Transmigrating into the Male Supporting Character’s Ex-wife
Transmigrating into the Male Supporting Character’s Ex-wife Chapter 66

Chapter 66

When Ruan Jiu Jiu and Bai Long returned to the private room, the two men looked different. Cheng Jun looked much calmer and continued to eat the fruits in the platter slowly, while Wei Tian’s eyes flickered, sometimes he would take a complicated glance at Ruan Jiu Jiu, and sometimes take a look at Cheng Jun, as if not daring to say more.

Ruan Jiu Jiu asked curiously: “Did you guys talk about anything just now?”

“No, we just talked about mountains and rivers…”

Ruan Jiu Jiu:? ??

Wei Tian quickly stood up, grabbed Bai Long’s wrist, and said, “Let’s go, we have to catch a flight. You still haven’t finished packing your things.”

Bai Long was dragged to involuntarily follow Wei Tian’s body forward, while not forgetting to wave at Ruan Jiu Jiu: “Then we’re leaving, sorry for the rushed time!”

“It’s okay, remember to send me a message when the plane landed.” Ruan Jiu Jiu smiled and watched the two leave.

And then.

Ruan Jiu Jiu lowered her voice and asked Cheng Jun: “You guys really didn’t talk about some weird topics?”

Cheng Jun: “It’s about mountains and rivers.”

Ruan Jiu Jiu:? ??

Are these two men under a spell?

At the same time, Wei Tian, ​​who was dragging Bai Long out, was uneasy. Bai Long finally couldn’t hold it back, and asked, “What exactly did the two of you talk about, my curiosity is killing me.”

Wei Tian scratched his head and said, “Hey, don’t mention it. At first, I thought the boss was going to cheat, but after a long time, he just wanted to give Ruan Jiu Jiu a little surprise.”

“And so?”

“He asked me how I chased you back then, and I said how I’ve chased you.”

Bai Long’s face flushed red.


How Wei Tian chased her in the first place can be described as shocking and astonishing. They were both still in college at that time. One night, Wei Tian drove her to a small hillside. The two of them sat on the hill. She did not eat anything on the way and complained that she was hungry, so Wei Tian got out of the car and took out a small cake.

She didn’t get to eat a few bites of the cake when something was caught on her teeth, she spits it into the palm of her hand and found that it was actually a ring. At that moment, Wei Tian knelt on one knee, picked up the ring, and gently asked if he could rehearse and propose marriage. Just then, beautiful fireworks exploded in the sky.

Looking at the fireworks in the sky, Bai Long covered her lips in surprise, and tears filled her eyes with excitement. Later, the two of them continued to talk a lot…

The story was interrupted by Cheng Jun when he reached this paragraph, which also made Wei Tian wake up from his beautiful reverie.

“Anyway, that’s it.”

“Wow, after so many years of marriage, he still wants to surprise his wife, it’s making me cry. You remember this and be good to me in five years!”

“Okay, okay, absolutely no problem “

Wei Tian kissed her lightly on the forehead and hugged Bai Long in his arms.

He said, as if in distress: “Then let me quickly fulfill my responsibility as a husband, please.”

“Annoying.” Bai Long blushed and snapped.

On the other side, the ‘real’ couple have their own ideas, different beds, and different dreams.

Ruan Jiu Jiu changed into her pajamas, sat on the sofa with her legs crossed, and played with her mobile phone. There were still two and a half days before they go home. She didn’t know what other arrangements will be made for the next activities. Talking about activities, Ruan Jiu Jiu still likes to ski.

“This year’s New Year is really interesting.” Ruan Jiu Jiu stretched her waist. “It’s my first time going out to play.”

“So, what about before this,” Cheng Jun asked.

“Before this–“

Ruan Jiu Jiu almost blurted out her previous life. She swallowed it back quickly. She gave a dry cough, retracted her two slender legs, and continued: “Before this, I had been alone, and it was pretty desolate.”

Ruan Jiu Jiu in this world was an orphan, in her world, she was no different from an orphan, and there was nothing wrong with saying that she had been alone.

Thinking about this, she was a little sad, such as the overturned seasoning box, the mixed flavors, sweet and sour, bitter, and spicy taste.

No one would think of her in the world where she disappeared. Of course, it would also be possible that the bosses of Party A have yelled at them for not receiving the blueprints.

“You won’t be anymore.”

Ruan Jiu Jiu: “Huh?”

“You won’t be lonely.” Cheng Jun, with one hand in his pocket, reached out his other hand to rub the top of Ruan Jiu Jiu’s head, rubbing her hair into a mess, “Next year, you can make two hundred dumplings at home, so you won’t feel lonely.”

Ruan Jiu Jiu, who was moved for a few seconds, was forced to hold back: “You….be a man!”

Cheng Jun pondered for a moment: “One hundred and fifty is fine.”

“…” Ruan Jiu Jiu looked at him with a death glare.

Cheng Jun was beaten back to his room to sleep.

Ruan Jiu Jiu was deeply convinced that whenever she faces Cheng Jun, she would really look like a class teacher who had entered the menopause stage and was on the verge of being angered to death every day.

She went back to her bedroom depressed and laid on the soft big bed. There was no mirror on the top of the king-sized bed this time, so she can sleep peacefully. She gradually became sleepy and went to sleep under the blanket. In a trance, she seemed to dream of a warm embrace, and slightly heavy breathing sounded next to her ears.

Ruan Jiu Jiu raised her head in a daze, only to see Cheng Jun’s face.

He appeared gentler and warmer than his usual appearance, adding a few indescribable seductive tastes. A pair of slender eyes were lowered, surging with some kind of unknown emotions, and his thin lips were dyed with a bright color. Seeing that Ruan Jiu Jiu’s mouth was dry, he was a little dumbfounded for a while.

He leaned down and cupped Ruan Jiu Jiu’s cheek. His low voice seemed to contain fine gravel, which made her heart itch.

He said, “Didn’t you say that…”

Ruan Jiu Jiu swallowed her dry throat, and asked tremblingly, “What?”

“Didn’t you said that you want to eat dumplings stuffed with vegetarian trifle?”

Ruan Jiu Jiu said: ” Huh?!”

She woke up suddenly.

Her whole body was so hot and sweaty, leaving Ruan Jiu Jiu a little breathless. She later realized that she was asleep under the quilt. No wonder her brain lacked oxygen, ‘no wonder……’

Ruan Jiu Jiu’s face instantly blushed. ‘Did I have an attempted spring dream? And the object of my dream is Cheng Jun?’


Whose spring dream would end like this!

Ruan Jiu Jiu’s mind was full of only dumplings, dumplings, and dumplings.

“Do you want dumplings for breakfast or wonton?” Outside the bedroom door came Cheng Jun’s slow muttering to himself, “Are you not up yet? Even the sled dogs have already been working for a long time.”

Ruan Jiu Jiu:? ??

“I’m not a dog!”

Cheng Jun: “I know.”

Ruan Jiu Jiu said: “…What do you mean you know? So, you didn’t know before?”

She heard the dog man Cheng Jun sigh in the living room very clearly and vividly, as if expressing Ruan Jiu Jiu’s nonsense.


Today was also the day to wonder whether Cheng Jun will be able to remove his asexuality.

The two had lunch, and Cheng Jun proposed to go out to play in the evening.

Ruan Jiu Jiu was taken aback, and asked: “Isn’t it dangerous to go up the mountain at this time? What if there is a landslide on the top of the mountain and the avalanche buried us?… Then, the two of us got trapped on the snowy mountain. With no food sources, then you’re going to raise me as food to eat. Until a climbing team came up to rescue you, you will lie that I was buried in the snow and so on…”

Cheng Jun glanced at Ruan Jiu Jiu and blocked her imaginative brain: “We’re just going to a flat area nearby. The ski resort had more artificial snow. Also, I don’t eat human flesh.”


“Wear something thicker, we will leave in the afternoon.”

“What about the lunch?”

“There is a restaurant nearby, we can go out to eat.”

“So.” Ruan Jiu Jiu wiped her mouth, “So, what are we going out for?”

Cheng Jun’s eyes drifted: “Look at…mountains and rivers and such.”

Ruan Jiu Jiu: “…”

He said to look at the mountains and rivers, then they’ll look at the mountains and rivers, anyway, staying in the hotel is boring. Ruan Jiu Jiu followed Cheng Jun to set off. She didn’t know when he asked someone to park a car downstairs. Ruan Jiu Jiu sat in the passenger seat, fastened her seat belt, and let Cheng Jun drove slowly to another place.

There was not much to eat at noon, and Ruan Jiu Jiu was a little hungry by mid-afternoon. She was looking forward to the restaurant Cheng Jun said and was ready to have a big meal.

The snowy road was slippery, and Cheng Jun didn’t drive fast. It took a long time for the two of them to reach a flatland. The place was empty and unoccupied, surrounded by dry woods covered with snow. Looking into the distance, the blue mountains were covered with white snow, which makes people feel more relaxed.

The sky was quickly getting dark, and Cheng Jun’s car had been parked on the flat ground for a while. He said that there was a problem with the car and needed to be repaired. Ruan Jiu Jiu sat in the car and waited for a while.

Ruan Jiu Jiu was playing a small game at first, but after seeing that the sky was getting darker and her phone’s battery was less than half, she got out of the car and asked Cheng Jun: “Is it done? Call a tow truck if you can’t fix it.”

“It’s fixed.” Cheng Jun stood behind the car.

“Thanks for your hard work, then let’s continue walking?”

Cheng Jun asked her suddenly: “Are you hungry?”

Ruan Jiu Jiu blinked her eyes. She had already been a little hungry while waiting, but she was not that hungry. She answered honestly: “It’s okay.”

Cheng Jun: “So you’re a little hungry.”

“Perhaps, a little hungry.”

Ruan Jiu Jiu didn’t know why Cheng Jun suddenly started to care about whether she was hungry: “So, how about we go to the restaurant quickly and come out to play after dinner?”

Cheng Jun suddenly picked up a small cake from the trunk. It was a cream cake, tightly covered in a small plastic box. He stuffed it into Ruan Jiu Jiu’s hand: “You can eat when you are hungry.”

Ruan Jiu Jiu was surprised: “Did you prepare small cakes in advance?”

“No, it was originally intended to be rationed.”

‘But who would keep rations in the trunk?’

Ruan Jiu Jiu silently suppressed the desire to complain. Cheng Jun was already friendly enough when he gave her a piece of cake which was a very rare thing to happen, she should have been moved. She opened the plastic box and asked: “Do you want to eat?”

“No.” His answer was too fast, that Ruan Jiu Jiu couldn’t help but wonder if this cake was out of date.

She couldn’t help but think of the expired piece of chocolate she had eaten, and the culprit was the innocent-looking Cheng Jun who was in front of her.

“It couldn’t be that the cake had gone bad?” Ruan Jiu Jiu looked suspiciously at the cake in her hand.

Cheng Jun shook his head: “Eat at ease.”

“Okay, thank you.”

Ruan Jiu Jiu took out a fork and said, “What are we doing here? Will anyone set off fireworks? Although this is not the city, it’s not good to set off fireworks, not to mention the air pollution, it will be bad if they accidentally light up a dead tree…”

Cheng Jun suddenly interrupted her: “You don’t like fireworks?”

Ruan Jiu Jiu took a bite of the cake, which was fresh cream, and it tasted very sweet. She vaguely said: “It’s okay, I’m not very interested in fireworks or anything.”

Cheng Jun: “…”

Ruan Jiu Jiu who was eating cake was pushed down by Cheng Jun’s back shoulder. He pushed her to get in the car. Ruan Jiu Jiu was stunned and asked, “Why do you want to get in the car all of a sudden?” Although it was a bit cold outside, the scenery was quite beautiful and Ruan Jiu Jiu planned to take a few photos later.

Cheng Jun just pushed her and motioned for her to get in the car: “It’s cold outside.”

Ruan Jiu Jiu was carelessly pushed into the car and right into the back seat. And with a bam, Cheng Jun closed the door. Leaving Ruan Jiu Jiu with a black back. It looks like a call arrived.

Maybe something urgent.

She retracted her gaze and continued to eat sweet cakes. Perhaps it was the first taste of sweetness, Ruan Jiu Jiu ate quickly, that she almost finished the whole cake in a few bites. After Cheng Jun finished the call and quickly explained that they should not set off the fireworks, he opened the car door and saw Ruan Jiu Jiu wiping her lips gracefully.

The only thing left of the cake was an empty plate.

He stood stiffly outside the car, holding the door with one hand, the snow crunching under his feet. It was very cold, but for a while, it was hard to tell who was colder.

Realizing that Cheng Jun’s expression was not right, Ruan Jiu Jiu asked: “What’s wrong?”

Cheng Jun was strangely silent: “…”

If he remembered correctly, according to his request, the ring was stuffed in the middle of the cake. Which could be seen by scooping a few spoonsful of cream.

The author had something to say: Ruan Jiu Jiu: Jiu Jiu Jiu [sfx]? What happened?

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