Transmigration: The Peasant Makeup Artist
Transmigration: The Peasant Makeup Artist Chapter 1

Chapter 1

From the moment Li Mo opened her eyes, she saw a thatched roof.

After Li Mo realized that this was not her own body, she was convinced that she had transmigrated. After all, Li Mo remembered her last moments before she died. She was on the plane going to Paris, and the plane she was in crashed. Li Mo refused to believe she could survive that accident. Even if she did, at most she would be in the hospital, and not in this thatched house that looked like it was from the ancient period.

Li Mo didn’t know where on the earth she was.

After enduring the feeling of nausea, Li Mo forced herself to sit up.

As Li Mo tried to move from the bed, she could heard a rattling noise. She lowered her head to see where the sound came from and saw a pile of hay under the shabby bed sheets.

Li Mo looked around. The surrounding walls were obviously built for a long time. The dirt from the walls looked like it was wiped out just recently, and several seams had holes on it. The only window in the house had several rotten holes, which were not enough to cover the wind and rain. Except for one bed, the whole room was in tatters—the chairs and the table were both missing one leg, and the house didn’t have much furniture.

Just by looking at the house’s condition, Li Mo was already sure that she had transmigrated to a poor family.

She still didn’t know what kind of environment she had transmigrated to or what it looked like outside. Li Mo resisted the pain in her body and the feeling of nausea. She slowly moved her legs out of bed to get out of the room.

Li Mo wanted to go outside to take a look at the place, but when she just stood up, her head started pounding, and a dazzling white light flashed through her. In the next second, she fell into the darkness.

When Li Mo woke up again, she was awakened by a loud voice. Li Mo was still a little confused when Li Mo opened her eyes.

She was suddenly flooded with memories belonging to another person. These memories flowed through her mind when she was in her sleep. No, it should be said that it was the memory of the original owner.

It turned out that the original owner had just arrived at this house yesterday and was bought out by the owner of this house for 2 taels of silver.

“Hey, Hey.” Before Li Mo could recall this body’s memory, the call from other side pulled Li Mo back to reality.

Li Mo turned to look at the person standing by the bed.

A tall man caught her eyes, dressed in sackcloth, with patches piled on his clothes. His long black hair was tied behind his head in a bun, his skin was dark, and he had bland facial features.

Li Mo knew that this was the man who bought “her” yesterday from the human trafficker for two taels of silver. The man in front of her was the owner of the house.

At that moment, the man bent down slightly and saw Li Mo’s eyes cast on him. His brows were slightly furrowed, and his voice was a little hoarse: “Are you okay? Do you feel any discomfort? “

Li Mo shook her head slightly and replied softly, “I’m okay.”

The man did not relax his brows when he heard her answer. He looked at Li Mo with complicated eyes.

After a while, he said: “Don’t worry, I won’t force you to do anything. I just didn’t want you to be sold to that old man. “

After finishing this sentence, he pursed his lips and said, “When you recover from your injury, I will let you go. You can focus on your recovery and stop thinking about other things. “

Li Mo listened to the man silently, feeling helpless. She sighed.

The original owner of this body was once a highly regarded maid, serving the Zhang family’s Matriarch, a prominent family in the city. She was pretty beautiful, so she was valued by the Zhang family’s Eldest Young Master and wanted her to serve him. The original owner also had the mind of climbing the dragon and being the phoenix, so she was secretly eyeing the Eldest Young Master. The Matriarch unexpectedly knew her motives. The Matriarch took advantage of the time when the Eldest Young Master went out to meet his friends. She hurriedly sold the maid and specifically explained to the trader that she must sell the person to a distant village. That is how the trader brought her to this village.

Initially, the lustful old man in the village saw that the original owner was beautiful, and suddenly he took out one and a half tael of silver to buy the original owner. After seeing that the one who bought her was a bad-looking old man, she started crying and saying she would rather die than surrender herself to the old man.

This commotion was seen by Song Dashan, who was chopping wood in the corner. He suddenly thought of his younger sister, who had the same situation as her. He felt sympathy for a while, so he had decided to buy the original owner for two taels of silver.

Song Dashan successfully bought the original owner, but she was very unwilling to surrender herself to a farmer when she saw this dilapidated house. Still, she couldn’t run away by herself, and she couldn’t survive if she ran away. Left with no choices, she decided to swallow rat poison in the corner of the house without thinking. When she woke up again, she became “Li Mo,” who transmigrated in the body.

Li Mo quickly weighed her current situation and found that she couldn’t live alone.

This Great Xia Dynasty’s setting is quite conservative, and the restraints on women were even higher. Women can’t show up alone to make money if their family backgrounds are unknown. What’s more, wherever they go now, they require household registration. The original owner was a slave. Now she has been sold here. She didn’t have a place to return to. She didn’t even have a household registration. Let alone money to support herself, and she has no place to go if she was to leave the village.

Right now, the only thing she can rely on is this family, the man in front of her. Although it was still unclear what the nature of this man was. The man was able to buy the original owner for two taels of silver to prevent her from binding herself to the perverted old man. Now he is even willing to let her go. It would not be a bad idea to stay here. It’s better than going out and wandering away from the unknown.

In this case, let’s retake a look at the situation. It’s not a big deal, and I could find another way.

After thinking about her current situation, Li Mo settled down and looked up at the man in front of her. She smiled lightly and slowly said, “Thank you for buying me yesterday. I couldn’t think straight last night. I’m okay now. I won’t be like that anymore, so please don’t worry. ” After speaking, he hesitated and looked at the man: “Now I have nowhere to go, and I don’t have a household registration. If you don’t dislike it, I want to stay here. “

Song Dashan was slightly surprised. Her attitude suddenly changed.

Initially, he recklessly bought her out of sympathy when he remembered his sister, who experienced the same situation. He recklessly spent the remaining two taels of silver he had and bought this girl without thinking, but he would take responsibility for her since he bought her. For the sake of her reputation, he is willing to marry her, but it seems that this girl did not want to stay here. Song Dashan didn’t want to force her, so he had made up his mind to let her go. Who knew? She suddenly said she wanted to stay.

Song Dashan twisted his eyebrows, “Did you think about it carefully? Do you know what it means to stay with me? “

Of course, Li Mo knew that this was an ancient period; once she stayed, she would become his wife.

Then she nodded her head firmly and replied: “I know, and I am willing. I hope Big Brother can keep me. “

Song Dashan tightened his lips, looked at Li Mo for a moment, and finally nodded after a long while, “You can stay, but as you can see, if you continue to stay here, you will not have a good life, just by looking at my house’s condition.”

Li Mo nodded again, “Thank you, Brother.” After speaking, she smiled at Song Dashan, “Brother, my name is Li Mo. You don’t have to be formal with me. But I still don’t know what to call Brother in the future. “

Now that she was about to stay, Song Dashan’s mentality suddenly changed a little, and then looking at Li Mo’s soft smile, Song Dashan acted strangely for a moment, and his voice was a bit tight, “My name is Song Dashan.” After that, he added the sentence, “The meal is ready. I’ll bring it to you.” Then he walked limping and hurried out of the room.

Li Mo found that Song Dashan’s leg was limping, and it seemed that he had a problem with his left leg. When he walked, he dragged his left leg behind his right leg. Was his leg injured?

Now that she didn’t know what was going on, Li Mo put it down. She is much better now, and she didn’t feel uncomfortable, unlike the first time she woke up. After Song Dashan went out, she got out of bed, put on her shoes, and went out.

When Li Mo left the room, she saw the main room. The space was not big. The ground was filled with soil. There was a table in the middle, which was probably used for eating. Some farm tools were placed in the corner of the house.

A separate cabin was built against the wall outside the back door, with a tall chimney standing upright, which should be the kitchen.

Li Mo walked to the kitchen and happened to meet Song Dashan, who came out with his rice bowl. Song Dashan frowned, “Why did you come out? I’ll bring the food for you. “

Li Mo shook her head quickly, “You don’t have to do that. I’m fine now. I don’t need to eat in bed. I’ll just eat with you. ” Li Mo said as she was about to pick up the bowls and chopsticks from Song Dashan.

Song Dashan avoided Li Mo’s hand and walked to the table, “I’ll hold it. You can sit down and take a good rest. “

After putting down things, he walked to the door of the hall and shouted to the courtyard: “Xiao Bao, come in for dinner.”

As soon as the voice fell, Li Mo heard thumping footsteps, and the next second, a little bean came in.

The little boy looked like he was three or four years old. He is wearing linen clothes with patches on his clothes. The sleeves and trouser legs are a lot short, which is very unfit. The small body is skinny, as if it was just skin and bones. Looking at him made people pity him. Only those big black and white round eyes will make people think it was quite lovely.

Li Mo was observing the little bean, and Xiao Dou Ding also saw Li Mo. The running footsteps started to go slow, a trace of tension flashed in his eyes, his hands subconsciously grabbed the legs of the trousers on both sides and looked at his father timidly.

Song Dashan waved to him, “Xiao Bao, come over for dinner.”

Hearing Song Dashan’s call, Xiao Bao slowly moved and came to the table, but he did not dare to stay beside Li Mo. He ran to the opposite side of Li Mo.

Song Dashan looked at Li Mo and introduced: “Li Mo, this is Xiao Bao, this is my son. Her mother passed away when she gave birth to him. ” Then he patted Xiao Bao on the head and pointed to Li Mo and said to him: “Xiao Bao, this is.” At this point, he suddenly got stuck, and he didn’t know what Xiao Bao would call Li Mo.

Li Mo calmly looked at Xiao Bao, who had some nervousness flashing through his eyes. Li Mo looked at Song Dashan’s puzzled look. She smiled slightly and took the initiative, “Just call me Aunt Mo for the time being. If Xiao Bao wants to change it in the future, then he can change it, as long as he’s happy. “

With Li Mo’s words, Song Dashan breathed a sigh of relief, and followed Li Mo’s words, and looked at Xiao Bao again: “Xiao Bao You can call her Aunt Mo. ” Xiao Bao looked at Li Mo’s eyes timidly. With a glance, he lowered his gaze quickly, put his little hands together, and twisted them, and after a long while, he softly called “Aunt Mo.”

Li Mo also responded simply.


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