Transmigration: The Peasant Makeup Artist
Transmigration: The Peasant Makeup Artist Chapter 23

Chapter 23

Seeing that Song Dashan’s attitude suddenly became cold, and even now that Mother Song was not given any face, Wang Cuihua secretly said that she this was not good, and immediately smiled and stepped forward to talk.

“Dashan, we also heard that our sister-in-law is here, and we are thinking about her. So we went to see her. Now it’s hard to see people. Let us and my sister-in-law be more acquainted, and let the children meet their aunt. “

Meizi frowned in disgust, “I am not your sister. I’m not the aunt of any of your children. My nephew is Xiaobao. You can go back to wherever you come from. “

Wang Cuihua frowned on Meizi’s unceremonious words. “That’s not what I said. Broken bones are still connected to the tendons. A family is a family. How can you deny your parents, brothers, and sisters, and you can’t say such bitter words in the future. “

Meizi is extremely disgusted with Wang Cuihua’s monologue. She looked at them again lazily and ignored them.

No one paid any attention, and Wang Cuihua didn’t care. She smiled and leaned close to the table, “Today is a special day. In order for our family to be happy together, we should share this good wine and good food. “

After Wang Cuihua finished speaking, she faced her two children and beckoned them. “Hurry up, your aunt is back today. Come and see your aunt. “

She said, and she was about to squeeze away Li Mo and Song Dashan, who was sitting next to her. “His second uncle and second aunt, you must vacant your seat. So that the two children can eat. “

Li Mo did not move and said unceremoniously: “We did not intend to invite you to eat breakfast. You can go back to your home and eat. “

Wang Cuihua did not expect Li Mo to say so directly that they were not allowed to eat here. She froze for a while before she smiled and said. “Is the second aunt afraid that there would be too many people who want to eat? It’s okay, we just want to stay and talk with my sister-in-law for a while. It doesn’t matter what we eat. “She followed up her word and said: “His second uncle and second aunt, you move a bit and so we can take a seat.” She reached her hand out and wanted to push Li Mo and Song Dashan.

Li Mo fixed her eyes on Wang Cuihua’s hands and was too lazy to have a nonsense conversation with this shameless person. Li Mo said directly: “Wang Cuihua, if you dare to touch me today, don’t think about saving your hands!”

Wang Cuihua was frightened by Li Mo’s stern voice and her hand that was about to push them paused. After a while, she felt ashamed to be frightened by her. For the sake of her face, she shouted: “I am your sister-in-law. You even called my name without any respect! Have you not learned any manners?! ” As she said, she shoved Li Mo’s arm.

Li Mo’s eyes were sharp, and she grabbed the chopsticks and hit Wang Cuihua’s hand fiercely. She only heard the sound of skin touching the chopsticks, and was followed by Wang Cuihua’s pig-like howls.

“Li Mo, you little bitch, you dare to beat me? I, your mother, dared to humiliate me today![1]Here, Wang Cuihua started to use 你 (informal; you) instead of 您 (formal; you). Your mother- this was just like the phrase, “your father” that was used to show authority over the … Continue reading

Wang Cuihua didn’t care about pretending now. After the pain subsided, her face turned red in anger, and her true color was shown to Li Mo.

Li Mo was always ready to counterattack, but before Wang Cuihua could come up, a hand was stretched out from behind her and severely grapsed Wang Cuihua’s approaching hand. He then pushed Wang Cuihua, and she fell on the ground.

Upon seeing this, Mother Song and Lin Zhaodi hurried forward to pull up the wailing Wang Cuihua, but Wang Cuihua couldn’t get up. She pushed away from their hands, and hit the ground, and rolled, “I was hit by someone. My brother-in-law beat his sister-in-law for no reason. “

Song Dashan saw that Wang Cuihua used the same old tricks again, and ignored him, hugging Li Mo behind him, and looking at Mother Song, who was upright and speechless and stopped, “Mother, you take my sister-in-law back soon. Don’t make trouble in my house.”

Mother Song frowned, “Dashan, what’s the matter with you? Do you not welcome your Mother to come to eat at your place? “

Song Dashan raised his eyes and looked at his poor Mother, and the tolerance for his Mother was no longer there. His Mother always looked at him weakly and helplessly and then said a sentence that would hurt his heart if he did not do so. Every time he scraped a layer of skin hard in his heart, the blood in his heart had already drained. Now, he has his wife and children who need protection and can’t bear it anymore.

“Mother, if you don’t have food, your son will give you food, but I’m not obligated to feed my sisters-in-law and nephews. We only have this dish at home, which was only enough for us. If you want to eat, just keep it. And, other people should go back and eat in their homes. “

Mother Song was speechless by Song Dashan’s words. He could feed her, but why couldn’t he feed it to his siblings and nephews? Shouldn’t the family support each other? Why should we care about it so much?

Mother Song unconsciously said what was in her heart. Song Dashan twitched his mouth. His tone did not fluctuate, “Mother, when I was injured and came back. Instead of helping me, my eldest brother and my third brother immediately separated my family from theirs and they wanted me to leave the house as soon as possible? Why? When I was in a difficult situation, my house fell down, and I borrowed money to repair the house. Why didn’t you help me, and you even asked me to pay for compensation? “

Mother Song’s face changed a little bit with Song Dashan’s words. Her face was pale, with trembling lips, her voice was trembling, “Dashan, so you have hatred in your heart? Are you dissatisfied with us in your heart? You don’t understand our family’s situation. Our family is tight on money. After all, your nephew will be a scholar. If your nephew becomes an official in the future, won’t you feel better? If you help your elder brother and your younger brother, in the future, they will remember your kindness, and your nephew will help you in the future. Why don’t you understand?! “

Song Dashan chuckled, “Mother, my nephews will be successful in the future. I don’t expect them to help me. I don’t want them to disturb me. Now that I have separated from the main family, everyone should live their own lives. Right? “

Mother Song was completely panicking now. Her second son really changed and never listened to her. He was so cruel to his mother. Even her Third son was llike that. They were all vicious and ruthless. Fortunately, she kept telling herself that her second son was good, and it seemed that the second son was starting to change.

Mother Song thought of this and said sadly: “Well, well, I know, you started to not care about your Old Mother ever since you got married. Don’t worry, I won’t interfere with you anymore. ” After speaking, she turned and left.

Seeing that her mother-in-law was gone, Lin Zhao quickly took her two children away, and Wang Cuihua’s children ran away as soon as they saw them leaving. Wang Cuihua, who was still on the ground, was left behind.

When Wang Cuihua saw her mother-in-law and sister-in-law just left her behind, her teeth were clenched in anger.

But she didn’t want to leave. How could she go like this after they hit her? There was no way she would reconcile!

Thinking about this, Wang Cuihua immediately leaned on her waist, “My waist, I must have broken it. You can quickly give me some money for medical expenses, so I could go and see the doctor. “

Li Mo snorted and greeted Meizi Tiezi and the children, “Let’s eat, don’t be angry with irrelevant people.”

Meizi also smiled and nodded, “Yes, let’s eat.”

Several people ate without caring about the extra person. They even had a toast together, as if Wang Cuihua was not there.

Wang Cuihua was really furious. They ignored her. They ate and drank there as if she was not there. She couldn’t bear it. So she grabbed the soil on the ground and threw it on the table. Fortunately, it was blocked by Song Dashan so that the food was not covered with soil. But Wang Cuihua’s move was really disgusting.

Song Dashan put the chopsticks down. He stood up, and walked straight to Wang Cuihua. He grabbed Wang Cuihua’s arm with both hands, and dragged Wang Cuihua out of the house like a dead pig. No matter how hard Wang Cuihua tried to struggle, he kept dragging Wang Cuihua out of the house. And threw her out again.

Li Mo looked at Song Dashan’s figure, the corners of her mouth curled up, and her heart felt relieved.

When Song Dashan came back, she filled his glass with wine and picked up her own glass, “I am happy today. I’ll toast you with this glass. “

Song Dashan knew what Li Mo meant. After looking at her for a moment, he also smiled and held the glass. They made a toast and drank it.

Li Mo looked at Meizi with a bitter smile and said, “Meizi, do whatever your heart wants. Don’t be sad. Your brother and I will support you. For those who don’t care about you, they’re not worth it. Don’t think about it. Come, eat some vegetables. “

Meizi smiled and looked at Teizi, who was worried about her. She felt that her sister-in-law was right. Why did she feel sorry for the people who didn’t care about her? So she nodded, “Sister-in-law, you are right. I don’t want those who don’t like me. Let’s continue eating. “

Li Mo was relieved before seeing the atmosphere return.

After eating, a few people cleaned up the house, then they carried their baskets and went to the back mountain again.

This time the temple fair sold out all the balm in her hands, and she had to make a new batch. Otherwise, she would not be able to supply it to Yang Lanhua and other people.

Only a few baskets of flowers were picked this time. Li Mo only planned to make fifty boxes, which should be sold for a while, and then make them again when they are sold out.

The four people spent an afternoon easily making fifty boxes. After making them, Li Mo took out five boxes and gave them to Meizi, saying, “Meizi, there are many residents in your mountain. Every time you go out, it’s not easy to go to town, right? You take five boxes of balm to see if you have anything who wants it. If you want to, you can sell them a box of 5 wen[2]T/N: “wen” was an old classifier for coins, from now on, I will use “wen” instead of “yuan” just in case you might get confused. Previous chapters were also … Continue reading and then come to sister-in-law to get more when it is sold out. Keep it to yourself. “

Meizi now knows that a woman in the village and her sister-in-law sold the balm to others. She knew that her sister-in-law wanted her to make money. She took the things immediately and thanked her sister-in-law for her kindness. Gave the money to the sister-in-law, “Sister-in-law, then I will also take it with you according to a box of 4 wen .”

Li Mo waved her hand, “You don’t know if it can be sold. Sister-in-law will not charge you for the first time. If you sell it, you could come to take more from me, and I will charge you that time. I will charge you 3 wen per box. “

Meizi didn’t want to take advantage of this, but Li Mo refused her rejection. Song Dashan also persuaded his sister to take it and pay for it next time. Meizi had to accept it.

Since he was going to town to try on Chen Xiaoting’s makeup the next day, Li Mo checked the makeup box and talked to Meizi. The two of them went to bed early that night and got their energy to go to town.


1 Here, Wang Cuihua started to use 你 (informal; you) instead of 您 (formal; you). Your mother- this was just like the phrase, “your father” that was used to show authority over the person.
2 T/N: “wen” was an old classifier for coins, from now on, I will use “wen” instead of “yuan” just in case you might get confused. Previous chapters were also changed into “wen”


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