Transmigrated to Twenty Years Ago and Adopted Myself
Transmigrated to Twenty Years Ago and Adopted Myself Chapter 23.1

Chapter 23.1

Jiang Wang previously made a little money, so he was feeling a little conceited.

Being like this, he felt that he could handle everything like a godlike being with all the money he had.

But reality chose to punch him in the face.

At this moment he had two choices; one was outside the door, a colorful and striking Harajuku-styled child, and behind another door was a nursing home where flowers bloom and wealth and honor were cultivated.

Jiang Wang suddenly wanted to merge with the gold-plated sandalwood carved door and end his life then and there.

Peng Xingwang felt wronged and was outside fiddling with the door.

“Brother— why did you lock me out—”

Ji Linqiu had just finished measuring the size of the wall, and didn’t know what happened downstairs, “Aren’t you going to open the door?”

Jiang Wang looked at his nose and his heart, and once again reminded himself that the boy outside the door was also himself. He couldn’t just throw it in the trash can.

He then opened the door abruptly.

The child and the teacher looked at each other at the same time.



Peng Xingwang yelled first, ran into the living room with a shocked expression, and then ran back to the entrance.

“Big brother! What’s wrong with the house?!”

Jiang Wang lifted him up expressionlessly.

“First, explain your outfit.”

“Oh, this,” Peng Xingwang dangled in the air, remembering to reach up to protect his triangular pyramid-like hair. “Fashion! Trendy!”

Ji Linqiu took a deep breath.

The next second Jiang Wang flicked his hand and removed the wig, and Ji Linqiu squatted down and rubbed Xingwang’s face violently.

“Peng! Xing! Wang!”

“You’re such a disappointment!”


The child squeaked and screamed as he was rubbed, but it only took him less than half a minute to surrender and confess.

The summer camp organized by the school was counted as a joint project in the province. All primary and junior high school students were sent to the development center to play in a comprehensive manner. The fees were high, but the environment and facilities were good.

Generally, summer camps cost seven to eight hundred yuan at most, but this one cost 2800 yuan and was regarded as the top luxury arrangement in the province.

It was said that the teachers took the children to field camping and picnics. They also put on camouflage makeup and carried paintball guns for actual combat exercises, then went to see and pick tomatoes together to understand more about the hardships of life.

The advantage was that the children had a good time and learned a lot.

The disadvantage was that a group of junior high school students from the same camp could mix in and lead the group of elementary school students to play around.

Before leaving, they also taught them a lot of messy things.

Peng Xingwang obviously recognized the new temporary boss outside, and when he retold what he had learned, he said, “He also taught us to recite poems!”

“One person, one city, one life~~ Distressed!” The child’s recitation was full of ups and downs, “Loneliness~~ is a person’s carnival! Carnival is a person’s ~~~loneliness!” 

Jiang Wang stretched out his arms and hugged the child. He smiled politely on the surface, but he was actually sharpening his knife.

“Tell me, where are these junior high school brothers and sisters?”

“Ah, it seems they went back by bus?”

Ji Linqiu said lightly, “They’ve taught you a lot of amazing things.”

“Peng Xingwang! You sleep by yourself tonight! Don’t come to me even if you’re bitten by mosquitos and swelled up!”


“You smell too strong!”

“I’ve showered! I take a bath every day! Brother, you’re bullying me!”

Boss Jiang was once again vividly taught a lesson by society.

Having money does not determine anything.

It can neither determine the hairstyle that Tony the Teacher came up with, nor it can determine how a sudden reliable designer had sudden convulsions in his artistic views.

Even the mysterious things engraved in the child’s DNA cannot be predicted, damn.

Designer Xu, who arranged the interior design of Jiang Wang’s bookstore and company office for a series of occasions, was known for his bright and low-key atmosphere. He was an excellent designer admired by many people in the provincial cities.

Jiang Wang watched him make his office have a slightly mysterious and sultry atmosphere before. In addition, he had developed a deep relationship with this person after drinking seven or eight times, so he gave him complete control over the house with a wave of his hand.

“I don’t understand art, but you have a good aesthetic, I believe you.”

Designer Xu immediately used a lot of ink and heavy color.[1]Made a significant contribution or made a remarkable addition.

When the renovation project started again, Xu Huang heard the news and came to see the workers return the house to its original shape, and returned the money to Jiang Wang with a sad expression on his face.

Jiang Wang didn’t make trouble with him either. After all, he had a good attitude when returning the money. Maybe there will be other opportunities for cooperation in the future. He squatted next to him and drank soda to watch the workers move the three-meter-long “Ten Thousand Horses Galloping” out of the house.

“I don’t understand,” Boss Jiang murmured, pondering about life, “Wasn’t the office you designed for me very refreshing?”

Xu Huang was also very regretful.

“Boss Jiang, I thought you understood me.” He looked at Jiang Wang, “What is truly vulgar? If everyone thinks something is good, then it is vulgar! I wanted to give you something truly authentic, Brother Jiang!!”

Jiang Wang reached out and pulled his hood over his face, “Then I am just a vulgar person.”

It took three days for the new house to be removed from everything with Designer Xu’s handwriting. The house had now become bare, and everything had to be bought again.

Ji Linqiu planned to stay at home to write lesson preparation notes, but Jiang Wang threw the notebook to the assistant to copy the homework on his behalf. The two people and one child went directly to the largest furniture city in the provincial city.

Peng Xingwang jumped around like he was traveling, and never tired of helping them try out more than a dozen sofas in turns.

“I live a rough lifestyle. Even if I match green with purple, it all ends up questionable,” the man said as he handed his credit card to the teacher like a bandit. “Teacher Ji, this time we’ll both listen to you, just swipe the card however you want.”

Ji Linqiu raised an eyebrow. “You’re really not being distant with me.”

“Well, you see,” Jiang Wang put one hand on his shoulder and the other on Peng Xingwang’s cap, walking forward with his arms around the two of them. “The house has five bedrooms and three living rooms. Peng Xingwang and I will live on the third floor; the rooms on the first and the second floors are still empty.”

Ji Linqiu showed surprise in his eyes and was about to speak but was cut off.

“Hey, don’t refuse in a hurry,” Jiang Wang clasped his shoulders and whispered in his ears, “If Teacher Ji paid me rent, I’ll make a little extra. It’s convenient for us friends to take care of each other, and we can also cook together. It’s a good deal.”

Ji Linqiu wanted to speak but Jiang Wang stopped him.

“We’re still considering this. Let’s decide on this matter the day before school starts. Then you can refuse me again like you did today.”

The man smiled brightly, “Look at the curtains first, Teacher Ji, don’t worry.”

They were so close that their breaths were intermingling, though Jiang Wang was also holding a child’s hand in his other hand. Peng Xingwang couldn’t hear what the adults were saying, so he turned around to look at them curiously.

Ji Linqiu was used to being alone. His first reaction was to refuse, but the words whispered in his ear by the man seemed to have enchanted him, making his heart beat faster involuntarily.

The warm fragrance lingered from his ears and wafted to his nose. The man’s few words with his hippie smile made it feel like he wasn’t allowed to refuse. This was too chaotic for him.

When he came back to his senses, Ji Linqiu had already missed the opportunity to refuse.

Ji Linqiu could only glance at him in disdain.

“Not coming, I find you annoying.”

Peng Xingwang suddenly seemed to realize something, “Teacher Ji, even if you don’t like Brother being around, you have to like me!”

Jiang Wang twisted his ears, “Why are you popping out everywhere?”

In the end, they didn’t mention living together anymore, they only discussed the choice of a rustic American style.

The European style was too cold, reminiscent of a glacial wasteland, and the sense of distance was too heavy.

Peng Xingwang wanted a warm home, with a natural and relaxing atmosphere. The two adults had no objection to this.

The existing plaster ceiling of the new house was very good. The walls were painted beige with long-staple rhombic carpets. The half-wall paving was simple and floral. The skirting bent with dark gold and light hooks, and a few beautiful Tiffany blue chairs, it was basically all together.

“I’ll go choose some maple furniture, the marble table at home is uncomfortable, and I’ll replace it too.” Jiang Wang asked about the effect of eco-friendly paint and then turned to ask if Ji Linqiu was free this weekend.

He suddenly felt less rushed and didn’t want to invite too many workers to come to his house.

Installing curtains, laying carpets and the like could be slowly done by him and Teacher Ji together.

If it doesn’t get finished, it was not a big deal to take Xingxing and squeeze into Teacher Ji’s house to eat dumplings during the New Year.

Jiang Wang habitually wanted to drag Ji Linqiu out of that closed and cramped room.

The small home where Teacher Ji now lived was warm and comfortable, but he still found it too closed off. Even at noon, there was not much sunlight.

People who stayed alone for a long time would come to have negative and unrealistic thoughts, unknowingly trapping themselves in a dead end. Feeling as if everything they did was wrong and their breathing was unnecessary.

He could inexplicably smell a slight melancholy from Ji Linqiu in the beginning, so he decided to rather annoy him with these trivial chores every day.

Ji Linqiu thought about it again and again, unsure if he should integrate into the strange little family of these two people.

Peng Xingwang quietly took his hand.

“Teacher, I can make dumplings! When you are done with work, let’s eat dumplings together!”

Ji Linqiu couldn’t help laughing.

“What kind of dumplings do you eat in the summer?”

Mid-August was the hottest time of summer. Since the students were on vacation, they would recruit friends to run in the park or make appointments to ride their bikes and enjoy the breeze by the willow embankment.

Jiang Wang could always see children riding bikes to school when he was driving to work. Maybe it was the fifth time he was annoyed by them that he thought of something.

Twenty years later, shared bikes were no longer a novelty, but bicycles were still a bit expensive at that time.

Jiang Wang was in the army when he learned to ride a bicycle, so much so that he was laughed at by his superiors, his memories of this had gradually faded now.

While waiting for the traffic light, he saw a child with colored balloons tied to his handlebars pedaling hard. He thought to himself why his child didn’t have one, so he would get one for Peng Xingwang today.

When the elder brother returned to the old house, he slammed the door with great momentum, “Peng Xingwang! Let’s go! Pick a bicycle with me!”

Peng Xingwang was calculating a math problem with a pencil and was startled.


“Bicycle!” The elder brother said loudly, “You’re at the age where you should learn to ride a bike.”

The child blinked.

“But brother, I don’t need to ride a bicycle.”

He stretched out his hand and pointed to the vaguely visible Hongshan Elementary School outside the window, “It only takes me five minutes to walk there.”

“When we move in the future, I can take the bus, which is convenient and safe.”

Before the holidays at Hongshan Elementary School, traffic safety was emphasized three or five times. The teacher talked about thriller cases to scare the children, so Peng Xingwang was not interested in getting a bike.

Jiang Wang couldn’t come up with a reason for a while, then knocked on the door with the back of his hand, “Let’s go, go to learn!”

The child had an expression of “What the hell is going on with you”, but after staring at his brother for a long time, reluctantly agreed.

The nearest bicycle shop was located next to the park, and there were parents taking their children to pick out models and accessories.

Peng Xingwang had never seen so many bicycles before, and his eyes were round when he saw a brand new bike shining with rainbow light.

Jiang Wang felt better immediately.

He was inexplicably resentful of the treatment he had received in the past.

——Why did everyone else learn it when they were young and I didn’t?

Learn! Learn it now!

I also do not know how to ride a bike ( ◔ ڡ ◔) it’s voluntary


1 Made a significant contribution or made a remarkable addition.
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