Transmigrating into the Male Supporting Character’s Ex-wife
Transmigrating into the Male Supporting Character’s Ex-wife Chapter 67

Chapter 67

A suffocating silence was brewing between the two. And the source of this silence was Cheng Jun, which made Ruan Jiu Jiu at loss.

Cheng Jun: “…”

Ruan Jiu Jiu: “What the hell happened? Why do I feel that your expression is not quite right?”

Cheng Jun was silent for a long time which almost made Ruan Jiu Jiu impatient when he slowly asked, “Didn’t you feel that something was wrong when eating the cake?”

Ruan Jiu Jiu was immediately lost when he asked that.

“What do you mean? Did you really gave me a spoiled cake?!”

“It’s not the cake.”

“Could it be the plastic box…”

“I put a diamond ring.”

Ruan Jiu Jiu: “?”

“It’s inside the cake.”


Ruan Jiu Jiu was a bit stunned at first, then her mind went blank: “You mean I ate a ring? Wait, how much money was the ring?”

Surprisingly, the first thing that came to her mind was the price of the ring.

“Hundreds of thousands.”

Hundreds of thousands?! Ruan Jiu Jiu was shocked, and she waved her hands without thinking.

“Go go go! Hurry up and drive me to the hospital. Maybe a gastric lavage can take it out while it’s still early!”

Cheng Jun: “…”

“Come on, it’s not worth so much money if you cut me down and sell me!” Ruan Jiu Jiu thought about the hundreds of thousands that would go down the drain, which made her feel distressed that she almost cried. She urged Cheng Jun to get into the driver’s seat, and she sat in the back seat clutching her stomach, silently hoping that it’s not too late.

The car started, Cheng Jun drove the car, silent and speechless.

It was supposed to be a romantic thing, but now it had become a false alarm. When she thought that it would be hard to wash her stomach later, and she would have to spend more money in the hospital, Ruan Jiu Jiu’s felt even more distressed. For a while, she didn’t know whether she should be distressed by the wasted money or be distressed for herself.

The car suddenly became quiet. One of them sat in the driver’s seat and the other was in the back seat. Ruan Jiu Jiu looked at the back of his head. Without looking at him, she could already imagine Cheng Jun pretending to be calm and composed and she suddenly puffed out a laugh.

“I’m really convinced, how did you come up with such an old-fashioned idea?”

Cheng Jun’s tone wavered, his hand was holding the steering wheel for a while, and then he said: “Study.”

Ruan Jiu Jiu didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

“What kind of idea did you learn?”

After the shock, the mood became calm, and Ruan Jiu Jiu was ready to go to the hospital for gastric lavage. At this time, she recalled what Cheng Jun did just now, she suddenly had a flash of realization and asked: “Did you just try to show me a surprise? Was it…fireworks?”

Cheng Jun: “…no.”

“I actually guessed it right?”

The fireworks and the diamond ring really made him look like an overbearing president. It’s a pity that the plan couldn’t keep up with the changes. It doesn’t matter what she wants, because she still had to go to the hospital.

Ruan Jiu Jiu probably did not expect to see such a scene.

Touching the diamond ring in her belly, Ruan Jiu Jiu was speechless but thought it was funny. She looked over her left and looked at the icy sky and snowy scenery outside the window, then she suddenly spoke softly: “… Actually, there’s no need for the ring, the fireworks and all of that. I don’t love money as much as you think.”

Although on the surface, she always yelled that ‘this one was expensive’ and ‘that one was valuable’, When in fact, her desire for money was not a lot. If she had enough money to spend, it’s enough for her, because, if she really wore a diamond ring, she would have to worry about breaking it or losing it.

“I wasn’t thinking that way.”

Ruan Jiu Jiu was stunned for a moment: “Huh?”

Cheng Jun said while driving: “If the money can keep you by my side, maybe I won’t be so worried that I can’t sleep.”

“…” She was momentarily surprised and stared at Cheng Jun in a daze.

“Nor would I stay in the living room in the middle of the night for fear that you will slip away.”


“When I go to work, I always worry about being alone again when I come back.


“It’s easy to do surveillance footage and location, but I never thought it would be used on you. Just half an hour ago, even in the most challenging game of my competitive career, I had never had such an uneasy and uncontrolled emotion. ” He held the steering wheel with one hand and was quiet for a moment.

“If only liking someone could be as easy as programming. Maybe I’ll be able to find bugs, crack your firewall, and make up viruses that could shake you.”


A scorching temperature gradually flared up Ruan Jiu Jiu’s cheeks, and it was so hot that it almost melted her heart into a puddle of water. She didn’t expect that a straight man like Cheng Jun would be so moving when he talked about love.

Silence resumed in the car, and the sound of tires crushing on the snow could be faintly heard, just like the cracking sound of Ruan Jiu Jiu’s protective wall, cracking layer after layer.

She originally thought that between the two of them, she was at a disadvantage, and she was afraid of being hurt, so she didn’t dare to like him, and didn’t dare to take the initiative to give. She said she wanted to try, but her heart was cowering desperately, even if he tried testing her repeatedly outside her hard shell, she would still pretend that she didn’t know anything and remain indifferent.

Ruan Jiu Jiu’s gaze fell on her knees, and she clenched her fists, looking a little bit restless.


“Ding Dong Ding Dong…” Cheng Jun’s cell phone rang, and he instantly pressed it off. He squeezed the phone tightly, and after a long time, he asked, “Actually what?”

Actually, she couldn’t like him at all?’

Actually, she already had someone she likes?


“You answer your phone first.” Ruan Jiu Jiu clenched her fist and coughed dryly, avoiding the topic.

She’s like a snail hiding in her shell sneaking out her tentacles, making a slight change, and then immediately shrunk back, so he doesn’t even know how to make her come out. Where Ruan Jiu Jiu couldn’t see, Cheng Jun’s expression became a little sadder.

Nevertheless, the expression on his face and his tone were as calm and slow as ever.

He dialed the number back and made a call: “Hello.”

The call was from the hotel manager, and his tone was a little panicked: “Boss, you took the wrong cake, and there is no ring in it… This kind of neglect of duty is simply unforgivable, I have already let the chef in charge pack up and leave…”

“The ring is there?” Cheng Jun interrupted him.

The hotel manager was stunned for a second, and then he replied: “Yes, it’s in the hotel. Don’t worry, I will keep it safe and will never lose it!”

Probably the most beautiful idiom in the world is a false alarm.

Cheng Jun’s slow voice was so calm that there were no ups and downs, making the hotel manager feel uneasy: “Boss…you can punish me if you want to. I’m also responsible for failing to supervise in time. I…”

“You don’t have to go.

” Huh?”

“Call the cook back too. Double your salary this month.”

The hotel manager was dumbfounded: “Bo, boss?”

The response he received was the beep of the boss hanging up.

It was very quiet in the car, and Ruan Jiu Jiu could hear it clearly when she sat in the back seat. Her mood was a bit complicated. She just clutched her belly as if she was carrying a treasure. Now her belly is worthless, probably would worth a few catties of meat.

… However, not having to go to the hospital for a gastric lavage was simply the best thing for Ruan Jiu Jiu.

The two sat in the car, and there was an awkward silence.

The beautiful atmosphere had been completely destroyed, and it would be even worse if they continue to tell their feelings at such time.

Ruan Jiu Jiu gave a coughed dryly, looked out the window, and said: “Let’s go back, I’m hungry.”

“Do you want to go to that restaurant?”


She was really scared, afraid that Cheng Jun would make some strange “surprise” again. Ruan Jiu Jiu still remembered the lesson of the last time where she almost went to another city by plane during the New Year. She pursed her lips and said, “Next time you’re going to do this, you’d better notify me in advance. I don’t want to waste energy anymore.”

‘If there is next time.’

Cheng Jun hummed lightly, not knowing how he felt at the moment.

The vehicle started slowly, they were able to chat on the way here, but when they came back, they became two mute people, and no one spoke. Ruan Jiu Jiu’s elbow was leaning against the window of the car. The sky outside was pitch black, dotted with a few twinkling stars. Even though the brilliance of serenity was few and far between, they were trying hard to reflect their own brilliance.

Unconsciously, there was a smile on her lips.

Back at the hotel, the two of them silently agreed not to mention what happened in the car. There were not many people in the hotel’s buffet. The two of them finished a meal in silence, and Ruan Jiu Jiu can clearly feel Cheng Jun’s sudden declining appetite.

He actually ate only one meal; it was unbelievable like a red rain coming from the sky.

The two of them walked through the corridor in silence and entered the guest room.

It was indeed early to go to bed at this point. There were still a few hours to reach zero to say this year had really passed. Perhaps watching the Spring Festival Gala was not a good choice.



“You speak first.”

“You speak first.”

Ruan Jiu Jiu laughed: “Since when did we have such a tacit understanding.”

Cheng Jun looked away, did not answer the conversation, but said slowly: “It’s late, go to sleep.”

At this moment, Ruan Jiu Jiu took a few steps forward and walked in front of Cheng Jun. She was a head shorter than Cheng Jun, which made her looked more petite and lovely. Cheng Jun didn’t say a word and asked Ruan Jiu Jiu what she was going to do with his eyes.

Ruan Jiu Jiu’s eyes were calm, but the tips of her ears were red.

She opened her arms and said awkwardly: “You are allowed to hold for ten seconds. Don’t refuse…”

She was interrupted before she could finish her words. The next second, Ruan Jiu Jiu fell into a familiar but strange embrace. The slender and powerful arms hugged her tightly, as if afraid that she would run away, Ruan Jiu Jiu struggled uncomfortably but was hugged even tighter.

Her nose was filled with Cheng Jun’s good-smelling breath, extinguishing the coldness of the snow, yet gradually melting and enveloping the hot skin.

Ruan Jiu Jiu’s cheeks were also smeared with a faint pink color, which made her look incredibly attractive and unbelievably cute.

“Let’s test it first. Maybe there is still hope.”

Perhaps, she shouldn’t refuse too quickly, because no one knows what it will be like in the future.

Cheng Jun’s muffled answer came over her head, with a raspy after-tone.




There was another moment of silence.

Ruan Jiu Jiu said: “That… ten seconds have passed, you quickly let go…”

“Not yet.”

She was held tighter: “There is still nine seconds.”

The author has something to say: It wasn’t easy for baby Jun!!!

With much difficulty he finally did something good, everyone please applaud him.

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