Transmigration: The Peasant Makeup Artist
Transmigration: The Peasant Makeup Artist Chapter 22

Chapter 22

The two of them got up in the morning and worked greedily for three days. At the end of the temple fair, they sold all the balm. Some of them bought the balm on the first day and the second day and went back to talk to someone they knew. Many people found Li Mo’s stall on the third day to buy it.

After Li Mo sold all the balm in his hand, there were still people who came here especially. Seeing that they were gone, their disappointment was overwhelming. Seeing this, Li Mo deliberately left his home address with the other party, telling him if they wanted to buy it. They can go to her house to find her, and at the same time to say to the person who bought the balm, if there is a lady who is about to get married who wants a beautician, you can also go to Inahara Village to find her to be their beautician.

On the way back, Meizi was holding a cloth bag with money, feeling the heavyweight in her hand, and her heart was beating fast. It was really too much money. In just three days, she made so much money. She hasn’t got this much money in her hands.

If it weren’t for the fact that she was still outside, Meizi really wanted to pour out the money and count it.

Approaching Li Mo, Meizi couldn’t help but ask in a low voice excitedly: “Sister-in-law, our balm sells so well, so many people come to buy it. After you go back, you can go to a stall in the town to sell it. The business will definitely not be bad. “

Li Mo smiled and shook her head slightly, “I can’t do this business in the town. I don’t plan to go to the town to sell it. “

“Ah?” Meizi opened her eyes wide, wondering why Li Mo let it go. Such a good opportunity to make money.

Tiezi was also puzzled.

Li Mo had to explain in a low voice: “In this temple fair, no matter where it is, small vendors will come. After these three days, no one will be able to find anyone. But if you go to the town, you will be officially grabbing business with those powder shops. If you are selling well, people will definitely notice you. If you can open a shop in the town, it’s very easy for someone to make trouble with you if you don’t have a background. We who have no money and no power will have to be bullied by others in vain, so let’s do business in the village, so we can’t steal the business of other people’s big shops and have nothing to do with each other. “

Li Mo explained this, and the other people suddenly realized she was right. Shops grab business, and they will definitely be bullied at that time. How can ordinary people resist?

Meizi looked at Li Mo reverently, “Sister-in-law, you are so smart. If it was me, I might go to town to make money. “

Li Mo didn’t talk about it anymore but talked about the arrangements after returning home, “Meizi, You and Tiezi have worked hard these last few days. Don’t go home in a hurry when you go back. Tomorrow we will make something delicious and have a good meal to celebrate. Then the day after tomorrow, you and I will go to the town to dress up the lady. How about going back after all is done? “

“This” Meizi hesitated. She had originally planned to rush home tonight. It was too troublesome to live in her brother and sister’s house, and the family was also in the village, and she always felt uncomfortable.

“Don’t hesitate. I have just kept you busy these few days, and I haven’t let you eat a good meal. We must have a good meal tomorrow. You will also rest in these two days. Don’t rush home. ” Li Mo advises.

Meizi looked at Tiezi and saw that Tiezi had no objection. She nodded and decided to stay at her brother’s house for two more days.

It was already dark when they rushed home. Li Mo took a few people into the room, lit a candle, opened the mouth of the bag with money, and poured all the money on the bed. For a while, she only heard “wow!” at the time the copper plates collided.

Looking at the weight of copper plates on the bed, several people were a little excited. It was really a lot of money. How can I see so many copper plates piled together?

In fact, it’s not too much money. It’s just that they are all copper plates, which are too big. If people collect a thousand copper plates, they will definitely replace them with a couple of silver. These days they are too busy to have time to replace the copper coins with silver, so they came back with such a big bag of copper plates.

There are too many copper plates. The four of them counted it for a long time before they could count the number clearly. There were 3,320 copper plates in total, which is 32,320 cents.[1] I don’t know how they calculated it. :<

“Sister-in-law, we made almost two and a half silver in three days, more than the family earns in a year!” Meizi was so excited that she couldn’t help laughing.

Li Mo chuckled and said, “I didn’t make that much. This is not a net profit. I also needed to remove the 400 wen for the box and the money for the face oil, so I made almost two to nine. More than a hundred coins. “

Meizi was still very happy. “That’s a lot. Other people can’t save two taels of silver in a year. “

Li Mo lowered her head and counted out five hundred coins from the copper plate, and put them in a purse and stuffed it into Meizi’s hand,

“Meizi, you and Tiezi have worked so hard these days. This is my sister-in-law’s heart. “

Meizi immediately pushed it back. “Sister-in-law, what are you talking about? It’s not that Tiezi and I helped because we wanted to ask for money. We don’t want this money! “

Tiezi nodded his head. “Sister-in-law, how can I ask for money if my brothers and sisters asked for help? If you give me money, how can we behave with integrity? “

“You came to help me and really saved me a lot of trouble. If you didn’t come, your brother and I would have to ask other people to help, and we would still have to pay them. Moreover, we have delayed you these days. Teizi, you can’t go hunting because of this. You haven’t done your housework. You have lost a lot. Brother-in-law, we can’t let you suffer. You can take this money. In the future, if your sister-in-law has something to do and needs some help. Your sister-in-law won’t dare to ask you for help next time. “

Seeing Meizi still refused, Li Mo squeezed the money bag into the small cloth pocket of Xiaoshu, who was looking at the adults with big eyes on the side.

Li Mo touched his head, “Xiaoshu, this is what your aunt gave you, to buy candies to eat. You have to collect it. “

Xiaoshu was a little confused and didn’t understand what the adults were talking about. He only remembered that this was for him to buy sweets, and he swallowed immediately, but still remembered that he could not ask for anything from others, so he grabbed the money bag and looked at his Dad and his Mom with his eyes filled with anticipation.

Seeing her son’s small eyes, Meizi smiled helplessly, knowing that the money must be collected today, and nodded to her son, “Xiaoshu, you have to thank your Aunt.”

Xiaoshu knew that his mother agreed, so he could accept it. He was able to buy sweets, his eyes brightened, his little head bowed to Li Mo, and he said with a milky voice, “Thank you, Auntie.”

Li Mo felt that Xiashu was cute; she hugged and kissed him. “The little tree is so sensible.”

Xiaoshu on the side saw Li Mo holding his playmate, Xiaoshu, and he was anxious. He hurried forward and pulled the little tree away from Li Mo’s arms, “Aunt Mo, and Xiaobao, you only kiss Xiaobao, Xiaoshu belongs to the aunt’s house.”

Don’t kiss Xiaoshu. Xiaoshu has a Mother. You kiss Xiaobao.

Seeing Xiaobao was anxious, as if he was afraid that she would be taken away by others, Li Mo smiled and hugged Xiaobao and gave him a big kiss. “Okay, Aunt Mo only kisses Xiaobao.”

Several adults watched Xiaobao protect the food. They felt relieved and sad.

Xiaobao has a lively and cheerful personality. Before, he used to just stay in a corner silently and play alone, but now he can laugh and make trouble. This is what a child should be like.

That night everyone was tired. Several people simply ate a little dinner and then went to sleep. Several people were tired for several days and slept less than three hours a day. Once the burden on their bodies was relieved, they were all deep in their dreams. Until the sun rose the next day, several people woke up completely full of sleep.

Everyone’s spirits were restored, and Li Mo took out the dishes he bought from the temple fair yesterday and prepared to cook lunch.

Mei Zi took the spoon, Li Mo followed, Song Dashan set fire, but after half an hour, the meal was cooked.

They made three big dishes, two vegetables, and one soup, put them on the table. The eyes of the two little guys lit up.

They stopped playing, obediently ran to the table and sat down, and waited for dinner.

Li Mo took out the rest of the wine from the last meal, “I am happy today. Since that, the family is eating together, and is it not good to have some little wine? “

Everyone smiled and nodded. They felt relaxed and happy to drink some wine.

“Meizi, Meizi, are you back?” At this time, Mother Song came from outside the door with a choked voice, interrupting the movement of the people in the house to eat.

Mother Song came in through the door with red eyes, behind Wang Cuihua and Lin Zhaodi, they were still holding a few children.

Li Mo put down the chopsticks in his hand and secretly said that the meal was uneasy.

Meizi’s face sank when she saw the visitor. Her lips were tightly closed, and she did not speak.

Mother Song saw Meizi sitting on the table, tears streaming down, “Meizi, you are back. Mother is really happy. “

Meizi turned her head, refused to look at the crying Mother Song.

Seeing Meizi ignore her, Mother Song stepped forward with his body trembling. “Meizi, do you still hate your mother? Have you hated your mother for so many years? Meizi, what Mother did was unacceptable. Forgive your Mother. “

Meizi didn’t have any expressions, and her voice was extremely cold, “You have sold me. We are not a family anymore. You go quickly. “

Mother Song said: “Woo Meizi, Mother had no choice but to sell you. Don’t you hate your mother, okay? Mother really misses you so much. “

Meizi: “Since you sold me, don’t say anything about it in the future. We are going to eat. You can go. “

Mother Song looked at Song Dashan anxiously with tears in her eyes, “Dashan, please persuade your sister to let your sister come back, and mother will make up for her in the future.”

Song Dashan lowered his gaze with a calm tone. “Meizi is married and has her own home, Mother. She is doing well now. No other words can be said. “

Hearing the meaning of Song Dashan’s words, Song Mother opened her mouth in panic, “Dashan, What are you talking about? That is your sister. Don’t you want her to have a family? “

Song Dashan frowned, “Mother, I will help my sister. Don’t be afraid that there is no one in her family. “

Mother Song didn’t expect Song Dashan to say that. She looked at him incredulously and didn’t understand what had happened to her second son. Suddenly, he became cold and cold towards her. From childhood to adulthood, the second son was the one who would consider her and take care of her. When she was sad, he would comfort her and try to make her feel less sad. How did this change?

Mother Song: “Dashan, you… why do you say that?”

Song Dashan: “Mother, if there is nothing wrong with you, go home. We still have to eat. “

Shouldn’t she stay for dinner? Mother Song opened her mouth in surprise and didn’t know what to say.


1 I don’t know how they calculated it. :<


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      How does a 3300 wen become “almost two and a half tael”, when it should be three and a half? I dunno, and I have no idea what this cent is and how it was calculated either.


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