Transmigrated as the Lord’s Darling Pet
Transmigrated as the Lord’s Darling Pet Chapter 4

Chapter 4

He don’t know if it was Yuan Xi’s answer that left the man speechless of if Yuan Xi’s reasoning really convince the man.

After Yuan Xi’s answer, the man let go and watched Yuan Xi run into the kitchen and began to look for ingredients, cooking utensils and a knife under the dim light but the redness on Yuan Xi’s ears has not yet dissipated.

The man leaned back on the sofa, his gaze falling on top of the figure inside the kitchen half-smiling.

It does not take long to boil a porridge but porridge would only taste good after boiling it for a long time so when the man was about to fall asleep the aroma of millet porridge wrapped between his nostrils.

The man opened his eyes and saw Yuan Xi carefully holding the bowl and placing it in front of him. After Yuan Xi put down the bowl, he looked up at the time it was almost 10:30.

“The porridge is ready, drink it quickly.”

It was close to 9:30 when Yuan Xi returned, it was about 8:40 after he finished working at the amusement park and he would be delayed for ten minutes if there were a lot of people.

Travel time would be half an hour from the amusement park.

And when the man came back it was already more than nine forty, close to ten o’clock plus simmering the porridge, unknowingly the time has reached 10:30

The man obediently took the millet porridge from Yuan Xi and slowly ate.

When the man drink the porridge he looked gentle at a glance, it was clear that the man was tutored with etiquette and very good at that.

Yuan Xi sat next to him, looking at the man eating and inwardly could not help but sigh.

Really handsome oh!

“That, what is your name ah? What is your relationship with the Fu family, I heard you coughing before but Aunt Zhang said there was no one else here.”

Yuan Xi looked at the man and unknowingly began to speak.

The man did not say anything and kept drinking the porridge quietly.

“Do you know Aunt Zhang? Aunt Zhang is the nanny aunt here, she’s very nice. If you come back late next time without dinner you can talk to Aunt Zhang about it or….or I’ll save some of my dinner for you, I don’t eat much.”

While talking, the man had already finished all Yuan Xi’s porridge.

“Thank you.”

A word of thanks made Yuan Xi immediately dumb, he originally wanted to speak but all the words flew away like butterflies and his mind went blank.

After drinking millet porridge, the pain in his stomach has been relieved a lot. The night was cold and eating a hot bowl of porridge made the man’s body felt warm making his appearance was much better.

Putting the bowl neatly aside the man got up to go upstairs.

The corner of his clothes was caught so he lowered his head and saw Yuan Xi’s small face showing uneasiness.

“First, sir can you tell me your name?”

At a close distance, or just by looking up at the man Yuan Xi felt that his little heart was poked all over.

No matter the height or the face, this was exactly the type that Yuan Xi likes!

Yes, Yuan Xi was a little cut sleeve. On the day he came of age he found himself always dropping his gaze on boys, and he became somewhat aware that he liked men.

But again because he found no one that was not pleasing to the eye or didn’t have someone that could poke his heart, there was even a period of time when Yuan Xi doubted whether he was asexual.

But today!

From this angle, after seeing the man clearly at such close range Yuan Xi fell in love. This man in front of him was exactly the style he likes!

The man frowned as he looked at Yuan Xi’s hand holding the corner of his clothes, he looked at Yuan Xi’s nervous expression and took a deep breath.


When he got the answer he wanted, Yuan Xi let go of his hand and put it on top of his knee looking very well behaved.

With a silly face on his face, as if it wasn’t him who had just stopped someone.

The man glanced at Yuan Xi and could not help but flash a smile in his eyes.

Early the next morning, Yuan Xi got early and went downstairs.

Looking at Aunt Zhang who was busy he couldn’t help but be curious and come up to the other side to ask in whisper.

“Aunt Zhang do you know this person Yunzhou?”

Aunt Zhang who was scooping soup shook her hand after hearing Yuan Xi’s question, her face flashed an unnatural expression but Aunt Zhang’s expression soon returned to normal. She put the soup on the able and lowered his head.

“What Yunzhou? Is it Xiao Xi’s friend?”

Yuan Xi didn’t notice Aunt Zhang’s unnaturalness, and after hearing Aunt Zhang’s words he titled his head and thought for a while, he then nodded with a smile.

“Sort of.”

Yuan Xi was eating his head down so he didn’t see that Aunt Zhang had somewhat a strange expression and looked up upstairs after Yuan Xi finished.

After eating Yuan Xi grabbed his things and went out to work.

Right after Yuan Xi left, Fu Yunzhou then came down from the third floor.

Sitting at the table, his eyes landed on the table that has Yuan Xi’s plates and a smile flashed in his eyes.

After seeing Fu Yunzhou, Aunt Zhang immediately took out new utensils from the kitchen placing it in front of him. Looking at Fu Yunzhou who had already started eating, Aunt Zhang couldn’t help but ask.

“Eldest Young Master, Yuan Xi asked about you this morning, do you think …..still need to hide it?”

Fu Yunzhou’s movement paused, and had a light smile expression on his face.

“Next time if he asks, you tell him I’m the housekeeper’s child. Because of poor health I can no longer star in the old mansion so I came here.”

Aunt Zhang was baffled but she didn’t dare to ask more so she could only respond.

“By the way, what’s the matter with Yuan Xi getting up early and going out every day now?”

Fu Yunzhou suddenly asked after taking a few bites.

Aunt Zhang smiled and said while cleaning up Yuan Xi’s plates.

“Xiao Xi said he found a job and now he goes to work every day.”

Seemingly thinking of something happy, Fu Yunzhou had a smile on his face the whole time he was eating breakfast. Even after going to work, his expression looked softer than usual.

Yuan Xi came to the amusement park and changed into a doll bear costume.

Perhaps because of the knowledge of the world male □□□1 [1]T/N: it was really written □□□ in raw so Yuan Xi’s spirit was very good the whole day. The daily salary has stabilized at about five hundred and likewise the daily working hour were more than ten hours.

Looking at the amount inside the bank card was rising, Yuan Xi’s mood also began to rise continuously.

He doesn’t need to pay for accommodation and only need to pay for one meal so he could save more money.

As for free food and drink from the Fu family…..

Yuan Xi said that if Fu Yushen hadn’t somehow brought himself over, Yuan Xi could also live well now! If you asked for one reason that was he was still good to people. It’s easy to lose the heat of a little orphan who hasn’t felt any love and affection since childhood.

Thinking about the last night that happened because of Fu Yushen, Yuan Xi’s original quiet mood turned bad.

“Aiya, not ruthlessly slaughtering Fu Yushen once the heart will suffocate in panic.”

Yuan Xi looked at the balance of his bank card, although it has begun to rise slowly but he still felt loss.

After coming home from work, and after heating up the meal place in the kitchen his eyes couldn’t help but glance at the casserole next to it.

He saw the man twice before, so would he see him…Yunzhou tonight?

After taking out the hot food and hesitating, Yuan Xi got up to cook millet porridge he then sorted out a hot meal and put it separately.

After Fu Yunzhou came back he saw Yuan Xi leaning on the sofa holding a cushion in his arms while the other hand was holding an apple, eating it while watching TV.

Seeing his back the little guy got up from the sofa and walked to the kitchen with slippers on his bare feet and when he came out he was already holding casserole on his hands.

As Yuan Xi walked in, Fu Yunzhou smelled the aroma of millet porridge.

This time the flavor of the millet porridge was very rich and boiled for a long time so when eaten the tasted was also better than last night’s.

Looking at Yuan Xi who was carrying the casserole, Fu Yunzhou’s heart was peculiarly softened a little at the same time his curiosity towards this little guy in front of him rose.

What could completely change a person especially the way that could change people’s glint in their eyes. The Yuan Xi now has an honest and innocence reflected in his eyes so Fu Yunzhou was sure that the person in front of him was not the “Yuan Xi” before.

But Fu Yunzhou was also sure that this Yuan Xi in front of him was definitely not replaced by someone.

The ‘Yuan Xi’ before has not gone out since he was received by the Fu family and even if he did he would be followed by someone. So if someone replaced ‘Yuan Xi’ it was absolutely impossible to hide from the eyes of the Fu family.

Fu Yunzhou drank the porridge while paying careful attention to Yuan Xi beside him, as if trying to see something from it.

After Yuan Xi brought the millet porridge on this side, he turned around and went back inside the kitchen leaving him alone to heat up the meal.

After Fu Yunzhou finished his porridge he saw an extra hot meal in front of him.

“You’re back so late, haven’t you eaten yet? I left some for you, it’s hot so hurry up and eat. You already have a bad stomach so if you don’t eat at night it will do a lot of damage to your stomach.”

Yuan Xi tidy up while setting up the dishes for Fu Yunzhou.

Fu Yunzhou looked at the meal in front of him and couldn’t help but reach out and touch his stomach.

How should he say that he had actually eaten long ago?


Author has something to say: Fu Yunzhou: Actually…

Yuan Xi: I know you’re hungry so I made you food, eat it or it will get cold.

(The little one is quick to prepare delicious food, holding face while looking at the male god.)

Fu Yunzhou: ….okay (actually I already ate QAQ)


1 T/N: it was really written □□□ in raw


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