Transmigration: The Peasant Makeup Artist
Transmigration: The Peasant Makeup Artist Chapter 2

Chapter 2

The family of three had lunch together. It was said that it was lunch. In fact, it was just a pot of water and whole-grain porridge, with more water and less rice, with some dried yam, and the side dish was a plate of pickled vegetables.

Li Mo couldn’t swallow it. She could clearly feel the sensation of thick stubble scratching her throat. The snow vegetable was also a ball of pickles; she could only swallow it slowly without any oil.

Li Mo looked at Song Dashan, who was sitting next to her. Song Dashan ate quickly. As if he was eating delicacies from the mountains and the sea. Even the little bun on the opposite side took his own spoon, scooping the porridge one by one, carefully and conscientiously. Xiaobao chewed and swallowed the food, eating very seriously, seemingly satisfied.

It seems that this family is indeed poor. With their situation, Song Dashan could still spend two taels of silver to buy herself. Maybe the two taels of silver were the only money they had. If she didn’t transmigrate to this body and the original owner left, Song Dashan’s loss would be a lot.

Li Mo didn’t eat the tasteless porridge. First, she couldn’t eat it, and second, she had no appetite.

Song Dashan saw that she didn’t eat much. He frowned, “You don’t want to eat it? There is still in the pot. “

Xiaobao also looked over curiously because of this.

Li Mo shook her head, “I’m full. You should continue to eat. “

Song Dashan glanced at Li Mo for a moment, nodded, and continued to eat.

Watching his father continue eating, Xiao Baozi lowered his head and picked up the small spoon to scoop it up.

Lunch was finished quickly. Li Mo thought that she would live in this family, and she had to integrate into this family, and she stood up and picked up the dishes.
Song Dashan stopped her, “You are still sick. Go back and lie down and take a rest. I’ll take care of it. “

Li Mo shook her head and continued to clean up, “I am almost fine now, and I don’t feel any discomfort. I can do these tasks. Let me clean it up. “

Seeing her resolutely, Song Dashan no longer stopped her, but he didn’t feel at ease. Song Dashan followed Li Mo into the kitchen。

This is the first time Li Mo has seen such a kitchen. The kitchen is not big. A large stove platform is built against a wall. There are two large pots on the stove and tiny pots in the middle. There are many branches, firewood, and hay on the stovetop, which should be used to burn the fire.

Next to the stove, a wooden cabinet was so dark that the original color could not be seen. One foot was gone, and it was padded with stones. Next to the cabinet is a large tank of water.

Li Mo understood the things in the kitchen roughly. She put the bowls and chopsticks in her hands into the pot. Li Mo picked up the water scoop made of the gourd on the tank’s lid, scooped out water from the water tank, put it in the pot, and then placed it back on the lid. Li Mo found a rag on the top of the lid and brushed up the bowl.

Although Li Mo didn’t do much housework in her previous life, and everything was done by an aunt, she still knew how to do basic housework, so she knows how to do it.

Seeing her clean up the bowl, although her movements were not swift but looked very serious, Song Dashan was relieved.

When I bought her before, I heard the trader roughly say that her background was a big maid from a great family, and a big maid from a big family in the city, knowing that she was more stylish than the girls in the town, and she was raised in a good environment. The daughter-in-law in the village is very different, so he had already prepared that she would not do anything. Now it seems that it is better than he thought. At least she’s willing to do something.

Seeing that there was no problem on her side, Song Dashan picked up the pole and the bucket, “I’ll go to the village to pick up some water, and I’ll be back in a while.”

Li Mo nodded, but looking at his back carrying the bucket away, he felt a little confused. His legs are so stiff. Can he really come back with two buckets of water? Will it be unstable and fall?

But after thinking about it, he had also picked up the water for the water tank before. It was not the first time that he picked up water. It should be no problem, so Li Mo relaxed and washed the dishes carefully.

After washing the dishes and chopsticks, Li Mo put the dishes in the upper layer of the cabinet next to them. There were only a few scattered plates inside, and there were only three bowls, all of which had gaps, and none of them were complete.

Li Mo sighed. There really isn’t a good thing in this home. If you change it, you have to change everything. It’s all about money. For the current economic level of this family, that’s a luxury thing.

Li Mo opened the door under the cabinet again. There were only two cloth bags inside. One was filled with a small half bag of brown rice. The other was only had little flour. I don’t know if it’s enough for half a month.

When the kitchen was about to be cleaned up, Song Dashan came back with two buckets of water. Li Mo saw clearly how Song Dashan was carrying water. His leg was limping, and his body was indeed a bit unstable, but he tried to stabilize his upper body. To make the bucket less shaking, so every step he took, not much water was spilled. When he reached the kitchen, there were half of the buckets left in each bucket. All of which is poured into the water tank and makes the water tank full.

Song Dashan wiped the sweat from his forehead, watched the kitchen had been cleaned, and let Li Mo come back to the room to rest, “It’s okay, you can go back to the room and rest.”

Li Mo couldn’t find anything else to do. She nods at him, “Okay, then I’ll go back to my room.” After thinking about it, she glanced at Song Dashan, “Then what about you?”

“I’m going to hoe the weeds in the field now and come back in the evening。”

Li Mo thought of the little bun again and went into the hall, but she didn’t see anyone and asked Song Dashan: “Where’s Xiaobao?”

Song Dashan didn’t care. “He went out to play, don’t worry about it. He will come back when he’s tired. You go and rest now. “

Li Mo was a little worried. The little bean ran outside but remembered that this was in ancient times. It seems that the children in the village are like this. Looking at Song Dashan, who didn’t care, she pursed her lips, no longer said anything and entered the room.

Li Mo lay down on the bed, still unable to sleep, staring at the thatch roof above her head.

Li Mo didn’t know why such a bizarre thing happened to her. She used to think that such a thing would only exist in novels, and didn’t expect it to happen to herself, but no matter what, she was given a chance to live again. She should cherish it and live well with this new life.

This is an ancient period. It is unrealistic on your own. All Li Mo could do was stay here, have a reasonable identity, and then think of ways to improve her family’s conditions.

As for Song Dashan, she has no way to choose, but according to his current attitude, he is not bad at all. If he continues to be good, she can cultivate their feelings and become a real couple.

In her previous life, she was devoted to work and unintentionally didn’t marry. When she was in her thirties, she wanted to have a family, but she didn’t find a suitable partner. Sometimes she was too tired and wanted someone to lean on her but couldn’t do it. In the end, she didn’t even know what she was desperate for, but life pushed her to rush forward desperately, and she wasn’t able to stop. I didn’t expect God to stop her in this way.

Maybe, if she changed her lifestyle, she wouldn’t have to feel so much pressure, she wouldn’t have to fight everything alone, and she would have a man who shelters her from the wind and rain and a cute little child by her side. That would be an ideal life to live.

Thinking about it this way, she felt it wasn’t as bad as she thought it would be.

At that moment, she heard a rustling sound in her ears. Li Mo looked at the door and saw a small figure half-hidden outside, only showing his little head. Seeing Li Mo looked over, he quickly turned and hid.

Li Mo smiled, knowing that Xiaobao was still there, and she whispered: “Is it Xiaobao? Come inside. “

After speaking, there was no movement from the door.

Li Mo waited patiently. After a while, the little head was exposed a little bit, looking at Li Mo on the bed with timidity, curiosity, and desire in his eyes.

Li Mo smiled more gently, invited him, “Xiaobao, Is it okay to come over and see Aunt Mo?”

Everyone who knew her in her previous life regarded her as a fierce woman. In fact, few people knew that she actually liked children very much. Every time she sees a baby held by someone, she would look at it secretly. She wanted to kiss and hug each little baby, but unfortunately, she had never had a chance to have a baby of her own.

Seeing Xiaobao now, she actually likes him very much. Although she is not her own child, she will regard him as her own child from now on. She didn’t mind the issue of whether he was her biological mother or not. As long as she is diligent, the child will know that she is good to him and will give the same response.

Under Li Mo’s patient persuasion, the little bun finally moved out slowly, slowly approaching Li Mo with his small steps, and finally walked to the bed, twisted his tiny hand, and looked at her with his big black and white eyes.

Li Mo was enamored by his cute eyes and asked him softly, “Xiaobao, how about Aunt Mo take you to bed? Is it okay? “

The little guy looked at Li Mo blankly without speaking.

Li Mo asked again, and after a long time, the little guy nodded gently.

Li Mo hurriedly sat up, stretched out her hands, and hugged the little bun beside the bed. Although his body was very stiff when she hugged him, he did not struggle and obediently let Li Mo embrace him.

Li Mo took off his shoes, took off his outer clothes, stuffed him into the quilt, and laid down with the little bun. She was very close to him.

Li Mo could feel that Xiao Baozi wanted to approach her but didn’t dare to approach her. She was not in a hurry and started talking to him, “Xiaobao, how old are you this year?”

Little Bao was a little nervous and stretched out his hands and showed his four fingers; with his milky voice, he said, “Four years old.”

Li Mo smiled and praised him, “Little Bun is so powerful. He knows that this is four. You are awesome! “

The little guy was so shy when he was praised and completely forgot the tension. His eyes narrowed, and he stretched out a small palm to cover his mouth and smiled secretly under his palm.

Li Mo was softened by his small movements. She held one of his hands and made her voice softer. “What did Xiaobao play outside?”

Xiao Bao answered quickly, “I was looking at the little ants who were moving things. The little ant is small, and the thing they were carrying is big!. “

“Oh, isn’t it? The little ant is so powerful. ” Li Mo responded to his words and moved closer to him, holding his small body and gently stroking his back.
Xiaobao answered quickly this time, “The little ants are small! but powerful! “

Li Mo watched him speak and couldn’t help but sigh secretly. This child is really good.

Under Li Mo’s touch, Xiao Bao fell asleep while talking.

Li Mo looked at him, carefully hugged him in her arms, and soon fell asleep with the little bun.


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