan Xi held the headgear and went to the nearby guard uncle.

“Uncle, there is a salesman here would you please call the police uncle?”

Chen Yang who was still chattering froze and looked at the guard uncle who really picked up his phone and started to call the police, quickly he stepped forward and grabbed the guard’s phone off.

“I’m not a salesman, I’m really an agent. You can actually search me in the internet, I am the ace agent of Starlight Entertainment I am not a fraud!”

Yuan Xi looked at Chen Yang very calmly and expressionlessly said.

“Explain what you still want to say to the guard uncle, I have to work so I’ll go first.”

After saying that Yuan Xi turned around and ran.

Chen Yang still wanted to chase after him but he was grabbed by the guard uncle. Yuan Xi’s appearance was honest while Chen Yang’s who was chattering non-stop next to him was very unlikely an honest person so the guard uncle grabbed Chen Yang and looked at him suspiciously.

Chen Yan watched the little good boy left, he was also caught by the guard uncle and questioned him, for a moment he wanted to cry.

After getting rid of Chen Yang’s, Yuan Xi’s entire being was refreshed and after putting on the headgear he began to continue working.

Because he was thinking about the man he saw yesterday, Yuan Xi deliberately slow down his steps so that he could arrived home a little later.

Yuan Xi had told Aunt Zhang early on so this time Aunt Zhang did not continue to wait.

Aunt Zhang was more than fifty years old, although her body was sturdy but she was busy every day inside the mansion so in order to let Aunt Zhang rest early he won’t let Aunt Zhang wait too late.

After entering the door, Yuan Xi began to look around, after looking around and did not see the person he wanted to see he set his meal in the kitchen that only needs to be warm up by himself.

He don’t know if it’s because he haven’t seen the man but Yuan XI was a little distracted during dinner.

However he was more curious about the identity of the man, according to his observation yesterday the man was very familiar with the Fu family’s house. But his sickly appearance made Yuan Xi sure that it was not Fu Yushen.

Finally, Yuan Xi came to a conclusion that he was a man who was very familiar with the Fu family and looked thievingly handsome.

As soon as he had this thought Yuan Xu couldn’t help but laugh out loud, this conclusion was an obvious fact and it does not seem to require much brain power.

After eating, Yuan Xi began to clean up the dishes. Putting the dishes neatly inside the sink Yuan Xi heard a sound of opening the door of the villa.

Could it be the man from last night?

As soon as the idea came to him, Yuan Xi walked gingerly to the living room and saw a tall figure who was already leaning on the sofa, one hand rubbing his forehead while the other hand seemed to be on his chest.

Although he did not see the face but his intuition told Yuan Xi that, that person was the man last night.

Yuan Xi’s heart began to thump, he walked gingerly to the man’s side as he opened his mouth to speak when he saw the man’s pale face and bullet sweat on his forehead.

After walking in, Yuan Xi also got a good look at the man’s other hand which was now pressing on the stomach area.

“You, you, you, are you having a stomachache? Wait, I’ll go and make you some millet porridge, millet porridge nourishes the stomach. You’ll feel much better if you drink some!”

Yuan Xi himself has stomach trouble so when he saw the man’s action he immediately understood that the man had stomach problem.

Just when Yuan Xi turned to run into the kitchen the man pulled Yuan Xi’s wrist. He don’t know if it was because night but the man’s eyes were extraordinarily deep, at this time that pair of eyes looked at Yuan Xi’s thin lips with a sickly white color.

“Why do you care about me?”

Yuan Xi’s heart began to beat faster when he was clutched by the man, and his ears were red after hearing the man’s voice. His eyes roaming around other places but couldn’t help to occasionally steal a glance at the man.


The man narrowed his eyes and stared deadly at Yuan Xi, and his wrist began to put on some force.

The sudden increase of force on his wrist made Yuan Xi withdraw his drifting thought and glance down at the man’s had then said in a low and inaudible voice.

“Because you look good.”

The man: “….”


The author has something to say: Chen Yang: little cutie do you want to be a star?

Yuan Xi: No!

Fu Yunzhou: Little cutie, are you in love?

Yuan Xi: blush.jpg~ thank the little anger who voted for me or irrigated nutrient solution~

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