Transmigrated to Twenty Years Ago and Adopted Myself
Transmigrated to Twenty Years Ago and Adopted Myself Chapter 22.2

Chapter 22.2

Jiang Wang stretched out his hand blankly, and the employee next to him hurriedly handed him some tissues to wipe off the spittle.

Many students breathed a sigh of relief from around him.

“Finally, we’ve sent the immortal away,” the assistant wiped his sweat, “It’s a good thing you stayed up all night to catch up on ‘Dominating Demon King and Cute Princess.’ I can’t even last two pages.”

“‘Not just ‘Dominating Demon King and Cute Princess’,” Jiang Wang said expressionlessly, “I also finished reading ‘CEO’s Heart-Stealing Wild Kitten’ and ‘Rebellious Rich Girl Runs with the Ball.’”

The staff next to him applauded.

The Boss was awesome! Really awesome!

After Jiang Wang took care of this trouble, he breathed a sigh of relief, inexplicably feeling a sense of accomplishment.

He decided to take the two boxes of fried noodles with sausage and look for Teacher Ji.

They hadn’t seen each other for several days, and he guessed the other had been staying up all night writing reports again.

…Why does it seem like being a teacher means writing reports all the time?

Jiang Wang carried the two boxes of hot fried noodles upstairs, and stood calmly at the door of Ji Linqiu then knocked.

After a while, Ji Linqiu came to answer the door.

“What are you doing?”

The two spoke at the same time, “Writing reports.”

Jiang Wang smiled triumphantly, “See, I know you so well.” 

Ji Linqiu realized that this guy should have been itchy all day long[1]Restless or bored, comparable to Peng Xingwang, the door hadn’t even been fully opened yet.

“Something wrong?”

“Look here, I may have not contacted you for a few days. But it’s just because I’ve been busy with the bookstore for a while. Being away for too long and we’re already unfamiliar like this.” Jiang Wang said with regret, “Teacher Ji, this isn’t right.”

Ji Linqiu was actually nervous when he first came out of the closet. He had checked his messages several times in the past few days and found them empty, so he felt relieved when he saw Jiang Wang taking the initiative to come to him.

Fortunately, he didn’t leave.

Ji Linqiu had a restrained personality, he would not take the initiative to provoke others. He had very few friends, and his life was indeed cold.

After he met Jiang Wang, he inexplicably felt like the curtains in the bedroom were suddenly pulled open, making his life noisy, annoying, and yet happy.

In the past few days when Jiang Wang disappeared as well as Xingxing not being around, he felt very unaccustomed to it.

So the two went to the kitchen as usual and took disposable bowls and chopsticks, and ate fried noodles face to face.

Jiang Wang noticed that Ji Linqiu was nervous and felt strangely happy in his heart.

Teacher Ji must care about me very much, it’s really nice.

In order to explain what he had been doing the past few days, Jiang Wang talked about what happened with Teacher Kou.

“I read a book yesterday and got a headache. I thought the cover of the book looked fresh, but why did the plot come out so twisted…”

Ji Linqiu held back his laughter, handing an orange juice to him, “If you buckle your hat to this extent[2]Blaming or accusing another person excessively or unfairly, to the point where it becomes ridiculous or unreasonable., people probably confused you as clever.”

Jiang Wang sighed, “It’s not easy to do business.”

He took two sips of orange juice and then got to the point.

“By the way, do you want to go and have a look at that house with me?”

“It’s dark and empty at night, and it’s three floors all alone. I’m afraid of ghosts.”

Ji Linqiu looked at Jiang Wang’s slender figure and his biceps muscles that could carry a chainsaw, and repeated slowly.

“You? Afraid of ghosts?”

“Ji~ Teacher Ji~”

“You really look exactly like Peng Xingwang.” Ji Linqiu rubbed his forehead and said, “There is no way to deal with both of you.”

“Really?” Jiang Wang was a little surprised, “I feel that I’m quite different from that kid, we’re completely different people.”

Ji Linqiu had a ‘what are you talking about’ expression on his face.

“Don’t just talk about this lively energy,” he stretched out his hand and pointed to Jiang Wang’s left ear. “You have a mole here that looks exactly like a star. Is it simply a coincidence?”

Jiang Wang immediately stretched out his hand to cover his ear and began to feel guilty.

There was a small black mole on his neck near his earlobe. Sometimes his hair covered it a little bit, but it was not considered conspicuous.

Fortunately, he didn’t have any birthmarks or anything, otherwise, he didn’t know how he’d explain it.

“That’s nothing,” the man said stubbornly, “Compared with Xingwang, I am much more mature and reliable.”

Ji Linqiu raised his chin in response.

The narcissistic energy was exactly the same, sigh, children really turn out like the ones that raised them.

They drove over together and reviewed the ideas they discussed on the national highway as they entered the residential area.

Ji Linqiu felt that adding a slide might spoil the child too much. In fact, he thought Jiang Wang just wanted it for himself and didn’t bother explaining.

Similar ideas included a deep-fryer in the kitchen dedicated to junk food, a secret door in the study that activates through a switch, and a game room full of arcade machines in the basement.

Any of Jiang Wang’s childish ideas were blamed on Peng Xingwang. He was all about caring for the child, and there was nothing wrong with that.

Ji Linqiu listened to it all without exposing him. He occasionally glanced at Jiang Wang with a smile that wasn’t quite a smile.

After the car was parked, Jiang Wang led Ji Linqiu to the door.

“This is the one I chose— F**k.”

Ji Linqiu took a closer look at the layout of the living room, and said with a smirk, “Mr. Jiang has good taste.”

Jiang Wang was about to go crazy.

What happened to the Nordic style he saw when he first looked at the house?

What about the minimalist design with a sense of coldness? What about the Morandi color scheme[3]A muted and neutral color palette inspired by the still-life paintings of Italian artist Giorgio Morandi. of the curtain and sofas?!!!

F**k, what was this big bathhouse-like golden chandelier in the center?!

Upon entering the door, you would immediately be greeted by a giant cross-stitch of blooming flowers and prosperity. The festive red koi fish shook its heads and tails, while the auspicious bamboo and peony’s posture was ostentatious[4]Exaggerated and draws attention.

There was also an ink painting of ten thousand horses galloping on the wall diagonally opposite the door. Looking like a second-hand imitation drawn by a student from the Academy of Fine Arts. The horse had its eyes wide open with a face that seemed to never close its eyes even in death.

The most outrageous thing was the TV background wall. Originally, there was only a subtle backlight without much design. Now it had been covered with a printed computer-generated wallpaper depicting a landscape painting that who knows where they found. The texture and color were splayed all over the place.

Jiang Wang looked at the newly renovated home with the style of a combined northeastern flower-patterned clothing style and the decor of a Chinese bathhouse, making his blood pressure rise. He took three steps back and went out to look at the house number.

Then his expression became even more desperate.

F**k, it really was his house, there was no mistake.

A certain someone was now embarrassed he had brought the teacher here today. He had even planned this with a bit of a show-off and peacock-like intention.

It all collapsed, completely collapsed.

Ji Linqiu took a leisurely look with his hands in his pocket, then turned to look at Jiang Wang.

“Isn’t Boss Jiang going to come in and sit down?”

Jiang Wang held back for a long time, then pulled him out of the middle-aged and health-care-themed living room. He called his friend in the small yard that had not yet been destroyed.

“Old Xu, my house…”

“Boss Jiang! I’ve been looking for you! I designed the soft furnishings of your house myself and less than half of the funds were used. Did you go in to see it today?!”

The designer on the opposite side was very energetic, his voice even sounded a bit broken because of the excitement.

“Let me tell you, your house was as cold and gray as a mental hospital before, and I spent a lot of effort to transform it into this for you!”


“The house you bought was not popular at all. The first idea I thought of was for it to be high-end! It must be high-end! It should meet the grade of a business person like you!”

The designer was so delighted that he didn’t give Jiang Wang a chance to speak. “You must go and see the bedroom. What curtains used to be hung in the bedroom? The dark gray color was the same as going into the ground.”

Jiang Wang was almost out of breath, “What did you give me?”

“It’s changed to a European-style floral curtain with extra-long tassels. Hey, that’s what we call a foreign style!”

Old Xu had been worried that he had no place to practice his hands. Now he completely regarded Jiang Wang’s house as his proud work and kept talking about it.

“Don’t mention the small space in the storage room. I even installed a laser light there. You can bring your bedroom stereo in and crank it up, then boom. It’s exactly the same as a nightclub!”

Jiang Wang couldn’t wait for him to finish speaking and hung up the phone in anger.

Then he saw Ji Linqiu standing next to him with a face as light as clouds and wind.

“Don’t pretend,” the man said with a tight expression. “You can laugh.”

Ji Linqiu burst into laughter so much that he couldn’t straighten his waist.

“The two of us are really the same kind, delighting in others’ misfortune.” Jiang Wang admitted defeat and reopened the door to go inside and take a look at the changes.

All that should be changed or altered were not moved, but everything that met his expectations was removed.

It was awesome to be able to answer all the questions and then accurately get zero points.

Ji Linqiu took a look here and there, with a very rich expression.

Jiang Wang bit the bullet and explained, “I mainly don’t like using someone else’s furnishings, so I said to change everything to a new set. Who would have thought he would mess it up this much?”

“What are you going to do now?”

“Find a reliable one and dismantle everything.”Jiang Wang calculated the months with a sad expression. “It’s over. I guess we won’t be able to catch up on celebrating the New Year in this new home. Xingwang and I will continue squatting in the pigeon house eating instant noodles.”

“Forget it, I’ll help you.” Ji Linqiu was in a good mood, “Consider it as saving you from a desperate situation.”

“With the house renovated like this, if you sell it, you might not even get any money.”

Jiang Wang looked up immediately.

“Teacher Ji—”

“Okay, don’t be coquettish,” Ji Linqiu looked at the house full of local tyrants and also had a headache, “The friend you found is absolutely amazing.”

Jiang Wang’s blood pressure had dropped a lot. He nodded and gestured amiably to indicate where it needed to be dismantled as if finally finding someone to back him up.

As they were talking, a crisp doorbell suddenly rang from the first floor.

“Big brother!! Teacher Ji!! I’m back!!!”

“It’s Xingwang!” Ji Linqiu reacted, “The kid saw that no one was at home and actually figured out that we came here.”

Jiang Wang hurriedly went downstairs to open the door.

“You came back today, I was so busy that I forgot.”

As soon as the door opened, the man’s expression froze.

The child, who had a triangle-shaped dinosaur hairstyle with red, green, and blue colors on his head, stood in front of them.

There were also skull tattoo stickers on his face.

“Big brother!” The child shouted with great momentum, “Come and give me a hug!”

Jiang Wang slammed the door close, his expression unchanged.

The rebel phase at eight years old (´▽` )

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1 Restless or bored
2 Blaming or accusing another person excessively or unfairly, to the point where it becomes ridiculous or unreasonable.
3 A muted and neutral color palette inspired by the still-life paintings of Italian artist Giorgio Morandi.
4 Exaggerated and draws attention
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