Transmigration: The Peasant Makeup Artist
Transmigration: The Peasant Makeup Artist Chapter 21

Chapter 21

Four of them rushed home, and they didn’t have any time to take a break. Song Dashan drove the ox-cart back to return the cart. With their baskets on their backs, the other three immediately dashed towards the back mountain. Taking advantage of the daybreak, they started picking up several baskets of flowers and then rushed home under the moonlight.

The two children bought something to eat on the road and let them eat slowly, and the three adults simply made some food to cushion their stomachs and then rushed to make the balm with a candle.

When Song Dashan came back from Fahua Mountain again, he was still holding the large push box he had just picked up when he went to Uncle Zhang’s house.

Just in time, they put the newly made balm into the box until the dead of the night[1] until the dead of the night; in the middle of the night/until it was dark and finally rushed out a hundred boxes of new balm.

After the three of them finished the balm, they were very tired, but they couldn’t help but smile. Life is like this. No matter how tired you are, if you strive for happiness, all is clear.

The four of them slept in a hurry, and when the chickens hadn’t started crowing, they rushed to the neighboring village again with their things and then went to Fahua Mountain together.

Unlike yesterday, fewer people came, but they’re not the same people who came yesterday. Most people come only once every three days. Some people come on the first day, some choose to go on the second day, and some decide to go on the last day.

It was almost the same as yesterday. The people who came were very interested in Li Mo’s balm, especially women from ordinary families. They asked Li Mo if they could try it.

Some would not buy it after testing the product, but most people would take out eight wen to buy a box and cherish it in their pockets, leaving smiles on their faces. Would they be unhappy when they think that they can use the balm that rich people only use?

Most people buy one box, but today, a woman bought fifteen boxes at once.

This woman is only about sixteen or seventeen years old. She looked presentable, didn’t look like she was married. Her mother accompanied her. The two of them were attracted by the women who were surrounding Li Mo’s stall. So they stopped by and saw that Li Mo was selling balm.

This young lady is called Xiaoting, and her family lives in Yuanfu Town. Her father is a master of a county, her brother is an officer, and she was the only daughter in the family. She was very much loved at home and was about to get married. She was wondering if she would have the opportunity to accompany her mother again, so she took advantage of this time and followed her mother to stroll around the temple fair,

Originally, she didn’t lack perfume balms and didn’t want to buy one, but when she saw the balm sold at this stall, she wanted to buy it.

The target of her marriage was a talented man, but his family background was not too good. Initially, her mother and father disagreed, but her heart was tied to him, and she was willing to marry him, even if she knew that life with him would be hard. So, after she cried and begged, her parents finally agreed.

Seeing that she was about to get married soon, she needed to send back a gift to Li Man’s family, and when she met the juniors, she also needed to send them a gift. She made shoes and socks for his close relatives, but there are so many sisters and aunts in his family. All of them should be given a gift. She had a headache just thinking about it. She didn’t know what gift she should give. Her mother said to buy some purses in the store, and she would send one purse per person, but she always thinks it’s not appropriate. Tian has wondered if there is anything more worth giving, but not so expensive, but at the same time, it is attractive.

When she saw the balms sold at this stall, she immediately thought that it was worth it coming up there. Wouldn’t it be good to give one person balm?

And this balm only costs 8 wen per box. Although it is cheap, it looks very beautiful when you take it out and give it away.

Thinking of this, she took a step forward, looked at the balm carefully, and sniffed it again.

Li Mo looked at her and immediately said to her: “Young lady, this is my exclusive secret balm. It only needs a little bit for the fragrance to stay in a day. You can try it.”

Chen Xiaoting just saw some women trying this balm. When she heard the words, she stretched out her wrist with a smile and asked Li Mo to put a little balm on her wrist. After finishing the application, the tip of her nose was filled with an elegant fragrance. She deliberately walked further. The scent still lingered on her for a long time.

Chen Xiaoting didn’t expect the effect to be so good. She was just thinking about it before, and now she decided to buy it completely.

“Boss, give me fifteen boxes, ten boxes of red and five boxes of yellow.”

Li Mo didn’t expect her to buy so much at once and immediately nodded,


Mei Zi had already taken out ten boxes of rose-scented balm quickly and passed the five boxes of chrysanthemum flavor to the mother and daughter.

Seeing the mother and daughter leave, Li Mo’s mouth curled up. When she was about to introduce the balm to other guests, she heard the girl’s voice and immediately raised her head.

“Why do you buy so many boxes of balm? If you like it, just buy two boxes. “

“Mother, I’ll get married in a few days. I’m going to give this one before the meeting ceremony is ready. Do you think this is much better than the purse? “

“That is much better than the purse, and the relatives will think highly of you.”

Li Mo immediately starts to chase that mother and daughter. “Wait a minute!”

Li Mo yelled, and the two looked back strangely and saw that it was the boss who had just sold the balm. They were puzzled, “Boss, what’s the matter?”

Li Mo walked to the two of them and smiled, “I just overheard your conversation. I heard that this girl is going to get married soon? “

Seeing Li Mo talking about this, although she didn’t understand why she came up to ask this, Chen Xiaoting’s mother nodded, “Exactly. The little girl is going to get married in a few days. “

Li Mo asked with a smile, “Madam, I wonder if the beautician of your lady’s marriage has been fixed?”

Mother Chen shook her head, wondering what Li Mo meant.

Li Mo now explained his intentions, “Madam, this is the case. In fact, I not only sell perfumes, but I am a beautician who specializes in makeup for others. Many brides have asked me to do their makeup. My makeup skills are very good. If the lady is willing, you can ask me. I will definitely make you look good. “

In fact, there is a reason for Li Mo to catch up with them and promote herself. These two are not ordinary villagers at first sight. They look like they are from the town. So far, Li Mo has only given makeup to others in the village, and the scope is limited. If she can successfully strike her reputation in town, then some people in town will ask her to put on makeup. Then her customer base will expand more than a little, and business will continue to come to her in the future. She hopes that business will come to her. If she can do this girl’s makeup and they are satisfied, she will successfully take the first step.

Li Mo’s explanation surprised the two of them. They had only heard of those old beauticians who specialize in putting makeup for brides. They had never seen such a young lady who specializes in makeup for others.

Mother Chen hesitated. Although they hadn’t decided which beautician they should hire, they were already preparing to choose one of the few mothers-in-law who specialize in combing the bride’s hair. Then suddenly a young lady appeared and said she was good at putting on makeup. She was doubtful, thinking about how to choose her words to refuse.

Li Mo saw her refusal, and before she could say her refusal, she said, “Madam, you and the young lady don’t rush to refuse. I know you don’t know me. You must be worried about me and dare not make an easy decision about such a big thing, but I can tell you with certainty that my makeup skills are very good. I can definitely make the bride beautiful. If you want, I can put it on her first. If you are satisfied, you can ask me to put on makeup for the lady her marriage. If you are not satisfied, it will be fine without me. You won’t suffer at all. What do you think? “

Mother Chen looked at her daughter.

Chen Xiaoting didn’t have as many worries as her mother. She became interested when Li Mo said it. She has never seen a young beautician and seeing her look so confident, maybe she really has extraordinary abilities. Well, if she could really make herself look good, she definitely didn’t want those mothers-in-law to put makeup on her.

Since she said that she could be transformed first, why not give it a try?

“Mother, since this elder sister said to me first, try it.”

Mother Chen nodded when she saw her daughter wanted to try and now agreed to go to town to try on her daughter’s makeup in three days.

“Sister-in-law, what did you just say to the mother and daughter?” Mei Zi asked when Li Mo would come back.

Li Mo didn’t conceal it, and immediately said her plan, and also said about going to try on Chen Xiaoting’s makeup three days later.

Meizi’s eyes widened when she heard it. Her sister-in-law managed to not only make balm but also put on makeup! Oh my God, what kind of sister-in-law did her brother marry? Why is it so unusual?

The most tranquil person is Song Dashan. He has seen Li Mo’s superb makeup skills. If it was Li Mo, he was very confident. He looked at his sister’s shocked face, smiled, and couldn’t help but want to talk about his sister-in-law. “In terms of skills, your sister-in-law’s makeup skills are excellent. It can make people look very beautiful, um, it’s that kind. Even a person who is not good-looking can become good-looking. “

This is the first time Song Dashan has said so much. The way he said it, it seemed like he was boasting about himself, but he was a little bit embarrassed after he said it.

Meizi totally believes his brother’s words. Her brother has never spoken big words since he was a child. Now even his brother has praised his sister-in-law so much. It shows that her sister-in-law is really amazing. She thought that the bride was a white-faced person, and my heart was itchy. What kind of look can it turn into?

Looking at her sister-in-law, Meizi tried to ask: “Sister-in-law, I want to go with you, to see how you put on makeup? I didn’t know you were so good. “

Of course, Li Mo would not refuse her sister-in-laws’s request and nodded immediately.

“Of course, you can go with me that day.” Meizi was happy and immediately said: “Then sister-in-law, I will help you and won’t hinder you.”

Li Mo smiled and nodded, “Okay.”


1 until the dead of the night; in the middle of the night/until it was dark


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