Transmigration: The Peasant Makeup Artist
Transmigration: The Peasant Makeup Artist Chapter 19

Chapter 19

Not long after Li Mo returned home, Yang Lanhua and Li Xiaofeng came.

Last time they both took a box of perfume balm and sold them. They sold it for five wen, and each earned 1 wen. Although it was not a lot, it was a net profit. They didn’t do much. They only moved their mouths and sold it. Is there something simpler than this?

Both of them saw the possible growth of this business. They immediately decided to come to Li Mo again to get a few boxes and go to her family to advertise the product. This big box only cost them 5 wen. It was so big that many people in her family were willing to buy it. People in the village will also be willing to buy.

Li Mo took out the two newly made perfume balms. The two saw that one smelled like chrysanthemums. They picked them up and smelled them and liked them very much. After thinking about it, one person took two boxes of rose-scented perfume and two boxes of chrysanthemum scented perfume.

In the afternoon, Li Mo found the vegetable seeds she bought in the town last time.

They lacked food at home. Occasionally, Zhao’s family picks vegetables from their garden and gives them to their family. Li Mo had long wanted to get a vegetable garden, to grow some plants. However, they have been busy, and they didn’t have time to plant them.

Song Dashan took an ax and went to the bamboo forest to chop a lot of bamboo to take back. Then he inserted the bamboo into the ground and made a large circle at the back of the house. Then he wrapped the bamboo with hemp rope to form a circle. A garden was created. Then, surrounded by the thorns on the outer side, ordinary people or animals could not get in, so the vegetable garden would be fine.

Song Dashan divided the vegetable garden land into several pieces, leaving a small path between the pieces. Song Dashan dug the other places with a hoe and then poured it with ample manure so that the land could be fertile and grow quickly after planting the vegetable seeds.

Li Mo and Song Dashan spent a few days sorting out the vegetable plots, then planted all the vegetable seeds they bought. She waited for the seeds to sprout.

Looking at the vegetable garden she had put together, Li Mo felt that her family was thriving.

At this time, Li Mo accidentally heard Song Dashan talk about the temple fair. A few days later, there will be the biggest annual temple fair here.

People here hold a temple fair on April 4th every year. The venue of the temple fair was on Fahua Mountain. Many people choose to go to the Fahua Temple to offer incense for three days, when the temple fair is held and pray for their wishes to come true.

Li Mo didn’t want to miss this temple fair.

The reason why Li Mo didn’t want to miss this temple fair was not to go to pray and offer some incense. But to use this opportunity to make a good profit.

The temple fair was held for three days. During these three days, not only ordinary people would go and pray, but also the vendors who were doing business had been looking forward to it. In those three days, on the mountain roads and along the road, there were stalls. These three days were often a good time for vendors to make money. Not only were the prices much higher than usual, but they also sold very well. No one wants to miss this opportunity.

Li Mo also thought about it. This time she will make more perfume balm to sell. When that time comes, many women will also go, and she will sell it to them. It will definitely sell well. Even if other powder sellers sell perfume balms, they are not as cheap as hers. She believes that her business will certainly not be bad.

She thought it was only a few days away, and there were only a dozen boxes in stock at home, which was far from enough, so she had to make more balm as soon as possible before the temple fair.

First, she needs to order more wooden boxes.

She talked to Song Dashan about the idea of going

to the temple fair. Song Dashan pursed his lips and was a little worried. “This temple fair was on Fahua Mountain, a dozen miles away from our side. Most vendors drove to the fair. But we don’t have a car, and we don’t know when we can go. “

Li Mo didn’t expect Fahua Mountain to be so far away from the village. If you walk, then the booths will be closed when they arrive. Can you still do business even if you’re late?

I only thought of selling balm before, but I didn’t think about the venue’s distance.

“Brother Dashan, how do people in our village go to the temple fair? ” Li Mo asked.

Song Dashan replied: “In those days, Lao Zhu’s family would drive the donkey cart back and forth to pull the villagers back and forth, but it’s okay to go to the temple fair in Shangxiang. If you’re planning to do business, you must go early before people arrive. Set up a stall, and the earlier you set up the stall, the better.

“It is impossible to follow the donkey cart in the village.” Li Mo also knows the truth. Riding the donkey cart in this village was not a good option, so do you really have to walk on your feet?

This problem can not be solved for the time being. Li Mo had to put it down and said to Song Dashan: “Brother Dashan, we will slowly think about the car. You first go to Uncle Zhang’s house and order two hundred boxes. We must quickly make the perfume balm. There were a lot of boxes; please ask Old Uncle Zhang to hurry up. It’s better to get it in three days. We can give Old Uncle Zhang more money. “

Song Dashan nodded immediately and went to Uncle Zhang’s house immediately.

The problem of the box was solved. Next was the problem with the flower. Two hundred boxes of balm were to be made. The demand for this flower was high. It will not work if only two people gather it for two days. They also have to pack it into the box; they don’t have time at all. It’s not enough to rely on her and Song Dashan. They must find someone to help them.

The production method of the perfume balm was only known by herself and Song Dashan. If she asks someone for help, she will inevitably expose her methods and raw materials in making the balm. Then her way of making money will be exposed, and it will be difficult in the future.

After thinking about it, Li Mo didn’t make up her mind to find someone to help them.

It’s not that I’ve never thought of looking for Zhao’s family, but they live in the same village. The two daughters-in-law of Zhao’s family were still taking the goods to sell. Once their family knows how to make them, then who can bear not doing it themselves and earning four more wen? Even if they can’t resist doing it by themselves, what about their maiden family? Not everyone can do it.

Li Mo feels that once this matter was not handled properly, the two families may have discord.

People’s hearts were unpredictable. Li Mo couldn’t bet on humanity and didn’t want to gamble on the two families’ friendship for so many years.

Knowing Li Mo’s worries, Song Dashan thought for a while and said to the candidate in his heart: “Li Mo, what do you think of my sister and brother-in-law? Meizi has been upright and kind since she was a child, never coveting other people’s things, and she treats me well. My brother is sincere and will not do anything to us. My brother-in-law is even more honest and will not do villainous things. “

If Song Dashan didn’t mention Meizi, Li Mo really didn’t think of Meizi and Tiezi. These two people were really suitable.

So Li Mo nodded immediately, “Okay, then I will ask Meizi and Tiezi for help later, and let their family come over tomorrow, and then stay here for a few days. We will also need people to help us at the temple fair until the temple fair is over. After that, Meizi and Tiezi can go back. “

Song Dashan agreed and said, “I’ll go with you. You only went there once last time and didn’t know the way to Meizi’s house. “

Li Mo thought for a while and nodded.

The two of them retrieved Xiaobao, who was playing outside, locked the door, and then rushed to Meizi’s house with Xiaobao.

When they arrived at Meizi’s house, they asked Meizi and Teizi for their help. Meizi agreed without saying anything and made an appointment that they would rush to Inahara Village tomorrow.

The three of Song Dashan’s family hurried back.

The next day, when it was already bright outside, Meizi and Tiezi came with a very excited Xiaoshu. As soon as Xiaoshu arrived home, he immediately ran to Xiaobao. The two children were excited about meeting each other again.

Meizi looked at the two children and laughed: “I woke him up this morning, and he didn’t want to get up. I said that I would take him to his uncle’s house to find Xiaobao. He immediately opened his eyes. “

Li Mo laughed as he listened. Children were so funny sometimes.

Li Mo made some porridge and a few steamed buns. The family sat together for breakfast. After eating, with two children, the group carried a basket and went to the back of the mountain where large flowers grow.

They let the two children play by themselves while the four adults pick up flowers in the basket. Meizi and Tiezi were quick to learn and straightforward people and work no slower than Li Mo and Song Dashan. The efficiency of four people being together was much higher. In a short while, the four big baskets were full of flowers. Song Dashan spread a layer of thatch on top of the flowers, and together with Tiezi, sent the four baskets back home, where Li Mo and Meizi continued to pick flowers, waiting for them to come back.

In this way, the four people were busy from morning to night. They ate some dry food and water at noon and picked dozens of baskets of flowers. It was estimated that they could make two hundred boxes. Li Mo then stopped everyone, they went home.

When they arrived home, it was already dark. Li Mo took out two candles she bought from the town and lit them. She made some noodles with some flour in the kitchen. Four adults and two children had dinner around the table.

Everyone was busy and tired after today’s work, so they simply washed and slept after eating.

The next day, the four adults worked together, washing the flowers, burning the fire, stirring it, and letting it cool down for a day without a stop. And finally, all the flowers they picked were made into perfume balm, and there was no box to put it. They put it in a large clean basin, one with rose flowers and one with chrysanthemum. Just wait for the box and pack it tomorrow.

The four of them worked hurriedly for several days and finally made two hundred boxes of balm before the temple fair. At this time, the car that had not been solved before also had a solution.

Song Dashan ran to the house of a person who usually sells candied haws in the village next door. There was a bullock cart in their house, and he usually drives the bullock cart to do business. This time he will go to the temple fair and planned to drive the bullock cart. The candied haws did not take up a large space, so it happened that they could bring their family. So Song Dashan discussed with them and gave the family 10 wen a day. It would take three days to do their business, so they brought along their family. The family agreed without hesitation.

Knowing that the problem of transportation had also been solved, Li Mo was relieved entirely and just waited to sell the perfume balms.


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