Transmigration: The Peasant Makeup Artist
Transmigration: The Peasant Makeup Artist Chapter 20

Chapter 20

On the morning of the temple fair, Li Mo and his party got up in the dark and set off to the neighboring village before the chickens crowed. As for the two children, they were hugged in the arms of the adults and fell asleep.

When they rushed to the house of Candied Haws vendor in the next village, the chickens had just crowed, but it was still dark, so the group of people sat in the bullock cart and walked towards Fahua Mountain.

When they arrived at Fahua Mountain, it was just dawn. At this time, many stalls had already arrived. Everyone was looking for a suitable place for their stalls to place their products.

Li Mo gave the family 10 wen and then hurried to find a good place, spread a piece of cloth brought from home on the ground. She put the perfume neatly on the cloth and then opened two boxes in the front. The perfume balm was shown to passers-by.

Meizi asked Li Mo at this time, “Sister-in-law, how much do we sell this balm?”

Li Mo thought for a while. Generally, things at temple fairs were more expensive than usual. Usually, her balm costs five wen per box.

“Let’s sell it for eight wen per box today.”

Meizi thinks that eight wen per box is very cheap. “Sister-in-law, the ones that I used to see in town, the least cost was 15 wen a box, and each box is very small. Ours are bigger, so selling it for eight wen per box is too cheap. “

Li Mo smiled, “I don’t compare prices with others. I just want to take the cheap and affordable route and sell them to people who can’t usually afford it or are not willing to buy perfume balm in the powder shop. It’s not that these people don’t like perfume balm, but they’re not willing to buy them. If I sell them cheaply and in large quantities, these people will definitely be willing to buy them. “

Meizi thinks about it and thinks that her sister-in-law was right. A large box of perfume balm, as long as it was half the price of the usual price. They must feel that they have encountered a good thing, so they will quickly buy a box and keep it. Otherwise, they won’t know if they could buy such a cheap balm next time.

Thinking about this, Meizi suddenly admired her sister-in-law. Her sister-in-law is so good at business. She is business-minded.

On the way here, Li Mo had already thought about the division of labor later. Later, she was responsible for introducing and recommending the perfume balms to the guests. Meizi would pick up the goods and collect the money. Dashan watched things from the side to avoid being fished in troubled waters[1]to take advantage of a crisis for personal gain, and the two children did today. Leave it to Tiezi to take care of.

Several people nodded one after another and had no opinion on this arrangement.

Not long after, the sky was completely bright. At this time, the people who came to the temple fair one after another had already arrived. Some people wanted to go to the mountain as early as possible, so they walked quickly, not paying attention to the stalls along the way, and some people just wanted to visit the temple fair, so they were not rushing up the mountain, but to walk and stroll, and stop and take a look at the ones they were interested in.

The vendors started yelling at this time, and the whole air was lively for a while.

Meizi looked at the nearby vendors who were yelling loudly and was anxious. She glanced at Li Mo, “Sister-in-law, everyone was yelling, the buyers won’t come over if we don’t yell, let’s also yell.”

Li Mo thought about it, just like the other vendors. The four of them also yelled, and it’s weird for them to just stand there, so they also learned from the vendors who yelled, “We were selling perfume balm, cheap and affordable balm, just a box for eight wen!”

Meizi yelled when she saw her sister-in-law and shouted from behind Li Mo.

Not to mention, this yell attracted many people. When they heard about the perfume balm, people still wondered how expensive the balm is sold for today. The ones who wanted to follow along and heard that it was only eight wen per box, although eight wen was not a small amount of money for ordinary people, compared with those balms with dozens of wen per box, this eight wen was too small, so people who were interested and heard it went to Li Mo’s stall.

The first one to come to the booth was a pair of mothers and daughters. The mother was in her thirties, and her daughter was in her teens. In this period, she was of marriageable age. The mother and daughter came to the front and looked at the balm. They looked at the components and were surprised. The mother wanted to confirm the price, so she asked: “This balm is really eight wen per box?”

Li Mo smiled and nodded, “Sister, my perfume is just eight wen per box.”

The woman was doubtful. Could it be that there was something wrong with this balm? Otherwise? Why was it so cheap?

Seeing the woman’s hesitation, Li Mo took a step forward, picked up the box of rose-scented balm and opened it, and said, “Sister, this was made by my secret recipe. The quality is first-class. If I sell it for a cheap price, I could earn money from it. You don’t have to worry, you can try it first. Come on, Eldest sister, pass me your wrist, and I’ll try it for you. “

The woman wanted to try it, and she stretched out her wrist hurriedly. Li Mo took a little of the balm with her finger and gently wiped it on the woman’s wrist. “Sister, you can smell it. You can also let the people around you smell it and see if it smells good. “

The woman immediately put her hand in front of her nose, and as expected, an elegant scent passed into her nose. The scent was very pleasant, and it made people comfortable with its fragrance.

The woman’s daughter also smelled it, and her eyes lit up immediately, “Mother, I don’t need to get close to you to smell it. Your whole body is fragrant. “

Li Mo added another sentence in due course, “Sister, this fragrance, it’s not for a short while, the scent could last for a day. As long as you put it on your wrist or neck with just a little bit, the scent will last for a day. Such a box, even if you apply a little every day, you can use it for three months, and I only sell it for 8 wen for such a box. There was nothing more cost-effective than this. I only sell it here for three days, and then I won’t sell it here. “

The elder sister heard it, her heart had already fallen and was moved completely, and she immediately took out 8 wen to buy a box.

Li Mo turned around and asked Meizi to take a box for the woman and accept the eight cents.

When Li Mo was talking, there were a lot of people watching. Everyone heard what Li Mo said just now. The scent of the woman was also smelled by the people around her. Now, many people are also coming up to buy the balm.

Li Mo immediately said to the people around her: “My balm has two flavors, one was rose-scented and the other was chrysanthemum scented. The eldest sister just used rose fragrance on her body. You can smell the fragrance. Who would like to try the chrysanthemum scented balm?? I can give you a try for free, and then you can choose the fragrance you want to buy. “

As soon as she said this, all the young women around wanted to try it, and they stepped forward to try it.

Li Mo was not too crowded and put some perfume one by one on the women who wanted to try it.

After wiping on their wrists, the people who tried it were very satisfied with the scent, and they paid eight wen to get a box. Some liked the smell of rose flowers and bought rose-scented, and some liked the chrysanthemum flavor, so they bought a box of chrysanthemum scented. Some like both, so those with the money bought each of the flavors.

It was rare to encounter a temple fair, and probably because the atmosphere of the temple fair affects people. Those who came today were willing to spend money to buy something for their family members. Therefore, people who wanted to buy balm were endless for a while.

All of them were busy. Meizi has been collecting money and delivering balm. Song Dashan immediately took more balms in the basket when the balms in the display started to lessen, while Li Mo had been introducing and trying it out with people who came to inquire.

At noon, the people in the stall were starting to lessen. Either find a place to eat their dry food or go to the food stalls to eat something. This was the time when the food stalls were busiest. Li Mo and others can finally take a breath.

Song Dashan took out the water he had brought from the basket. Several people drank saliva to relieve their dry mouths. After a busy morning, the mouths were really dry, and even their stomachs were hungry.

The two little guys were hungry a long time ago. Li Mo took the money and asked Tiezi to take them to buy some food. The two of them were very happy to eat. The four adults were busy and have been working on an empty stomach till now.

Li Mo asked Meizi to watch the stall. She went to the food stall and bought a few meatloaves and a few meat buns. One person eats two meatloaves and two meat buns. They squatted in front of their stall and ate and drank. Just a little water, their stomach was filled, and the whole person felt comfortable.

After eating, there were no customers in the stall for a while. Li Mo asked everyone to sit on the spread cloth to rest their legs. After standing all morning, their legs were too tired.

Although very tired, everyone was very happy. Unexpectedly, business will be so good today. The buyers never stopped. Meizi was even better at collecting money. Song Dashan also added goods to the stall several times.

At this time, Meizi couldn’t help asking Li Mo, “Sister-in-law, we don’t know how many boxes of balm were sold this morning, let’s count.”

Li Mo also wanted to know how many boxes were sold this morning, so she brought the basket over. Pour on the booth and count the remaining balms on hand.

After counting, there were still forty-eight boxes of balm left. They brought a hundred boxes of balm today, which means they sold fifty-two boxes this morning. Excluding the two trial boxes, they sold exactly 50 boxes of balm.

They had sold fifty boxes in the morning, and their mouths couldn’t help but smile in excitement.

Li Mo did not expect to sell 50 boxes in just one morning, and there will be two and a half days left before the fair ends. There will be more than 110 boxes left at home. If they sold all of the balms today, at this rate, the inventory at home would be insufficient.

“Brother Dashan, there were only more than 110 boxes left in the house. It should not be enough. We have to find a way to do more. “

Song Dashan was also a little worried. “When I ordered the box before, just in case, I told Uncle Zhang to let him do more these days. He must have to do as much as he can. I didn’t have time to pick it up before. “

Li Mo thought about it and looked at the rest of the balm. She made up her mind: “There were not many balms left. We will try to sell these early in the afternoon and then discuss with the family to borrow their ox cart and go back in advance. We will take advantage of the daylight and go pick some flowers again and rush to make the balm at night. This is a tough job for you, Brother Dashan, but can you return the ox cart and follow them home? “

When Song Dashan heard it, he could only do it. So he nodded immediately, “Then I’ll do it. In the afternoon, we will try to sell the balm early in the afternoon and then go back and do a little more. Uncle Zhang should have made a new box. I’ll go back, and I will get it, use as many as you can. “

All of them yelled vigorously in the afternoon. They sold the rest for a small amount of time and picked up the things while other vendors were still selling, and sat down to discuss the bullock cart that was borrowed, and they rushed home.


1 to take advantage of a crisis for personal gain


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